87 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-14-22

  1. Good morning, good evening, good all around the clock to the Wanderers!

    Early this a.m. I composed an apology to Kizzie and posted it to yesterday’s thread.

    I have my Word Weaver’s group this a.m. but my eyes are almost too burned out to read. Most of the time someone reads for me.

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  2. The Lord works in mystreious ways.

    I asked for next Sunday off, if possible, since it is our 40th anniversary, and we want to celebrate with our small church.

    Well, it wasn’t possible, so the boss scheduled me for a 9-1 shift, saying he tried, but others had asked for it off before me, and I was the only one left available to open up and manage the place.

    So, we emailed the others in the church and asked if we could have an afternoon or early evening meeting instead (no one says church has to be at 10AM, right?).

    Yesterday, the boss greeted me with, “Do you want the good news or the good news?” Another manager, for whom I had covered some of her hours, volunteered to take those 4 hours for me. So now, Mrs L and I can celebrate our anniversary together with the small flock.

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  3. What I have learned from 5 years of being placed in a leadership position:
    1. Praise in public.
    2. Scold in private.
    3. When things go sideways take the blame, even if it isn’t your fault.

    Last week I realized I didn’t have a lunch sponsor for BOLD. Three of us scrambled and ordered pizza. It worked out.
    THIS WEEK I scheduled two different lenders to bring lunch for 60 of us. I stood outside telling the it was all my fault and if they were upset blame me. Finally one of them hugged me and told me to stop apologizing.
    The agents were fed, the church staff were fed, and some were able to take dinner home.

    When given a chance extend grace. When I see something blatantly wrong on social media I send a private message to the person and allow them the opportunity to do whatever they decide to do.

    If you can’t tell, I am the “peacemaker”. I will avoid conflict at almost all costs.

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  4. We are all human. And sometimes that gets in the way of fellowship and sometimes it doesn’t. Let us continue being family. God desires our worship and fellowship and our love of our family.

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  5. Janice – I am quite taken aback (to say the least) at your comment to me at the end of yesterday’s thread. I feel that you have come to the worst interpretation of my words and accused me of thinking/feeling something that I do not think nor feel.

    At the time you mentioned it on Facebook, I apologized for offering that “fact check” about that song. I sincerely do not remember you asking me not to offer those on Facebook before that one, and I don’t remember sharing anything like that with you before, so if I did, it was a rare thing, not something I make a habit of.

    It is actually very common on Facebook for people to comment with an article explaining why something may be mistaken, so I meant no offense at all. It has happened to me at least a few times, even from fellow believers. But as I said the last time you mentioned this, I will not do that again.

    And no, I do not think of myself as having the truth “down pat”. And I certainly do not think of myself as superior in any way. When I do offer something like that, I am trying to be helpful, not superior. That is a very uncharitable way of seeing me, and it hurts.

    As for the AJC article, as I already commented on that when you brought it up the other day, I did not specifically say that they are not as liberal as some, but seeing that it seemed to be a daily newspaper (I could be wrong about that), thought that maybe it wasn’t as liberal as some. But I didn’t even mention that in my comment. All I said was that the other sources I saw were on the left, so I chose that one, not realizing that it is also considered too liberal.

    As for my sharing that in the first place, it was not directed at you personally, but shared for anyone who might be interested in another view on it, which is something that we do here on the blog. If I had shared about a documentary on the other side of the issue, AJ or someone else would share something debunking it. I certainly did not feel like I was on my “high horse” wielding my “sword of truth”.

    As for getting God’s truth out into the world, I share much more about those matters on Facebook than I do about politics. But I also don’t inundate my Facebook friends with Christian posts all the time, so they don’t get weary of all the “Christian stuff” and tune me out.

    If you haven’t seen Anonymous’ comment after yours at the end of yesterday’s thread, please give it a look, because that is how I feel, sad to say.

    In case my words are misunderstood or misconstrued, I want to say that this whole comment has been in my own defense, with no offense towards you intended, although my defense may have the effect of that. If it does, I apologize, as that is not my intent.

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  6. Though I sometimes post as “Anonymous” — it takes less time because I don’t have to type in my screen name and email, and people can generally tell who I am anyway because of my references to the arrows or the piano students — I want to make clear that I was not the “Anonymous” at the end of yesterday’s thread, posting May 14, 2022 at 12:17 pm.

