19 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-7-22

  1. Good morning everyone.

    That sounds exciting, Jo. And frequent stops to stretch might make it more enjoyable. It’s been years since I’ve been to a real beach. But there are lots of mountains, lakes and streams here, so I’m satisfied.

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  2. A day at the beach sounds fun, as long as it’s not overcrowded.

    We’re getting rain, and lots of it right now. Glad we had the leaky roof replaced.

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  3. Music being played for an assisted living place today, then music in the park this evening. It will be warm. The mosquitoes will probably be terrible. It is always a question of whether to dress to be cool or to be covered to provide less target area for the mosquitoes. However, life is good if those are the biggest choices to be made. 🙂

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  4. Morning all! Beautiful flowers up there which leaves me wondering “where are the bees”?! There are bees all over my flowers and Pip enjoys trying to capture them. So far she has not been successful as I continually try to get her away from them. This dog is a plant eating flower eating critter….the struggle is real!! 🙃

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  5. Here’s the review of Death by Living: Life Is Meant to Be Spent I just wrote, Mumsee . . . (now reading library books on Hoopla).

    I picked up this book because N. D. Wilson’s grandfather Jim Wilson changed my life with his pamphlet “How to Be Free from Bitterness,” and because of the stories my spiritual father told me about him.

    (Roy was Jim’s roommate at USNA).

    A friend told me I’d see stories about Jim, and she was correct.

    However, they’re at the end.

    In the meantime, I got a romp through verbal, literary, and spiritual imagery that made me laugh in delight. Wilson, the younger, gave me a different way to think about the ordinary and that’s an important gift.


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  6. Good late morning. My friend told me about a National Park about 30 minutes from home that I knew nothing about. She had hiked there this week with a church friend and Sweetie dog. I decided Wes and I should go there early this morning. It was only about 5 minutes from where I took him for years to the orthodontist (how did I never know of this place?). It is on the Chattahoochee river which I have rafted small sections before. We got there later than desired. We did only a portion of the trail since I am not use to some of the steep paths going down to the river (really pretty easy for younger people but mixed with heat and humidity, more challenging for me). It was beautiful and at one time, part of the park area was a Baptist retreat center. It is not far from the hospital I will visit tomorrow.

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  7. US Transportation secy is in town and making a stop at one of the ports, but it’s a private meeting, not sure anything will be announced afterward but we’ll see …

    I had one more email to send to surgeon’s secretary re pre-op appointments … What an ordeal. You need the time off afterward just to rest up from all of this, never mind the surgery.

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  8. It has gotten quite warmish here…with humidity! Gasp!
    I was just outside checking out the flowers and we have so many butterflies! They will actually flutter right by your face. They are so pretty.
    I have two rose bushes up by the front porch that have buds just starting to open. You know what that means? The deer will be up on the wall tonight munching on their dessert! I guess it is time to spray the stinky stuff on them….horrid smell!

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  9. My cohort and I will be off bright and early in the morning for a couple of days. Will be praying as the Lord reminds. Isn’t it cool how we have the Holy Spirit living in us and He reminds us to pray and gives us ideas of how to pray? We need to be listening.

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