29 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-4-22

  1. We are still 25 minutes from the 4th, and it’s an extremely active war zone outside now that fireworks are legal for the peasants. Yay. 😦

    It’s like an Antifa rally out there, but the neighbors aren’t shooting theirs at the police.

    Not yet at least, but the day’s still young…

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  2. Almost the 4th here now. My family drove all the way from Colorado today. I should see them tomorrow. Had a good time greeting folks at church this morning. I really wanted to go to the Happy Birthday USA concert tonight, but a friend thought it was too expensive. Then my friends here invited some missionaries over for dinner and I knew that the sharing with them would be priceless so stayed home.
    Not sure why, but I was very sore in my lower back today. Better now.
    By the way, we are having cooler weather now, folks were wearing sweaters at the outdoor church service. The 80s are nice.

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  3. Fireworks are illegal in the city of LA but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. lol

    Our town especially blows up like a war zone (theory is that longshore workers manage to score all kinds of commercial-grade fireworks). One night about 10-15 years ago a friend and I were at the dog park later than usual on 4th of July — the park was on the top of a hill overlooking the harbor in those days — and the view was amazing as it got dark, explosions all around us, on all sides, in all of the neighborhoods.

    People complain about the illegal fireworks — one night I drove home (again from the dog park) to find people sitting in beach chairs on our street, to get into my driveway I had to come around from the other direction).

    But once folks have lived here for a while they tend to settle into an acceptance (though we all still grouse about it especially when we have dogs that are sensitive to the noise). The police can’t really cite individuals for setting them off unless they literally catch them in the act, which isn’t so easy to do — and there’s only so much law enforcement manpower.

    So police focus on busting folks who have big supplies of illegal fireworks stashed in their garages for sale or distribution, instead, and go at the problem that way — which I guess makes sense.

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  4. So, after church I saw the friends who came tonight and another couple talking so I went over and asked if this was a club. They were both Wycliffe missionaries. The other younger couple is in the missions house, so I just casually asked when they are leaving. and they said the 25th of July! So that is when I will get the missions house.

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  5. 🎆 Happy Independence Day! 🎆

    True independence is to be totally dependent on Jesus:
    “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:32

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  6. DJ,

    When the were illegal here, we thought that it didn’t make a difference either, because tons of people shot them off anyway.

    Turns out it can always be worse. Now that they’re legal, it seems every house but mine have them. They’re everywhere. Funny too, the law says you can shoot them off as long as you’re more than 150feet from structures or dwellings. None of my neighbors meet that criteria. 😲

    I watched cars being hit all down the block last night too, because what goes up, must indeed come down. Sometimes on fire and smoking as they crash land onto some poor sucker’s car hood or roof.

    Yeah….. Good times…. 😦

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  7. Morning all and how beautiful is that photo up there?! Kare you reside in the most lovely spots of this big ol’ world!

    Happy Fourth! We cannot find our flag to display…we have looked everywhere….old people problems 🙃

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  8. Good morning, all, including Jo and it sounds like Jo is fitting right in.

    I was out walking the grounds and enjoying the glorious evening last night and in bed by nine. But for the first time in the twenty four years we have been here, was woken at ten by fire works. I never saw them but suspect it was the neighbor. This may be the first year it was not too dry to have them. It is good to celebrate.

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  9. Good morning! Miss Bosley appeared sometime late in the night after hiding out, I assume, in the closet. But then I started hearing the arrival of the “showboaters,” probably at the mall, to do their wheelies in the their loud vehicles. And then I heard helicopters. Not a good night fof restful sleep!

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  10. Janice, you asked about Wingspan. We bought it because we are fans of Catan and it was billed as similar but better (and beautiful). After several attempts we agreed that it was too complicated and gave up. DIL sold it on eBay. Please let us know if Wesley conquers it and how he likes it.

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  11. That sounds like a game my son-in-law would like. He is very competitive. I like to play games more for the social aspect, as does my daughter.

    That is a wonderful photo. I am seeing all kinds from our area, too, with beautiful northern lights. We have too many trees around to see them from our yard. We are not often out late enough to see them either.

    We hear various fireworks, but not constantly. People always seem to forget that there really was a reason that certain things have become outlawed in the past. We seem to have to learn our lessons over and over again. Most laws were instituted because others were injured. That is true whether it was gambling, fireworks, drugs etc.

