33 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-13-22

  1. It was. 🙂

    It was just me and one guy in a boat in the middle of the lake. No city sounds, no traffic, just the sound of nature. 🙂

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  2. Yes, that looks quite peaceful.

    We went to a couple’s wedding shower yesterday. There was a sermon about what to look for in a spouse. Both the couple aspect and the sermon were a first for us. It was nice shower with several games aimed at knowing the future spouses better. One is from MN and one is from North Carolina, so that was a good.

    Kare, we are in Zone 3. Some zone 4 plants can live if they are close to the house and somewhat protected. We can get frost as late as June 10th and as early as in August. We were out of town last weekend and I was a bit concerned about the new plants I had transplanted. There was frost expected in places around us, but we were fine, thankfully.

    It will be a busy day and week with several health related visits for us. Never fun, but thankful we have decent insurance and decent healthcare.

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  3. Kare, from yesterday, my concern is guests with allergies that do not do well in a room that has had dogs in it. And these are not trained though, for the first time, they actually tried putting the dogs in fenced areas (the mastiff climbed over the fence) and tying them out rather than just chasing them as they were chasing (and killing) the chickens or rabbits or turkeys. So no more shredded screens this time. Lots of torn up magazines in the guest room (I took out the toilet scrubber from last time) but I see our door stop is no longer there to keep the knob from hitting the wall. And the nightstand is broken.

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  4. Beautiful lake! Thankful you have a nice getaway like that, AJ.

    My friend and I hiked at the boardwalk trails late yesterday. She lives very close to it but had never been. She was amazed. As a rescuer of dogs, she found several people along our trek to stop and talk to about their dogs. I think dog people never meet a stranger!

    As we walked along the main trail, activity on a side trail caught our eyes. A few moments later a man with a huge black dog came out on our trail. My friend had thought for a second that she’d seen a bear.

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  5. It is going to feel like over 100 degrees for our highs much of this week. It already feels too hot to be outside at noon. I will miss walking unless I go very late.


  6. Raining here though it is forty eight which is above the prediction of forty four. Should be in the thirties again tonight. Later in the week it is supposed to get up to seventy and low of fifty and then back to the fifties and forties.

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  7. We have a medium risk of severe winds, thunderstorms, and possible tornadoes in these parts later this afternoon. I hope our house doesn’t take flight.

    Belated Happy Birthday to Michelle and Chickadee!

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  8. I was reading in Luke this morning about the preparation for the upper room. Reassuring that God considers and is aware of all those details.
    Yes, when you get there, you will see a guy carrying water. Follow him. Ask the home owner where you should set up. He will direct you.
    And they found everything as He had said.

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  9. Mumsee, in a former church, I think the Methodist, the pastor focused in on the guy carrying the water. He said that would have really stood out because guys didn’t typically carry water like that in those days.


  10. couldn’t sleep so was up way too late.
    my luggage is full but there are still lots of things here.
    more give away or throw away I suppose

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  11. Now for a little medical humor. On the way home I told Art that the ultrasound had changed since I had them during pregnancy. The jelly used was cold before, but now they have jelly warmers at the breast imaging center. He looked totally surprised and said, Really!?” Then I found out that the men’s urology department still uses the cold jelly for ultrasounds. Gotta find some humor in all of this😀

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  12. There was a father of boys in Wes’ scout troop. The dad was on a treadmill and somehow a ball, maybe basketball, got involved with the treadmill so that the ball hit him in the head, and he had brain damage for a bit. Not sure if it was permanent. It just seemed like a crazy scenario, but that is how accidents happen.


  13. At 9:45 p.m. it is 89° out and feels like 99°. I just came in from walking on the driveway. I saw other walkers passing by on the street. This heat is unreal!!! Then I was reminded I had not put on deoderant for my morning exam. Not good! I walked slowly and did not sweat much. A neighborhood cat visited while I walked. Sweet.


  14. That heat sounds horrible.

    I took a walk, not a long one, just up the street a few blocks and back again. It still feels strange to do that without a dog — or two. 😦

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  15. I have been wearing a sweatshirt most of the day as it has not gotten above sixty five in the house and is colder outside, about forty five. But the rains should stop for a few days and the neighbor is coming by to look at my roof to find out why it is leaking. It is metal so should not be.


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