    I hope that that Anonymous will identify herself/himself. If you’re going to accuse Janice of delivering a public shaming to Kizzie, then be forthright about who you are. (And yes, I realize you may have inadvertently posted anonymously, so I am not accusing you of deliberately hiding your identity for that post. I don’t know your motive, but for whatever reason you ended up Anonymous, I believe transparency under these circumstances about who you are is important, IMHO.)

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  7. Oh no…how did I miss that it was Aj”s birthday??!! You dear brother are indeed celebrated and we are so very thankful for our Lord’s precious gift of YOU this day and every day!
    Thanks 6 for the heads up!! 😊

    So just for a warning to you all. If you EVER want to deter critters from stuff…like pecking holes in stucco, eating plants, being pests….be careful when spraying Repels All!! I climbed up the ladder to spray the area on the house those birds pecked yet another hole into. Well that fine spray went everywhere even though I had it set on direct spray. I couldn’t get in the shower fast enough and felt like burning my shirt! 😂 So here I am with two showers, hair washed twice and shirt soaking in soapy water!
    Husband climbed the ladder and filled the second hole and stuccoed over it as the birds were flying around his head! I’ve never seen such aggressive birds in my life! Happy Saturday!

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  8. Happy Birthday, AJ! You take the cake! I hope it is a great day for you and your family. Maybe have some Cookie Crumbl for dessert if you have one nearby?

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  9. Not getting involved in the ongoing discussion between Kizzie and Janice, but I have a tip to offer.

    While you may post a comment anonymously and it will show that way to the public, your identity is no mystery to me, as I am the moderator.

    While it’s possible the person posted anonymously inadvertently, it could be taken as just stirring the pot by some.

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  10. Happy Birthday, AJ – may God give you much grace, wisdom and strength for the year ahead.

    Save some of that cake for me, as I’ll need it for tomorrow… 😉

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  11. I’m just reminded of that old Twilight Zone where the neighbors start all turning on each other as space aliens nod from above, concluding these folks are quite easy to conquer after all, they don’t have to do anything except arouse some “suspicion” and sit back and enjoy the show.

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  12. I suggest we be done with the disagreement. We have each said things we have regretted in the past. We all stand before God in the righteousness of Christ.

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  13. Um, I’m not a pot stirrer, just someone who didn’t want to “become the story” by using my name (seeing that I had already left the blog after similar attacks on me) and someone who didn’t want Kizzie to go and read that attack without seeing that she had a friend.

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  14. Cheryl, the pot-stirrer? No.

    We were ready to gather up some stones but maybe we can hold off now.

    Hi Cheryl, good to see you. 🙂 We miss you.

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  15. I think Tychicus is having a birthday tomorrow. 🙂

    Happy Early Birthday. 🎂

    I like to be first. 🙂

    You can have the whole cake. I have a tiny container 3.6 oz. 210 calories of Haagen*Daz chocolate ice cream for later. 😉 That and the pizza yesterday were my birthday/cheat day allowances for the month. 🙂

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  16. My only comment on Kizzie’s post above. Kizzie, Janice is having problems with her eyes and such a long post would be very difficult for her to read.

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  17. Oh I cheated today. I had a ham and cheese omelette with bell pepper and onions for breakfast.
    I had a cup of gumbo, some fried okra, and old fashioned shrimp salad for lunch.

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  18. Jo – I was thinking about that. Yet her comment was about as long as that one, and I wanted to address those things. I hope that perhaps she can take her time to read it little by little if she has to.


  19. Janice – I hope you are able to take the time to read my comment, because it is important to me. And I really am so sorry about your eyes, and I pray for healing.

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  20. I read it, Kizzie. I have nothing else to say at this point. It is a busy weekend here.

    Word Weavers was encouraging. Someone read for me. Still doing Secret Church, 4 hours left on that. Church and concert tomorrow. It’s all good and sweet fellowship.

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  21. Just booked my hotel room in the Singapore airport. There is only one option. And the smaller room had a bathroom somewhere else, not in the room. I will need that rest to survive the next 16 hour flight.

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  22. Thank you, Cheryl. I (6) got your email and replied.

    Happy Birthday to you, too, Tychicus. Maybe it’s May 15th now where you are? 🙂

    Congratulations to you and Mrs. L on your upcoming anniversary, Peter. Glad that’s all working out to celebrate with your small church.

