33 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-13-22

  1. Good morning, all, and happy birthday, NancyJill and Wesley!

    Another beautiful day here with lots of heavy cloud cover. Rain? Thunder? Breaking up to sunshine? We will see.

    Company coming today. Well, I am going to get her. An elderly lady from church I have wanted to have over for years but I did not have a car she could get into and had twenty to deal with. Those two have resolved so looking forward to a cup of tea with her. She is the mom of one of our regulars but both he and his wife work so she is rather housebound. Prayer for our time together, that it would be fruitful.

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  2. Good morning! Thanks for the birthday wishes and Happy Birthday to Wesley! 🎂❣️

    My puppy decided to get up at 4:30,5:30 and 6:30….I had a residual headache from my migraine yesterday and I just couldn’t face the day that early! 🙃😴

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  3. Happy birthday to NancyJill and Wesley. Cake sounds delicious.

    We have both the feeder from today and yesterday. Yet my husband put out the oriole feeder. The birds don’t care. My husband is always convinced that the birds cannot get the syrup out when they are slow to eat from any particular feeder. He seems to like this one best out of the few we have.

    We do have orioles come through, but they seldom stay long. I spared one orange for them this year, too. Otherwise, I let them move along. They are beautiful.

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  4. Husband is coming down from the mountain today. He had been emergency caretaker for Barr Camp since Sunday. Last Friday one of the caretakers was going to the cog on the atv for supplies. He flipped it and was pinned under it until a runner discovered him. He is in the hospital with broken bones/ribs and other injuries. He is recovering but it has been quite an ordeal
    Since husband missed my bday last year he told them he needed to come home today. He texted me this morning wishing me a happy morning.
    On his bday in April I told him I was giving him a birthday puppy…Pip. So now we give each other a puppy for our birthdays….since he only has her from April to July I think I’ve been had with this dog! 😂

    I had two bouts with a migraine on Sunday then yesterday driving home after having lunch in town with daughter I got another….not certain why the sudden onset of these but it has been quite a while since I have had one….allergies maybe?

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  5. Sigh. Birthdays just aren’t what they used to be!

    We’ve got a granddog coming over for at least the night. Our cat should be pretty traumatized by tomorrow morning. 😦

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  6. Celebrate and enjoy your special day, Nancyjill and Wesley.
    We are supposed to have our family lunch today. with my sister and stepmom. They want to see my chldren. My sister and her husband decided not to have children and mine are very special to them.
    Nothing happening at my house. Doctor tomorrow.

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  7. Yes, I plan to make that easy cake. I was going to go the sweet biscuits route, but this recipe is too easy not to try. I went to Sam’s and found heavy cream and strawberries at such better prices, too. I love that the recipe has so little sugar.

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  8. Happy birthday, may migraines be banished, puppies behave and strawberry shortcake be enjoyed without worrying about sugar or calories. 🙂 Just for a day … Celebrate, enjoy.

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  9. Just maybe I will put ice cream on top instead of the whipped cream! The shortbread is out of the oven and smells divine! It puffed up perfectly and I put it in a round fluted plate instead of a plain square one..it is soooo pretty and golden. 😊 thanks again Janice for the easy peasy recipe….

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  10. So I called to turn on the water at my house and get the bill in my name. They told me that the renters were several months behind on their bill and that would show up on my bill until it is paid. Oh, my….
    Of course I let my property manager know. and the renters moved to a more expensive home!

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  11. Oh Jo what a pain! Praying the utility dept will go after them to get it paid.

    My Mom called to let me know a neighborhood boy from our young days had passed away. He was our paperboy and my older sister’s first boyfriend. We all loved him. And she totally forgot it was my birthday…. I didn’t say anything about it… she would feel 😞 awful

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  12. Oh, so sorry Jo, that stinks. And it’s why I would never want to be a (real) landlord.

    That’s so sad, NancyJill. I have a special place in my heart for former paper boys (I run into so many around town who say they used to deliver our paper way back when, it was their first job).

    Speaking of jobs, I have a full reporting day today, port stuff galore on top of a port trucker demonstration ongoing.

    I made some coffee. 🙂

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  13. I made peach cobbler last night and since we didn’t have ice cream, I whipped up some whipping cream and put it in bowl.

    I also served raw carrots and just put the ranch dressing on the table.

    My daughter picked up a raw carrot, dunked it in the whipped cream, and said, “Well, that’s a different taste sensation!”

    It tasted fine on the cobbler! 🙂

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  14. I’ll have to ask Flyboy what he thinks of peach cobbler and ranch dressing. He has claimed that ranch dressing goes with everything.

    My first Wordle word is usually “trade”.

    Michelle, thanks for the history lesson. That really was very interesting and I do not remember having heard it before.

    Happy birthday to Michelle and to Wesley!

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  15. Busy day today, glad it’s over.

    I read a strange pandemic-related story the other night about women who decided it was a good idea (for some reason, a natural health thing maybe?) to stop using shampoo and try “washing” their hair with other things, like eggs. (Which made one of them smell like scrambled eggs, according to the woman’s husband). Another woman lost about half her hair.

    Not sure if the trend continues — or why it ever started, really?

    The things the pandemic made us do. …

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  16. my stepmom surprised me today and brought me a queen sized quilt that she had made. So colorful. i put a picture up on facebook. what a gift. It had a tag on it that showed that she had entered it in to a show somewhere.

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