24 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-28-22

  1. First, but can’t think of anything to say. Maybe a word from my morning reading:

    “The Lord is my strength and my shield;
    in him my heart trusts, and I am helped;
    my heart exults,
    and with my song I give thanks to him.”
    Psalm 28:7 (ESV)

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  2. Good day, Y’all, from the warm south, above the gnat line.

    In Sunday school the teacher explained his dad always said you could tell what part of Georgia a person was from by whether they waved away gnats in their face or if they blew at them to make them go away. We who live north of the gnat line tend to wave them away. Trivia of the day!

    Great verse to put our minds on things above, Peter. I have been reading about Gideon this morning.

    Also, prayed especially for DJ.

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  3. That same Sunday school teacher also told how his dad when teaching about David and Goliath used a slingshot and marshmallows for part of the lesson. How cool is that? He said his dad became a good shot over the years.

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  4. Good morning, all. Another day of fun for all. I hear some are going stand up paddle boating, others have a golf tournament going on. I plan to play leggos and read with my grandchildren but also hope to get a short hike in later.

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  5. Today is our wedding anniversary (43). Most years we’re “downy oshun” the week of the 28th but this year we went a couple weeks early.
    Janice, we frequently encounter swarms of gnats when bicycling on the trail. I swat them away.

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  6. Morning! Aj that phot Chas would be asking what is he supposed to see in there!? I see it!
    Happy Anniversary Linda!

    Cloudy cool damp morning here with more rain to come….hurray! It is a sweatshirt kind of day!

    When we lived in town I would run a 3 mile loop around the creek by our house in the mornings. While running through the low bushes I would come upon a cloud of gnats…both hands would be batting them out of my face….I’m certain I appeared to be a crazy person during those moments!!

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  7. Adorable 10 had quite a shock yesterday: “Grammy, do you know you’re on the Internet?!”

    “Really? What do you mean?”

    “When you type in your name your picture comes up!”

    I was driving. “Did you know I have a website and your aunt takes care of it for me?”


    “Yes. And I’ve written 1000+ blogs since before you were born.” (That was a shock to me!)


    We went on, but I think it’s so funny when “regular” people in my everyday life discover, “why, it’s like you’re a real writer!”

    Or, my doctor: “I was on Amazon the other day and I discovered you have an entire page!”

    I actually gave him and his nurse copies of my books on my 10th anniversary with them. “This is a thank you for keeping me going. I couldn’t have written all these books if you hadn’t kept me healthy.”

    The doctor was really touched, “No one has ever thanked me before.”

    The nurse, a big burly man who died about a year ago, laughed, “It’s about time I got a copy of your book!”


    And thanks to you all for hanging in with me and my stories, stories, stories for all these years.

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  8. Happy Anniversary to the Love Birds doen by the sea♡♡

    I see a face (Waldo) in the phot, but can’t quite distinguish what it is! A phot is exactly what I see here where a photo is not clear enough to know what you are looking at. This is why I don’t drive expressways. I see something happening, but can’t tell what it is quickly enough.

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  9. Life goes on … but I still miss my sweet dogs something awful. 😦 It’s been a sad time, hits me anew mostly first thing in the mornings. But all day life just feels … sadly different.

    I worked yesterday (but was quite distracted throughout the day) and I have a harbor commission meeting to cover first thing this morning. Then I have a 2:40 appointment with the surgeon for a consultation in which he promises to answer all my questions. I have them written down (will probably add a few more and some will just come up as we talk).

    My questions range from the serious (surgery risks) to the frivolous (will I ever be able to wear anything but New Balance shoes again?).

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  10. I just had an email from the group I have shared here, Areopagus, and this is a quote ftom World:
    “Jefrey Breshears is one of the most quietly influential thinkers in evangelicalism today. He’s a former history and theology professor, and today he runs the Aeropagus Forum, a study center that combines apologetics with history and contemporary cultural issues. In this conversation with host Warren Smith, Jefrey Breshears talks about the origins of America’s culture war and what Christians can do in response.”

    In the near future there will be a series about Francis Schaeffer. When I get a link I will post that.


  11. of course not.
    I sang the little girl to sleep. I think there is a battle going on when she tries to sleep. I just kept singing the name of Jesus.
    Please pray as I will have her the next two days and need wisdom and energy.

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