20 thoughts on “News/Politics 5-7-22

  1. I spent the morning with the guys from church, and the rest of the day with Cheryl, since the kids were away for the day. 🙂

    I’ll catch up on the news later. 🙂

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  2. ———-

    It’s motivating folks alright, just not Democrats.


  3. In the words of that great Dem strategist James Carville…..

    “It’s the economy, stupid….”



  4. 2000mules.locals.com

    Just one of the many ways that the 2020 presidential election was stolen, and the consequences have been absolutely devastating for the USA.


  5. Indeed they have Tychicus…..

    But no mean tweets, right?

    That’s what’s important….

    Oh wait….

    Forgot about Biden’s “deplorables” moment….

    Nope, they didn’t even accomplish that.


  6. Right on cue…


    “Police officers in Michigan took custody of a voting machine as the state expands its investigation into what it’s described as possible unauthorized access to election equipment.

    Michigan State Police and officials with Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel’s office seized an Irving Township voting tabulator on April 29, township supervisor Jamie Knight told The Epoch Times in an email.

    The seizure was done pursuant to a search warrant, she said.

    “The Township intends to fully cooperate with law enforcement, and the Township attorneys have been in contact with the Michigan State Police regarding this matter. The Township has no further comment at this time,” Knight added.

    An investigation was launched earlier this year at the request of Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, who said her office received reports that an unnamed third party “was allowed to access vote tabulator components and technology in Roscommon County.””


  7. This is what we’re up against.




  8. Winning voters to their side?

    Yeah…. go with that.


    This is what the enemy does….

    They are disgusting and depraved.



  9. Motivation is never a Republican but it is a Democrat problem. Roe vs Wade will motivate nonvoters. Similarly look for Democrats to call Republicans the MAGA party….people voted for Biden because they were anti Trump not pro Biden. The Democrats have two motivators for the mid terms.

    Tychicus, the areas of Michigan identified in your article are small rural Republican districts. Are you suggesting Republicans cheated?


  10. A few days ago, some mentioned that financial reasons for abortion are indefensible. Financial reasons for or against any medical procedure is indefensible yet it happens. As long as there is a price on health care, finances will be a consideration. A pro life agenda would include free pregnancy and post natal care, paid maternity leave, child benefits, etc. As long as abortion is cheaper than pregnancy financial considerations will play a role. Is this moral? No but its a reality in free market health care. And if people are truly pro life they will work to eliminate that consideration.


  11. Gaslighting liar, so a perfect fit for the Biden admin….



  12. Sure Olasky,

    I’m sure these victims think that’s what’s important, as they’re being pummeled…. 🙄


  13. ——-


  14. As professing followers of Jesus, actually yes, it does matter even in that. (4:26)

    It’s scriptural.

    Some interesting points made in the recent discussion ongoing about some criticism of Tim Keller:


    ~ The biblical call to Christians to love your enemies, to bless those who curse you, and to exhibit the fruit of the spirit—love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control—does not represent a set of tactics to be abandoned when times are tough but rather a set of eternal moral principles to be applied even in the face of extreme adversity. …

    … Paul called Christians to exhibit the fruit of the spirit even when they were being nailed to crosses and clawed by lions. Peter called on Christians to give a defense of their faith with “gentleness and reverence” even when they “suffer for righteousness.”

    Sadly, this moral analysis is alien to all too many politically engaged Christians. They approach political contests differently from the way they approach their families or even their businesses. They apply an instrumentalist lens that they don’t apply to other areas of life. Is honesty an imperative in business only so long as it “works” to generate a profit or to maintain your employment? Is fidelity an imperative in marriage only so long as it “works” to provide the sense of happiness and sexual fulfillment you believe your entitled to?

    No, any decently discipled Christian knows that in these vital areas of life, the means are the ends. Even under financial duress or in struggling marriages, Christians maintain honesty and fidelity not because they “work,” but because they’re obeying and glorifying God.

    But in politics? If we reject lies and liars we might lose, and we believe we cannot lose. If we maintain basic commitments to Christian character we might lose, and we believe we cannot lose.

    … And the spirit of fear that grips so much of the modern American church might be a reason why so many Christians have scorned civility and decency in the public square, but it is not a justification. …

    … Prolonged exposure to differing Christian views on contentious issues is and should be a profoundly humbling experience. It constantly reminds you that we “see through a glass darkly” and that our confidence in our own reasoning and ideas is often misplaced.

    We live in an age of negative polarization, when the cardinal characteristic of partisanship is personal animosity. In these circumstances, a Christian community characterized by the fruit of the spirit should be a burst of cultural light, a counterculture that utterly contradicts the fury of the times. Instead, Christian voices ask that we yield to that fury, and that a “negative world” is now no place for the “winsome, missional, and gospel-centered approach.”

    But this isn’t an evolution from Tim Keller, it’s a devolution, and it’s one that’s enabling an enormous amount of Christian cruelty and Christian malice. Wood says “Keller was the right man for a moment,” but he also says, “it appears that moment has passed.” That’s fundamentally wrong. When fear and hatred dominates discourse, a commitment to justice and kindness and humility is precisely what the moment requires. …



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  15. Paul and Peter were writing those things when their world was under domination of the Romans who persecuted the church. If the things they wrote applied then, then they certainly apply now.

    And then there was Jesus, who said that His kingdom is not of this world.


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