54 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-2-22

  1. Morning and Happy Anniversary Mumsee and Mike! ❤️

    The bird on the tree appears to be wondering “hey watcha doin’ over there?”!

    I was sad to discover a pile of feathers on the property this morning. I believe a baby bird met it’s demise at the talons of a predator….we have had magpies and an owl lurking about lately. The sad part of nature….

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  2. I regret I did not take advantage of shrimp and grits when we did our DC and Virginia trip a few years ago. It was spicy and I wasn’t sure I wanted to take the chance of not liking it and going hungry.

    Happy anniversary, mumsee and Mike.

    That picture made me laugh. It almost seems like those birds are wondering what the heck kind of tree that is.

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  3. Happy Anniversary, mumsee and Mike! What was the wedding like? Big? Small? Fancy?

    I’m icing the knee this morning, it has really swollen up in the past few days so out came the ice packs again today. 😦

    Hoping this upcoming surgery will get me past all of this after 2 years.

    Reminds me, though, I need to get serious about filling out all those state temporary disability forms this weekend. Looks complicated, but how hard can it be? Don’t answer that.

    I hope the woman who was so frantically calling for her little dog last night found her. All went quiet after a while so I’m hoping that meant the dog was found. Seemed to be fireworks-related. I’d already gotten ready for bed or I would have tried to go out and help (but the knee also was really painful last night). I would have suggested, gently, that she change her tactics a bit — rather that screaming in a frantic, frightened voice for the dog, she might do better to call the dog with her ‘happy voice,’ throw out favorite words like “go for a walk” or “dinner” …

    It’s a common reaction, though, for owners to start yelling and screaming — but even if you’re angry at the dog (or just scared like she was), you’ll have better luck calling in a way that makes the dog *want* to come to you, not run away even faster because they’ll think they’re going to just get punished.

    And treats are good to have as well.

    “Come-come-come!” in a happy voice. 🙂

    Years of dog training classes …

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  4. It does, Janice — something else I would have told her. That’s especially good for cats, I’ve heard, but I’m guessing works with dogs just as well.

    Happy sounds. 🙂

    (Even if the owner is super upset, frantic, in an all-out panic — like that owner was last night from the sounds of it — or even angry)

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  5. I got the grass mowed this morning. It was still wet from the rains we’ve had. I only got maybe an inch chopped off so it was a quick mow. Now it will look extra good for the 4th. Happy I still feel like doing that.

    I made potato salad to send to the office. It had egg in it so a good protein and carb. But my brother had to have some beef. And that meant fries. So he said he ate about five fries with his burger and gave the rest of the fries to Art. Brother ate a spoonful of potato salad. I chided him about giving fries to Art. Now Art has the potato salad for his own. At least he will be happy about that. He was whimpering about us using up the rest of the cole slaw last night. I said I would make more.

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  6. oh, so glad for another anniversary for Mumsee and Mike and that they are together, not someone off traveling.
    Hopefully someday I will drop by to meet Mike.
    I think I need to go shop. my clothing is very limited.

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  7. A treat or food bag crinkling is actually the way I get Annie to come inside when she’s out on the patio (or more rarely the front porch). (She seems to know her own treat bag as opposed to the sound of the dogs’ treat bags, however.)

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  8. All I need to say is “I have a treat” and the dogs come a running! Very food driven critters!

    Husband was in need of a couple 100 ft garden hoses. I had no desire to drive into town and traffic. So I drove out to Elizabeth on the dirt road. It takes me 10 more minutes to get there but the drive is relaxing and there are no cars to be seen until you get to town. It was very quiet there and enjoyable because I of course had to stop in to see my favorite person at the antique shoppe. The Walmart there has such a backward layout which is confusing but no where near as crowded. And the people are more laid back and friendly. Purchased the hoses and nozzles and he is happily watering his newly planted grass seed by the drive.

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  9. I intended to catch up on the threads and then post this, but haven’t done that yet.

    Tonight on CBS, at 8:00 eastern time, is Camping World SRX Series Auto Racing. Our Stafford Motor Speedway is having these races. (I don’t know if the show will also show racing from other places or not, as I’m not familiar with this stuff.)

