11 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 4-30-22

  1. 🙂 Road is back to drivable.

    😦 My husband noticed a very large bird fly up from the lawn off to the side of the house the other day but had no chance to see if there was a particular reason for that. Two days later he remembered to go look and found a dead calf. It had no apparent bite marks and was not eaten that we could see. The farmer was surprised when we called, since he had moved all the cows from that field. He does believe it was his and that something dragged it, but no idea what. We have wolves, coyotes, big cats and yes, eagles and large birds. Another mystery for us.

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  2. Life with an Adorable 3.5:

    Me to my son: “No rush. Dump truck came and went precisely at 8.”

    Son1: “He’ll be disappointed.

    “But also relieved. He was worried the dump truck would dump dirt all over him!”

    Funny. We’ve got a pail and shovel just his size to move dirt–whenever he gets here!


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  3. Proud Grandmother Michelle – The first time Nightingale was planning a trip to Maine, Boy, who was still pretty young, was terrified that they would get killed by a moose!

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  4. Can’t like those on this computer, Kizzie, but I’m smiling. 😉

    We don’t have anyone coming to dinner today. I can actually take a day off and merely read (and work in the garden).


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  5. So, I got my delightful afternoon, reading outside in the yard under my umbrella.

    I was reading an awful manuscript I wrote some 15 years ago–that I had trouble even reading because it was written in WordPerfect and I had to download another program to get it.

    Anyway, I struggled through single-spaced lines, no indentations for the paragraphs, poorly handled grammar, and a host of other issues until I reached the end, sobbing–at the story.

    And then discovered, I don’t have the last chapter.

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