25 thoughts on “News/Politics 7-12-22

  1. Moloch and his followers will not be denied their blood sacrifices.

    “Floating abortion clinic proposed in Gulf to bypass bans”


    “A California doctor is proposing a floating abortion clinic in the Gulf of Mexico as a way to maintain access for people in southern states where abortion bans have been enacted.

    The idea is to provide a clinic aboard a ship in federal waters, and out of reach of state laws, that would offer first trimester surgical abortions, contraception and other care, said Dr. Meg Autry, an obstetrician and gynecologist and a professor at the University of California San Francisco.

    “There’s been an assault on reproductive rights in our country and I’m a lifelong advocate for reproductive health and choice. We have to create options and be thoughtful and creative to help people in restrictive states get the health care they deserve,” she told The Associated Press.

    Autry said the idea is only in the fundraising stage through the non-profit, “PRROWESS” — short for “Protecting Reproductive Rights Of Women Endangered by State Statutes.”

    The proposal comes as abortion access in the southern United States has been swiftly curtailed after the U.S. Supreme Court turned the issue of abortion back to the states.”


  2. Suck it up Nancy….

    So glad this clown is gone. 🙂

    “Paul Ryan ‘found himself sobbing’ during Jan. 6 riot:”


    “Former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan cried as rioters stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, a new book claims.

    Ryan “found himself in tears” and was “absolutely horrified” watching the Capitol riot, journalist Mark Leibovich writes in his forthcoming book, Thank You For Your Servitude. The Wisconsin Republican reportedly told Leibovich that he normally doesn’t cry much, but “something snapped in him” on Jan. 6.”

    “I spent my whole adult life in that building,” Ryan told Leibovich, according to excerpts of the book obtained by CNN. “And I saw my friends, a lot of cops, some of my old security detail — I’m still friends with a bunch of those guys. It really disturbed me, foundationally.”

    According to Leibovich, Ryan never thought former President Donald Trump’s claims of election fraud “would come to” violence.

    “Ryan figured the president would b**** and moan and maybe make a big show of ‘fighting’ for his supporters for a while. Everyone could feel good and victimized. But eventually Trump would just leave; hopefully, he would know to do this on his own. And everyone could then just get on with their lives,” Leibovich writes.”


    So he thought Trump should just put on a show, like he did, and then cave to the opposition, like he always did.

    Sorry clown, but that’s why your butt is out of politics, because you always rolled over for the other side, like a good and submissive lap dog. Thankfully, that’s not Trump.

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  3. Their latest fake news effort.

    It’s all the rage among the chattering class, Democrats, and Biden, and it’s completely false.




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  4. So the “doctor” who started this lie is a joke. Clearly one of Moloch’s followers.

    She has been caught multiple times not reporting (as the law requires) underage abortions.



    “Dr. Caitlin Bernard loves the spotlight. The Indiana abortionist gets interviewed on television and in print whenever abortion laws seek to limit her big abortion business. Recently, Bernard’s claims about a 10-year-old rape victim who she says came across state lines from Ohio to Indiana for an abortion, went viral, and the attention Bernard is now getting might not be the kind she likes.

    After PJ Media fact-checked this tale and could find no corroborating evidence, the Washington Post finally caught up and found the exact same thing. Now Bernard is under fire for either making up this story or not reporting a child rape to authorities, which she is required to do as a mandated reporter. Failure to do so could result in Bernard losing her medical license.

    But some digging into Bernard uncovered that she has been in exactly this same kind of trouble before. Indiana Right to Life audited termination of pregnancy reports that are public records in 2018 and found that nine abortion doctors allegedly failed to report underaged abortions to the health department as required by law. Bernard was one of them.

    Forty-eight consumer complaints have been filed against nine Indiana abortion doctors who have allegedly failed to follow the legal reporting requirements to protect young children from sex abuse. The doctors are: Jeffrey Glazer, Caitlin Bernard, Cassandra Cashman, Carol Dellinger, Mandy Gittler, Kathleen Glover, Martin Haskell, Resad Pasic and Sarah Turner. They are employed at all licensed Indiana abortion facilities: Women’s Med Center in Indianapolis, Clinic for Women in Indianapolis, and Planned Parenthood in Indianapolis, Lafayette, Bloomington and Merrillville. [emphasis mine]

    Some of the girls under 16 years old who had abortions that weren’t reported to DCS were as young as 12 and 13. The alleged 48 instances of failure to report occurred since July 1, 2017. The 48 consumer complaints have been filed with Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill and the Indiana State Department of Health. The Marion, Lake, Tippecanoe and Monroe county prosecutors have also been notified.

