14 thoughts on “News/Politics 4-27-22

  1. The left continues it’s meltdown now that Musk has bought Twitter.

    It’s the new “worst thing evah!” 🙂




    They seem to be taking it well. 🙂


  2. They’re so easily triggered. 🙂


    Hey, their rules…. The new right is just playing by them now too. 🙂



  3. Now, everything that got people banned on Twitter is back, in one easy to read post for your convenience.

    You’ll see such classics as…..

    “Black on black crime is a greater problem than white supremacy.”

    “There are no “birthing people.” There are only mothers.”

    “Joe Biden sniffs little girls.”

    “Planned Parenthood murders babies.”

    “COVID was created in a lab in China.”

    “Children who identify as trans are just abused.”

    “Men don’t have periods.”

    “Teachers who teach children gender identity should be arrested.”

    “Men cannot be women.”

    “Rachel Levine is a man.”

    And other sentences that used to get you banned. 🙂


  4. Enjoy!

    “Stocks sink as inflation, recession fears rattle Wall Street”


    “Stocks fell Tuesday as a steep decline in technology stocks deepened Wall Street’s losses after a brutal start to 2022.

    The Dow Jones Industrial Average was down more than 600 points shortly after 2 p.m. Tuesday, a decline of 1.8 percent. The Nasdaq composite was down 3 percent and the S&P 500 index had fallen 2 percent roughly two hours before the closing bell.

    Following a year of stellar gains, all three indexes have fallen since the start of the year as investors brace for the continued war in Ukraine, high inflation and the Federal Reserve’s attempts to cool off price growth to cut into corporate profits. Tech stocks that made up much of the market’s massive gains last year are among the leading forces behind the steady decline across Wall Street.

    The tech-heavy Nasdaq is down more than 20 percent on the year, falling into a bear market as shares of Apple, Meta, Alphabet, Netflix and Tesla plunge from record highs. All posted significant losses Tuesday, with a 10 percent drop in Tesla stock leading the index downward.”

    Leftists be mad at Tesla…. 🙂


  5. The poor victim who doxxed and outed her political enemies is now crying over being served her just desserts. 🙂


    She continues to lie and say she didn’t, but the internet remembers….



    She thinks she’s the victim…..

    Wow. They must feel just like your victim’s family and friends feel. Your rules, these guys are just playing by them now.

    And “violent attacks”? Really? When, where? Any actual proof of that? Didn’t think so.


  6. Nothing to see here, move along…. 🙄

    “Joe’s missing millions! Financial records reveal Biden had $5.2million in unexplained income – as emails show he paid Hunter’s legal bills for one megabucks Chinese deal and was tapped as ‘big guy’ to get a 10% cut in another

    Emails from Hunter’s laptop reveal Joe Biden agreed to pay his son’s legal fees for his deal with a Chinese government-controlled company

    Joe was able to pay the bills after earning millions of dollars through his and his wife’s companies after he left office as vice president

    But an analysis by DailyMail.com of the president’s financial records shows $5.2million is unexplained

    The ‘missing millions’ and emails on Hunter’s abandoned laptop suggest Joe would have a 10% share in Hunter’s blockbuster deal with the Chinese

    The revelation ties the president even closer to Hunter’s overseas business dealings, despite the White House’s denials”


    Must have been one of those senior moments, right Joe?


  7. Ruh-Roh…..

    “Durham’s latest: He has hundreds of e-mails between Fusion GPS and reporters

    Also – DARPA Contracts and Classified data”


    “Special Counsel John Durham just filed this motion in response to the efforts of Hillary for America, Fusion GPS, et al. to keep secret (by use of the attorney-client and work product privileges) communications involving Fusion GPS. You can read it here.

    Durham states the “purported privilege holders who have intervened do so in a case in which the defendant has denied representing any client when he brought the Russian Bank-1 allegations to the FBI.” The privilege controversy thus entraps Sussmann to a certain extent, seemingly precluding his denial that he was working on behalf of a client. Brilliant.

    Additionally, Durham casts doubt on the declaration of Marc Elias that Fusion GPS was retained to provide “legal advice.” Here he makes a key point:

    ”if rendering such advice was truly the intended purpose of Fusion GPS’s retention, one would also expect the investigative firm to seek permission and/or guidance from [Hillary for America] or its counsel before sharing such derogatory materials with the media or otherwise placing them into the public domain.”

    In support of that point, Durham states he is in possession of “hundreds of emails in which Fusion GPS employees shared raw, unverified, and uncorroborated information – including their own draft research and work product – with reporters.” (He even filed them under seal with the court.) ”


    “And here is Fusion GPS telling a WSJ reporter to call Adam Schiff or Diane Feinstein about Carter Page. This is solid evidence that Fusion GPS, by July 26, 2016, had briefed Schiff and Feinstein (and their staffers – including Daniel Jones, a person of interest in the Durham investigation) about their Trump/Russia “research.

    As Durham makes clear, no lawyers are copied in these e-mails and this doesn’t have anything to do with legal advice. And even if there were some type of privilege or work product, it was waived when Fusion GPS distributed the info to the press.

    There are a number of other important observations. The Fusion GPS witness who will testify is the “tech maven” referenced in their e-mails with the New York Times. This appears to be confirmation that Laura Seago will be the Fusion GPS employee to testify.”


