22 thoughts on “News/Politics 4-30-22

  1. Garbage reporter, garbage product.




  2. Un-American, never served vermin in the Biden admin want to give VA money to illegal invaders. And take VA Drs away from aiding vets who earned it to give treatment to illegal invaders.



    “When Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas recently unveiled his “six pillar plan” for dealing with the crisis on our southern border, he certainly didn’t mention this truly awful idea. During his recent testimony before Congress, Mayorkas slipped in one option that Joe Biden is reportedly considering. In order to provide better care for the tens of thousands of illegal aliens streaming across the border, the White House is looking at the possibility of diverting funding from the Veterans Administration for that situation. Additionally, some of the doctors and nurses tasked with caring for our veterans could be reassigned to providing care for the illegals. Our colleague Spencer Brown at Townhall has the details.

    During his recent testimony before Congress, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas informed lawmakers that the Biden administration was considering diverting resources from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to deal with Biden’s border debacle. This includes not just funding but also VA nurses and doctors who are tasked with caring for America’s veterans, and who may now be sent to care for illegal immigrants.

    It’s a ludicrous idea and a terrible decision that Biden seems ready to make. Veterans’ health care has struggled in the past — notably during the last time Biden was in the White House as Vice President in the Obama administration.

    America’s veterans deserve the best possible care as a small benefit in return for their service to our country and defense of our freedom. But Biden thinks those who care for veterans can just be shuffled around as his administration flails about trying to handle the border crisis his policies created.

    In the Senate, Joni Ernst and John Boozman have already sent a letter to Biden saying that lifting Title 42 would exacerbate an already ugly situation. Using VA resources to address this crisis would only make matters even worse.

    The VA is currently experiencing major staffing shortages and high workforce turnover rates. The deployment of VA personnel in a ‘Fourth Mission’ capacity will impact veterans’ ability to receive timely care from the VA and should not be a consideration while developing your Administration’s plan as a result of the failure to implement and maintain commonsense border security policies.

    There’s no question that the crisis on the southern border exists because of Biden’s own policies and it will require significant investments if it is to be addressed. That much should go without saying. And if the White House does plan to actually start doing something about it and seal the border, I will be first in line to applaud them. But if you need additional resources to get the job done, why not just go pluck some more imaginary money off of the magical cash tree in the Rose Garden as he’s done for Ukraine and endless rounds of COVID relief?”


  3. His qualifications?

    Pro-China like Biden, and he’s a Biden donor.

    That’s it.

    “Meet the CCP-Loving Biden Donor Responsible for US Economic Interests in Asia”


    “President Joe Biden’s pick to represent the United States on a council that promotes free trade in Asia has a long history of cozying up to the Chinese Communist Party. He’s also a top Biden donor.

    Biden tapped Dominic Ng, the chairman of East West Bank, to represent the United States on the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation’s Business Advisory Council, a group of business leaders that advises governments on issues in the Asia-Pacific region. Ng, who has led the East West Bank since 1992, contributed $100,000 to the Biden Victory Fund and $35,500 to the Democratic National Committee in October 2020, according to campaign finance disclosures.

    Ng’s appointment means the United States will be represented by a consistent defender of some of Beijing’s most controversial policies. The role could also provide a boost for Ng’s bank, which lends heavily to businesses in Asia. Ng has endorsed China’s infrastructure program, the Belt and Road Initiative, and criticized the United States for refusing to join the program. He has sided with Beijing on other hot-button issues such as the origins of the coronavirus. Ng also criticized two Biden-backed bills to make the United States more competitive with China.

    Ng is the latest Biden ally to land a prestigious administration appointment. Biden tapped his longtime friend, Chris Dodd, to serve as special envoy for the Summit of the Americas, a triennial meeting of government and business leaders from the Western hemisphere. Dodd signed an ethics agreement for the position, the Washington Free Beacon reported, because his lobbying firm represents several countries taking part in the summit. Biden also appointed his friend and campaign supporter Joe Kiani to serve on the Council of Advisors on Science and Technology. Kiani has given $1 million to Biden’s family charity and bundled $1 million in donations for Biden’s campaign.