    The reason I mention this is because my SIL Becky was interviewed as one of the people heavily involved in our local historical society, and the interview is supposed to be included in the show. I am recording it to fast-forward through the racing part (making those cars go even faster!) to get to her interview. 🙂

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  10. My friend, Karen, is calling me regularily now. I totally am not use to the attention I am receiving. I guess it makes me understand why some people are hypochondriacs (sp?).

    I am comfortable being a fly on the wall; watching from the perimeter is my style. I guess God wants to increase my comfort zone.😳

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  11. Michelle, I found a place on vrbo near Point Reyes as I am wanting to go to the ocean with my family this week. It was a place with six bedrooms that would sleep 12, but we have extra children. Do you know of any place for families around there??

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  12. Our family looked at renting a place at Sea Ranch and concluded for the same reason, that we needed to rent two houses. We’re staying home. :-(. Maybe we should swap houses?

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  13. Good morning, all, including Jo who may have a taker for her flat.

    Thank you for all the anniversary wishes. Very pleasant day spent with husband going off to buy fresh batteries for dad’s hearing aids while I stayed and tried cleaning one. Took some persuading to get him to allow us to put in new batteries (he did the actual putting in) but then he did acknowledge that they worked. Though he assured us it would only work for a short time.

    The wedding was nice. I knew nothing about them and my mom was too sick with cancer to help me and husband kept saying it was for women to decide. But I did know enough to get husband into one of the famous baby blue tuxes of the seventies along with his groomsmen. I had an off the rack dress from the walmart of the time, probably a good fifty dollars. Bridesmaids were also off the rack there. My daughters have been known to wear mine for church. Probably about sixty people showed up, mostly from church groups and family and residents of the nursing home where I had worked. Church friends sang a couple songs. My extra dad, Jim Wilson, did the service so we had it at the Nazarene church, about the only church in the area who would let his qualifications work as a pastor. I did not really know about outdoor weddings and figured they had to be in a church. Friends helped set up and tear down.

    I assumed you were supposed to open gifts there so we did that at the reception. Of course, that meant we missed the steak dinner at the restaurant. But husband did not give up on me and here we are.

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  14. Such fun hearing about that long ago event, Mumsee. It took! And I remember those baby blue tuxedos, but had forgotten them until you mentioned that. Were blue suede shoes worn with them?
    Remrmber when ladies bought fabric pumps and had them died to match their gowns?


  15. We had another wonderful Sunday school and service. We are in a new series about people in the Bible who showed themselves faithful. Today we were in Genesis, covering Abraham. Isaac’s faithfulness was brought out, too.

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  16. Mumsee, love the wedding day story. Sounds very “you.”

    I’m not feeling great this morning, mostly due to the knee swelling up again in the past few days for some reason and having to get up — as usual — several times overnight last night to let dogs out. I think this will have to be the week to make “the call.” And we’re dealing with incontinence with both dogs now. I can’t keep doing this, it’s exhausting, and now I have a knee surgery to try to prepare for, paperwork galore to fill out for disability, and, of course, I am still working full time. I’m feeling pretty overwhelmed.

    And I’ve said this before, but mornings are not good times for me — they’ve always been hard mentally but now it’s worse — it literally takes me a couple hours to “come to” and the resurgence of the knee pain is making it so much worse. On the plus side, I do snap out of the morning funk and feel fairly decent the rest of the days and nights.

    Anyway, I got showered and mostly ready to leave to church this morning (on time and all) — best-laid plans and I was determined to make it this week — but I just felt like collapsing after that, so am staying in and will live-stream yet again. I’ll check in with my elder later today (I’m in pretty regular touch with him), but I’m guessing I’m getting put on a “what ever happened to ???” list somewhere at church by now.

    I’ll be so glad when this is all behind me by the end of summer.

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  17. Jim Wilson married you?

    I’m sure I’ve told you our surrogate dad was his roommate at USNA!

    It was Roy’s wife who I eulogized last summer in CT.

    Wilson’s pamphlet, How to be Free From Bitterness changed my life. I’ve preached on the subject ever since.

    Small world.

    But I’ve said that before.

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  18. Michelle, I thought you might catch my name dropping! Yes indeed and we have talked about it. He went through the bitterness pamphlet with my mom in law and led her to Christ when she was eighty, nineteen years ago.

