61 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-30-22

  1. The last day of April already.

    Yet another year zips past.

    Outside, the birds chatter in the dawn while the mourning doves coo.

    The cat has jumped into the window to inspect.

    We’ll be gardening today in the blue sunshine, a three year old in the midst of moving dirt.

    It should be lovely. Blessings on your Saturday!

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  2. We can’t get to all the grandchildren events, but we do make an effort to get to some. Like things you do for your children, it is not always pleasant or what you might want to do. That goes for playing games or reading sometimes, too. There is no time of life we are meant to live only for our own selfish desires. Having wisdom to make the right choices for spending time and money is always something to pray about.

    I was thinking Jo had a lot of drawers, but then started thinking about how many we have. Having two relatives now involved in downsizing makes me realize just how much stuff we have. The thought of it makes me tired. 😉

    I have some precious photos of gardening with a granddaughter. Have fun, Californian. We will have more rain. However, the road has now been graded a couple of times and the yard is drying out in a good way. The tint of green and the gift of buds are apparent. Blessings, indeed.

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  3. Good morning in Atlanta that began with Cheerios and almond milk.

    That is a lot of drawers Jo has to work on clearing out (last night’s thread). I need to do that here.

    I am struggling with figuring out how to share an attachment flyer file on this phone to Facebook. It seems I only have ability to share the link and not the picture within the link. I have one more thing to try. This is for a day writing retreat next weekend which I plan to attend.

    Later today I am suppose to attend a church kickoff program for a community prayer iniative that will include a video feed from Rosario Butterfield and her husband. My friend plans to go with me.

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  4. I have enjoyed hearing her speak electronically, Janice, and reading one of her books. Hope it is a good day, Janice. I get so frustrated with trying to get items here and there via computer, phone or whatever. Just trying to get pictures printed when they seem all over the place is frustrating.

    That fish knows how to rock a beard.

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  5. Good morning, all, except good night, Jo, though it is nearly Sunday morning there.

    We, too, are downsizing. Sending a car load of school books to daughter this weekend.

    Meantime, husband is hatching out a hundred or so chicks. He missed the memo. Downsize.

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  6. Our problem isn’t drawers (well, maybe a little), it’s boxes. Boxes of “we’ll need that someday” or “it’s fixable” or “we’ll give it to the grandchildren.”

    I think it’s partially genetic. My mother-in-law and her siblings all have “junk rooms” in their houses that never get cleaned out. But they will clean it someday.

    Someday never comes.

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  7. Yup. Boxes. I have a box that’s labelled: “Why did we keep sakes?”

    Having a large shop is not helpful in the downsizing, nor is living an hour from the closest city – it’s hard to have a garage sale or even list on line as no one wants to come this far out.

    I also have lots of drawers. Sigh.

    Husband comes home today from a work trip and seeing the twins.

    And!!!!!! The garden is finally showing through the snow! It should clear almost completely today as we are heading to 57F with sunshine – I may get to lie in my hammock as well – it’s so sheltered it will be at least 70F in that corner.

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  8. I had son take my hammock down when I came around the corner to find him throwing the old but not oldest cat onto it from about five feet away. Cat was not having fun. Boy was.

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  9. Rocking a beard is hard.

    It can get out of hand rather quickly. 🙂

    I’ll show you. I had some work done on mine this week. I’ll post them above.

    Be back.

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  10. Poor kitty!!! Like the time I found the neighbor girl dipping our sweet black and white ragdoll tuxedo outdoor cat into a big driveway puddle. He was much sweeter than Miss Bosley who would have clawed and bit over such bad treatment.

    I heard from my friend that a child she keeps has the flu so out of precaution she won’t be able to attend the church program. This is the friend I spent hours with yesterday at the home tour and then dinner. I hope flu is not in my near future!

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  11. Nice look, the real! Very Idaho back country. That is the look seventh son was shooting for last I saw him. Husband can’t do it though he can grow a random beard, but number five son and number nine don’t have any facial hair ability at all, or arms or legs.

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  12. Janice, but son is nearly sixteen. It is the same cat I found him mistreating when he was four. He never treats the other cat like that. And neither cat gives him any trouble. And he is allergic to the one he does not hurt! He does hold it a lot and I can tell when he sneaks it into his room at night because his eyes swell half closed. He has not done that for a couple of years though.

