21 thoughts on “News/Politics 5-16-22

  1. It’s almost like they’re trying to politicize it yet again….

    And will he be visiting the church that was shot up yesterday too?

    Of course not, doesn’t fit the narrative.



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  2. An orator on par with Barry “Uhhhh” Obama.

    2nd in line to the levers of power ladies and gentlemen….

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  3. ——–

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  4. This will be fun.

    “This Week’s Spygate Trial Is Bad News For Hillary Clinton”


    “Despite machinations attempting to hide the full truth of how Spygate conspiracies to entrap Donald Trump were spun, lots will come out into the open.”

    “Subpoenaed Fusion GPS employee Laura Seago is likely to stay mum during questioning at the criminal trial of Michael Sussmann that starts this week. Her silence will be yet further evidence that the Hillary Clinton campaign financed and seeded the Russia collusion hoax to both the press and U.S. intelligence agencies.

    Jury selection is scheduled to begin this morning in a D.C. federal court in the criminal case against former Clinton campaign attorney Michael Sussmann. While Sussmann faces a single charge of making a false statement to former FBI General Counsel James Baker, proof of that federal crime requires prosecutors to show Sussmann lied when he shared Alfa Bank data and whitepapers with Baker, telling the FBI lawyer that he was not acting on behalf of a client.

    To prove that lie, Durham’s team, led by long-time prosecutor Andrew DeFilippis, will present evidence to the jury that Sussmann, in fact, was acting on behalf of two clients—the Clinton campaign and tech executive Rodney Joffe. The special counsel has already previewed much of the evidence it intends to present over the course of the expected two-week trial.

    Prosecutors will first seek to establish that the Alfa-Bank hoax—a conspiracy theory that claimed Donald Trump had established a secret communications channel with the Russia-based Alfa Bank—originated with Sussmann’s client, Joffe, but was then shared with the Clinton campaign through its Perkins and Coie attorneys. The testimony of Georgia Tech researcher Dave Dagon, whom the special counsel gave immunity to last summer, will be key in this regard.

    In the months leading up to the 2016 presidential election, Dagon worked closely with Joffe and the originator of the Alfa-Bank data, April Lorenzen, reviewing the data and a whitepaper supposedly showing the Russia-Trump connection. According to Durham’s indictment, Dagon also collaborated with Joffe and Lorenzen to craft another conspiracy theory related to the Russian-made Yota cell phones. In February 2017, Sussmann provided the CIA data related to the Yota cell phones, claiming that the Russian phones were typically used by top Russian officials and that the data showed the cellphones being in multiple locations near Trump, including in the executive office building of the president.

    Dagon’s role, however, extended further, with him serving as the go-to expert to push the Alfa Bank story in the media. Emails reveal that the private investigative firm Fusion GPS, which Perkins and Coie hired on behalf of the Clinton campaign, pushed Dagon on reporters skeptical of the Alfa Bank story. Dagon’s testimony concerning his assistance to Fusion GPS in these efforts connects the Alfa-Bank hoax to the Clinton campaign because it was Perkins and Coie who hired Fusion GPS and not Joffe.”

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  5. Welcome!

    “Latinx Americans Are Ditching Dems, In Part Because of This Latinx Thing”


    “It’s an absolute delight to watch the Democrats go all-in on Hispanic voters and then, in the way one might expect from pasty ruling caste goofs, unwittingly do everything in their power to make Hispanic voters despise them. And the results are undeniable – Latinx voters not only hate being called “Latinx” but hate pretty much everything else that the Dems are doing. The faculty lounge set that sets the party’s agenda is utterly oblivious. They don’t know any Hispanics – except maybe ones they hire to work around the mansion – and the Dems have certainly never thought to ask Hispanic Americans what they want. Instead, the condescending commies told their Hispanic constituents what the left wanted Hispanics to want.

    Spending that created inflation.

    Soft on crime.