    The state of Indiana requires that all abortions performed on girls under the age of seventeen be reported to the health department and social services within three days. Law enforcement uses these reports to determine if the minor was the victim of abuse or rape. But apparently, Bernard and some of her colleagues don’t think it’s important or necessary to make sure that the girls on whom they perform abortions get justice against rapists.”

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  5. So the same activist pretending to be a “reporter” that broke the fake news story above seems all in on the pro-abortion thing.

    She thinks being dead is better than being poor. At least for babies…..


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  6. Leaving “politics?” That’s a pretty decent sign of true character, I’d say. Especially these days. Good for him and folks like Trey Gowdy.


  7. Amen, Kevin.

    These are times in which to despair in so many ways. (And I’d say the reactions to Jan. 6 included a good number of tears; may something like that never happen again in our nation. It was shameful and shocking that something like that could happen here.)

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  8. Yeah after numerous terms the voters wouldn’t reelect him any longer due to his treatment of Trump and others. Once he saw that he couldn’t win again, then and only then did he become tired of politics. His leaving wasn’t by choice Dj.

    His character? Mr. We Need a Loyalty Pledge That I Won’t Honor doesn’t really worry about that sort of thing.

    Or did you forget all of that?

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  9. And I’d note that he left for a cushy, better paying private sector gig his Chamber of Commerce pals set him up with.

    And Gowdy’s got a sweet gig with better pay and he still gets to pontificate for cameras.

    But I think it’s amusing you think character had anything to do with their decisions.


  10. The Ohio /Indiana abortion news item raises some privacy issues. First, should third parties have the ability to access medical information including who performs abortion. Its rare but not unheard of for someone to shoot abortion doctors. Is the state liable if a dr is shot based on information they released?

    More importantly, I have to question mandating doctors to report. Teachers are mandated to report and this makes sense. Students come to us voluntarily seeking help. Howeve underage girls do not voluntarily seek pregnancy related health care. Doctor-patient privilege should apply here. If a teen wishes to avoid authorities knowing of her pregnancy, sexual relationships and/or abuse, she may not seek any help and that’s not healthy whatever her choice.

    I googled medical consent laws but its a confusing morass throughout North America. However, the patient should be in charge of their care and other decisions. Seeking health care should not come at the expense of privacy. Doctors should be allowed to use their professional judgment if there is something to report. There’s no reason why the state or police need to know that a 16 yr old girl pregnant in a consensual age appropriate relationship sought health care. From a quick read, I also found that some states require a parent present if a child is under 18. Again, this may lead to teens avoiding health care whether it be pre-natal care, abortion or contraceptives. And even seeking mental health therapy.

    Whether Dr Bernard made the right decisions or is telling the truth, the privacy issue is a problem.


  11. And tears over Jan6?

    Just like when BLM and Antifa attacked, burned, and looted federal buildings for a whole summer, right? Surely the reaction should be similar, right?

    Oh that’s right, the hand wringers sat back and watched all that quietly, or they endorsed it.


    If Jan6 causes that reaction, then folks should bawling in the fetal position over the summer of rage. But they’re aren’t, because it’s all about politics and disqualifying the bad orange man.

    It’s laughable, and obvious.

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  12. Mocking has taken over our political discourse and were none the better for it.

    We’re better than that.

    Aren’t we? Please tell me we are.

    I know, let’s try not mocking for a while and see how much better that works for us as believers. Sound good?

    Or are politics considered completely separate and not influenced by our faith and how we treat and talk about people? I guess I missed that chapter.

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  13. The difference btw BLM protests and Jan6th is rather stark. The former is a demand to be include in the American dream and have the constitution applied equally. The latter, Jan 6th, wants to maintain exclusion. And wants to entertain the politics of scapegoats


  14. My dad, who continues to baffle me with his views, does not believe Hillary Clinton should be held accountable for any of her shenanigans in some sort of “they are important people and above the law” sort of weird idea. In the same vein, he believes the Jan 6 event was more egregious than the burning and killing and mayhem in stores and state Capitols. I totally disagree but that mindset is definitely out there.

