22 thoughts on “News/Politics 7-14-22

  1. It was a scam from the beginning…


    “A New York Supreme Court judge this month quietly ruled that regulations mandating that people infected with or exposed to highly contagious communicable diseases be quarantined are a violation of state law, declaring them null and void.

    The Isolation and Quarantine procedures, known as Rule 2.13, were enacted in February.

    Under the rule, “whenever appropriate to control the spread of a highly contagious communicable disease, the State Commissioner of Health may issue and/or may direct the local health authority to issue isolation and/or quarantine orders, consistent with due process of law, to all such persons as the State Commissioner of Health shall determine appropriate.”

    Isolations may include those at home, or in residential or temporary housing, subject to what the public health authority issuing the order determines is “appropriate.”

    However, the rule notes that “where symptoms or conditions indicate that medical care in a general hospital is expected to be required, the isolation location shall be a general hospital.”

    Three Republican state legislators, Sen. George Borrello, assemblyman Chris Tague, and assemblyman Michael Lawler, along with Uniting NYS, filed a lawsuit against Democrat Gov. Kathy Hochul, Commissioner of Health Mary Bassett, the state’s health department, and the Public Health and Health Planning Council.

    Plaintiffs argued that the Isolation and Quarantine procedures were in violation of the New York State Constitution and a violation of the separation of powers.

    “It’s unconstitutional in our eyes, and anything like that should go through the legislature,” Tague told local media. “It should have an opportunity to be debated. To be able to have facts brought forth by health professionals, and leaders within our communities before we just decide to put something into law.””

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  2. Incredibly, the Euro is now at about the same level as the US dollar, and soon it could be as low as .75-1. Tourism has long been very important for Europe, and they have killed that off to the point that it will be very difficult to ever recover. Hardly anyone will want to travel if a government can simply relegate them to quarantine, or make ridiculous demands of them.

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  3. All currencies not just yhe Euro fell to the American dollar. Even the Canadian dollar, which usually runs parallel to the USD gains on the Euro, fell with the Euro. Investors appear to.still have faith in US debt and hence the dollar stays strong. Perhaps foreigners know something Republicans don’t.

    I’m always amused by Republicans who blame a poor economy on a Democrat president. They believe in the free market so blame it. Interestingly the only thing wrong with the economy is inflation but thats worldwide….in Europe its reached double digits in some countries. Most of the current inflation is caused by high fuel prices and Europeans rightly blame Putin. In North America where domestic supply is adequate its mostly corporate gouging.

    Gas prices have gone down 25 to 30 cents a litre. Hopefully this is a trend and we can see a slow return to normal inflation ie 2-3%.


  4. Republicans and Trump supporters need to stop whining about the Jan6th cmttee. They had a chancd to participate fully, they chose not to on order to discredit the cmttee. Even I know a cmttee is not a courtroom, the Benhaze cmttee wasnt either. The Republicans missed their chance to ask questions.

    The 10 year old was raped and impregnated. My musings about doctors wishing to.protect patient privilege is probably correct. I’m waiting for apologizes and retractions from the right side of the media. Although I’m not waiting for Jim Jordan he was wrong to call a rape a hoax.

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  5. Stop with that lie HRW.

    They were invited to play bt illegal and unjust rules, to play along with the charade. All but 2 traitors abstained because the committee allows no defense, no rebuttal, no cross exam of their hand selected witnesses, and no due process rights

    It’s a joke. I’m glad Rs aren’t playing along. It’s pathetic 3rd world bullcrap that only the media and extreme partisans and never trumpers even give a damn about.

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  6. An update to what Kizzie posted last night.

    And we now know the poor 10 year old who was raped and impregnated was a victim of one of our country’s illegal invaders.

    We need to know now why the abortion doctor appears to not have reported her rapes to police. That’s a crime. The law says the dr must report it, even if she didnt do the abortion. Why did the mother have to do it?


  7. Tragic all around.

    On another note, HRW, have I missed your observations on the Ukrainian situation?

    I figure with your personal insights into Central Europe you might have some thoughts worth hearing.

    Best to all, I’m off to work.

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  8. She has to rot in prison. She must be punished for her crimes…

    But BLM rioters aren’t held to the same standards because they act as the ruling party’s brownshirts.


  9. Be fair and unbiased?

    They might get mistaken for real journalists.

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  10. AJ — The cmttee hearing is similar to any other cmttee hearing. I uses the Benghazi hearing as an example. Cmttees and hearings are not courtroom . There are not two adversarial groups arguing a position — just Congress representatives interviewing people to learn the facts of a particular matter; in this case Jan 6. Hence, there is no rebuttal, no cross examination, etc. If a cmttee member does not trust or like a witness’s testimony they can question them. McConnell nominated a full slate of Republicans to be on the cmttee. Pelosi refused two members (Jordan and someone else) because they were too involved in the events that day. In a fit McConnell withdrew all nominations and refused to participate. Even Trump has questioned this approach. If McConnell hadn’t thrown a fit, there would be a full slate of Republicans to ask as many question as they wanted. The Republicans blew it and any whining now is their own fault.

