34 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-3-22

  1. Good morning! It’s Wednesday, already! The weeks are flying by.

    I went to Sprouts at 7 a.m. I was probably the first to enter. Art leaves at 8 so I went to the closest Sprouts to get home in time to cook eggs. I could not find what I like to get at the other Sprouts, and the store layout was backwards. I love the Santa Cruz apricot applesauce. Now I need to drive to the distant store, too.

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  2. Good morning, all, looks to be another sun filled day with ninety as the goal Lots of watering and weeding on the docket, some school, some this and that. Speech therapy has moved to Thursday.

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  3. Thanks for the information on using awhile. All I know is that it has been a while since I haven’t been corrected about it. Grammer is starting to hurt my brain the same as math always has. 😉

    We found out last night that the music group has to play on Friday this week too! Four days this week with children coming in starting on Thursday is a bit more than I would like. The playing yesterday was fun. Unfortunately, one of the cars was damaged by a flying tent pole. At first it was thought it was our car, but it turned out to be the harmonica player’s. Our cars are the same make and similar in color. We were glad it wasn’t our car, but felt bad for him.

    I am grateful people can be out and about gathering again.

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  4. You know, I got confused twice yesterday away from this blog site about the date.

    My Bible study ladies–all of whom are older than I am–pealed with laughter when I couldn’t remember it was August and, once again, referred to February.


    August 3, right? LOL

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  5. Our date confusion: I say blame the pandemic. Routines disrupted (yes, still), and the world being somewhat turned upside down for going on 3 years now. Months seem to fly by in sameness, so it actually is hard to keep track. So many of the markers that used to make holidays or even distinct seasons stand out are pretty much gone, at least for some of us.

    We’re far from “back to normal” yet, I’d say. And I actually know more people these days with Covid, which now often boomerangs and returns again for those who have already had it.

    I’m off to the GP this morning for pre-op tests which I hope don’t take long, but I also am hoping to have a few moments to talk with the doctor.

    When I come home, I’ll have a glass of OJ which I’m craving but can’t have (due to fasting blood work) right now.

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  6. Yes, things are still not normal. It is not normal to shop at 7 a.m. but I think that happened when I could not drive and that was when Art could take me to grocery shop so my life has not been normal since about two years before the pandemic when my great isolation began. And it all runs together.

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  7. Well, sitting here watching and listening to Glenn’s burial mass, is a joy. All my friends are in DC, I’m in California, but I can participate and cry with them.

    That comes as a result of COVID–see a few good things.

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  8. And it appears live-stream worship services will be staying around as well, which is a new outreach opportunity. We’ve drawn quite a number of folks via that option in these past couple years, some new to us (and the faith perhaps?), some who have heard our pastor’s sermons on the radio, others who have moved away and can now feel connected again.

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  9. Yes, online church is wonderful for visiting churches to see if they might be a good fit. I enjoyed doing that for a bit, but it is one-sided and does not substitute for having the fellowship that God intended for the flock. I have been so blessed that God led me to this current church where I don’t want to miss a Sunday there.

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  10. Morning. We had a few sprinkles last night and the slight cooler breeze is nice this morning.

    I am cleaning and doing laundry….tomorrow I prepare dinner for my cousin and her husband who are visiting the area for a couple of days.

    Hoping and praying you and Mrs. L are feeling better Peter…..


  11. I still have the slight sore throat. Mrs L has a slight fever. I know she is sick when she goes back to bed for a long nap. She never naps when well.

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  12. Napping is the best way to get well. May she regain her strength quickly.

    It is confirmed that my flat will be transferred as of Sept. 1st. I wanted to offer her that extra month as a gift where I will pay for this month, so no expenses for her. I was thinking of going until November, but there is no reason to do that when it is a gift.

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  13. I read something somewhere, can’t remember where now, that millennials are tuning in to live-stream services in higher numbers, most not church goers.

    But no, it does not substitute for live fellowship — still, fills a gap that can reach some folks.

    And rest is definitely good for healing.


    Well, it was a 3-hour GP pre-op appointment this morning, much longer than I realized it would be — blood draw, chest Xray, good talk with my doctor, urine sample, nasal swab (for MRSA but turns out they don’t do the MRSA tests there so now I have to go somewhere else to get that done). Grabbed a take-home lunch on the way back so I’m eating that now since I had to fast for the bloodwork. I miss Tess who always ate what I couldn’t eat.

    And now to get my head around “work” for the rest of the day.

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  14. I do still really like my new GP, along with a very encouraging talk about the knee surgery and my recent 15-pound weight loss, she suggested I might spend some of my recovery time researching my next dog as a good motivation, both mentally and physically as I aim for “getting back” to my preferred life.

    I liked that idea. 🙂

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  15. Some churches have either refused to have their services online or stopped doing so when pandemic restrictions were eased. That’s too bad. There are people who cannot get out to church, or church members home sick, or people checking out what a church is like and maybe hearing the gospel for the first time.

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  16. Unpredictable are the things that trigger emotions. I just saw that Vin Scully died, the radio voice of the Dodgers for 60-some years. A memorable voice from my childhood. I wouldn’t have guessed something like that would make me choke up, but it did. M and dj might understand.

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  17. It’s 86° and feels like 92°, still not so warm for Atlanta in August, and we have not gotten a shower today.

    I can nap if I have lost a lot of sleep for some reason. Also, if I have been in a big socially overloaded event, I might want to rest, but my head might be swimming in processing so I can’t truly nap. I would be wishing to nap then without success. That’s the introvert in me.

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  18. I still enjoy the church son was part of in Virginia. And I attend the local one. We use the Virginia sermons as part of our homeschool studies as well so that has been a huge benefit from the pandemic.

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  19. Thank you, Kizzie. 🙂

    I’ve had regular terriers through the years but really have still such a connection to those medium-sized herding breeds. An Aussie? We’ll see.

    I do plan to start with the breed rescue where Tess and Cowboy came from, it was started by someone I knew through my port beat so there’s a personal connection — and Cowboy and Tess were among the first dogs the new group adopted out. I also adopted, before that, from So-Cal Aussie Rescue and that connection is still active and sends me a Christmas card every year.

    Dog adoptions are rather difficult nowadays, but since I have connections and a history with those two groups — and have proven to be a trustworthy owner (I think) of their previous dogs, I figure I have a bit of an inside track with them.

    Our city/county shelters here have mostly pit bulls and Chihuahuas so sadly those facilities aren’t really a very good option for some of us.

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  20. Kevin, yes, I posted the news of Vin Scully last night. He was the best and all of us out here have grown up with his voice on the radio during warm summer nights …

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  21. I also belong to a dog obedience club and know a number of folks there rather well. Lots of specific breed contacts among them, so I’ll just probably plan to work those resources when the time comes.


  22. Holy Toledo. Sounds like he was another legend in our own time. I guess we form bonds with these announcers who become “the voice” of all the games we listen to, decade after decade, from childhood to adulthood.


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