50 thoughts on “News/Politics 6-25-22

  1. Of course.

    And with the help of do nothing R’s, he’ll probably succeed.

    “Yes, Biden Is Hiding His Plan To Rig The 2022 Midterm Elections”


    “President Biden really does not want the public to know about his federal takeover of election administration. Dozens of members of Congress have repeatedly asked for details, to no avail. Good government groups, members of the media, and private citizens have filed requests under the Freedom of Information Act. Not a single one has been responded to. All signs indicate a concerted effort to keep the public in the dark until at least after the November midterm elections. The lack of transparency and responsiveness is so bad that the Department of Justice and some of its agencies have been repeatedly sued for the information.

    When President Biden ordered all 600 federal agencies to “expand citizens’ opportunities to register to vote and to obtain information about, and participate in, the electoral process” on March 7, 2021, Republican politicians, Constitutional scholars, and election integrity specialists began to worry exactly what was up his sleeve.

    They had good reason. The 2020 election had suffered from widespread and coordinated efforts by Democrat activists and donors to run “Get Out The Vote” operations from inside state and local government election offices, predominantly in the Democrat-leaning areas of swing states. Independent researchers have shown the effect of this takeover of government election offices was extremely partisan and favored Democrats overwhelmingly.

    At the time the order was issued, Democrats were also hoping to pass H.R. 1, a continuation of the effort to destabilize elections throughout the country via a federalized takeover of state election administrations.

    Biden gave each agency 200 days to file their plans for approval by none other than Susan Rice, his hyperpartisan domestic policy advisor. Yet fully nine months after those plans were due, they are all being hidden from the public, even as evidence is emerging that the election operation is in full swing.

    Mobilizing Voters Is Always A Political Act
    There are several major problems with Biden’s secret plan, critics say. It’s unethical to tie federal benefits to election activity. It’s unconstitutional to have the federal government take authority that belongs to the states and which Congress has not granted. And, given that all 50 states have different laws and processes governing election administration, it’s a recipe for chaos, confusion, and fraud at a time when election security concerns are particularly fraught.

    Mobilizing voters is always a political act. Choosing which groups to target for Get Out The Vote efforts is one of the most important activities done by political campaigns. Federal agencies that interact with the public by doling out benefits can easily pressure recipients to vote for particular candidates and positions. Congress passed the Hatch Act in 1939, which bans bureaucrats and bureaucracies from being involved in election activities after Democrats used Works Progress Administration programs and personnel for partisan political advantage.

    Executive Order 14019 ignores that the Constitution does not give the executive branch authority over elections. That power is reserved for the states, with a smaller role for Congress. With H.R. 1 and other Democrat Party efforts to grab more control over elections have thus far failed, Congress hasn’t authorized such an expansion.

    As with previous efforts to destabilize elections, the chaos and confusion that would occur are part of the plan. The Executive Order copied much of a white paper put out by left-wing dark money group Demos, which advocates for left-wing changes to the country and which brags on its website that it moves “bold progressive ideas from cutting-edge concept to practical reality.” Not coincidentally, Biden put former Demos President K. Sabeel Rahman and former Demos Legal Strategies Director Chiraag Bains in key White House posts to oversee election-related initiatives.

    Rahman serves as senior counsel at the White House office that oversees regulatory changes, meaning he approves every federal agency’s regulations and provides legal review of executive orders before they’re released. If you were looking to rush out constitutionally and ethically questionable orders, this post would be key to fill. Bains had been Demos’ director of legal strategies, helping write the paper that was turned into an executive order. He reports directly to Susan Rice, the hyperpartisan head of the Domestic Policy Council.”

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  2. And yet the traitor wing of the party, 15 of them, made this the law, despite the wishes of those who put them their.

    “Poll: Majority of Republicans, Independents fear abuse of ‘red flag’ laws”

    “The majority of Republican and Independent voters think “red flag” gun laws that allow judges to confiscate individuals’ firearms can be abused for political reasons, according to a new poll.