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  23. One can easily add the name to a post without logging in. I am doing that with this post. All one needs to do is type the name blow the email line.

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  24. Up early again. Rise and shine! It’s always a challenge to decide what to wear. Do people wear cropped slacks to church?

    I heard from my 91-year-old friend about inappropriate attire a well endowed young female funeral home worker wore to that funeral for the retired dentist/military vet at church this week. It was so disrespectful. I had never heard of anything like that before. Complaints are being sent to the company.

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  25. I need to repent and apologize to someone and I can’t find her.

    I was struggling with grumpiness half the day yesterday. I went to Walmart and a woman in the parking lot needed something specific from the store for her elderly father. I could easily have given her money for it or just bought it for her. I told her ok I can do something for her, but when I spoke to her my tone wasn’t loving–it wasn’t mean, but it wasn’t caring either. When I came back out, she was gone (as I suspected she would be). I think she was embarrassed. And I did nothing whatsoever to help her. Nothing.

    These are difficult times. And I usually give to someone who asks if I have it to give. I feel like Jesus knocked and I slammed the door in his face. And all because I would be grumpy. I didn’t have to be, but I was offended at something and stubbornly nursed it.

    I pray every day “Father, forgive me my trespasses and sins as I forgive those who offend me.” Yet there I was in the parking lot nursing an offense. What I would not do to go back and change that 20 second encounter. But she is gone. The opportunity is past. And I am left with regret and sorrow and tears.

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  26. Good Morning dear Wanderers. And a Happy Birthday to you Tychicus!
    Happy Anniversary to you Peter and Mrs. L!!

    Debra I am praying for you as you experience feeling loss of opportunity with this person. It is an awful feeling that of which I have experienced as well. Hopefully for those of us who walk with Him our discernment is sharpened for the next time as we grow deeper in relationship. ❤️

    There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit

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  27. One of my favorite verses, Romans 8:1. Thank you for quoting it, NancyJill.

    I missed a giving opportunity decades ago that still haunts me. I was a new school teacher and also had some of those students as piano students.

    One student’s mom was in a horrible car accident. She fell asleep behind the wheel coming home one morning from her night shift. Her vehicle collided with the back of a stopped school bus.

    She ended up hospitalized, and her unborn baby — just weeks from her due date — died.

    The family told me they were unable to pay for piano lessons for their daughter for a while, due to mom’s hospital expenses and baby’s funeral costs, but that they would eventually pay me.

    And they did. Relatively promptly, IIRC — maybe several weeks or a few months later.

    I sometimes still, 30 years later, get close to tears thinking about how I could have provided their daughter lessons free of charge. I had no children, was working nearly full-time, and had a husband with a full-time job. We had few expenses of our own.

    But I had no sense of the ministry of giving at that age. Nonetheless, I don’t understand how I could have missed such an obvious opportunity to help a family in need when I had the means to do so.

    All that to say, NancyJill is right that we have hope in Christ that, by His Spirit, we grow in discernment as more opportunities for serving arise as we go through life.

    Blessings to you, Debra.

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  28. 30+ years later, I should have said. My oldest arrow is 32, but this accident I mentioned above happened when I was teaching in the first school district I worked. 1st Arrow was born after we moved to where we now live and I was employed in the second school district in which I worked.

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  29. After all these years, Art has been to church with me twice in two months! Praising God for that seeming miracle. The pastor to the youth did the second in a series on the Holy Spirit. He preached from John 3. Art said he did a really good job. And Matt Papa was on piano and lead us in worship using the songs he wrote. High school graduates were recognized today along with a husband and wife couple who just received their master’s degrees from Georgia Tech. In Sunday school we covered the whole book of Ruth. Such an eventful day. This is a really big change from the church before.

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  30. I miss Cheryl’s voice, too.

    And my posts yesterday about calling on the anonymous poster to “out” themselves was tongue-in-cheek, not meant to be taken seriously. My position is if people want to post anonymously that’s their decision and I respect that.

    That’s all.

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  31. Well, and this: I’m feeling very unsettled this morning (and I hope I’m not alone?) by what’s unfolded here in the last two days without any apparent biblical resolution.

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  32. Today’s sermon was Jesus telling the disciples to love they neighbor as thyself and to love others as I have loved you.
    The priest focused on the word AS. He told us some of our worst relationships are with ourselves.
    I felt that one deeply.

