16 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-6-22

  1. Good morning! Good night , Jo.
    AJ, did you send me an email with a link to some pictures yesterday? I did not open it, as it may not be from you.

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  2. Good morning. Good night. Good all around the clock time to you!

    Miss that Chas, CULOM. That calls for Cherrios and coffee, Bible, and prayer (some by name and others as members of this beloved Wanderers group as a whole). God knows you all and that your hearts beat for Him with desire that His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. We all live either in different states, cities, or countries, but we all are related geographically by being Kingdom dwellers although we can’t see exactly what that means right now.

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  3. Morning all! What a treasure we have been given in loving and knowing our dear Chas…so missed is he! And thank you Peter for continuing the Friday funnies!
    I have been enjoying those photos of little birdies up there Aj….feels like Spring!
    Two cups of coffee consumed and a couple of walks around the property with the dogs. How does one keep a puppy from running?!

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  4. Someone mentioned rug hooking and it reminded me of my mom. My dad would joke to people that she was a hooker. I have two of her hooked rugs and each of my children have one, as do all her children and grandchildren who wanted them. She was such an artist and created so much. Never was idle.

    I watched two magpies fly with sticks in their beaks into a pine tree. I could not see the nest they were obviously building. They are pretty. Their nests are way too high to get rid of!

    Our grandson is back at home for leave. He has been gone for several years. Covid made it impossible to take leave so he has quite a bit saved up. I don’t know that we will see him, but I am glad he is home again for awhile and looking forward to hearing how he has matured.

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  5. Granddaughter and I have been playing and reading and swinging and watching the gold fish and petting the cats and and and and ….

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  6. I haven’t stopped by in a few weeks. Hello to all! We miss him too! It’s just not the same without him. Most of all I miss knowing that he’s praying for me.

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  7. Thanks, Becky. Oh How we miss our Chas.

    Feeling discouraged today with four weeks left of school and six weeks left here.
    My vehicle wouldn’t start yesterday so I walked to school. I called auto shop but they were too busy to help and said it could take a day and a half to charge this land cruiser.
    After school I walked to the store and found someone to give me a ride home. My knee was aching the rest of the day.
    The singles van is being used.
    Today a friend will take me to the community where I am paying a crew to try and get the books and the bookcases where they go. I will need to stay with them most of the day.

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