27 thoughts on “News/Politics 8-11-22

  1. Kizzie,

    Solar is correct, not a Trump appointee.

    Trump did not appoint Judge Reinhart. That’s just a tactic the left and Democrats use to convince you the judge is fair and impartial, since he supposedly is one of ours.

    While he was appointed when Trump was President, he was appointed by district judges, not Trump.


    “Trump lawyer Christina Bobb said that federal magistrate judge Bruce Reinhart approved the warrant that permitted the FBI raid on the former president’s Florida property in Palm Beach on Monday.

    Reinhart has been a magistrate judge since 2018. Magistrate judges are appointed by district judges to deal with matters including bond hearings and signing off on search warrants.

    He previously served as a federal prosecutor before going on to act as defense counsel for some employees of Epstein, the late convicted sex offender.

    The judge studied at Princeton and the University of Pennsylvania and went on to work at the U.S. Treasury Department and in the Department of Justice’s public integrity section.

    Reinhart also spent more than 11 years as an assistant U.S. attorney, but ceased to be a federal prosecutor on January 1, 2008. The next day, Reinhart began working as a defense attorney for certain Epstein employees.

    Those employees reportedly included pilots, a scheduler named Sarah Kellen, and a woman whom some of Epstein’s victims said was his sex slave, according to a 2018 report in The Miami Herald.

    The newspaper also reported in 2011 that Reinhart was named in a lawsuit and accused of violating Justice Department policy by representing the Epstein employees. He denied any wrongdoing and said he didn’t participate in the criminal case against Epstein or learn any confidential information while working as a federal prosecutor.

    Reinhart has also previously donated to both Democratic and Republican political campaigns. In 2008, he gave $1,000 to former President Barack Obama’s campaign and a further $1,000 to the Obama Victory Fund.

    In 2016, Reinhart donated $500 to the presidential campaign of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, who unsuccessfully sought the Republican nomination that was eventually won by Trump.

    He has also donated $4,550 to a number of other candidates in the past, including Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg, a Democrat. Aronberg previously worked for Republican Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi.”


    Since you like “fact checks” so much, here you go.


    “Calls have been made to defund the FBI, while Trump himself labeled the incident as “prosecutorial misconduct,” and even made unfounded claims the Feds “planted” evidence in his mansion.

    Left-leaning commentators have hit back at some of these excoriations, but in doing so may have also helped spread inaccuracies.

    A number of tweets posted on 9 August, 2022, including one by former MSNBC host Keith Olbermann, claimed that Bruce Reinhart, the district judge who signed off the Mar-a-Lago raid, was a Trump appointee.”


    “Although Reinhart was sworn in as United States Magistrate Judge for the Southern District of Florida on March 14, 2018, while Trump was president, Trump would have had no oversight of his appointment.

    As stated on the United States Courts website, a U.S. magistrate judge is appointed by a majority vote of active district judges of the court.

    This is different to United State district judges, who are appointed by the president and confirmed by the senate.

    The current Southern District of Florida Chief United States district judge is Cecilia M. Altonaga, nominated by former president George W.Bush in 2003.

    Although Donald Trump did appoint five district judges for the Southern District of Florida, they were appointed after Reinhart was sworn in.

    Further detail of the appointment can be gleaned from the press-release issued at the time United States District Court Contact:

    “The announcement of Mr. Reinhart’s selection culminates a broad search process that began in August of 2017. The Court appointed a selection panel, comprised of leaders in the legal community as well as non-lawyers in the community, to assist with the selection process. 64 well-qualified individuals applied,” the March 14, 2018, statement said.

    “The selection panel reviewed all 64 submissions and elected to interview 15 candidates in person. Following these interviews, the selection panel recommended five finalists to the Court. The district judges interviewed the five finalists in November of last year. The Court selected Mr. Reinhart to fill the vacant magistrate judgeship,” the document explained.”

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  2. Yep that’s what I found Aj…but the left seems to think us daft. No matter how much truth is exposed the media does not want it to be known. Spin spin spin…..

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  3. I found the same information buried deep in the Wikipedia article on “magistrate” and on some federal district court web sites. The president appoints district judges. The district judges appoint their magistrate judges.

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  4. To Nancyjill’s point (those impressions work both ways and none of this bodes well for the republic at large)


    More Democrats, Republicans see opponents as immoral and dishonest: poll


    ~ Democrats and Republicans alike increasingly see members of the opposition party as more dishonest, immoral, dumb and lazy than other Americans, according to a new survey.

    The Pew Research Center poll released Tuesday shows that 72% of Republicans view Democrats as more immoral than other Americans, while 63% of Democrats say the same about members of the GOP.

    That’s a huge upturn from 2016, when 47% of Republicans and 35% of Democrats held the same views.

    The poll also found that 72% of Republicans and 64% of Democrats said their political rivals are more dishonest than the norm. Fewer than half of respondents in each party (45% of GOP, 42% of Dems) said that six years ago.

    A whopping 83% of Democrats and 69% of Republicans say members of the opposing party are more closed-minded than usual — a 13 percentage-point increase among Democrats and a 17-point spike among Republicans since 2016.

    More than half of both Democrats (52%) and Republicans (51%) say their opposites are unintelligent compared to other Americans, up 19 percentage points among each cohort over 2016.