    Happy Fourth of July to everyone!

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  12. Happy Independence Day to all celebrating! And Happy belated Canada Day to our neighbors to the north!

    What spectacular beauty God builds into His creation! That picture of the northern lights is gorgeous, and probably even more stunning to see in person, I imagine. Did you hear the lights, too, Kare?

    I saw lots of fireworks driving home last night from my parents’ house where East Coast family is staying while they’re around here. Ahead of me, to the left, to the right, lots of beautiful sights for quite a bit of the journey.

    Thunder and lightning just started now, along with a heavy downpour. I imagine I’ll be hearing hubby driving up the driveway on his tractor soon (there’s no cab to protect him from the elements). He was cutting brush on our elderly neighbor’s land.

    Enjoy your day, everyone.

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  13. A nurse posted that she would be working in ER this week to treat the burns and missing fingers 🙁

    Fireworks are not legal here but so many have an attitude about it and light them up…even when we are tinder dry. Selfish self entitled individuals. Thankful we had the downpour yesterday so when that boastful young person bragging about how he was blasting them off tonight no matter how illegal will not be burning us out of our homes! He is also lighting up his fire pit! We all know where he lives…as do our firefighters and deputies now.

    My sister’s dear friend had her barn destroyed a few years ago by a thoughtless neighbor shooting off fireworks! It was a scramble to get her horses out that night…and the offending neighbor showed no remorse…ugh..people!

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  14. Wesley played Wingspan with friends at Baylor. I think he must want to share it with new friends where he now teaches. Maybe he had good experienced people who taught him to play. He said he did not think it was overly complicated. It was expensive (around $50) to buy from Amazon.

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  15. Happy Fourth you all. I will be going to a family party later to celebrate and to see everyone. A little too chilly to want to swim.

    Okay for those with an ipad. I have downloaded some books and they have gone to a program called Keynote. the powerpoint presentations that went there are easy to open. The books are not really downloaded yet.
    Help what do I do in order to read those books???? Of course some of them are there twice as I tried again not knowing where they went.

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  16. There’re reported multiple shootings, active shooting still ongoing?, at a 4th of July parade in Illinois. 😦 😦

    We are in sad and hard times.


    Beautiful photo, I didn’t see the sky portion of the shot on my phone when I first saw it last night, but that’s obviously the point of it! Gorgeous.

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  17. At the top of the IPad is a box with an arrow pointing up. If you click on that box, you have options of where to share whatever you’re looking at. Look at the list and send the manuscript to IBooks, or Kindle.

    That should take seconds.

    Give the IPad a minute or so, then open the app, download whatever you sent, follow directions, and hopefully you can read your book in the app.

    Send me an email if this doesn’t work and we can converse there. If needed, I can send screenshots.

    Then, again, I may have it all wrong! Lol


  18. Michelle, after an email glitch that is now resolved, I heard from a Moscow friend who let me know that Jim Wilson went home the end of May. I am watching a recorded take of, I think, his funeral. You might enjoy watching it: https://jimwilsonmemorial.com/

    No doubt the Gospel will be clearly laid out. Looks like it might be in the Lutheran Church.

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  19. When I went looking for the book you suggested (all available on Hoopla—I’m amazed, when not laughing out loud at ND Wilson’s creativity), I found Jim’s obituary. Thanks.


  20. Michelle, I read it and it was so hilarious, I read it to the children for school. Then, while watching the memorial (excellent and long, might want to skip the crowds forming and mingling) they were delighted to have Nathan speak and the creativity had them rolling again. And now they too have been touched by Jim’s ministry in more than through me and I hope, will see Christ more clearly.


  21. The building up there is called “The Chalet” and it is the building my office is in. The upper portion is the dining hall and the lower is the chapel. The picture was taken Saturday night after the completion of our summer staff training (one of the staff took the picture)

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  22. Hmmm, looking at the roof slope….get much snow up your way? Beautiful picture. I was waiting to hear if it was your cabin or the camp.

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  23. Fireworks with thunder and lightning display all in one! We are under a severe thunderstorm watch until 3:56 a.m. Another iffy night for sleeping. Miss Bosley is tolerating the commotion and noise better this evening than last night. Maybe she thinks it is a weird thunderstorm. She is not bothered by storms.


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