    Ng served as chairman of the Committee of 100, a group of Chinese-American business and government leaders that one Hong Kong columnist has called “a pro-Beijing group, concerned almost exclusively with the interests aligned with those of the Chinese Communist Party.””


  4. Of course….


    “Biden DOJ coordinated legal assault on Georgia election integrity law with liberal groups

    Justice Department now hiding contents of communications, claiming they are protected by attorney privileges, according to memo released under FOIA.”


    “he Biden Justice Department coordinated its legal assault on Georgia’s election integrity law last year with several liberal advocacy groups, and is now trying to conceal the content of their communications by claiming they are covered by legal privileges.

    Emails and memos obtained under the Freedom of Information Act by Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and reviewed by Just the News show extensive communications between DOJ officials and some of the biggest names in the liberal legal advocacy world, including the NAACP, the ACLU, the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

    The communications also include the Perkins Coie law firm, which represented the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee and now finds itself enmeshed in Special Counsel John Durham’s prosecution of Michael Sussmann, a former partner at the firm who is accused of lying to the FBI when he spread false Russia dirt on Donald Trump back in 2016, the memos show.

    “Thanks for reaching out. We are available on Tuesday at 4 p.m. to discuss those topics,” DOJ trial attorney Jasmyn Richardson wrote Leah Aden of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund on Aug. 6, 2021 in an email string setting up one of several meetings and conferences about the Georgia law.

    The topics for the meeting were redacted by DOJ, claiming they are covered by deliberative privilege and attorney work product secrecy.

    The memos show that a month after the Biden administration sued Georgia to overturn its election integrity law the advocacy groups and DOJ constructed an agreement to protect their discussions and emails from public disclosure by calling them “common interest communications.”

    “Hi all, as confirmed on today’s call, each of the entities that participated in today’s call … agree on their own behalf and on behalf of their respective clients in this litigation that they share a common interest in the successful prosecution of this litigation and that they may share (but are not required to share) privileged communications and other litigation material between and among them without waiving the attorney-client privilege, the work product protection or any other privilege or protection,” Ezra D. Rosenberg, the codirector of the Voting Rights Project at the Lawyers’ Committee, wrote the group on July 28, 2021.

    At least three DOJ lawyers were included on that memo.

    Nearly all the communications after that time included a disclaimer claiming they were “common interest communications” and were heavily redacted by DOJ to hide the substance of discussions before they were released under FOIA.

    Raffensperger said Thursday the redactions and the privilege claims smack of political favoritism, since DOJ should consider the American public and not one-sided political allies as its clients.

    “In effect, what they are doing is invoking client-attorney privilege,” the Georgia elections chief said in a television interview. “And it clients, apparently, are these liberal activist groups, instead of being the American people. The Department of Justice works for all of us. I believed that this case was politically motivated, and now we have proof.”


  5. The establishment right are not your friends and don’t have your interests at heart. This is yet another example.


    Their priorities are not voters priorities….

    They are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    “Why are they supporting legislation that could arm the transgender movement’s already robust efforts to silence dissent with the full force of the civil-rights bureaucracy?”


    “The ongoing controversy about the meaning of gender is not an abstract issue. Recent years have wrought sweeping changes to the social contract in the name of accommodating the less than 1 percent of Americans who identify as transgender, including the rapid deconstruction of single-sex spaces in everything from sports to schools to prisons. This movement has material consequences: A slate of new blue-state laws allowing biologically male prisoners to transfer to women’s prisons under the nebulous guise of “gender identity” has raised serious concerns about women’s safety and has already led to allegations of sexual assault. Similar policies in public education have become a hot-button issue after gruesome recent allegations that the accommodation of gender identity directly enabled a series of sexual assaults in school bathrooms. And women’s sports have seen an influx of podium-topping biological males with innate physical advantages, depriving female athletes of college offers, scholarships, and any number of other opportunities.