    Convention of States Action, along with the Trafalgar Group, released polling data Wednesday that shows that 72.2% of Republicans and 52.3% of Independents “believe that ‘red flag’ gun control laws that are designed to temporarily take guns away from individuals have the potential to be abused by local authorities and government officials to disarm their political opponents and/or citizens who disagree with them.”

    Only 16.4% of Democrats agreed. Overall, 46.7% of all surveyed said there was potential for abuse while 30.8% said there was no potential for abuse of the laws.

    “Americans want real, workable solutions to the mass shootings we are seeing in this nation, but it’s obvious that they don’t see the proposed ‘red flag’ laws as the answer,” said Mark Meckler, president of Convention of States Action. “More and more Americans are coming to the conclusion that the government abuses any power it’s given, and they are responding accordingly.”

    The poll is timely since the U.S. Senate voted late Tuesday to advance a round of gun control measures that included support from 14 Republicans.

    The bill included mental health and safety funding, but most attention has gone to gun control restrictions that Democrats have reupped their support for since the tragic shootings in Uvalde, Texas, and Buffalo, New York.

    Notably, the senators agreed to provide funding for states to implement red flag laws under another name, calling them “crisis intervention” orders, which allow judges to intervene to “ensure deadly weapons are kept out of the hands of individuals whom a court has determined to be a significant danger to themselves or others.”


    These laws are ripe for abuse by overreaching Democrats, which was precisely the point.

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  3. Like I said, all the whining and crying are irrelevant. Moloch’s followers will still be killing babies in many states.

    Cali, and now NY are promising to make a tourism industry of it. Sorry, I seek no common ground with such as these, because there is none.

    “Democrat New York AG James Says They Will “Establish A Fund” To Pay For Travel To Get Abortion…”


  4. Again, I seek no common ground with such as these. This is child abuse, and I don’t seek compromise with such.

    “Biden Official Levine: Sex Reassignment Surgery Is “Life-Saving” And “Medically Necessary” For Kids…”


  5. He probably doesn’t remember saying it NancyJill.


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  6. By the Dem established rules, this is an insurrection.


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  7. Insurrectiony….


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  8. ——–

    Just remember, hundreds of Trump supporters are in jail or facing charges for far less.

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  9. Frenchie’s a hypocrite of the highest order.


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  10. Shut up and do your job.


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  11. Keep this in mind as leftists riot and rage this weekend.

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  12. Presidents and Prime Ministers are rarely moral upstanding citizens. The only US president who exemplified moral behaviour was JImmy Carter.

    The difference between Jan 6 and any riotous behaviour was Jan 6 attemtped to prevent the certification of the presidential election Thus it was an insurrection whereas any illegal activity now is simply a riot. And I’m sure they will be punished appropriately — police have no love for leftists.

    You can’t rig an American election – it’s almost impossible to run it properly let alone rig it. You have a complicated registration process, a complitcated ballot and completely different laws by state. Increasing citizen participation should be the goal of every gov’t. However, in the US this has become political since the more people vote the more Democratic votes are cast. Republicans have a comitted core but the Democrats only win when they can motivate and make it easy to cast vote. It remains to be seen if the recent Court decision will motivate possible voters.

    Justifying violent behaviour for “justice” has a long history on both the right and the left. And in both cases, it actually makes things worse. I’m sure you will find countless examples of encouraging violence in the next few days just as post election, there were countless calls for violence by right wing keyboard warriors. Most of it is hyperbole.

    Red flag laws make sense. You have to be paranoid to think it will affect you unless of course it should affect you.

    The US is not incredibly permissive compared to Europe. Europe is incredibly diverse in its abortion laws. Similarly the US is incredibly diverse in its abortion laws. Comparing abortions stats indicate abortion laws make very little difference on the actual abortion rate. For example Canada with no law has a lower rate than the US and several European countries with strict laws.