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  33. Even though I am confident there shall be. Taking a step back to reflect and settle matters with the Lord then with our “siblings” in Christ leads to healing. Not allowing things to boil and fester defeats the evil planned by the enemy of our soul. Praying ❣️

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  34. Tha blame game never works. It always leads back to Adam and Eve, the sinful nature which is in each of us, and the deceptions of the evil one. We all have logs in our eyes whether or not we choose to admit it. I know I do. I guess it makes it easier to admit since I can’t see so well these days!😀

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  35. Thank y’all very much for the birthday wishes – it has been a gorgeous day and wonderful time with our children and grandchildren!

    I also struck up a conversation with a Ukrainian woman (and her son) in the park where we were, and near the end of our conversation I invited them to come to our English Camp. Please pray that she will contact us and that they will come to EC, or that we will otherwise be able to start a longer-term relationship with them. Thanks.

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  36. Church was on God today. We sang and prayed, the preacher talked from Romans and First Kings. We chatted. Then granddaughter and I went to the park for an hour before coming home for dinner while fourteen and fifteen went to work.

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  37. We’re not out of control when it comes to our own words. What does God call us to do? Treading gently here, but I’d say that this goes back to the words of the public apology post of two (?) days ago.


  38. Janice, I am so glad to hear what a joyous Sunday you had. And that Art came with you is an incredible blessing.
    I am still doing online church here. I was glad yesterday as just as church ended we got a heavy rainfall.

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  39. Oh the rainy weather sounds delightful! Still warm and dry here although the winds have calmed somewhat. The fire burning by Cripple Creek is well over 1000 acres and 10% containment. Hopefully the firefighter will have some success today with the calmer winds.

    Dj I don’t know that I understand your thoughts of our always having control of our own words.
    I know I have fallen short of not having the control over my words at times. He calls us to:

    ….Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer.

    That is the desire of the follower of Christ. And when we find ourselves having said something called into question is it not up to us to go to Him for direction/guidance in how to proceed?

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  40. I too believe that to be good and what is required of us. Just from knowing how I process , I need to take time to weigh what my words might be to set things to right before the Lord. To do this I spend time seeking the Lord asking His direction. Sometimes it comes quickly and sometimes not.

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  41. Two sisters had a misunderstanding. Others began piling on. It was a private matter. Hopefully, as they have contact outside of here, they have resolved it and reconciled.

    We don’t need to self destruct in some ugly cat fight. We all love Christ. Let that be our cue on how to treat one another.

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  42. Thank you, Jo. Art had not been to church with me since he attended when I had my Believer’s Baptism in the Baptist church about 15 years ago. Of course, I am not counting Christmas Eve services when we attended at both our churches.

    We really enjoyed the concert this evening, too. Art can still sing after not doing so in church since Covid hit. He really likes piano and Matt Papa can do it justice. He had some other really talented musicians with him who came from different places.

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  43. Mumsee, it’s not a private matter when things are said in public. And I haven’t seen anyone “piling on,” just requesting that real issues not be ignored. A quick “I’m thinking and praying and will respond at greater length in a day or two” would go a long way toward saying “I’m not ignoring this matter” if someone hasn’t yet figured out the words for a heartfelt apology.

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  44. Raining out your way, Jo, on this beautiful Monday morning? Afternoon? We are about to get a bit of a thunderstorm, rain has arrived after a beautiful sunny day.

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  45. Well some of us “old people” get confused from time to time Peter . We were just so happy for you we just couldn’t contain ourselves!! We might remember to give our congratulations again NEXT Sunday!😂❣️

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  46. Heavenly Father, grant me and my brothers and sisters in Christ patience with the Holy Spirit’s manner and timing of His work in all of our lives. Let us not put a timeline on Your pruning and refining work, but be grateful for the love and mercy You show us each day.

    Thank You for the beauty of Your Word.

    [From Isaiah 55]:
    8 For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
    neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord.
    9 For as the heavens are higher than the earth,
    so are my ways higher than your ways
    and my thoughts than your thoughts.

    In Jesus’ name I pray.

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  47. Please pray as we receive 5th Arrow’s diagnosis Monday.

    Please also pray for 3rd Arrow and her fiance, who become husband and wife Saturday.

    Thank you kindly.

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  48. I am glad to have checked in one more time before turning in. Thank you 6 for encouragement and scripture….and I shall be praying on all fronts. Sweet dreams all ❣️

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