    Now, powerful activist groups are mounting a final push to make sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) a federally protected class under civil-rights law, stamping gender ideology with the legitimating imprimatur of the American legal regime. With all of the anti-discrimination protections afforded to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, and disability, such legislation would elevate transgenderism to the place of a fixed category with a positive right to affirmation in the public square. But perhaps more worryingly, it could arm the transgender movement’s already extraordinary efforts to silence dissent with the full force of the civil-rights bureaucracy.

    So why do 21 House Republicans want to help make it happen?

    Fairness for All?

    Despite the recent surge of state-level conservative resistance to gender ideology — which saw eight states bar biological males from competing in women’s sports and two more ban gender-transition surgeries and puberty blockers for minors in the past year alone — 21 members of the House GOP are pushing forward with an effort to write SOGI into civil-rights law.

    The Fairness For All Act (FFAA), an all-Republican bill that would make SOGI a federally protected class in return for certain “right to discriminate” carve-outs for dissenting religious institutions, was originally introduced in 2019 by Representative Chris Stewart of Utah. Stewart, whose district went for Donald Trump by 16 points in 2020 — up two from 14 points in 2016 — reintroduced the bill at the outset of the 2021 congressional session with the backing of such well-known Republicans as Elise Stefanik, Nancy Mace, and Burgess Owens. This is the full list of the FFAA’s co-sponsors:

    Chris Stewart (Utah)
    Fred Upton (Mich.)
    Elise Stefanik (N.Y.)
    John Curtis (Utah)
    Mark Amodei (Nev.)
    Brian Fitzpatrick (Pa.)
    Adam Kinzinger (Ill.)
    Andrew Garbarino (N.Y.)
    Blake Moore (Utah)
    Burgess Owens (Utah)
    Carlos Gimenez (Fla.)
    Chris Jacobs (N.Y.)
    Claudia Tenney (N.Y.)
    Jeff Van Drew (N.J.)
    Jenniffer González-Colón (P.R.)
    Maria Salazar (Fla.)
    Mario Díaz-Balart (Fla.)
    Mike Simpson (Idaho)
    Nicole Malliotakis (N.Y.)
    Steve Stivers (Ohio)
    Tom Reed (N.Y.)

    When these 21 Republicans reintroduced FFAA in February, proponents of the legislation argued that it brokered a “compromise” between religious-liberty and anti-discrimination protections for LGBT Americans. Right-leaning backers maintain that the bill is the conservative alternative to the Equality Act, a much more radical Democratic bill that enshrines SOGI in U.S. civil-rights law without any of the religious-liberty protections offered by FFAA.

    But in the months since, a number of controversies surrounding transgender policy have called the strategy into question.”


  6. This is why the Biden admin and Democrats want to hide the videos of Jan 6th for 75 years.

    Note the cowards hide their faces.


  7. The media continues to lie about all things Florida related.


  8. Raving lunatic.


    “Who could have possibly guessed that the person who has been chosen to run Joe Biden’s new “Ministry of Truth” would turn out to be a raving, dictatorial lunatic?

    That’s the story this morning after others have begun to dig through Nina Jankowicz’s past social media posts. As RedState reported previously, Jankowicz is set to be the new director of the administration’s new “Disinformation Governance Board,” an Orwellian entity if I’ve ever seen one.

    So who is she? Apparently, Jankowicz is a far-left, pro-censorship Karen who believes the government should have absolute power. No, I’m not exaggerating. Read her posts for yourself.”

    “Jankowicz is (because it’s a requirement on the left these days) a big-time Russia hysteric, spreading false conspiracy theories that the Hunter Biden laptop was a “Russian disinformation campaign.” She was also a huge fan of the Mueller investigation before she turned into a pro-lockdown fanatic. Does that sound like someone who should be put in charge of dictating — from a governmental perch — what is and isn’t true for the Department of Homeland Security?