  13. How can a date attempt to prevent the certification of the presidential election? Who was actually responsible for the ‘insurrection’?
    Why did Pelosi ignore warnings from the FBI?
    Why were ANTIFA and BLM at a Trump rally?
    Why were the Congressional Police not backed up?
    Why did the DC police refuse to help?
    Why was the National Guard told not to come, even after President Trump’s request?
    Why was there just one gun shot at an unarmed person who was getting pushed through a window? Pushed by an ANTIFA leader yelling ‘Gun’!
    Why haven’t we heard the truth about the police officer who died a day later, and why hasn’t the corrected misinformation by the Left (about blunt force trauma) been brought out?
    Why wasn’t the Capitol burned like Portland was? If those other riots were so ‘peaceful’, then why were 35-50 people killed?

    The Capitol riot was designed to block MSM from airing the evidence of election fraud on national television (and, similar to the impeachment fiascos, to push the blame for the chaos in Pres. Trump’s direction and keep him from ever running again). It would have been the first time that details of the evidence would be aired on MSM… the first time. They managed to prevent that!

    Timing, and everything we have seen from the Dems since the election was designed to move the narrative away from WIDESPREAD ELECTION FRAUD. Everything is designed to shift the narrative away from the stolen election.

    The election fraud is their cornerstone – it holds up their entire house of cards (which is why they are seeking to keep all the corrupt aspects in place for the next election cycle). If it collapses, then they ALL collapse…

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  14. Quick!

    Someone inform the Jan6 Clown Committee, they’re gonna wanna investigate this I’m sure…. Maybe hold some hearings or something… 🙄


    “Democrat Reps Jackie Speier, Ayanna Pressley: Pro-Abortion Activists Need To “Armor Up” For “A War”…”

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  15. Common ground?



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  16. Sure clown…..


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  17. Meanwhile, while they have the country distracted by their rioting base, the Biden Invasion of America continues.

    ““De Facto Amnesty”: Biden Admin Dismissing “Stacks” Of Illegal Alien Cases

    Since April 25, 2022, “between 60,000 and 80,000 cases have been closed, according to the ICE attorney.””


    “While all eyes are understandably on the Supreme Court’s long-awaited overturning of Roe, keep in mind that the Biden administration is always busy furthering its radical America Last agenda.

    Case in point: the Washington Examiner is reporting that the Biden administration is “quietly” dismissing “stacks” of cases against illegal aliens; the stacks are substantive enough that as many as one million could be effectively pardoned in this way by 2024.”


  18. https://www.theepochtimes.com/god-has-called-me-to-stand-up-usaf-pilot-facing-discharge-for-rejecting-covid-vaccine_4550492.html

    “USAF pilot Lt. John Bowes dreamt of flying and protecting the country his entire life—since he was a child.

    He is heartbroken now that he had to put his religious faith over his dream due to the COVID vaccine mandates within the U.S. military, but believes that God is helping him get through the tribulation and that he has a duty to speak up.

    The 24-year-old was an F-16 student pilot but was taken out of training and prevented from flying since September of last year when he first submitted his religious accommodation.

    “I exercised my constitutional and statutory right to receive a religious accommodation. And then I was, as a direct consequence of doing that, removed from training to fly the F-16. I personally believe that is religious discrimination,” Bowes told The Epoch Times.

    He made clear that his views are not representative of the USAF.

    “Now that my religious accommodation is denied, I have been formally removed from training. I’ve received a letter of reprimand, which is a disciplinary action that goes on my record as an officer. And I’ve been told that I’ll be processed for discharge here pretty soon,” he said.

    Bowes says that nine months ago he filed an equal opportunity complaint with the Air Force Equal Opportunity office, but has not heard back from them so far.

    “I’m absolutely heartbroken,” Bowes said, “it’s sad to see that my dream is at risk over something like the COVID vaccine, which doesn’t stop you from getting or spreading COVID.””