    So we’re going straight to the illegal immigration meme from abortion….The HIPPA violation is interesting. Ohio law had a duty to report law yet to report would breach patient privilege. Would the Ohio law stand up to federal law? And as the child was a minor, the parent would be responsible for disclosure or at the very least allow doctors to notify authorities. Its even more puzzling that the parent did report the rape on a few weeks back but police state they have no record. I’m quite sure there’s no rape kit as the rape occur too far back but the police seem quick to rule themselves out. Perhaps, they don’t want to be involved, like other cops we know. A tragic situation and quite frankly the politicians including Indiana AG etc should just stay out. And yes that includes both side of the abortion argument. The point was made — there are tragic circumstances in which abortion does make sense and yes Ohio doesn’t prevent it. The girl was probably referred to the Indiana doctor as it may have been quicker.


  11. M;
    On Ukraine,

    The 2014 Maiden was described by some of my eastern European friends, especially the older ones, as an attempt by neo-fascists and ultra nationalists Ukrainians to take over the gov’t (they refer to them as Bandera’s men). There was a bit of truth to this but over the last decade the far right has faded away to the point that the Azov battalion (their militia) is now part of the Ukrainian army with most of the fascist element purged.

    Putin used the far right’s involvement as an excuse to both seize the Crimea and to encourage the Donbass to separate into two republics. Ever since 2014 the Ukrainian army and the separatists aided by Russia have been fight a low-intensity war, mostly lobbing artillery at each other. The Russians turned up the propaganda so that the Russian majority in the Donbass believed the Ukrainian state was persecuting them and they needed Russian projections. Hence, the Donbass has been in a low level civil war. I knew a few Russian-Ukrainians from the Donbass and they favoured the Russians.

    Putin’s attempt to strike Kiev was a failure based on believing your own propaganda. The Russian media has for the last decade described Ukraine as a corrupt neo-fascist gov’t with very little popular support. They thought the gov’t would collapse and they would create a puppet pro Russian gov’t. The fact Ukrainians opposed their invasion genuinely shocked them. They’ve regrouped into Donbass and using old fashioned WWII techniques of artillery-advance-artillery-advance they will slowly ground and pound their way through the Donbass. The aim seems to be to secure the Donbass, land access to the Crimea and water supply for the Crimea (the Crimea is completely dry and most water used to arrive from the reservoir near Kherson but the Ukrainians turned the taps off in 2014). They may also want the port city of Odessa to cut independent Ukraine off from the sea.

    Most of the Poles who previously opposed the Maiden are now supporting the Ukrainian gov’t. Whatever their differences, the fight is now portrayed as the European (classic liberal Enlightenment values) vision vs the Eurasian (totalitarian and organic culture — pre-Enlightenment) vision of the world. In that regard Europe is united. North Americans (the anglo world in general) misses this point of Enlightenment values because Anglo-American values are slightly different.

    Because war in the Donbass has been going on for a decade, the Ukrainians have several lines of defence built diagonal across the Donbass. Hence, it took the Russians six weeks to capture one city. Once a Ukrainian position is no longer tenable, they retreat to the next line. This will wear the Russians down. The Ukrainians have no real ability to start offence, at least not yet, and their only hope is to create as many Russian casualties and deplete their military to such a degree that the oligarchs and the military tell Putin to retire.

    Despite the Russian majority in the Donbass, the territory is not worth much…its the rust belt of the USSR. Imagine Canada wanting to take over the area from Detroit to Buffalo….it would cost us more than it could give. Ukrainian wealth is in agriculture not industry. The Russians are completely destroying everything they are conquering and so their conquests will bleed them dry as they have to rebuild the Donbass to satisfy the Russian residents who stayed (and living standards were higher than in Russia). I know Ukrainians hate to be told this but they really should have given the Donbass to the Russians years ago. I’m quite certain the EU or at least Poland may have mentioned this but Ukrainians seem to think if they gave in Russia would just ask for more. Its doubtful since the further west you go in Ukraine the more nationalist they become. Anyway I babbled long enough.

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  12. I could only listen to the Congressman for about 3 minutes. His initial blurb about American freedom annoys most foreigners, but I’m used to it. The US is the middle of the pack when ranked for various types of freedom — individual, legal, press, economic etc. Even my right wing friends will say Denmark, New Zealand and Switzerland are far better in terms of human freedom. The US has a problem with economic freedom — the rules are rigged so as to prevent newcomers into a business.

    When the congressman stated the state has a duty to protect the unborn, those who couldn’t protect themselves, I was done. At no point has any pro-life congressperson made any attempt to protect the unborn and newly born — there is no gov’t provided pre and post natal care. There is no child support for poor families. The US has one of the worst records of infant mortality and maternal mortality in the OECD, not to mention a stagnating life expectancy lower than most of Europe. The US ranks 57th in maternal mortality with 19 deaths per 100 000 live births (Europe is 2-8 and Canada is 10) The US ranks 47th in infant mortality under 5 with 6.5 deaths per 1000 live births. In life expectancy the US 54th, when you look at male life expectancy its 60th in the world.

    My point here is NOT to disparage the US and the people living there but to expose the hypocrisy of the Republicans in Congress. If you are pro-life, and you think the state has a duty to protect, these statistics demonstrate neglect. Its not hard to fix — the Europeans have shown the way. And its not the European socialist who demonstrate it but the Christian Democrats. They wanted to show to the people that liberal Enlightenment values combined with Christian concern for God’s creation and their fellow humanity could produce a better society for the people than the communists and they succeeded. Any politician who claims to be pro-life but ends the states duty to protect at birth is not pro-life. (And I’m not even going to touch the duty to protect children in school)


  13. Thanks, HRW, that was really interesting and gave us insight into several things that made no sense— particularly about Donbas and the water issue with the Crimea.

    I appreciate hearing your thoughts.

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