28 thoughts on “News/Politics 5-14-22

  1. The crazies are running the asylum now…

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  2. Please explain exactly what that means…..

    “Democrat Rep. Judy Chu: The Bill To Legalize Abortion Until Birth Doesn’t Go Far Enough…”

    She said the quiet part out loud.

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  3. These are war crimes.

    “Moscow has forcibly deported 210,000 Ukrainian children to Russia, officials warn

    “When our children are taken out, they destroy the national identity, deprive our country of the future,” said Ukraine’s ombudswoman”


    “Ukrainian officials reported on Friday that Russian forces had forcibly deported more than 210,000 children since Russian President Vladimir Putin first launched his special military operation more than two months ago.

    According to Ukrainian Human Rights Ombudswoman Lyudmyla Denisova, the children were among the 1.2 million Ukrainian nations who were deported against their will and warned that Moscow was working to make them Russian citizens, Reuters reported.

    “When our children are taken out, they destroy the national identity, deprive our country of the future,” the ombudswoman said during a national television broadcast.

    “They teach our children there, in Russian, the history that Putin has told everyone,” she added.

    The Kremlin, for its part, has denied targeting civilians on the front lines and has claimed that it has offered humanitarian aid to those who wish to flee Ukraine. With regards to the allegations of forcible deportations, Russia has said that civilians have willingly fled to Russia as “refugees” in order to escape heavy fighting in cities like Mariupol.

    Last month, Mykyta Poturayev, the head of the Ukrainian parliament’s humanitarian committee, told the EU Parliament that Moscow has deported at least 500,000 people from Ukraine to Russia since the conflict began.

    “Half a million of Ukrainian citizens were deported from Ukraine to the Russian Federation without agreement from their side,” she said, adding that there is “no opportunity to make contact with these people.”

    Poturayev added that he was concerned about the fate of the Ukrainians who were forcibly sent to Russia.”


    Just imagine what our country’s slaughter of 62 million children has done to our national identity, not to mention our souls.

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  4. Racism huh?

    Of course…..

    See the first post above MSDNC clowns.


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  5. Like I said, she lies for a living, and will continue to. I refuse to pretend otherwise just to be polite.

    The shortage are due to govt incompetence and the Biden admin just continues to lie about it.





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  6. Let’s hope the coup part is accurate.

    “Reports: Secret Recording Says Putin Seriously Ill With Blood Cancer, ‘Coup’ Underway”


    “There has been a lot of speculation about the health of Vladimir Putin since he ordered the invasion of Ukraine.

    Reports and speculation have ranged from Parkinson’s to cancer. My colleague Bob Hoge noted that Putin pulled out of a hockey game that he has historically always played in. He sent a video message, despite being at the same resort where the game was being played. He’s previously claimed that hockey has helped his longevity, and he’s used his participation in the game to shut down rumors about his health. In the video, he was seen with dark blotches on his cheeks, according to the reports. He was also seen limping as well as having a blanket on his legs during the Victory Day parade on Monday.

    Now there’s a new report that Putin is “very ill with blood cancer.”

    According to the report from New Lines magazine, a Russian oligarch who is close to the Kremlin admitted on an audiotape to a Western venture capitalist in mid-March that Putin had surgery on his back related to the blood cancer.

    But the recording represents rare testimony by someone with proven ties to the Russian government that its fanatical dictator may well be seriously unwell. And the oligarch had no idea he was being recorded.

    A Western venture capitalist taped the conversation in mid-March without the oligarch’s foreknowledge or consent. The source provided the recording to New Lines on the condition that we not publicly identify him. He says he betrayed a colleague’s trust out of disgust with the war in Ukraine — a disgust his secretly recorded interlocutor evidently shares. “He absolutely ruined Russia’s economy, Ukraine’s economy and many other economies — ruined [them] absolutely,” the oligarch says of Putin. “The problem is with his head. … One crazy guy can turn the world upside down.”

    The oligarch who New Lines calls “Yuri” said they all hope Putin dies.

    Yuri also lets rip, denouncing the war in vehement terms, trashing the Kremlin’s initial pretext of “trying to find Nazis and fascists.” Yuri then goes on to say that “we all hope” Putin dies from his cancer or possibly from some internal intervention in Moscow such as a coup to spare Russia from further misfortune — either an accidental switch of pronoun or one reflective of shared oligarchic opinion. Furthermore, Yuri personally blames Putin for killing “more than 15,000 Russian soldiers and 4,000 or 5,000 civilians in Ukraine. It’s unbelievable. For what? He killed more people than in 10 years in the [Soviet] Afghan war.”