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  19. The real, are you being deliberately obtuse? Common ground Is not going to be found with the deranged. But I said, and believe, there are a lot of Democrats who really do care about people but have been fed and accepted a lie. We need to be listening for that common ground and building the truth on that. It is a tact Christ used when on earth. The Samaritan woman comes to mind. He did not say she was doing the right thing, He started with water, a common need was common ground. You have to dig down to find common ground, not just except the garbage and call it good.

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  20. The interpretations of Ana Navarro’s tweet is an incredible stretch if not pure lie. The last line is important…States that ban abortions but provide no help to families are hypocrities. And that’s a simple truth – a political party or gov’t can’t call itself pro life when they leave families in need without help. Raising severely disabled children is difficult both financially and emotionally yet the amount of gov’t help in most US states is negligible at best. (My experience in parent conferences made

    And here’s the common ground. If pro-life is pro-life they will embrace any proposal to lower the maternal death rate (which is actually getting worse) and the infant mortality. The poor performance by the US in these important health measurements refutes a pro-life position. Make pregnancy and infancy safer and healthier. Right now its safer for a woman to give birth in El Salvador than in Georgia. An African American is better off growing up in El Salvador than in Oklahoma. Sure I’m finding the worst stats – but these stats shouldn’t exist. And they shouldn’t be getting worse.

    Abortions are already at a 50 year low. Work with the left to eliminate incentives that make abortion more appealing than childbirth — and financial reasons are an easy thing to eliminate. A start would be making pregnancy and childbrth care completely free. Take the financial incentive away. Right now abortion is far cheaper. And then ensure there is a comprehensive pro-life policy throughtout society. If the American right is wondering how this can be done while maintaining their right wing credentials, they should look to Poland.

    I have problems with Poland and Catholicism, but there’s no doubt they have a consistent pro-life policy. And the resutls are posivitve — very few abortions, free healthcare, extensive gov’t finanical support to parents, extremely low marternal death rate and infant mortiality, etc. Unless the US Republicans do something similar, its hard to imagine this decision to be nothing more of a control mechanism. I find it ironic that a political party that claims gun control won’t work seem to thing abortion bans will work. Similar to Poland and Ireland, American women will suddenly find an “aunt” elsewhere.


  21. Tychicus,

    I find your comments confusing. Just watch the testimonies of Trump’s administration to the Jan 6 cmttee; its obvious there was an attempt to reverse the election results yet no election fraud.


    Trudeau like most politicians speaks on foreign events with his domestic audience in mind. We have no abortion laws in Canada and the majority don’t want to revisit the issue. Liberal leaders use this as a wedge issue to beat up the Conservative party.


  22. Despite hate from both sides.

    He did what all the others didn’t. Not Reagan, not either Bush, Trump did this. The ungrateful on the right need to keep that in mind, and that he did this in spite of opposition from people like them on his own side. At least have the decency to admit it, Trump did this.

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  23. Check those security cameras…


    NEW YORK—In a June 25 letter to Judge Alison Nathan, one of Ghislaine Maxwell’s defense attorneys, Bobbi Sternheim, informed the court that Maxwell was placed on suicide watch yesterday by the Manhattan Detention Center (MDC), and that this “recent development” may “require postponement of Tuesday’s sentencing proceeding.”

    Sternheim went on to write, “[Maxwell] is not permitted to possess and review legal documents and is not permitted paper or pen. This has prevented her from preparing for sentencing.”

    The attorney stated that this was done “without having conducted a psychological evaluation and without justification.”

    She went on to say, “Ms. Maxwell was abruptly removed from general population and returned to solitary confinement, this time without any clothing, toothpaste, soap, legal papers, etc. She was provided a ′suicide smock′ and is given a few sheets of toilet paper on request. This morning, a psychologist evaluated Ms. Maxwell and determined she is not suicidal.”

    Sternheim wrote she met with Maxwell today and has determined herself that Maxwell is not suicidal.


  24. Good example, mumsee, and the source (Jesus, scripture) to which we should look more often — including in our political discussions.

    Our north star — for everything. Or it should be.