    In the poll’s biggest divergence, 62% of Republicans believe Democrats are “more lazy” than other Americans, compared to 26% of Democrats who think that about Republicans. …

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  5. And we do now have a plethora of “media” on all sides of the issues, people can pretty much pick and choose what to watch/read — and believe.

    I spend time going back and forth from Fox to CNN. Same story, different takes.

    There really is a “spin” available for everyone now.

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  6. And for those who appreciate Fox News — the straight NEWS division, separate from the network’s many opinion shows which still dominate — there’s this announcement today:


  7. I generally watch Fox for laughs (Gutfeld or the Five) not news. The lone exception is Tucker Carlson or occasionally Laura Ingram. I follow some of the left-wingers that Tucker has had on his show like Glenn Grenwald at Substack or Jimmy Dore [language warning]. And of course I try to catch CNN, NYT, and WaPo headlines to find out what lies are being peddled for the day. They almost never recant their disinformation—at least not until no one is listening. And while I really disagree with some of the positions of the left-wing outliers, they are far far more honest than any MSM station.

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  8. Fox’s straight news is well done, generally fair and dispassionate. I avoid the opinion shows largely anymore, on both sides. It’s spin with maybe a little bit of truth in there that you have to discern as best you can.

    Lies and truth are mixed in which, again, really makes things tough for all of us anymore.


    Strange morning.

    I still can’t get a MRSA appointment despite the surgeon’s secy calling and leaving a voicemail saying to call the hospital back and they’ll give me an appointment. Nope, Spoke to 2 departments, both said (for the umpteenth time), “We don’t do that here.”

    Meanwhile, my hallway smoke alarm started going off randomly, requiring me to poke the thing every 15 minutes to get it to go off as I’m waiting on a standby call for an interview with the port director.

    I sent the secretary another email.

    Neighbor took the smoke alarm down but it continued to go off so he has it in his workshop, trying to get to the faulty battery — it’s pretty new, a 10-year battery life, and no, there’s no smoke or fire anywhere in the house or even outside.

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  9. Again, bingo…..

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  10. Best news these days? Your local news, typically, online-print-or even TV. Generally straight-forward, non-political, stuff that affects you in your own cities and communities — and a good chance to get away from all the hysterical banter everywhere else.

    Consider that a Public Service Announcement. You’re welcome. 🙂

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  11. We do not listen to our “local” new any longer. Much of their air time is spent regurgitating “national” news of their specified affiliation. We try to time the weather guy’s air time then turn if off afterwards. I think we are some sort of news anchor learning school market in our area. The newscasts are painful to watch and listen to at times…..


  12. But muh norms….

    Or something… 🙄

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  13. Dj,


    My local paper is mostly ads and stories from Jersey, where I don’t live. It’s run by corporate leftists in NYC, printed in NH the day before, so never breaking news, no longer covers local govt and isn’t a watchdog of any if it, and is mostly useless on local info and news.

    The Allentown paper is a Dem rag that to this day won’t acknowledge they propped up a corrupt Pawloski regime (now in fed prison) for a decade.

    No thanks.

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  15. So Reinhart was appointed during the Trump administration, but not by him personally. I stand corrected.

    But, AJ, that dig about me and “fact checks” was unnecessary.

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  16. AJ, you can thank all the staff cuts in local news for that problem. Also thank Facebook and Google for dominating virtually all of the ad revenue nowadays — along with cut-throat, hedge fund owners who have cut our staffs to the bone.

    You’re welcome. I know you probably don’t care, good riddance to all of us, right? But you should.

    And you actually still look at a physical paper? 🙂 Wow. You’re not old enough to admit to that, are you? (Only our older readers till insist on “paper” papers anymore). Not many of you folks left, most of us have transitioned to everything online.

    So now is it up to Trump and his attorneys to OK the release of the warrant.

    This could go on a while, folks.


  17. I suspect some in our country have made the full jump to confining themselves to only the more extreme and slanted random websites that now exist, sadly, for any and all news. (Local news doesn’t even matter that much to those folks, I would guess.) I say that about both sides of our political spectrum right now.

    It is possible to hear and read only what you want to hear and be satisfied with that.

    And that’s pretty much where we are. So enough about “the media” — everyone really has all the media they could ever want, designed specifically for any and all biases. A perfect world.

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  18. So yes, looks like we’re waiting for Trump to respond (by 3 p.m. Friday?) as the proverbial ball is in his court now.

    We love our political drama.


  19. I have a local online paper I read. It’s good to help keep up with local ciry and county school board drama. We recently elected a new DA (33 yrs old) who will faithfully enforce the law


  20. We also elected her older brother as county mayor. Their grandparents live across the street from us. Good folks. It bodes well for the area I hope.
    (I’m having trouble signing in these days. :–/ )

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  21. The warrant and inventory are irrelevant. What I and many reasonable legal experts want to see is the affidavits used to justify the warrant in the first place.

    That’s where they’ve fudged things all along, the Russia hoax, Jan 6, FISA warrants obtained by lies. Lies that were exposed when the fraudulent affidavits they used to get their warrants were exposed to sunshine. They’ve lied and falsified to get those FISA warrants, wiretaps for Trump people, so who’s to say they haven’t done so yet again?

    The affidavits will show if this was justified, or a fishing expedition.

    B. That’s my final answer.


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