    Think about that. It’d be bad enough if she were part of the FEC as some kind of government finger-wagging experiment. That alone would be insane, but she’s going to be making judgments on disinformation in regards to government targeting of “extremists”? That’s scary stuff, and it should not be understated how dictatorial it is. America is not supposed to have a “Ministry of Truth.” That’s supposed to be reserved for autocracies. America having one now is also flatly unconstitutional, and hopefully, lawsuits are already being prepared as I type this. Such an overreach cannot be allowed to stand unchallenged.”


  9. Democrats in Congress won’t care, as long as the right people are targeted, meaning anyone who disagrees with the Democrats agenda.

    “FBI Conducted Potentially Millions of Searches of Americans’ Data Last Year, Report Says

    Searches in national-security investigations came without warrants, could stoke privacy concerns in Congress”


    “The 3.4 million figure “is certainly a large number,” a senior FBI official said in a press briefing Friday on the annual ODNI report on FBI surveillance. “I am not going to pretend that it isn’t.””

    “More than half of the reported searches—nearly two million—were related to an investigation into a national-security threat involving attempts by alleged Russian hackers to break into critical infrastructure in the U.S. Those searches included efforts to identify and protect potential victims of the alleged Russian campaign, senior U.S. officials said.

    Officials declined to give more details on the alleged Russian threat, including whether it was linked to the Russian government or a criminal hacking group. Russia has historically denied accusations of hacking the U.S. or other nations.

    The number of searches of American data doesn’t correspond to the number of Americans who may have had their personal information examined.”


  10. Well this explains a lot.

    This is what’s known as Mass psychogenic illness.

    “Over 100K people are transgender in Canada, 2021 census shows”


    “Census data released Wednesday offers an unprecedented snapshot of Canada’s transgender population, showing 0.33 per cent of residents identify as a gender that differs from the sex they were assigned at birth.

    The data collected during last year’s national household survey shows about 100,815 people are transgender or non-binary, including 31,555 who are transgender women, 27,905 who are transgender men and 41,355 who are non-binary.

    It’s the first time Statistics Canada has differentiated between “sex at birth” and “gender” in the census, a change advocates say will offer crucial insight into a marginalized population and the systemic barriers it faces.

    Fae Johnstone, a transgender advocate, said population-level data backing up trans people’s lived experience has thus far been slim, so this new information is important both symbolically and practically.”


    (And completely made up, and as always, follow the money)


    “The inclusion of transgender people in the census is part of a broader move by the Liberal government to be more inclusive of the LGBTQ community.

    In 2017, the government added gender identity and expression to the list of prohibited grounds of discrimination under the Canadian Human Rights Act, and amended the Criminal Code to include those same groups in the list of “identifiable groups” that could be targets of genocides and hate crimes.

    The following year, the federal budget noted Statistics Canada’s efforts to reflect gender diversity in the census and allocated funds to the agency to create a new Centre for Gender, Diversity and Inclusion Statistics.

    Its mandate, Statistics Canada said, is to develop “a Gender-Based Analysis Plus (GBA+) data hub to support evidence-based policy development and decision making, both within the federal government and beyond.”

    “For example, the government’s recent announcement of $100 million toward its federal LGBTQ2 action plan was historic, Johnstone said, but it came late and the amount is still disproportionately low.”


  11. These people are vile.

    “Biden Labor Secretary Covered for Police Union That Enabled a Convicted Child Rapist”


    “Labor Secretary Marty Walsh protected records that show the Boston police union knew about sexual crimes committed by a top official who this week was convicted for raping six children.

    The Monday conviction of Patrick Rose on 21 counts related to sexual assault of minors puts the spotlight on Walsh, who as Boston’s mayor blocked records showing the city’s police department knew about Rose’s sexual crimes for decades. The records, which were released by Walsh’s successor, are damaging to the city’s powerful police union, which was led by the now-convicted child rapist during Walsh’s tenure as mayor.

    After Rose’s 2020 arrest for child rape, the Boston Globe requested records of a 1995 police department investigation into sexual assault allegations against the then-patrolman. Walsh claimed he could not release the records because they would include the name of Rose’s victim. But months after Walsh stepped down to join the Labor Department, the city released the records, which conceal the victim’s name and show that an internal police investigation concluded Rose likely sexually assaulted a 12-year-old boy.