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  25. Having watched the Ana Navarro clip, I don’t think that she was encouraging abortion of babies that would be disabled, but making the point about how difficult and expensive it is to raise a child with special needs. Obviously, I don’t agree with her that that is a good reason for abortion, but I see the point that we need to do better to help those families with these needs so that abortion does not seem like the answer.

    A friend of Hubby’s has a little girl with Down Syndrome who has needed heart surgery and has other serious medical needs. With the mom working for the state, they had excellent health insurance, but also had to drain their savings.

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  26. HRW, we all agree that supporting the moms is important. We differ on how to support. We believe willing hearts and minds should take that opportunity, the others believe it is a government thing.

    Hands on help can help a mom get out of addiction or poverty or whatever. Government aid tends to enable those challenges as we have seen for years. So the common ground is the moms, the solution needs to be discovered.

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  27. For me, the irony is people say gov’t is not the answer to support mothers yet think the gov’t is the answer in lowering the abortion rate. You can’t have it both ways.

    Gov’t aid tends to lower the maternal death rate and the infant mortality rate. The stats clearly show gov’t help is far better than any other method. Children have a better chance of surviving infancy in Cuba or Russia than the US — gov’t aid works. The US doesn’t even have paid maternity leave unlike the rest of the world. You can’t be pro-life if mothers have to go back to work right after child birth. If moms are the common ground – lower the maternity death rate, give them paid maternity leave, etc Again at least Poland walks the talk in their pro life position. I dont see it in the US


  28. “I am not anybody to tell you what you need to do with your life or with your uterus.” She then mentioned special needs people in her family, saying, “I have a family with a lot of special needs kids. I have a brother who’s 57 and has the mental and motor skills of a one-year-old. And I know what that means financially, emotionally, physically for a family. And I know not all families can do it.” Navarro

    I have read this over several times and still come up with her saying families facing a life with special needs children need to have a “way out” … so abort them because they cannot handle it.

    There is no such thing as “free” healthcare. Someone pays for it and the someone is the taxpayer. Other countries “giving” free healthcare typically have a higher tax burden.
    We are not a socialist country (yet) and the government should not be riding in on the proverbial white horse to save everyone (legal or illegal by the way) in every situation. We have so much wasted monies being spent on “pet” projects. Could that money be better spent to help where real help is needed? It won’t be because the elite in D.C. live like kings and want to be perceived as “generous” when they throw a bone to the paupers….ie taxpayers.

    And honestly more times than not I believe trying to find “common ground” with Democrats is akin to finding common ground with Satan….it cannot be done. The downright evil intentions of the left are just that…evil.

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  29. The common ground I am talking about can be found in most people. Democrats are not the enemy. Republicans are not the enemy. Satan is the enemy. Where I live, in Idaho mind you, I am surrounded by Democrats. Catholic Democrats. Very pro life Catholic Democrats. They are not interested in the fanatical left politics. But they do believe the lie that Republicans are anti people and anti education. Until you talk with them. Common ground is out there.

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  30. Kizzie, so they had to drain their savings. That could have happened in a thousand different ways. When we have a so-called perfect child that child can still end up needing expensive surgery or other medical care. None of us know what will happen in our lives or those of our children.

    Once again, the idea is put out that somehow, we don’t have healthcare in the US for mothers and infants. I know people who have never worked a day in their lives and yet have had healthcare all their lives. Some that are in their seventh decade of life. And they have had good healthcare. At the same time, we have had Canadiens using our hospitals and doctors, because they didn’t want to wait for care.

    Please do not think I do not know those who have had children with special needs. One couple I know had a daughter around our daughter’s age. She could not talk, walk, eat food by mouth or do anything. Yet her parents could communicate with her. She was a joy for many. Was it a huge challenge for her parents? You better believe it! She died in her early twenties, and they grieved greatly. There one joy is that she is perfect in heaven, and they will see her again.

    I thank God my daughters did not think abortion was an answer for them. I pray my grandchildren will also realize that.

