19 thoughts on “News/Politics 6-11-22

  1. Good.


  2. She is right…


  3. “FBI Arrests Michigan Republican Gov Candidate on J6 Misdemeanor Charges On Day Committee Primetime Show Airs – Coincidence?

    Right, because it’s totally normal to raid someone’s home over FOUR MISDEMEANORS”


    “Kelley was present for the Jan. 6, 2021, rally and subsequent riot at the U.S. Capitol, and in the past asserted he did not enter the building.

    A document filed in federal court says he has been charged with four misdemeanors related to unlawfully remaining on the U.S. Capitol grounds and his involvement during the riot that took place there. If convicted, Kelley could face up to four years in federal prison.

    “As far as going through any barricades, or doing anything like that, I never took part in any forceful anything,” Kelley told MLive in March 2021. “Once things started getting crazy, I left.”

    Kelley assisted other rioters who were tearing down barricades, the charging document filed in federal court alleges, with screenshots from videos to corroborate their descriptions. The document also alleges Kelley was gesturing to the crowd to move toward the Capitol entrance ultimately breached by rioters.

    “I think that event was definitely an energizing event, right?” Kelley said in 2021. “It will live on in history, absolutely. For a lot of different things.”

    Kelley is one of five remaining candidates in the Michigan’s Republican gubernatorial primary after half the field was removed from the ballot over fraudulent nominating petition signatures.

    Right, because it’s totally normal to raid someone’s home over FOUR MISDEMEANORS. The January 6th show was how many months ago? 18? And they’re *just* now finding this guy? Get outta here with this crap.

    Because really:”


  4. It’s all a show….



  5. Bwahahaha!!!!! 🤣😂🤣

    How’s that goin’?


  6. Quick, someone call the Jan6 Committee clowns, they’re gonna wanna know about this…

    Sounds “insurrection-y” no?




  7. More people watched paint dry…. 🙂



  8. All good actors and actresses know….

    Never… ever…. break character….


  9. The AP is just another broken media source.



  10. This is what they wanted, so now they have to enjoy the suck like the rest of us.

    They pushed him, gave him glowing press, endorsed him, attacked his opponent relentlessly, and now they got to own it. They built this, along with the rubes who fell for his lies and voted for him. The rest of us are victims of their poor decisions.

    “New York Times: ‘Many Democratic lawmakers’ are concerned by Biden’s leadership, feel U.S. is ‘falling apart’”


    “A New York Times report revealed Saturday that many Democratic Party officials have little faith that President Biden can keep his party afloat amid mounting crises.”

    The piece also implied that the Jan. 6 Committee is Biden’s last chance before the midterm elections to persuade swing voters who are more fixated on inflation”


    So what they’re saying is they have no chance, because no one gives a rat’s butt about Jan6. They’re to busy trying to survive the damage just a year and a half of total Democrat rule of govt has wrought.



  11. They’ll keep using this same entrapment scam until the media finally get’s curious enough to look at it more closely and see it for the set up it is, just like Jan6 #WhoisRayEpps scam, just like Whitmer’s “assassination”…

    A fed controlled and run operation from the start.



  12. There are almost 10 000 unused drill permits in the US. Companies are not using the permits they have so why should they be granted more. The lack of new permits is a deflection from the real problem – record high oil and gas profits. The current near monopoly of the oil supply in the US (and elsewhere) has led to no incentive to drill for more oil rather just increase prices and make more profit on existing supplied — no new capital expenses. Major shareholders and investers want to maintain tight capital discipline to increase profits and share value. Why would Biden or anyone else grant permits if none get used anyway – all these permits do is insure the large corporations keep the smaller newer companies out. What to lower prices – pass legislation to prevent price gouging and price fixing, not give these robber barons more control over federal resources.


  13. There’s a slight difference between surrounding the Supreme Court in protest and breaking into Congress to disrupt the peaceful transition of power. The irony is in the Supreme Court picture – they’ve already surrounded themselves with a fence. And if “shutting down” the Surpeme Court turns out to be the same as Jan 6th — isn’t imitation a form of flattery; should the supporters of Jan 6 be flattered that people are imitating them?

    The continued minimizing of the activities is somewhat amusing — apparently the primary canidate in Michigan was “only” charged with four misdeamours — but they carry a sentence upto 10 years; thats serious time. And he’s a bit coy with his; I got out when it got crazy response; the video shows him encouraging and helping in the chaos.

    I was surprised about 11 million people actually watched the hearings live. Thats more than any prime time network program other than football — if only one network showed this, it would be ratings gold, no wonder all three networks are showing it, no production costs involved and 4 million eyeballs to the screen.

    Protesting outside someone’s home is not illegal in the US. The Supreme Court, some of whom are still on the court, ruled that protesting in front of someone’s home was a form of free speech. This ruling came about to protect the pro-life demonstrators outsides doctor’s homes. It’s their own ruling that allows for protests outside their home.

    The cop in the tweet is being unnecessarily coy. The so called leak or informants were people at a motel who saw heavily armed men load up in the back of a U-Haul. In other words, militia incompentence is the source. And when you come armed to a protest, you will or should get arrested. In some protests in the past, wearing a gas mask or helmet as protection against police brutality was enough to get you arrested for planning to riot.


  14. “…breaking into Congress to disrupt the peaceful transition of power.”

    You don’t really believe that’s what happened… do you?


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