24 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-10-22

  1. Oh, such a beautiful header, Kathaleena. It looks like a perfect day there.

    We are already having sprinkles this morning. The clouds and off and on storms will continue with below normal temps expected for next week.

    And, Good Morning!


  2. It was pretty much a perfect day. The picture is from an area in which my daughter and husband will be building a home. There are three different lakes along the development, and it is across from a ski area. This is not their lot, but one we visited. They are not on a lake site, but will have access to all kinds of trails and docks etc. It’s about a half hour drive from us.

    Friday, we had a surprise party for my youngest daughter’s fortieth birthday. Her sister’s and our granddaughter decorated and made cupcakes that formed the numeral forty. We also were able to give her son his birthday gift and we gave my son-in-law part of his gift that was not sent earlier. That was a stuffed toy that looked like a commercial fisherman who works for him sometimes. He got such a kick out of it. Celebrating online is just not the same, as I am sure Jo would say too.

    Saturday, we had a family reunion on my husband’s side. It was fun to see and talk to so many we haven’t seen in such a long time. The littlest ones had a lot of fun playing on the playground equipment that was nearby. I am sure they will have good memories of the day.

    We finished the day with a fire and S’mores. One grandson loves the conversation starter cards I have, so I used my phone flashlight to read from those. Lots of fun discussion ensued.

    We played Apples to Apples one evening; picked blueberries and a few chokecherries; drove with one daughter to a fun viewing point and just enjoyed each other’s company. How we cherish these times with our children and grandchildren!

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  3. Good morning, all. With heavy cloud cover overnight, we did not do the usual cooling down at night. About seventy outside where I was chasing a mule out of the yard and setting sprinklers and watering baby trees. Indoors it is eighty.

    The plan is to have my elderly friend over this morning for tea. I made some cookies yesterday to serve but used the toaster oven. (Thanks, DJ). The children are off so no school today. Fourteen is off to work and sixteen has speech in Lewiston. Pray that the Truth would enter into our conversation today.

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  4. Kathaleena, what a fun time that sounds like it was. 🙂 Beautiful setting for a new home, too.

    No chasing mules here, just an uneasy pre-surgery mentality that seems to greet me now first thing in the morning. It was so warm in the house last night that I finally had to open the big bedroom window at around 2:30 a.m. just to cool things down a bit. (I felt safer doing that when I had dogs; the cat would just skedaddle and hide if someone were sneaking around on the porch.)

    We’re barely getting below 70 overnight lately, which is way too warm. The fans in the bedroom help, but last night weren’t quite enough.

    It’s already 77 degrees in the house this morning (8 a.m.).

    I’m hoping things cool off some before I’m back home from the surgery and going through knee recovery to boot. We’ve had a very mild summer, until now. And it’s been worse in past years, temps in the 80s (high 80s for the next few days) aren’t really extreme, of course, but with a little more humidity than we’re accustomed to — and not much, if any, of our marine layer these days — it’s made the days and nights both uncomfortable.

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  5. still in the 60s here, but I still put on the fan in my bedroom every evening. Today is the first day of the fair and daughter just texted that they are going today.

    And… I finally get a haircut, so excited

    Guy I emailed about doing the doors on my house said not until October or November, Yikes


  6. I’m so sorry, Kim, prayers for the family and Mr. P.

    Hope your visit can work out next week, mumsee.

    I went to get the MRSA test at the local lab — it said online they provided that so I made an online appt (impossible to talk to anyone by phone there) and even sent them a followup written note specifying it was for a MRSA test. So I get there and it’s “Oh, we don’t do that here, goodbye.” They didn’t know where to get one.


    I’ll have to call the surgeon’s office to see where i can get that done, my doctor’s office also doesn’t do it and didn’t know who would. This pre-surgery business is exhausting, appointment after appointment.

    And I really dislike hot weather, though you all probably knew that after all this time. I used to say I’d move north if I could but now they’re getting a lot of heat too.

    Looking forward to saying goodbye to summer (and we haven’t even had a bad one this year).

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  7. Sorry to hear that news, Kim. Lifting it all to God in His throne room.

    Oh, man! Dj, that is too exasperating, in the heat. I sent an inquiry to find out how much notice time I will have to prepare for surgery. If they can’t give a date maybe I can at least find out if it is a week’s notice or a day😳

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  8. Friend suggested just going to ER next time — ‘My knee! My knee! Operate now!” to avoid what’s been weeks of individual medical appointments and tests to go through in advance. It’s felt endless.

    And juggling a full time job while trying to do all that, plus getting ready to leave phone numbers and other contacts for my editor while I’m gone.

    MRSA is a superbug that one can get (and spread) in a hospital — Carol had it (once you have it you have it for life), but I was always pretty careful not to be in situations where exposure would be likely with her (it’s not airborne so it is unlikely to be passed on easily).

    The screening is mandatory for my pre-op exams surgery and consists of just a nasal swab. Maybe they can take care of it when I go to the hospital ahead of time for the COVID test.