    We can all do more, no doubt, and it is good to spur one another on to do so. Unfortunately, some of those politicians do not, necessarily, want to help with their own resources but with other people’s. That is especially true of those bombing pregnancy care centers.

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  31. Yes, mumsee, people are all over the spectrum from ignorant to evil. Some you can talk with, and some are just not going to listen ever. It may take a few discussions and much prayer to discern that.

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  32. You’re right. There is no such thing as free health care. However, the rest of the developed world spends less on health care than the US and has far better results. There is such a thing as efficient health care and that is universal public health care. No one drains their savings and the statistics are better than in the US. The simple thing is — if you’re pro life, you would advocate for better and cheaper health care. I took care of terminally ill children and I was part of a mainly US parent group. From my experience, I know I was far better off than my American counterparts – it was far simpler and cheaper to take care of my kids than American parents and their children. As I have stated before, I have no problem with a pro-life approach but be consistent. The gov’t can’t mandate child birth over abortion and then abandon the children at birth.


  33. Kathaleena – Does your state have a particularly good state Medicaid program? Is that how those you mentioned were able to get good medical care while not working?

    The Connecticut Medicaid program is pretty good, but can deny payment for treatment deemed not necessary even if a doctor says it is.

    It seems that it is the middle class, even the lower middle class struggling to hold on, that often finds healthcare too expensive. They are not poor enough for state programs, but also not well off enough to afford better insurance.


  34. I suppose I am viewing the situation from a different angle as far as “taking care” of those finding themselves in an unplanned pregnancy or even a high risk to mother and or child pregnancy. I worked for years at a couple Pregnancy centers. We offered help. No we did not attempt to force anything upon the women who came to us. Yes I was there after a choice was made to end the pregnancy. We cared unconditionally.
    I also worked at Hospice caring for dying patients. No matter who they were, what they held as “truth” in their life, we lovingly cared for them.
    I have fostered babies, adopted babies, given to organizations that were in a position to help. We have given to individuals when we learned of a need. We are not unique. There are thousands willing to help without a government assist.

    Mumsee I understand the situation of being able to engage with others with opposing views. I live in CO a very liberal state. There are those who hate you if you are a Christian holding to the truth of the Word, pro life, conservative etc. Those of whom I have come in contact having those prejudices do not want to engage. They want agreement to their views only and they seem to be very unhappy people.

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  35. Kizzie, every government program can deny people some care, as do insurance companies. There are all kinds of choices made, whether government or private insurance. Yes, our state does have good state and county care. There are a lot of states that have good systems to help those who find themselves in trouble. Not all, of course. I have no problem with government programs helping others. Often it is cheaper to pay for tests, drugs or treatment when illnesses first begin. There is a balance in it all. As Nancy says there are also lots of private organizations that help. Not to mention fundraisers held. I would sure not consider myself an expert on what should be done.

    Almost anyone can be bankrupted by a severe healthcare challenge. OTOH, I know many who got help and reduced rates when they could have been bankrupted. Doctors, pharmacies and/or hospitals worked things out.

    To suggest we should abort children because they may be a burden to us is just plain wrong. Some have suggested we could wait a couple of years and then do away with a child. After all, it may take a while to see what may develop. Then there are the middle-aged people who have become a burden. Certainly, the elderly often fall into the category of burdensome. It is a sad, slippery slope. It was predicted and it has and is happening.

    No, I don’t think you believe that, Kizzie, but many are spreading the idea. It is wrong and sad.

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  36. HRW, all the Court did was put it back into the hands of the people. Abortion is never a good solution for the baby.

    I do not understand the anger of the people, saying they are all going to be forced to carry through with the results of their actions, while living in States that are most definitely going to allow them to kill their children up until and perhaps after birth. Why not let the other side be able to decide for their states? Then, if a person wants to live in a Molech state, they can or in a life state they can. We still have the freedom of movement in this country. For now.

    Every hospital I have been in has had signage up saying they accept patients regardless of ability to pay. They will work with you.

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