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  13. The fish somehow reminds me of Charlie the Tuna regarding its smile.

    Art got his hair colored and trimmed along with his gray beard trimmed yesterday. His hair had gone all gray during tax season. Must be the season!

    Your trim looks good, AJ.

    I was surprised when Wesley got rid of his beard. It was when he got the position as professor. I never asked him about it but did wonder why.
    Maybe all who interviewed him did not wear beards so he wanted to conform.

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  14. Looking quite spiffy there Aj! Husband has had mustache and beard for years.
    That is a beautiful fishy up there..it looks like some sort of Angel fish. I’ve only seen the gray/black Angel fish….never a “creamsicle” one! 😊
    It’s husband’s birthday today. I made a keto cake and lasagna….oldest daughter might drop in later on. He’ll probably have a nap….he and our neighbor went on an 18mile run first thing this morning… 💤 🏃‍♂️

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  15. And hey lady, maybe try watching your dang kid.

    That kid could have been swept away by waves and drowned in the 14 seconds you were un-attentive while the coyote attacked your kid.

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  16. You’ve been to the regional cat-throwing event, mumsee. but that wasn’t a grandchild.

    A little too late to fix the coyote issue here, I’m afraid. That ship has sailed a long time ago — but it also was a complicated matter to thin the packs within cities that are heavily populated with people . “Urban” coyotes go back (many) generations, now, with each litter learning not to fear humans. Guns cannot be discharged in the city, traps can’t be placed except on private property.

    And then you still have misguided folks who will still leave food out for wild animals, increasing their habituation to humans.

    Coyotes have become very accustomed to city life, some of them learning how to cross streets without getting hit. And they do show up, though rarely, on beaches.

    Attacks on people are rare but will increase as habituation grows even more.

    Meanwhile, most folks have changed their behavior somewhat, not casually leaving pet food stored outdoors and keeping a much closer watch on their pets.

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  17. Anyway, glad the toddler is going to be OK, though there will be tetanus treatments required and probably some mental trauma to get over. It did look like she held out a hand to the coyote.

    Hard to tell, but they appeared quite a ways up from the surf line where they were standing.

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  18. Coyotes are wild animals. So are deer. And moose. And bear. And mountain goats. And mountain lions. They all take advantage of what is available.

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  19. I decided to not go to the thing at church. If I had someone to attend with I would have. I am still feeling cautious about traffic around the church. Sunday morning is fine when they have officers directing people out. I do not know how other times are.


  20. Downsizing here is rather fun, especially since I have spent all year doing it. Some things I can think of someone who would really use it. Like taking a lovely, old fashioned basket to someone who is always picking and arranging flowers. I had two sets of dishes here, someone was getting greedy and wanting them, so I stubbornly decided to give them away to our school secretary. She was delighted.
    Our employees can and will use almost anything. And we have a table in the staff room where we can put free things.
    I told my friend I would give her my crockpot and she was delighted, then her husband came home with one he found at a sorta sale. It wasn’t large enough and she didn’t want to tell him. She told me last week that he was trying to cook a chicken in it and it wouldn’t fit. So now she happily wants mine again. I may take it over later today.

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  21. Wendy, my aide, came over yesterday with her son, Jediel. He wanted to personally thank me for all that I had done to help with his injury. I paid for a lot of the hospital bill and the helicopter flight. But the most fun was sending a pillow that helped elevate his leg and finding a very cozy polar fleece blanket for him.
    He is very shy so it took a while for him to get around to talking. Then I listened as Wendy told him that he needed to be praying for my leg and for my house to sell. What an honor.

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  22. I meant to say rabies.

    And my comment about guns not being “allowed” to be discharged in the city is, of course, violated all the time. lol

    There have been some interesting studies comparing “urban” coyotes with their wild cousins and the behaviors are pretty distinct. Urban coyotes are much less shy of people (though they are still ghost-like, in that you’ll see them one moment and then — poof — they’re got). So their behavior doesn’t follow the customary pattern of coyotes in the wild anymore.