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  15. It is a common mistake to assume that because someone is against something on one side, that they were in favor of, or not bothered by, a similar or worse thing on another side. There are plenty of people who were horrified by what happened on Jan. 6 who were also horrified by the excesses of the BLM/Antifa protests.

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  16. Kizzie, excellent point. It’s not an “either-or” situation. We should be able to think things through with more nuance than that, surely?

    And here’s a question — if these were liberal justices who passed a liberal law, would we still object to their being picketed, even at their homes? We need to always challenge ourselves with these things, otherwise we’re just knee-jerk gadflies who never think through any of the issues but just react emotionally.

    Kind of what’s wrong with our political discourse all the way around right now. It’s getting us nowhere. Maybe we stop doing that? We need to challenge ourselves (not so much others) more in these conversations.

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  17. DJ – Yes, so many react right out of their preconceived notions and biases.

    Had to laugh at a conversation on a friend’s FB post. She (“Annie”) and her sister (“Susie”) are both my FB friends. “Annie” was complaining about finding out that a co-worker’s monthly output (they are architects specializing in rebar) was a small percentage of her own, but he is getting paid the same amount of money.

    “Susie” commented that that was obviously a problem with “woke culture” among younger folks (the sisters are in their 40s, maybe close to 50). “Annie” replied that this guy is older, and that this kind of thing happens in all age groups. To add to that, I mentioned a story from over 30 years ago of someone slacking off in a way that caused more work for me.

    After all that, “Susie” once again blamed “woke culture”. She had that bee in her bonnet, and was not gonna let it go.

    (Yeah, I realize that story is not necessarily pertinent, but it’s what came to mind. 😀 )


  18. The “that” Susie was referring to as being a part of “woke culture” was not wanting to put effort into work. And that has been a problem throughout generations.


  19. Oh my I cannot fathom how BLM/Antifa could ever be viewed as “demanding to be included in the American dream and constitutional equality”? That just makes no sense to me.
    By looting, destroying businesses, murder, riots, burning down entire city blocks, threatening police officers, attacking police officers….the list goes on!
    Jan 6 = maintain exclusion? What does that even mean!?
    What I know about Jan 6 is that there was certainly some dark funny business going on in that realm and it wasn’t all “Trumpers”. How can a family enjoying a peaceful time all of a sudden watch as “security” guards start taking down barriers around the capitol? When asked why the guard’s response was “following orders”….all heck broke out and this family made a mad dash to their bus. Why do we see capitol police opening doors for the “rioters”? Then we see a capitol police chatting it up with those in there? Something’s “rotten in Denmark”….only it’s not Denmark!!
    Exposing darkness is not a bad thing….

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  20. HRW, the BLM had nothing to do with “a demand to be included in the American dream and have the constitution applied equally” and everything to do with some folk saw a way to make money off of other folk’s pain and suffering and ran with it. Jan 6 had nothing to do with “maintaining exclusion” but rather, a lot of people got caught up in the moment and allowed themselves to be led by the aforementioned folk who saw a way to make money off of other folk’s pain and suffering and ran with it.

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  21. Or those for whom doors weren’t opened, which seemed to be the majority, scampering up the walls and crashing in through the windows. Nice. It was a sight to behold, not a pretty one and one I hope to never see again. And yeah, I can see where it could elicit some tears of sorrow at the wild, third-world type images of it all. Here. In the U.S.

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  22. I did not like what happened on Jan. 6 one bit. There is no way that everyone who went to the capitol should be blamed. I also do not like the televised so-called hearings at all. Just a sham. It is all politics and sad in my opinion.

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  23. This should have been a truly bipartisan process for the hearings, both parties messed that opportunity up. Typical politicians.

    Still, we should not ignore some of the information that is coming out of those sessions, as flawed as they are.

    And no one is blaming “everyone” who was there, but there was a strong (and large, I’d say) core group that had been whipped up to be there — they are rag-tag group who took the lead and took over (erecting a gallows for the vice president?) to our nation’s shame (with no small encouragement from the soon-to-be but petulant ex-president, frankly, who then stood by without doing much of anything to try to stop any of it; shameful).

    Blame should land where it is roundly deserved.

    And may we, on both sides, come up with some more worthy, honorable and reasonable candidates for president in the next election.

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