25 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-5-22

  1. It’s July alright. We’re on our way to 99° with the heat index close to 110°, much hotter than our average 86°. Glad for a/c.

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  2. Such a peaceful photo up there! Good Morning all!

    Heading towards 80 today with a chance of thunderstorms tonight. Pollens are off the charts around here but at least it is green and not dry! Thankful…..

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  3. Last night the weather report was a high of 78 today. This morning I see a high of 70, which is fine with me.

    In spite of all the rain, drizzle and fogginess, we managed to take in two fireworks displays. One was at a resort that our friend lives at. At first, we were too close to them. We moved back a bit. There was a big bonfire, too, and way too many mosquitoes.

    The second was on our way home when we passed the city where we usually enjoyed the fireworks with our children. We decided to pull into a lot at a college to enjoy the rest of their fireworks. We could just watch from our car.

    Two of the largest cities near us had to postpone their fireworks due to fog, so we were quite lucky to be able to have them further north where we are. We haven’t been out to watch them for a few years and it was quite fun to be out enjoying them again.

    Sadly, an eighteen-year-old was killed when fireworks went off in his face. Always so sad.

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  4. It was a loud night out here.

    I’m taking a couple vacation days to try to get all this paperwork done for the upcoming surgery, getting down to the deadline for all of that (mainly the forms needed to get the medical disability pay while I’m out). Panic time.

    I called the doctor’s office to see if I can drop the one form in for them today, today, too. I know they’re busy and the secretary seemed not to be the patient type but hopefully she’ll have a few minutes today or tomorrow.

    I’ve also called our HR department in Denver to see if the person there can help give me some guidance on all the info she’d sent to me earlier.

    And there’s the dog issue looming as well, Tess is struggling more than Cowboy now — but it occurs to me that they’re probably keeping each other going at this point, like an old couple, they’ve been a really super-bonded pair their entire lives.

    Vacation days used to be more fun — or at least more relaxing — but I’m glad I have paid time I can take off.

    My neighbors, meanwhile are back on track with her stroke recovery appointments starting today as her husband just got clearance last week to drive again after his fairly major heart procedure from a couple months ago.

    It was good to hear them getting the car all ready in the driveway this morning and heading out. They’ve had quite a year of it, so much has befallen them.

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  5. Good afternoon. It’s getting warmer around here, too, but not as warm as that horible patch we had in June.

    We went to the tag office this morning to get the handicap placard for Art. After that, we stopped at Sam’s for gas, groceries, and bill paying. I got home in time for my Zoom Bible study group. Glad I could be back together with almost the full group of ladies. We were doing a chapter on Fasting.

    I did a quick study on fasting last summer with a Kay Arthur group. I was surprised this had different info, more about the purposes and types, whereas last summer was more geared to looking intently at the fasts in Esther. Both studies pointed out that Jesus said, “When you fast . . .” and not, “If you fast.”

    My brother let me know that there is an onion recall at Publix. Thankfully I had a different brand than the recalled (for listeria). I had just opened the new bag last night and used one in kidney bean salad. I told Art that the Vidalias are not so sweet as before, and I wondered if the growing area for “Vidalia’ onions had expanded.

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  6. People in the neighborhood were well-behaved last night and fireworks ended before midnight. But the weather was less-well-behaved and the thunder started just as I was drifting off to sleep – and it was loud and lasted for hours. Then I couldn’t get back to sleep.

    Sorry for the whining – I’m tired and grumpy today. 🙂

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  7. Morning all. I had a very quiet fourth. Went to my daughters home and saw my Colorado family. There were so many people there. We did pizza in the pizza oven but it took hours and hours for them all. My son in laws parents live there so lots of extended family came. Not even sure who some of them were. It is going to take a long time for me not to be invisible.

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  8. oh, my daughter figured out how to get those books out of keynote. We went into something called folders and they were listed there. Clicked on the book and then clicked on share and shared with the kindle app. I even did it myself with one of them after I came home. A couple of those books I had been waiting two years to read.

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  9. Just this morning, I went out and got some nice onion and chives to go with my mushrooms and eggs. I, too, think of Chas when hanging around the onions and blackberries.

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  10. Onions sure are contoversial! I had a vision of Chas smiling at us all. He looked a lot like Chuck . . . younger, and in good health😀
    Sweet . . . but not like sweet onions.

    The bad onions were from Lyons, GA. My onions came from Reidsville, GA. Both are labeled as Vidalia onions, and Vidalia is a town in Georgia with a certain type of soil that makes onions sweet. No wonder my ‘Vidalias’ are too strongly flavored; they are not the real thing. They are fake!

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  11. I just know brown, white and sweet onions.

    I made good progress today on all the surgery forms — dropped the one off for the doctor at his office (which is in the new building that now stands where our newsroom once did), looks like that needs to get turned in to my company(?) by July 8 so I made sure they made note of that. (Their waiting room was packed! Lots & lots of knee issues going on, from the looks of it)

    As for filing the actual claim, looks like I don’t do that until the leave time begins.

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  12. I always look for Vidalia onions at the grocery. They really are the best! My onions purchased at Sprouts today are “Mr Bucks” Vidalia onions. 🧅

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  13. Chas would not be liking all of these comments.
    Come now, no more onions.
    I always say that onions do not like me.


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