3 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 5-21-22

  1. 🙂 We were so blessed to be able to visit some of the grands last week. How fast they grow!

    😦 So much flooding. So much damage to so many. We are fine, but it is sad to see what is happening to so many.

    😦 The frustration of dealing with people who believe the world owes them everything. (I am not talking about the young!) I am so much more impatient and selfish than I ever realized. Oh, the weight of that sin on Jesus! The longer I walk with the Spirit, the more I realize it.

    🙂 God’s tremendous love!!

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  2. 🙂 I can like things again.

    🙂 Husband is busy cutting stair treads to their correct dimensions. Each stair is different in an old house, you know. He has sanded and bull-nosed the fronts – all are being made from old church pews. I love free wood.

    🙂 I will have to mow the lawn today. So good to have that chore again. The trees are almost leafed out (usually they are fully leafed out by May 13 but it’s just been so cold)

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