    Patrick Semmens, vice president of the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, said a more thorough investigation is still needed to determine who knew about Rose’s behavior and why Walsh wanted to keep the records secret.

    “It certainly calls further into question Marty Walsh’s ability to oversee union transparency which he is now in charge of at the Department of Labor,” Semmens told the Washington Free Beacon.

    The Department of Labor did not respond to a request for comment.

    Rose was not the only accused abuser at the Boston Police Department about whom Walsh withheld information. A Boston police officer swore in an affidavit that Walsh was aware of domestic abuse allegations against former police commissioner Dennis White when the former mayor appointed him to the position. Walsh suspended White after the Globe reported on the accusations, but the mayor claimed he was unaware of the allegations. The Globe sought additional police records into White’s alleged abuse, but Walsh spiked the request.

    Walsh delayed an investigation into White, which was released one day after a Senate panel advanced Walsh’s appointment as head of the Labor Department. Then-Suffolk County district attorney Rachael Rollins (D.), who now serves as Biden’s U.S. attorney for the District of Massachusetts, publicly accused Walsh of either “lying” or committing gross incompetence over the White scandal.”


  12. No, they’re not theirs you hair sniffing groomer. They’re the parents kids, no matter where, no matter when. Why is this so hard for you clowns to understand?


  13. Discovery is pushing the perversion, and exploiting the mentally ill now too.



  14. Don’t break our laws and invade our country.

    What a concept!

    Lost though on the lapdog media, of course…



  15. Of course…..

    The only pipeline Democrats like, the one from a Dem admin straight to the corrupt biased media, and the reverse… This one goes from biased media, to White House Stooge, to corporate stooge. The trifecta.

    It keeps everyone on message, and using the same talking points.

    “Biden’s head of vaccine education program to lead Disney’s corporate communications”


    “Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Bill continues to cause upheaval for Walt Disney’s corporate office. Disney’s chief corporate affairs officer, Geoff Morrell, is out after only three months on the job. He is being replaced by Kristina Schake, who will lead the company’s communications efforts. The announcement of Morrell’s departure was handled via email to his staff. Disney CEO Bob Chapek made the announcement in a separate email to employees.

    That was fast. Morrell led Disney’s advocacy against the Florida Parental Rights in Education Bill. He seems to have learned the hard way that corporate political activism isn’t appreciated by all of the company’s shareholders and customers. Too bad Chapek doesn’t seem to have received the same message just yet. Replacing one political communications activist with another looks like more of the same, just with a different face presented to the public. Morrell’s job is actually being split up among three people. Besides Schake, General Counsel Horacio Gutierrez will take over Government Relations and Global Public Policy and, EVP Corporate Social Responsibility Jenny Cohen will report directly to Chapek as Disney tries to figure out where it stands on political advocacy and donations.

    Morrell led the Disney response to the Florida bill that is still a part of the news cycle despite Governor DeSantis signing the bill a month ago. Disney has been very vocal about its opposition to Governor DeSantis and the bill, finding lots of support from Democrats including a Disney heir, and national Democrats like Joe Biden and the Secretary of Education. They all decided to gaslight that the bill was homophobic, an anti-gay bill, which it is not. The word ‘gay’ doesn’t appear anywhere in the bill. But, that is how Democrats react when they want to shut down anything they oppose.

    Perhaps Morrell forgot he is no longer a creature of Washington and regular Americans don’t see the world as Washington insiders do. Morrell is a former ABC News White House correspondent. He is also a former Pentagon press secretary/Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs during the administrations of George W. Bush and Barack Obama. When he left his days working in the government, he hired on with BP as a vice-president and the company’s head of US communications. He became Senior Vice President of US communications and external affairs where he was in charge of government and media relations. From there he moved to London as head of group communications and external affairs. In 2020 he was appointed Executive Vice President of Communications and Advocacy. He left BP at the end of 2021 to become Disney’s Chief Corporate Affairs Officer. With all that experience in the private sector with BP, you would think he could have transitioned to Disney without making such a bone-headed decision to politicize such important legislation in the minds of parents and grandparents – the people who Disney depends on as customers.