    Open borders – nope, Hispanic Americans are having none of that.

    Oh, and the whole freakshow agenda – trans this and nonbinary that, 672 genders and handmaids crashing Mass to scream that they aren’t allowed to kill babies.

    Needless to say, Hispanics want none of the above.

    You have to wonder if these pinkish pinkos have ever actually met a Hispanic, but then you remember that our left thinks it knows everything already. Maybe they think that taking a Chicano Studies class from some ridiculous campus revolutionary in a beret or wearing their Che t-shirt gave them all the info they needed to get down with the struggle. Well, now that arrogance is biting the Dems on their collective culo.

    You can read the polls and see the trends. In 2012, Obama went 71% to Romney’s anemic 27% among Hispanic voters. Sure, Romney is a dog-tormenting sack of human Miracle Whip, yet wow – that sucked. But today, our doddering dust puppet of a president is scoring just 26% approval with Hispanics; there are more popular foot fungi. In a recent NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll, Latinos prefer Republicans in the mid-terms 52 to 39 percent. That’s a thermonuclear bomb detonating under the Dems’ hopes and dreams.

    Inflation under Biden is crushing the Dems with Hispanics. They will tell you if you listen:

    Julian Verdugo was still dressed in his dusty oilfield work clothes when he took over behind the counter in the small Mexican sweets shop his family owns in Commerce City, a heavily Latino area near Platteville.

    As the 24-year-old helped a customer decide what treats she should stock up on for a party, he explained why he was considering casting his ballot for Republicans, breaking with family tradition.

    “I was raised as a Democrat. But then I started working in the oil and gas industry, and I realized the Democrats are really against it,” he said. “Now, with the inflation of fuel, we’ve had to raise prices in this candy shop three times in the last three months because our products are shipped from Mexico.”

    We want a party that Americans like Julian want to be a part of, and Julian is begging us Republicans to go ask for his vote. Let’s do it! While the majority of Hispanic Texas border districts are about to turn from deep blue to bright red, Hispanics are a decisive element in many other battleground districts. And the Dems are doing nothing but making it worse for themselves. Just watch the faces of the mostly Hispanic parishioners as the gringo handmaidens raided their church service screaming in favor of infanticide.

    That the Democrats alienate hard-working, family-oriented, patriotic normals is nothing new. It’s just hilarious that they insist on doing it to the very people they were counting on to achieve dominance through demographic destiny. For decades, we were told that Hispanics, who used to vote pretty reliably Democrat, were soon going to outnumber those terrible white conservatives and then the Dems would never lose another election again. After all, the Dems have monopolized the black vote for decades. Why not Hispanics? Except Hispanic Americans committed an unspeakable crime in the eyes of the affluent Chardonnay-swillers who now control what was once the party of the working man.

    They thought for themselves. And one of the things they were thinking is that they were not defined by being Hispanic, and certainly not by being “Latinx.”

    See, the snobs of the left just assumed that Hispanics would obediently adopt an ethnic identity and vote and think on that basis forever. But what Hispanics did was what every other assimilated immigrant group has done. They became Americans first, ethnicity second. That their family came from El Salvador or Venezuela or Cuba or Mexico was a fun and interesting fact, but for those who had been here and seen their hard work pay off, it was secondary. Instead of being perpetual others, living the outside of mainstream society and therefore useful to the Dems, they became just another bunch of regular Americans, concerned about filling up their tanks, not getting robbed, and not having some perverted groomer school teacher send Miguel home to inform his madre and padre that he was now Isabella.