    “One would rightly assume, then, that those trial subpoenas were issued to Robby Mook and John Podesta.

    Last Friday also saw this filing by Special Counsel Durham which also addressed evidentiary issues. It explained a “joint venture” starting in June 2016 by Rodney Joffe and his team of researchers to collect derogatory information on Trump and his associates. Durham described the goal of the joint venture to be: “to gather and disseminate derogatory non-public information regarding the internet activities of [Trump] and his associates.

    This “joint venture” – what is also called a conspiracy – continued into August 2016, where:

    Sussmann, Rodney Joffe, and “agents of the Clinton Campaign” met at the Perkins Coie office of Mark Elias where they discussed the same Alfa Bank allegations that Sussmann would give to the FBI. “The evidence will show that at the meeting, the parties agreed to conduct work in the hope that it would benefit the Clinton Campaign, namely, gathering and disseminating purportedly derogatory data regarding Trump and his associates’ internet activities.”

    In furtherance of this scheme, Durham states the evidence (much of which is already public) will show:

    An August 12, 2016 meeting with a co-founder of Fusion GPS (Steele or Fritsch) with Sussmann, Elias, and Rodney Joffe. This meeting was billed to the Clinton Campaign.

    Joffe enlisted the CEO of an internet company to “mine and analyze vast amount of Internet traffic for any derogatory information he and his employees could find about Trump and his associates’ internet connections and online communications.” This included those already targeted by Fusion GPS.

    Joffe’s coordination with his team of researchers (including those at Georgia Tech – one of whom has immunity) to compile what is now known as the Alfa Bank hoax.

    Joffe’s continued meetings with Fusion GPS and Perkins Coie, in which he made clear his desire to make sure the “VIPs” at Perkins Coie and the Clinton Campaign would be “happy” with the project.

    One final observation: DARPA and confidential data.

    The Sussmann indictment mentions “non-public Internet data” that was exploited by Joffe, et al, for the purposes of their political hit-job. This information was provided to Georgia Tech as part of a prospective contract with DARPA to “identify the perpetrators of malicious cyber-attacks and protect U.S. national security.” (More details here.) After the indictment, it was revealed that Durham’s team has interviewed former DARPA employees.

    Based on this information, we hinted that “there might be charges relating to the misuse of classified government data from DARPA.”

    We now have confirmation that this contract included classified information.”


  8. Yeah…. if only…. 🙄


    Indeed it would… an actual one….



  9. Good.

    “Judge Will Issue Restraining Order Halting Initial Steps To End Title 42

    Contrary to the media and social media headlines, this is not an injunction preventing the Biden administration from ending Title 42, as that issue is on track to be decided before the May 23 termination date.”


    “A federal Judge in the Western District of Louisiana has indicated he will grant a Temporary Restraining Order halting the Biden administration’s intial steps to end Title 42.

    Contrary to the media and social media headlines, this is not an injunction preventing the Biden administration from ending Title 42. A decision on that issue is on track to be determined by the Court prior to the announced May 23 end date. This TRO came about because Arizona and other states filed a Motion for TRO asserting that the government already was failing to apply Title 42, so a TRO was needed to preserve the status quo while the Court considered a previously filed Motion for a Preliminary Injunction.

    From the TRO motion (emphasis added):

    This is a suit challenging Defendants’ revocation of Title 42 (“Termination Order”), which Defendant CDC publicly stated was being delayed until May 23 “to enable DHS to … prepare for full resumption of regular migration under Title 8 authorities.” Termination Order (Dkt 1-1) at 5. Plaintiff States have sought a preliminary injunction to prevent that Termination Order from going into effect, and have agreed with Federal Defendants on a briefing schedule that would permit adjudication of that motion before May 23.

    It appears, however, that the Defendant Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”) and its Defendant subagencies are partially implementing the Termination Order already. Yesterday, a major media outlet reported that “Border Patrol is not using the Title 42 public health order to remove many migrants from the Northern Triangle countries of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, more than a month before the Biden administration lifts the order altogether,” according to “multiple Border Patrol sources.”1 DHS seems to admit it partially ended Title 42, on the basis that return flights to “certain non-contiguous countries” take too long to schedule.2 But DHS previously returned aliens to Mexico when flights were limited, and such action is the only one that aligns with public health harms detailed in the Title 42 Order, which is still in place. Thus, while Title 42 may be “technically still in place,” the reality on the ground is that DHS “has largely stopped using Title 42 to remove migrants from Northern Triangle countries, and is instead processing them via Title 8 and expedited removal.”3

    Minutes from a conference with the Judge indicate the Judge will grant the TRO, though no order has been signed as of this writing:”


  10. The Gaslighting Queen continues to push propaganda.

    It’s like she doesn’t know MSNBC has given her the job and she’s no longer interviewing for it. 🙂



  11. Meanwhile, people who actually visit the border are saying otherwise….

    Remember folks, Joe Biden built this. He’s the cartels biggest ally and is neck deep in this human trafficking operation.




    But Psaki said walls don’t work….. 🙄


  12. Do it. Make them pay. Speak in a language they understand.




  13. How’d that work out…. ? 🙂



    Well…… yes.



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