27 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-11-22

  1. Good morning all! What a wonderful day the Lord has made!
    I’m lazy this morning (still laying in bed) but today is my first physical therapy session, so at least I get to leave the house for awhile. I better get up and at it. You all have a wonderful day.

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  2. Hope you’re feeling well Debra.

    Keep us posted as you progress with therapy. And remember, the effort and hard work you put in there will help you get back to “normal” quicker. It’s hard, but worth it. 🙂

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  3. Good cool misty morning in Atlanta! I hope the weather suits your purposes wherever you are.

    Nice header. Do you know the name of that bloomer?

    I have already been out using the loppers on some vines under the mailbox. I have a prickly pear cactus that will bloom there if it gets enough sun. The invasive yet pretty vine had taken too much territory.

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  4. Wonderful to hear from you, Debra. Prayers for it all to go well in this phase of recovery. Those physical therapists are miracle workers! They know all the tricks to help both in practical movements and in motivations.

    I was at the rehab facility a lot when my mother had a broken hip repaired. I know I became a gawker when a terribly obese man was brought in and it took four to get him in position to do what they were working on with him.

    The twice daily PT sessions were the highlights of the recovery time.

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  5. Morning! Debra it is a wonderful blessing to see that you are up and at ‘em so quickly after your surgery! Continuing to pray as you go through your rehab.

    And that flower is gorgeous up there. Your reference to it as a “bloomer” did bring a chuckle Janice. The other day Peter was discussing the different meanings of words and when I see “bloomer” I think of how it was used to describe women’s “drawers” 😊

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  6. Maybe we can have a string of comments using words with multiple meanings.

    To me “drawers” are what are in a “dresser” or are people who draw pictures.

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  7. I laughed at the word ‘loppers.’ Obviously, pruning shears. I use those, but have never used ‘loppers’ to refer to them. 🙂

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  8. I believe I ‘heard’ dj use the term loppers before and I liked that for those tools that cut more than grass blades which I consider ‘clippers.’ That vine makes woody stems that are hard to cut.

    Yes, I thought of ‘chest of drawers’, too. I always heard men’s underwear called ‘drawers’ which was specifically my dad’s white boxers back in the old days.

    I know we have talked previously about the multiple uses of the word ‘tobogan.’ It is a knit hat here, as in “Put the tobogan on your noggin.”

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  9. Good morning, all. What kind of conversation have I stepped into? Reminds me of yesterday when I stepped into church to hear a lady pronouncing that drugs are great!

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  10. I have heard a person from another country call a piece of clothing a ‘jumper’ but it was not at all what I thought of as a jumper, a type of sleeveless dress with the top made to be worn over a turtleneck or shirt. The friend seemed to use the term for a sweater or item of clothing to help keep warm in the cold.

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  11. DJ, I’m sorry to read about Tess being gone. They do snuggle their way into our hearts and leave a big hole when they’re gone. How are Cowboy and Annie doing in her absence?

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  12. thanks, Kevin. And yes they do.

    Cowboy seems a little lost, but hard to tell how they exactly process (if they even do, really) these absences. I’m sure something seems amiss.

    I think Annie’s enjoying not being herded into corners, which Tess still would do on occasion.

    I spent 4 months in physical therapy when my knee first went “pop” and gained a lot of respect for those guys. I’ll be haded back again after my surgery in August. Kind of looking forward to it — definitely looking forward to the results and getting back to a more walkable normal.

    I talked with a source the other day who’d mentioned to me months ago that she was headed for both knee and hip replacement surgeries (she and her husband are super active). When I talked to her last week she told me she had the hip replaced — and it seems to have done wonders for the knee, so that surgery has been put off as the pain is gone.

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  13. Great news about the hip fix that fixed the knee!
    Since I have been on and off a cane, I do not know how my knees got fixed except that on this veganish diet I have lost about 30 lbs. Maybe that was all it took. Less weight, less stress on the joints. And I am much more cautious about not eating nightshade plants that cause flareups of inflamation for me. And getting off of sweets that cause infamation, too. The Dull Diet of a Walker

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  14. Michelle – I read that article recently.

    In Chickadee’s case, not only does she have people who are encouraging her in this, but she is living with them. They are feeding this delusion in her. 😦


  15. I did get in my house today. So strange to see it again. The property manager, Tammy, had recently lost her husband. So sad, but God brought me to her. Parts of the house were not clean so someone will be cleaning. I called to keep the electricity on.

    After Tammy left, I went downstairs to try to open my two closets that I have used for storage. I opened the first one and it looked just like I left it and opened easily. I could not open the other one and you could see damage around the door that someone had tried to get in. I think that the lock was damaged. I will call a locksmith, but will wait a day or two until the trash is gone and the place is cleaned. Then I can get the other doors rekeyed at the same time. Still wondering if my things are still there.


  16. My daughter is buying a new home right across the street from where she is. God has made a way for me to help her, so that is a blessing. The sale is contingent on the sale of their current home so they are working hard to get it on the market. Pictures will be taken tomorrow. She has been doing things for two years to get it ready to sell. It is small, 700 sf. and the new one is twice the size and on an acre of land. They love their neighbors and are loved by them, so this will be a good move.

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