  9. I think Art got MRSA when we went to see my friend, Karen after she had her knee surgery. His infection was in his elbow where he had some cracks in the skin from placque psoriasis. He has had some back problems for a long time and tends to lean on things, often using his elbows as a prop. Also, he may have sat in a chair and used the arm rests. My friend did not believe he got it there, but since it is related to hospitals, I will always suspect he got it there on the Emory campus at the rehab facility.


  10. I heard back from my inquiries.

    First, the good news (drastically different than what dj is experiencing): the one pre-op appt. can usually be done over the phone unless one has heart issues that requires clearance from the cardiologist. Patients go in two hours earlier than scheduled surgery and lab work is done then to catch any problems prior to surgery.

    Not so good news: i will now see a plastic surgeon to discuss options and decide if I want to go that route thus delaying surgery further as two doctors schedules must be coordinated. It is not going to be so easy as I had been led to believe. But God . . .

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  11. Michelle, yep. That’s what I saw online, too. Made the appointment. Showed up. “We don’t do that test.”


    Glad your procedure will be less of an advance hassle, Janice.

    My dentist called, I’ve been on the standby list for my cleaning but told her it’s just sort of been “one of those times” so I’ll have to catch a later appointment. She said I may have to wait a certain time after the surgery as they sometimes want you to hold off on dental work in the aftermath of those.

    Who knew.

    It’s been 88 in the house today, the cat is lying on the floor, flat as a pancake.

    She serves as a very accurate thermostat, typically. The flatter they are, the hotter it is.

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  12. Dj, what I can’t understand is why during Covid that they make patients run around to so many medical offices before surgery in your location. I know that Hollywood has a reputation of being a place to see and be seen, but really!? It is not logical in any sense. I am feeling so badly that you have had to jump through so many hoops. It’s just not right! Maybe it is their way of delaying surgery, just as this area seems to have found other ways.


  13. From an e-mail:

    1. A possum is a flat animal that sleeps in the middle of the road.

    2. There are 5,000 types of snakes and 4,998 of them live in the South.

    3. There are 10,000 types of spiders. All 10,000 of them live in the South, plus a couple no one’s seen before.

    4. If it grows, it’ll stick ya. If it crawls, it’ll bite cha.

    5. Onced and Twiced are words.

    6. It is not a shopping cart, it is a buggy!

    7. Jawl-P? means: Did you all go to the bathroom?

    8. People actually grow, eat, and like okra.

    9. Fixinto is one word. It means I’m going to do something.

    10. There is no such thing as lunch. There is only dinner and then there’s supper.

    11. Iced tea is appropriate for all meals and you start drinking it when you’re two. We do like a little tea with our sugar. It is referred to as the Wine of the South.

    12. Backwards and forwards means I know everything about you.

    13. The word jeet is actually a question meaning, ‘Did you eat?’

    14. You don’t have to wear a watch, because it doesn’t matter what time it is, you work until you’re done or it’s too dark to see.

    15. You don’t PUSH buttons, you MASH em.

    16. Y’all is singular. All Y’all is plural.

    17. All the festivals across the state are named after a fruit, vegetable, grain, insect, or animal.

    18. You carry jumper cables in your car for your OWN car.

    19. You only own five spices: salt, pepper, mustard, Tabasco, and ketchup.

    20. The local papers cover national and international news on one page, but require 6 pages for local high school sports, motorsports, and gossip.

    21. Everyone you meet is a Honey, Sugar, Miss (first name), or Mr (first name)

    22. You think that the first day of deer season is a national holiday.

    23. You know what a hissy fit is..

    24. Fried catfish is the other white meat.

    25. We don’t need no dang Driver’s Ed. If our mama says we can drive, we can drive!!!

    26. You understand these jokes and forward them to your Southern friends and those who just wish they were from the SOUTH.

    AND one more:

    27. Why did the chicken cross the road? To show that stupid possum that it CAN be done!”

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  14. That’s quite a long list! Complicated, living in the south.

    House got up to 89 today, the cat threw up. I put her outside. Now it’s 88 in the house, cooling off!

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  15. DJ – So Annie was making the house one degree hotter?

    Maybe you could skipped all this rigmarole by going to the ER and complaining of a gas bubble in your knee. 😉 😀

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  16. okay, this is weird.
    I went to the county fair today and met up with my daughters and family.
    At the fair, basically none of our cell phones worked. We could not text or call each other. Lots of folks had this problem. Sure everyone was trying to text to meet up with each other, but that sure seems weird. We certainly weren’t the largest group of people anywhere. I called my daughter a dozen times to try and fine her before I finally left. When I crossed the road and was in the parking lot maybe 30 feet, my phone rang and it was my daughter.

    Why would this happen???

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  17. Janice, here’s another that I learned firsthand: If you order tea for breakfast, you’d better specify HOT tea because if not, you’ll get iced tea.


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