    The idea of sons getting snipped to avoid awkward lumpiness when they wear miniskirts is simply not going to play in Hispanic culture. In fact, Hispanic culture – like all of normal American culture – is at odds with the cultural weirdness of the Democrat Party. This is a culture that respects hard work. Democrats don’t. It respects families. Democrats don’t. It respects service, which is why you see large numbers of Hispanic Americans stepping up to serve in the police, the Border Patrol, and our military. The Democrats not only don’t respect that but despise those who serve. “

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  6. Poor thing…. 🙄

    “Maureen Dowd: There is just too much church in the state

    Outrageous that five or six people in lifelong posts will impose personal views on all”


    “During her supreme court confirmation hearings, Amy Coney Barrett tried to reassure Democrats who were leery of her role as a “handmaid” in a Christian group called “People of Praise.” The group has a male-dominated hierarchy and a rigid view of sexuality reflecting conservative gender norms and rejecting openly gay men and women.

    Men, the group’s decision makers, “headed” their wives. Barrett said then that she would not impose her personal beliefs on the country. “Judges can’t just wake up one day and say, ‘I have an agenda – I like guns, I hate guns, I like abortion, I hate abortion’ – and walk in like a royal queen and impose their will on the world,” she said amicably. “It’s not the law of Amy. It’s the law of the American people.”

    Yet that’s what seems to be coming. Like a royal queen, she will impose her will on the world. It will be the law of Amy. And Sam. And Clarence. And Neil. And Brett. It’s outrageous that five or six people in lifelong unaccountable jobs are about to impose their personal views on the rest of the country. While they will certainly provide the legal casuistry for their opinion, let’s not be played for fools: The supreme court’s impending repeal of Roe vs Wade will be owed to more than judicial argumentation. There are prior world views at work in this upheaval.”

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  7. Despite what we hear from the media, not all pro-lifers are religious. We had agnostics in our group. It is a human rights issue, as well as a moral question.

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  8. You just have to love “journalistic flair” don’t you!?

    JASON WEISBERGER 10:36 AM SAT MAY 14, 2022

    Failing to learn science may cost 4 Airforce Academy cadets their degrees, tuition, and career
    Usually, you go to the Airforce Academy to serve your country, these morons are failing out at the last minute for refusing the COVID-19 vaccine, thus blowing up what they’d intended to be their life work.
    Here is the AP article he is referencing:
    AP News:
    Four cadets at the Air Force Academy may not graduate or be commissioned as military officers this month because they have refused the COVID-19 vaccine, and they may be required to pay back thousands of dollars in tuition costs, according to Air Force officials.

    It’s the only military academy, so far, where cadets may face such penalties. The Army and Navy said that as of now, not one of their seniors is being prevented from graduating at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, New York, or the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, due to vaccine refusals. The graduations are in about two weeks.


  9. This is evil.

    “Colorado Dem Governor Defends 3rd-Trimester Abortions, Won’t Say If He Supports Abortion Until Birth…”


  10. Right…

    The group that says you have no legal right to murder your babies are the ones who are dangerous to families.

    Sure thing crazy lady.


    “Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Sunday said the current Supreme Court is “dangerous” for families and freedom in the U.S., as justices appear poised to overturn the 1973 landmark decision legalizing abortion in the U.S.

    Pelosi, during an interview with co-anchor Dana Bash on CNN’s “State of the Union,” said if the court scales back abortion rights on the federal level, restrictions on marriage equality could be next.

    “Let’s not take our eye off the ball. The ball is this court, which is dangerous to the freedoms of our country. Beware in terms of marriage equality, beware in terms of other aspects of it, and so it is, let’s not waste our time on that,” Pelosi said.

    “The fact is, this is a dangerous court to families, to freedom in our country. And that is why people have to mobilize. My saying is we don’t agonize we organize, we go out there and make sure people know that if they, actually elections have consequences,” she added.”

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  11. Some dark money groups are more equal than others…


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  12. Oh what a tangled web of money laundering entities they weave….

    Soros money once again.

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  13. I’ve been playing this fun game.

    When I wake up in the morning I make my guess as to who Joe Biden will blame for the disaster of a presidency he oversees. 🙂

    One thing is guaranteed, it’s never his fault, or the idiots who voted for him.


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