31 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-13-22

  1. Oh, what a kindhearted letter from Chuck. We were all so fortunate to get to be a part of his life for so long. He was such a dear soul, mentor in Christian living, and the best example of how a husband should cherish his wife. Thank you, Chuck, and Linda, and Becky, and all for how you shared him with us. We are eternally blessed through having spent time with him.

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  2. Morning!
    Oh the lives that have been touched by our Chas. A beautiful legacy he has left to us all.

    Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live:
    And he now is home. ♥️

    As I was carrying a load of laundry down the steps yesterday you know I “heard” Chas’ voice….”never go down the stairs without holding onto the rail”!! 😊

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  3. Interesting that this note would be received yesterday and posted today.
    As you know the last few couple of months of Chas’ life songs would come on my playlist that reminded me of him and TSWITW.
    This past weekend MrP put Apple Music on my phone. I wanted to hear June Carter Cash sing On the Far Side Banks of Jordan and decided to listen to the whole album on my way into P’Cola yesterday. This song came on and I thought about how much Chas wanted to get to heave and see Elvera.

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  4. Far Side Banks of Jordan is a song that is often requested. My husband sings it. I know Cheryl (when she commented here) did not care for it. It is certainly not theologically perfect, but it does give voice to the longing of spouses to be together forever. Many of the people my husband’s group sings to are people who have already had spouses die. It is comforting to picture them in heaven waiting for them. Although our main focus will surely be the Lord, it is a joy to think of meeting others in heaven.

    I liked the song, Kim, and I bet a lot of seniors would like it as well.

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  5. Good morning. That’s a very nice note from Chuck and Linda.

    My Bible reading today included Proverbs 22. Two verses especially made me think of Chas:

    1. A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold.

    4. By humility and the fear of the LORD are riches, and honour, and life.

    Chas’ legacy of faithfulness to his Savior, and his loving kindness to his family and friends and everyone God placed into his life during his sojourn here on earth, provides such blessed memories now.

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  6. Ah, we have no way of knowing how much of life we will touch. Chas had a ministry with us for which I’m grateful.

    I hope I’m always so gracious and full of prayers myself.

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  7. NacyJill – I’m one who also is in favor of holding on to the rail when going downstairs, with or without laundry. 🙂 Nightingale walks down our basement stairs with her laundry without holding on, and I can’t watch!


  8. Well, I looked it up. Crumbl Cookie is in the area I will be at tomorrow for Word Weavers, near that little restaurant we went to, Kim, in Brookhaven, Terra Teroir. Thank you for the warning and recommendation.

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  9. I just got notification of a live event at my old church. It is the funeral or memorial service for the man who was in charge of doing the Mrmorial Day and Veteran’s Day recognition for years at the 50 year old church that got closed down. He was retired from a career as a dentist after having served his time in the military. Such a wonderful man. I saw a former pastor (before my time) doing the service. Everyone loved that former pastor. So glad he could do it. His voice sounded feeble.

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  10. I thought you might like to see what I have been up to. Tuesday we were going into this project with a couple of thousand dollars. Wednesday the BOLD Coach helped raised $9,032 from a room full of 60 of “my” agents. Yesterday every KW office in the World shut down and went out into their community to help.
    One of our projects was to provide “comfort bags” to the parents with children in the Studer Children’s Hospital at Sacred Heart. We had blankets, socks, journals, pens, coloring books, an assortment of things, and a $50 food gift card in each bag. You should have seen another woman and me in Sam’s Wednesday afternoon counting out gift cards in 50, 25, 30, and 10 dollar increments to get enough for 50 of them for each bag.
    The other project was an alternative school. When you see the man from the school in this interview, he had big tears in his eyes when I told him we were leaving the supplies we bought and the food and drinks for the students. He stretched his arms out and started walking towards me, then stopped, “Can I hug you”? ABSOLUTELY


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  11. We have Crumbl Cookie in LA, too, but I’ve never been to one.

    My neighbor today asked if my hanging flower baskets were artificial flowers. 🙂 These set of vine geraniums — which I put up probably close to a year ago now — have done so well, I’m surprised myself when I look at them and marvel at how lush and bright they are.

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  12. I loved the note from Chuck.
    I looked up the verse. Then I saw what God is doing. This is the verse we have been memorizing in Kinder this week as I taught the story of Lazarus. What a joy it will be to share on Monday the love Chas had for this verse.

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  13. Well I just looked up Crumbl Cookie and Colorado Springs has one! Now I will need to satisfy my curiosity and take that 45 minute drive and try it! And I noticed it is right next to Nothing Bundt Cakes! Double trouble! 😊

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  14. I put my socks on to get ready to walk and then the sound of thunder greeted me. I did not expect that.

    Jo, that is really special about that verse!!! I love it when God does things like that.


  15. I have been contemplating how to offer an apology for my angry outburst toward Kizzie. From what was seen here, I am sure it seemed an overreaction.

    The background involves Facebook. For years Kizzie has been my fact-checker. Of almost 5,000 followers, she is my only fact-checker. I know she feels a sense of calling to insure the truth goes out into the world. I appreciate that about her. We all need more truth in our lives, don’t we?

    I invite Kizzie to take a look at the thought of truth in love. When making rebuttals on Facebook to my posts i have felt hurt because it has made me feel gullible and stupid to have posted things. I have private messaged her in the past to ask that she let me know privately if I have posted something that is not true and I will take it down.

    One more recent thing I posted was a love song performed by the President of Ukraine and his wife. Someone from my former church had sent it. It was a beautiful song, but not done by who the post claimed was performing. I think my poor eyesight was a factor in my not knowing. Again, I felt stupidity and gullability brought to my attention by Kizzie, my fact-checker.

    Over time I have developed a filter. Kizzie is in a sense controlling what I post on Facebook. Yes, she yields power. But is it in love? She has the truth, in her eyes, down pat. But learning how to get the truth out in a loving way needs some work. The way it is done now comes across as putting her in a position of superiority as she is always the one who knows more than the poor one she is correcting. And it is done publically for everyone to see who is superior.

    That is the background. What happened this past week? I posted a question to the group wanting to know if anyone wanted an email I had received about 2,000 Mules. No one responded, and that was fine. I thought that was the end of it. Then on the difficult day of voting here in Atlanta which I had mentioned the night before, and on the day of voting, I found the article by the AJC putting down the truth in 2,000 Mules. The fact-checker said the source was not as liberal as some. She used my hometown newspaper to jab the ‘truth’ at me. Yes, I felt attacked. She was on the high horse yielding her sword of truth yet again. If only she could feel such zeal in getting out the word of God’s truth into the world. She is using secondary sources of ‘truth’ in a mighty way. I ask that she redirect her energy into something that has more eternal value.

    This is why I did not offer an apology before now. My eyes are hardly up to making such a long post. Really, it hurts. I did not want to make things worse, but I have given the flawed truth as I see it ftom my point of view.

    Is anyone still reading?

    Kizzie, I apologize for not restraining my anger in this matter on the blog. I apologize for unjustly calling you out as one who stirs up anger. I apologize if I have failed to use truth and love to guide anything that I have written here. I do love you as a Sister in Christ and truly always want the best for you and your family.

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