18 thoughts on “News/Politics 7-8-22

  1. Doing the job the feds won’t.

    Biden and the leaders of the DHS should be charged and removed for dereliction of duty. This is an impeachable offense.

    “Abbott Orders Texas Authorities To Arrest Illegal Migrants, Return Them To Border”


    “Texas military and law enforcement forces will begin returning illegal migrants to the U.S. border, potentially setting up a legal battle with the Biden administration.

    Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) issued an executive order on Thursday authorizing the Texas Department of Public Safety and the National Guard to arrest migrants caught entering the state illegally along the U.S.-Mexico border and transport them to ports of entry. Under federal law, only federal agents are empowered to enforce immigration law.

    “While President Biden refuses to do his job and enforce the immigration laws enacted by Congress, the State of Texas is once again stepping up and taking unprecedented action to protect Americans and secure our southern border,” Abbott said in a statement. “The cartels have become emboldened and enriched by President Biden’s open border policies, smuggling in record numbers of people, weapons, and deadly drugs like fentanyl.”

    Abbott stopped short of declaring the immigration crisis an “invasion,” a declaration sought by some Texas counties along the border and other critics of the Biden administration’s border policies. Abbott’s order makes reference to the federal government’s constitutional duty to resist “invasion,” however.

    “President Biden’s failure to faithfully execute the immigration laws enacted by Congress confirms that he has abandoned the covenant, in Article IV, § 4 of the U.S. Constitution, that ‘[t]he United States … shall protect each [State in this Union] against Invasion,’” the order says.”


    Despite Abbott not saying so, it’s an invasion.

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  2. These people are sick. They won’t be happy unless babies are dying.

    “Dem Rep. Cori Bush: “We Must” Start To Perform Late-Term Abortions In National Parks…”


    And they’re stupid too.

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  3. This is what happens to minorities who are smart enough to flee the Democrat plantation….

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  4. Fact checkers?

    Still the smelliest garbage in the stinking media heap…..



    And it’s all coordinated.

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  5. Nailed it. It’s all about the grift with the Never Trump crowd.



    Like all good conservatives would…..

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  6. ———


  7. So she’s a liar. And it’s not like the media will care.

    She served her purpose and they’ve stopped talking about her already.

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  8. This is anti-American Democrat Rep Omar’s district.

    Democrats want the Somali immigrants to feel at home I guess.

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  9. Well now we can rest easy. All is well with our nation because she says so. We are stronger than ever but any ill effects we paupers are feeling is all due to Covid and Putin 😳

    “Because … when you look at inflation, when we look at where we are economically, and we are in a strong, we are stronger economically than we have been in history, when you look at the unemployment numbers at 3.6 percent, when you look at the jobs numbers, more than 8.7 million of new jobs created,” she continued. “That is important, but we understand that gas prices are high and we understand that food costs are high, and that is because of a once-in-a-generation pandemic and also Putin’s war, and that’s just the facts!” Jean-Pierre said finally.

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  10. Sure, NancyJill. 😦

    Yes, my daughter shared videos of the chaos in Minneapolis. So blooming sad.

    We do not have signature cards, but a folder with all the names of registered voters. When you sign your signature, you are agreeing with certain things and that you are who you say you are. I seldom vote where I do not know at least one poll worker. The signature could be used against you in the future if you voted fraudulently, I would think. Actually, signatures are used in courts and are not all that different even when you try.

    It seems strange to me to have someone vote in an election who would not be concerned or affected by the outcome of the election. Just because you happen to occupy a house seems quite a low bar to me.

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  11. Looking at some of the stats on the southern border; the increase in migration is roughly similar to the late 90s and early 00s. I’m quite certain Texans governors weren’t grandstanding at the time. If its any consolation, deportations are up from the Trump era and almost equal to the Obama era. Obama deported a lot of Mexicans. What’s different in the current illigal migration is the number of non-Mexicans; which suggests its not migrant labourers who go home every winter (hence March is traditionally when they return to the US)

    The fascination with late term abortions on both sides of the debate is weird. Very few abortions are late terms; most occur under 20 weeks. Despite having no abortion law, its almost impossible to get a late term abortion in Canada unless absolutely necessary. Most doctors won’t do it simply due to malpractice insurance policies.

    If the Republicans dropped the anti-immigant rhetoric and stopped winking at racists, they could easily attract more Hispanics. Socially more conservative than whites or blacks and Latin American and Iberian politics have a long tradition of right wing parties. Flores slogan “God, Family and Country” is similar to other far right slogans – especially Salazaar’s Portugal slogan of ” God, Fatherland and Family” or Vichy’s “Work, Family and Fatherland”. Ironically, if the Republicans attract and emulate support based on these values, they are contradicting the Englightment values that the US constitution is based on.

