Our Daily Thread 6-24-22

Good Morning!

I’ve learned that today is Kathaleena and her husband Ralph’s 50th Anniversary. 🙂

Well done. 🙂


Anyone have a QoD?

38 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-24-22

  1. Good morning! It’s a lovely day in the neighborhood. Watered plants are happy plants. Fed cat is happy cat. And I am about to drink green tea and study my Bible.

    Missing Chas and Cheerios today, but Peter will bring something to remedy that today.

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  2. Well, I am just full of bad news lately. Mr P has a sister from his father’s first marriage. (Her mother was Catholic and it is sad that in 1948 the Catholic priest told her mother to divorce her father. He came back from WWII “shell-shocked”). Obviously she is quite a bit older than he is. Her daughter called him yesterday to tell him his sister is declining rapidly. She has had diabetes for a number of years and has recenely been losing weight and in quite a bit of pain. Tests revieled multiple tumors and she is seeing an oncologist Monday. He will be headed to PA next Saturday and will stay through the following Wednesday. Coming from a medical background he is a realist when it comes to these things.
    Unfortunately he is also a Mr. Fix It and I am going to tell you what you need to do. He has told me several things he is going to tell her to do and plans to call her today. I have councelled him to “Keep your mouth shut, it isn’t your place to tell her how to handle her affairs”.
    Anyway, I am glad that over the past 10 or 15 years they have grown closer. I am glad she came down here and visited with us in 2016, and I am glad we have the means for him to take a quick trip to see her. My realism is that it is more important for him to see her while she is alive than attend her funeral. (Which make me think of our dear Chas. I had the opportunity to meet him in person in 2017 and my schedule got crammed and I didn’t get to meet him and TSWITW)
    Please pray for this situation as you feel led. Also pray for me. I will have 2 dogs, a 4 year old, and a job to manage alone. I will only have the 4 year old 2 of those days. but these dogs are higher maintenance than she is.

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  3. http://parmls.paragonrels.com/publink/default.aspx?GUID=b01ce294-8748-475e-8383-d23a3112d7ad&Report=Yes

    To My California Friend….You missed that we made an offer on a house in P’cola.


    It is in a area that will put us closer to Little Miss and her parents. It will cut my drive time in half and will save the most gas for Mr. P. It is also in line with one of the runways at NAS Pcola, so we will be able to have our own Blue Angels shows when they are in town. We will not be selling this house. I spoke with a rental management company earlier this week and it will rent for over twice what the payment is on it. Once some money is put aside from any repairs that may come up on it, the rental income will offset the payment on the new house so that we will pretty much have the same payment on it that we have on this one.
    It isn’t my “dream house” but it will do. Now the issue is we will be downsizing by 600SF so what do we “let go to bless others”. I have already identified several things I can live without. I told all of you once that the more I got rid of the happier I got. Mr Pack Rat is another story.

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  4. Morning all! Covering you in prayer this morning Aj and thankful this is the last treatment…trusting the Lord through it all as you are as well… ♥️

    Sounds like you are feeling fine Janice and for that we are thankful! Continuing to cover you in prayer too!

    Kim that is much on your plate and we will keep you all in prayer during this time. I always find myself a bit sad that we also missed meeting Chas and Elvera when we were so close! The timing of his going away and our landing in Charlotte just missed by “that much”! But we shall see one another one day…and what a day that will be!

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  5. Another, “Oh, wow! How can that be?” to Kim. So many really tough situations people are facing these days. Your advice to Mr. P is correct, Kim. What he says may conflict with what doctors say and it will only add to the stress and confusion she feels.

    Still so happy about the new home. Prayers for that load of responsibility in Mr. P’s absence.

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  6. AJ, may this treatment be extra effective and give peace of mind that it will never return. Prayers that is will not seem as harsh as before, that God will make pain/spasm relievers especially effective today.

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  7. You’ve all come a long way with me from when I had to let my father’s house go into foreclosure and I struggled as a single mother in a down market and put up with Guy I Worked With.
    I told the young man I share an office with the other day I go to church, write a check, and say thank you when I drop it in the plate.

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  8. I have not stopped by recently. I was glad to see this morning that you still are reminded of Charlie. I still think many times a day that I miss my old man. We sold Charlies house several weeks ago and now a young couple is living in the house. That would make Charlie and Elvera so happy. He would say time for the next generation to deal with this world. Our six year old granddaughter calls Chuck an old man and we all smile. The old man title has been passed down to Charlie’s son.

    AJ we are praying for you and all the Wanders.