    It’s important to note that people can get thrown in jail for any “disinformation” there, so people likely would not be telling idle gossip, knowing what the result might be. New Lines says they know who the oligarch is but aren’t identifying him for obvious reasons. They note it’s not been a good time to be an oligarch.

    In all, eight oligarchs, many involved in Russia’s lucrative energy sector, have turned up dead since January; two under eerily similar circumstances as geographically distant as Catalonia and Moscow, alongside their wives and children, whom they were thought to have murdered before committing suicide.

    On top of that, the FSB has been ordered not to speculate on Putin’s health and to ignore speculation that he only has months to live. That of course has the opposite effect, making people believe that there is a serious problem underway. When the FSB doesn’t want you talking about something, chances are that means it’s probably true.

    Finally, the Ukrainian head of military intelligence, Major General Kyrylo Budanov also told Sky News that Putin was seriously ill and that a “coup was underway.””

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  7. Finally, the media has their distraction.

    But this guy isn’t the right winger they wanted him to be.



    But when you look closer…..

    They’re lying again, and this one will disappear too. Just watch…






    But muh narrative…..

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  8. Like

  9. Once again authorities missed the obvious.



  10. I don’t think we can trust an 18 year old mass shooter to correctly identify himself on the political spectrum. Even from the short look at the tweet you cite, its obvious he’s a right wing populist — right wing populism favours authoritarianism and ethnic supremacy (think the current Polish or Hungarian gov’ts or even Putin). The “replacement theory” he cites is mentioned on Tucker Carlson’s show and was part of the manifesto of the NZ mosque shooter. The authoritarian left does not favor ethnic or white supremacy rather its international in outlook. The left does not endorse the replacement theory. As for his criticism of FOX News — does he prefer OAN or similar outfits?


  11. The formula shortage is bizarre. Its immediate cause was a recall by one of the four companies that control the market. This eliminated 25% of the supply. The question one should ask is why not import formula to make up for the temporary deficit. And here’s where we find the problem. Baby formula is considered an agricultural product, not a manufactured good. And agriculture is never simple in international trade. The only country the US imports a sizable amount of formula from is Mexico. Why not Canada? Its part of NAFTA and there’s no shortage. I’ll let the Cato Institute explain how the new NAFTA rules on formula

    Cato points to a Chinese plant in Canada as the cause, but Canada’s supply mgmt system of milk production and our restriction on the use of US hormone-tainted milk are also in the mix. (Remember Trump vowing to find new markets for Wisconsin diary farmers?


  12. The correlation between desegregation and the growth of Christian schools in certain areas of the US is well documented. Its not a stretch to link homeschooling also. In other areas of the US there’s no link but this does discount the author’s claim.

    Christopher Steele now confirms Putin has blood cancer….that should clinch any doubt.


  13. An 18-year-old can’t be trusted to correctly identify his politics, but a child can be trusted to determine his/her gender doesn’t match his/her sex organs?

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  14. 6 — I agree, the criteria used by doctors etc is far too slack. It’s the professionals who determine if the child is correct — and they are far too slack, blame the adults. I’ve had students who at 12-13 yrs wanted to switch genders but it was highly unlikely they were trans. It was more of a reaction to childhood sexual abuse. She now claims to be non-binary and bi. I’ve seen trans manifested in three ways — coping with childhood trauma, truly trans (just one), and kids on the spectrum who can’t handle the change puberty brings and seek to repress their gender. Within the classroom, I go along with their pronouns etc but keep it low key especially if parents are not comfortable with it. In the end, we should let the teens work it out before we recommend or approve wholesale body changes.

    However, in the case of political identity, the vagueness of terms and varying definitions make it hard to be correct, especially in the US which has distorted the political spectrum. For many Americans, they perceive the left to be authoritarian and the right to be libertarian, which is bizarre since anarchists are left and libertarian. In fact, authoritarianism can be on either extreme. Its the method by which a political program is delivered. It’s the “replacement theory” and his target (black neighbourhood grocery store) which gives away his right wing populist ideas. AJ’s first link in this threat is an example of left wing authoritarianism — making people accept and include everyone. Right wing populism focuses on exclusion.


  15. 👍 What she said at 138…..

    Teachers are pushing to allow kindergartners to self identify anywhere on the sexual deviant rainbow, but this 18 year old can’t decide which ideology he follows.