    The EU vote is of course symbolic but why call them losers? The EU maternity death rate and infant mortality rate is far lower than the US. Not to mention the EU abortion rate is lower than the US. On the basis of which society demonstrates better pro-life values, the EU is definitely ahead of the US.


  12. Political operatives from any party are grifters – some change parties or go overseas, whoever pays them, they work for. The surprise for me is some of the Republican operatives didn’t want to work for Trump.

    The Washington Free Beacon is over the top. Attacking people based on looks, weight, addictions etc.

    I’m waiting for the Secret Service to testify under oath or better yet Trump to testify under oath. He has nothing to hide right? After all Clinton was questioned for two days over Benghazi – I’m sure Trump can handle a few questions. I don’t see how Hutchinson’s other testimony is tainted by the hearsay she mentions. Given the lack of police enforcement that day, thats still quite a few guns (well at least to a Canadian)

    Omar’s district is 2/3s white. Seems a little over the top to describe it as Little Mogadishu.


  13. Economic indicators are actually quite good – GDP growth is returning to the norm of 2% for OECD countries, unemployment is at record lows, etc. The doom and gloom is based solely on inflation. Normally due to too much money, this time its pent up demand and transportation costs. Gas prices at the pumps are finally starting to decline but they should be at about $1 a liter not $1.75. The 75 cents is pure profit gouging. The West needs some old school socialism and force oil companies to lower prices or face tax penalties or takeover. Oil prices are not set by any market forces — when price increases and decreases are announced in advance and each company does it at the same time; its an oligarchy and its corrupt – time to break up the monopolies.


    I agree a residence is a low bar. However, if you are a permanent resident, you do have a stake in who is elected. In my daughter’s case, she was a foreign student so she had no stake in it. Apparently, as a Canadian, she’s viewed as a subject of the Queen and could vote as long as she had a residence at election time.

    Based on the same criteria, I always found it weird that citizens who live abroad can vote in their home country elections. Sure if you are temporarily abroad but if you live permanently in another country, you can still vote. In some countries, they even reserve a seat or two in the legislature for the disporia. Italians, Americans, Ukrainians, etc all have an influence in their own coutnry’s elections while permanently living in Canada.


  14. HRW,

    The phrase you’re looking for is “record setting” not the “roughly similar to the late 90s and early 00s” you went with.

    All by design from Joe Biden and company. The largest human smuggling ring in history with help from the cartels, who he’s allowing to freely kill Americans by refusing to stop the fentanyl flow.

    This dereliction of duty and sabotaging of the Border Patrol are impeachable offenses. When R’s take Congress, his senile butt needs to go.


    “Team Biden just set another record: 164,973 illegal migrants apprehended at the border last month, the highest February total in the Homeland Security Department’s history, up 63% from February 2021 and triple the February average for the Trump years.

    The month’s total was a 6.6% increase over January — and a 350% increase over February 2020, when Biden had just taken office.

    And Biden’s about to end the COVID restrictions that let the Border Patrol send many migrants back; officials expect an even larger surge once that happens.

    Meanwhile, the prez is slashing US Customs and Border Protection funds by $428 million, to $14.8 billion, in the omnibus bill that’s sending tens of billions in new spending on left-wing priorities.”



    “Having already set a record for illegal border crossings in 2021, the Biden administration is expected to invite even more to cross this year, setting up a bigger crisis along the Mexican border with Texas, Arizona, and California, according to a new analysis.

    Last year’s 1.7 million border encounters is expected to reach 2.1 million, according to Princeton Policy Advisors, an economic analysis outfit that has correctly predicted recent border surges.

    The unusually high number, the largest since records began of border crossings in 1960, follows recent record-breaking surges, including last month’s total of 221,303 “encounters” with illegal immigrants.

    Princeton Policy’s President Steven Kopits told Secrets that his eye-popping projection was close to the actual border crossing number but still fell short by 9,003.”

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  15. Well I guess HRW won’t be responding…… 🙂

    “Massive Rogers outage snarling telecom, banking and government services continues

    Banking, government, emergency services and more affected”


    “A massive outage at Rogers has brought down internet and cellular service across Canada, and has also interrupted government services and payment systems for businesses and individuals.

    The outage began some time early Friday morning, and as of 5 p.m. ET had not been fixed.

    The company does not have an estimate when it will be fixed, said Kye Prigg, Rogers’ senior vice-president of access networks and operations, on CBC’s Power & Politics.

    “I wouldn’t like to say whether it’s going to be fully online today or not, but we are working very, very hard on making sure that we get everything running as soon as possible,” he told host Catherine Cullen.

    “[But] we’re getting very close to understanding the root cause of the of the failure. And we’re taking actions along with our network vendors to recover the situation.”

    “We don’t understand how the different levels of redundancy that we build across the network coast to coast have not worked,” he said.”


    That’s not very reassuring…. 😳

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