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  9. LindaS, We all loved him so….
    Many years ago, I was 13 or 14 and my own grandfather that I adored was dying. I was confused and searched my bible for the word “love”. (This grandfather, nor any of my grandparents ever told me they loved me and it never occured to me to tell them I loved them). I found Song of Solomon 8:6.

    6 Set me as a seal upon thine heart, as a seal upon thine arm: for love is strong as death; jealousy is cruel as the grave: the coals thereof are coals of fire, which hath a most vehement flame.

    As one that young I didn’t know this was a “love story” between a man and woman, I only held on the the words “Love is strong as death”. In my mind that meant death cannot rob us of love. Love is (as) strong as death. It is inscribed on my grandfathers gravestone and when my father died, the Pastor of the Lutheran church he attended with my stepmother used it and a verse out of Isaiah as the basis of his eulogy.
    We loved that Old Man.

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  10. Linda, I don’t think a day goes by here that Charlie isn’t mentioned affectionately. We use familar Charlie-isms in our conversation, and smile knowingly about the stories behind them. I’m glad to hear the good news about the house.

    May Chuck wear the “old man” mantle well. 🙂

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  11. Yes, agreed about the young family in Chas’ house. He’d like that.

    Ultimately, houses are to be shared beyond us. We’re temporary caretakers.

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  12. So sweet, Linda S, about that couple. Thank you for continuing to share with us such ‘God winks.’ I envision Chas and Elvera smiling down from above over the enjoyment of that couple and over the joy we all have had as we’ve each read about it.♡


  13. Facebook informed me that one among us is having their 50th Anniversary today. Kathaleena, is that correct?
    Happy Anniversary to you and your love!

    This is such a sweet day in so many ways!!!❤

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  14. Interesting article in today’s Lewiston paper: Anti-abortion ‘fake clinics’ exist throughout Idaho. A case of the pot calling the kettle coming from Planned Parenthood- “women’s health” clinics. I can’t find it in the online paper but it talks about the horrors of crisis pregnancy centers such as:
    Religion is brought into the conversation surrounding abortion
    The clinic says negative things about abortion, sex and contraception
    Workers at the clinic say judgmental things about sex before marriage and the LB….community.

    Michelle? What are you doing at that fake place????

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  15. So wonderful to hear from you Linda and your sharing with us how ya’ll are doing. We do think of and pray for you often. ♥️

    And Happy Anniversary Kathaleena and Mr.!

    And I do believe that little bird up there is wanting to know “who are you and why are you on MY tree!?” Cute cute photo!

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  16. Wonderful news about Roe. It’s been a long time coming. Now let’s see how the Left handles it- violently or peacefully?

    Biden says the SCOTUS overturned a Constitutional right. Does he not realize if SCOTUS says it’s not in the Constitution then they didn’t overturn a right?

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  17. I’m tempted to say no, Aj, but won’t. Like many of us I am not fond of me in pictures. 🙂

    We went to an outdoor music concert last night and visited with a couple there who just had their 63rd anniversary. I happened to mention that we were having our 50th the next day. The guy also knew the musicians and went to visit with them at their break. We had visited with them while they were setting up and was not surprised he went to visit with them. (My husband does music with them sometimes and the other couple have been volunteers at music shows.) After the break we were completely, but pleasantly, surprised when they dedicated a song to us for our anniversary. I once had a young person tell me that no one stays married anymore, so I do think it is important to make them aware that many do stay married until death do us part. Another couple at the regular music jam this week was celebrating their 71st year!

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  18. Kim – My condolences for having the two dogs to take care of. 😉

    Janie was her usual self this morning, because I kept to the same routine as when Nightingale would be at work and Boy would be at school, having her down here and then putting her in her crate after a while. And then when I brought her downstairs this afternoon, she acted as she usually does, such as wanting to go out on the tie-out (and I have to watch her while she’s out there or else she will dig a hole) and wanting food. But as the evening came on, she looked quite nervous, as if she didn’t know what to do, and she was restless. (Her eyes are so expressive, and definitely had a nervous, unsure look to them.)

    Usually by that time her own people are home, or at least one of them is, and she goes upstairs with them, or she will be downstairs but with one of them, not just Mimi.

    Eventually, around 8:00, she really wanted to go upstairs, so I let her. She has been barking on and off. Around 10:00, I will let her out to go potty one last time and put her in her crate. I hope she will adjust a little better to not having her people here in the afternoon/evening. I know she will be thrilled when they get home.

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  19. Dogs.

    Janice, I’m not familiar with that Ministry Watch item, it’s not my denomination (it was Cheryl’s, previously) but seems like this separation has been brewing for a while (just based on what’s a very vague “memory” but I haven’t read the latest about it and can’t remember any of the details, if I ever knew them). I’ll check the link out, though.

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