    Sure…. 🙄

    And leftist think kids under that age should be allowed to get an abortion without parental consent, but yeah in this case he’s too immature to self identify.

    You should say this stuff out loud before typing it, save yourself some face…


  16. Well I’m an adult and I say his self identity is accurate based on his manifesto and list of people he hates. Maybe you should read it too. Then you can be disabused of your flawed notions to the contrary.

    And just a question, which “experts” are capable of deciding if he’s correct? Do we need a poli-sci major? Is a masters required?

    C’mon…. See how stupid that sounds…..?


  17. The FBI is too busy inventing fake assassination plots and tracking down parading GrandMas to notice the actual terrorists.


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  18. I know, I know….

    How could the FBI and authorities have known…..?



  19. lol. You made that mistake again….assuming I will argue a position that matches the American stereotype of the left. But I’m not. I agree with “6”, children are too young to identify as trans; we have doctors who are supposed to evaluate. And I even posit that the “experts” often get it wrong. They fail to take into account the confusion of puberty being compounded by over(mis)information of our era. A more low key approach is needed.

    Just as I don’t think teens, in most cases, can self assess gender and sexuality nor do I think teens can accurately assess and declare their political ideology. Teen years is where people experiment, re-assess, and change their minds. To declare yourself “authoritarian left” while espousing the “replacement theory” is an identity error. We rely on so-called experts to evaluate gender and sexuality and we can do the same thing when discussing a mass shooter’s political identity – we can look at experts to assess someone’s ideology. Now I don’t have a masters in poli sci but I do have one in history and philosophy:) In this man’s case, you don’t need a degree in poli sci to understand the “replacement theory” is a right wing populist idea popularized by Tucker Carlson. A mass shooter doesn’t understand his own identity — not a controversial idea


  20. Age of medical consent in the US ranges from 15 -18. The only exception is STD and pregnancy testing in which the age can range from 12 to 14. This is quite common in the developed world, the most common explanation given is that children at this age would’ve contacted STDs and pregnancy due to abusive relationships. In Ontario, the age is 16 but a doctor can assess a younger person as capable of decision making — a fairly vague definition. Interestingly the legal age in family court is 12 … at that age children will be assigned a lawyer who will argue their point of view especially in terms of custody and residency. Basically the child can pick the parent. All of these varying ages show a gradual release of responsibility. I don’t think its a specifically leftist position to view these age limits as appropriate.


  21. ———


  22. Thanks for your replies, HRW and AJ.

    I so wish I had the time and mental agility to collect my thoughts and present them coherently. This is my admittedly flimsy attempt at writing something vaguely representative of what’s swirling in my mind.

    In the “olden days” — I’m dating myself — there was childhood, and there was adulthood. “Adolescence” is a relatively recent construct, historically speaking.

    Now we have “adolescence” that extends even farther into chronological adulthood than it did when the term was first coined.

    For example, “kids” — adults — are presumed to be too young to marry at ages 18, 19, 20, before graduating from college, from grad school, from… you name it.

    And yet, our society is encouraging actual children to decide what gender they are, and adults are facing the risk of losing their jobs for not walking in lockstep with the ideology that says children have the ability to self-determine what gender they “are,” what pronouns are to be used, and we’d better get in line to help affirm their identity of the week or whenever, and to help them, if they want it, to acquire the drugs and surgery they “need” to be “who they [believe they] are.”

    HRW, I have no doubt in my mind that you and I, as teachers, care for the students we serve, as do so many other educators.

    But what are we — society in general — doing to our young people these days? We aren’t doing any favors when we look to the children to guide our actions. The children need our guidance, not the other way around. Deep down, I believe that’s what they want. And it is what they need in their formative years.

    I agree with you, HRW, that the teen years are a time for us parents to encourage greater responsibility in our children — an increase of their self-reliance as developmentally appropriate, and a lessening reliance on parents to direct the lives of their older minor children.

    But I don’t see this happening in many parts of our culture. IMO, we are largely forcing children to grow up too soon when we encourage or allow the sexualizing of our children from very tender ages Yet, later, ironically, we are putting the brakes on their maturing to become wise, responsible adults when we coddle them and try to protect them from the challenges of adulthood by encouraging them to live for themselves and have a few more, or many more, years of “fun” before that.

    Our society has things so backward when it comes to our youth.

    Thanks for reading my rant, everyone who did.

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