35 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-21-22-22

  1. Good night all.
    I went to the Encore event tonight where we get to see the play and how they decorated for banquet. A friend had a laser printer that printed on wood or that burned the wood. He made me a small map of PNG with my name above. A special keepsake.

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  2. Morning all! Goodnight Jo. Such a gift of treasured memories you have been gifted! ♥️

    We are living in a snowy world this morning and we are incredibly thankful! We have two trees snapped under the weight of heavy snow so far. We have about 16 inches of lovely moisture

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  3. Opened the fridge decided to clean it. Went to the pantry decided to clean it. Spilled rice , got out the vacuum. Put bag of coffee in lazy Susan and since I had the vacuum out both were vacuumed and scrubbed. Lots of expired tea was pitched. Consolidating, organizing ,cleaning and scrubbing down happened….so why did I open the fridge in the first place???? I’m hungry…..

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  4. Good morning . . . oops, out of habit statement!
    Good afternoon. I was at church at 8 a.m. for a Lifeway women’s simalcast all day event. I had always wanted to attend one but never got to before today. I expected more ladies to be there but we had only about 25. It was good, but I left at the lunch break since Wesley is home. Slowly but surely I am getting to know more people in my new chirch by going to different group events.

    I heard that our pastor and his wife have Covid. I wonder who will do the sermon tomorrow?

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  5. Little Miss spent the night as she had rehearsal for her dance recital. None of them know the dance. The mostly watch the teach off stage and ever now and then move. She loves it. Papa is a “stage papa”. There were a few daddies at rehearsal.
    We took her home to mommy this morning. She had a birthday party at 11.
    I came home, ate something, and climbed back in bed. I snoozed from 10-2 and feel so much better.

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  6. Wesley has classical music playing after jazz earlier. We’re listening to Ravel now. He told me this concerto was written for the left handed pianist who lost his right arm in WWI. I never know what trivia I will learn during his visits.

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  7. Morning all. Lovely sunshine here. But it is cold and clear and my place doesn’t get any sunshine. 52 degrees inside!
    I am washing curtains to hang on the line later. Then tomorrow my haus meri should come and be able to iron them.

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  8. It’s chilly out and I got drenched watering all the hanging flowers.

    Back in dry clothes now, which feels much better.

    Still need to make a quick grocery run. I’m still wearing a mask when I shop, partly habit I guess, but also (I like to think) wisdom.

    I don’t think anyone notices anymore whether others are wearing masks or not, other than folks who may be more obsessive about it in one direction or the other.

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  9. I still wear masks in grocery stores here. It sermed odd earlier as Wesley and I walked on a sidewalk in the neighborhood and met two people wearing masks. They appeared to be Asian. I have not seen outdoor walkers wearing masks for a long time.

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  10. I still see a few masks outdoors around here. I presume these are folks with added risk factors — or who live with family who have added risk factors.

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  11. We had to wear masks for the three hours we were with my husband’s sister. There were two cases of Covid in the nursing home. One was a former roommate of her’s. She had asked to be placed in a different room before the roommate was infected. The two were quarantined, of course. Their family members could visit them but had to be completely covered.

    It is difficult to visit people in these places when we all have to wear masks. There is the difficulty of people recognizing one another and the difficulty of hearing one another.

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  12. Good morning all and most Happy Anniversary to you Peter and Mrs. L!! Such a lovely photo of the newlyweds!! ♥️
    Snowing lightly here and yesterday’s snow slowing melting in. Thankful for the late May snow.

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  13. Kathaleena, we had pickers doing our worship today. Here is a link if you’d like to see them. I think the service starts right after the ten minute mark.

    Also the fill in pastor (main pastor and wife have Covid) did a very special message. I so wish Mumsee’s son who struggles with race could watch it. The pastor was terribly mistreated in school as a Hispanic growing up in New Mexico. I had a stream of tears hearing about it. I am so glad both Art and Wesley attended Sunday school and church today. We also had communion.

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  14. One of our ladies at church has complained about shoulder pain ever since she got a Covid shot. She remembered distinctly a burning, sharp pain when she got the shot. She had a shot in her other arm at the same time but felt nothing like that with that shot. She has been bringing it up to her doctor regularly and brushed off. In her research she found that sirva is a real issue from vaccinations improperly done, but very rare. She finally has a specialist who believes her. I have had frozen shoulder on both shoulders but have no idea if this was the origin for me. I found the whole thing quite interesting, however, and thought someone else may find it interesting also. I am not finished with the frozen shoulder in my right shoulder yet, but it is close to the end, and I no longer have the constant intense pain.

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  15. Thank you all for the well wishes. It has been a blessed day. We hoped all our church would be together for the first time in a month, but the family had a Covid contact and stayed home for safety’s sake. They joined by Zoom.

    Mrs. L made a delicious chocolate upside-down cake. Later we had a Goggle meet-up with all the children, even D3 who was at work. She forgot about the meet-up and took an extra shift at the hospital. Since it was slow she joined in for a while.

    D1 and D2 made up a trivia game based on 1982 events that was interesting. Trying to remember the price of things from 40 years ago was fun.

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  16. Happy Anniversary to Peter and Mrs. L!

    Third Arrow and our newest son-in-law have been married going on 29 hours now. 🙂 The rehearsal Friday, and everything on Saturday with the preparations, the ceremony, the reception and dance went very very well. Many guests remarked on how wonderful the weather was for the outdoor wedding — a lovely 60° day, a little sunshine during the ceremony, a gentle breeze.

    No mud or soggy ground, as the heavy rains had come Thursday night in our area and north of us, but at the wedding site 60 miles south of us, the small, very rural community had been spared those weather conditions.

    A while back, Third and Sixth Arrows planned a surprise for the wedding, but I inadvertently learned a little of the surprise one day this week when I happened to look out the window and saw 6th getting out of 3rd’s car and carrying her guitar case when they were returning from 3rd’s then-future relative’s house (the one who was going to be doing our hair on the wedding day).

    Why would one need to take a guitar to a hair stylist’s place? 😉

    Turns out that the stylist’s husband — my new son-in-law’s brother — is also a guitar player.

    He and 6th played their guitars for the mother-son dance last night, a beautiful song that has special meaning to my SIL’s mom, and…

    …this next was a complete surprise to me…

    3rd Arrow sang the song as the two guitarists played and 3rd’s new husband and his mother shared a dance.

    It was so beautiful and tender.

    I would tell you the story behind why the song they played/sang was meaningful, and why they performed it live instead of having the deejays play the version by the band that originally recorded it, but it’s not my story to tell.

    Suffice to say, it was another wonderful element of a blessed weekend as daughter and son-in-law pledged their love in holy matrimony.

    Our pastor also delivered a wonderful, Christ-centered message that numerous people told me later they were so glad to hear.

    God certainly blessed the day of their marriage, and I thank you for your many prayers that He continue showering His good gifts on their union as the couple walks with Christ.

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  17. 6 thank you for sharing those sweet moments with us! I did get teary eyed … what precious arrows you have! Thanking the Lord for His incredible kindness and blessing on the day❣️

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