    I doubt he knows what an impact he had on my life. I left Moscow at fourteen, for a summer in Victorville, came back a believer and knew nobody who was a believer, though I knew believers. I started going into his bookstore and he gently directed me in my selections and choices and let me borrow countless books from the store. He told me about fellowship groups and I began to grow. He visited often with my dad and he and his daughter played tennis with my dad and me. He suggested I attend the first classes of New St Andrews, long before it became a school. I started with that and then I met my love and got distracted. He married us.

    His grandson, Nathan, has written an excellent tribute to Jim and Bessie in his book: Death by Living: Life is Meant to be Spent which I recommend to you.

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  19. Thank you! Now downloaded to my Hooploa app.

    I’ll read it to see if it’s a good gift for Roy.

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  20. Good Sunday all!

    We are have a “gully washer” of a rainstorm right now…yay!! Husband is concerned about newly sown grass seed along the drive!

    It was iffy if I would make it to church this morning but I did. I was up at 2:30 with the dog and even though we went back to bed it was a disjointed sleep until 5. Every so often I have these spasms and I did this morning. It makes me feel as though I am having a heart attack. I have meds for it but the after effects are hurting ribs and tiredness. I did want to fall asleep in church and the freezing cold air blowing on me didn’t help. There I sat in my down coat on a July day in church! The message was encouraging and challenging … we are still in I Peter the last of the first chapter.

    Praying for you Dj as you make decisions this week and asking the Lord to gently guide you through it all. Hoping the upcoming surgery rights the wrongs with the knee! ♥️

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  21. Donna – I am so sorry to hear that it is time to “make the call”, but it certainly does sound like it is time. Crying with you over the thought of that.

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  22. If you read the first part, you’ve got what you need. The rest is details and situations.

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  23. Janice – I do my online stuff on my laptop, not a phone, and I have tabs open with various sites or articles I am reading, as well as my two main email accounts. (I always have separate tabs for each of our threads here.) Anyway, I say that to say that I often leave an article on a tab, and read it little by little, for various reasons.

    Could doing that be a help to you? Plus, you can enlarge the text as large as you would need to read clearly.

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  24. Kizzie, I do not have my laptop connected to Wifi. My laptop is very old. I use it for what writing I carry to my Word Weavers group. I had hoped to get a new laptop at some point. We have a lot of conputers at the office😀 i use to do the tab thing there. But thanks for the suggestion!

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  25. Thanks, Michelle. I got the necessary part.

    We had rain this afternoon. I have heard frogs in our neighborhood and just now heard one outside the window. Creeping in from that marsh area, no doubt. It must be getting crowded over there.

    I found a copy of a book, Don’t Stop Laughing Now, which is short personal experience stories from Christian writers. Miss Bosley did not know what was wrong with me as I was laughing so much. I found this book when I needed it. God knew.

    Also a friend who I walk with recommended the book, The Helper, by Catherine Marshall. I ordered it, but the wrong book by her came. But it was the right book as it has a wonderful chapter on healing. I am so glad I got the wrong book!

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  26. I wind up with too many tabs open sometimes, especially on work days. But that is handy.

    I’m still using my old Mac Pro which has problems — I bought a Mac Air replacement when it was on sale several months ago but I’m still stuck on like to use my old machine as long as it still keeps working

    Dog issues this time have been so perplexing, having 2 at the same time going through the end months/weeks. Even when I have dogs the same age one usually goes before the other by a fair amount of time, for one reason or another.


    Day at a time.

    Just got back from the market, everything’s so expensive now.

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  27. Oh, so much fun. My friend is pet sitting a beautiful pit bull (white with cow brown spots) that she rescued and found a placement for. We walked the dog on the board walk. We’d had rain maybe two hours earlier so though cool it was very humid. The dog loved being in new territory. And I felt very secure in the company of a pit bull named Sweetie. Not so many people were out there since it had rained.

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  28. I remember being delighted to see Beetles used as Mexico City taxicabs back in the day

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  29. First Check In Sunday went very smoothly. Thankful.

    Janice, that’s how I feel with our boxer. He’s the sweetest boy but people are scared of him so I feel much more secure being home alone in the middle of nowhere. 🙂


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