  23. Hello everyone. Busy week here. Little Miss had ballet pictures Wednesday and yesterday she had to help me show a house. She took a power nap on the way. We were meeting one of my agents who isn’t licensed in Alabama. I got sooooo sleepy on the at that I stopped at a gas station and got complicated coffee. She got a blue icee. When I handed her off to her Mommy I laughed and told her good luck. She’s all yours.
    She also pointed out the Dollar General to me then across a parking lot waiting on Mommy she spotted a van with the name of the marina where Daddy works and told me so. I heard that Daddy brought home a ball cap with the marina name on it and told her is was her name. “No it’s not! That’s where you work”.

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  24. Another long-term church family (& elder) are heading off to Idaho (most others have gone to Texas). It’s been a pretty steady stream for the past few years.

    I sat outside again and chatted afterward with a woman who was also in our prior church, we agreed our former pastor would always be the best pastor we ever had — good preaching, but also such a warm, strong but non-judgmental, filled with humor. He’s not doing well, his one son has moved in with him (interesting as I believe this is the gay son, a schoolteacher, and the only one of the children who did not come to Christ; the other son is a minister in a Reformed denomination on the east coast).

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  25. We also were saying what a warm little fellowship we had “back then” (latter 1990s). Name of the church was “Grace” which was fitting. (Although that’s probably the most predominant church name for churches in our denomination.)

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  26. Foggy Monday morning here. Trying to straighten a bit as my haus meri is coming for the first time in a month. Korean neighbors brought me a meal last night. I barely know them, but I showed them my friends home, which they bought.
    You should have seen me admiring the plate of food and all that was in it. Trying to figure out if there were onions and if I could eat it. Only a few purple onions, which I took out, and then I ate it all.

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  27. Today was celebration of the pastor and his family taking on the responsibility of relaunching Rehoboth, my new church, ten years ago. It has been amazing what has been accomplished. We had a really big meal after church. Art did not attend as he needed to be at the office to say bye until next tax season to the person who cleans the office weekly fof Feb.-April. As it turned out, it was good he was not there because of the two long lines to wait in to get food. He can not stand and wait like that with his back issues.

    I got to go into the church library today. It is twice or three times as spacious as the one that got shut down at my old church.

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  28. Today the Bishop visited. He is calling it his farewell tour. The new Bishop will be installed by August. As I sat the it occurred to me that I was “received” into the Anglican Church on his first visit to us in 2011. I told him so on my way out. He laughed and said he was glad it stuck. I told him I was an Episcopalian for a long time. I wish him well in retirement.

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  29. We also had a potluck, but I didn’t see the email this week.

    Cleared off a kitchen counter this afternoon, which felt good, and washing up some of the dishtowels now.

    I really want to read and take a nap (one invariably turns into the otter), but I should go out and walk first.

    The knee has been painful today.

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  30. In my house, I have two dogs, two cats, and one preteen boy, with two adult women to (try to) keep them all in line. Not always an easy task, especially with the boy.

    After service today, we had an informal fellowship time in the foyer, enjoying the leftover dessert goodies from yesterday’s memorial service. We were even encouraged to take some home. So I took a napkin and wrapped up a few cookies to bring home. And I took one of the Oreo packages which contain six Oreos.

    Earlier, during communion, I was quietly giggling a little bit as I tried to peel back the top of the part with the wafer (in one of those pre-packaged communion thingies that came out during the pandemic), and accidentally also peeled the part with the juice, so I spilled a couple drops on my thumb. I was having quite a problem getting the wafer out, which is what caused me to giggle, but quietly. Finally got it out in time to partake with the others.


  31. We’re also still using the packaged communion elements — two plastic cups with lids, one for the wafer, the other for the wine.

    Once I also spilled wine on myself and the carpet.

    The cups are designed to fit together afterward, the lidded wine cup goes into the larger waver cup upside down, then the wafer cup lid fits perfectly over the top of everything (but takes a while to get it to snap on).

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  32. Our cups come with the wafer just on top of the wine cup. Sometimes it is difficult to peel back the outside plastic and then the wine cup covering. I have had to help my husband more than once. We had communion without those for the first time today and at the communion rail. The rail is going to be removed but can be put back. It has been an ongoing discussion recently. Some cannot kneel anymore.


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