    Disney is likely repeating its mistake with his replacement. Kristina Schake is an Obama White House alum and she led the Biden administration’s COVID-19 vaccine education effort. Chepek’s announcement to employees boasted about her Democrat political experience.

    First, Kristina Schake will lead The Walt Disney Company’s communications efforts, serving as our Executive Vice President, Global Communications reporting directly to me. In this expanded role, Kristina will have oversight for corporate and segment communications and continue to be our chief spokesperson. Our business segment and content communications leads will continue to dual report to both division leadership and corporate communications, now led by Kristina.”


  16. https://www.theepochtimes.com/deep-state-was-working-against-trump-on-covid-19-response-paul-alexander_4429415.html

    “According to Paul Alexander, when former President Donald Trump was trying to tackle COVID-19 in 2020, the “swamp” or the “deep state” was working against him, using flawed data to tarnish him, locking down society, and keeping schools closed.

    “Can you imagine the president of the United States fighting against the [teachers’] union, fighting against the [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)], fighting against his own task force?” Alexander told EpochTV’s “Facts Matter” program in an interview that will air on May 3.

    “They’re working against him. So you need to be there to understand when he said ‘the swamp’—and he talked about deep state—it is real. I dealt with them. It is the bureaucracy. The entrenched bureaucracy is real.”

    From late March till early September 2020, Alexander served as scientific adviser to Michael Caputo, then-assistant secretary for public affairs at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

    During that time, Alexander was attacked by the media and some health agency officials for trying to “tweak” the COVID-19 death numbers in the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR).

    On Aug. 8, 2020, in an email to Caputo (pdf) and other officials, Alexander wrote: “CDC to me appears to be writing hit pieces on the administration and meant at this time to impact school re-openings and they then send it to the media knowing it is deceiving. I ask it be stopped now! … Nothing to go out unless I read and agree with the findings how they CDC, wrote it and I tweak it to ensure it is fair and balanced and ‘complete.’ And not misleading.”

    At the time, Alexander also pushed for herd immunity to handle the pandemic, insisting the only way to do so was to allow the non-high-risk groups to expose themselves to the virus.”


  17. This does look a lot like Obama’s 3rd term, doesn’t it….?



  18. ———


  19. Swalwell the Chinese operative should just shut up.



  20. Swalwell only says what his Chinese handlers tell him to. Reality has nothing to do with it.



  21. In your 8:19 am comment, teachers traditionally act “in loco parentis” essentially giving teachers the same responsibility and liability as a parent caring for a child. In Ontario, teachers are required by law to act similar to a reasonable and prudent parent. When I went to a Christian college for two years, the dean acted “in loco parentis” despite students being over 18. When Biden comments that the children are yours when they’re in the classroom, he’s not wrong nor is it some creepy old man statement — its the traditional and legal view of a teacher’s responsibilities.

    Inflation, high fuel and fertilizer prices, etc are a world wide phenomenon. Its a bit strange for a free enterprise capitalist party such as the Republicans to blame the government rather than market forces. Inflation in particular has more to do with oligopolistic corporations leveraging the lack of competition to increase prices. Profits are now at a 25 year and plus high. The gov’t to blame for high fuel prices is Putin’s not Biden. Interestingly, infrastructure spending in rural America is higher under Biden. (Infrastructure spending always favors rural areas in per capita spending) Also worthy of note — the US (and Canada) infrastructure spending as a percentage of GDP is far lower than many other OECD countries Most spend close to 1% of GDP while Canada, US, and New Zealand spend half that.


  22. In loco parentis: My dad has a letter written from the university to my mom, telling her how my dad was doing in school. They were required to keep parents informed (or spouses if married). In place of parents meant communicating with the parents (even from state uni) to keep everybody in the loop, even though the student was paying his own way through school. It was not in place of parents as in “we know better than you how to do this so we will do it our way and leave you out of the loop.” I don’t believe they had trans closets at the time.


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