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  1. They’re just trying to force the vaccine boosters on parents, and the vaccines on children by attempting to blackmail the parents.

    Fight this idiocy.




  2. Don’t roll over.


    “Parents revolting against the perversion of their children draws fire

    The battle over public schools’ immoral stance”


    “Parents are up in arms from San Francisco to Florida and everywhere in between.

    They’ve had a good look at what the schools are doing to their children, and they don’t like it one bit. Naturally, the parents are being told to shut up and keep paying taxes to support an educational establishment that despises their values.

    The media, like the leftist teachers unions, reflexively cast parents as the bad guys.

    Fresh from its prominent role in gaslighting America for three years over the Russian collusion hoax, the “legacy” media are now eviscerating parents and politicians who are trying to protect children from early sexualization.

    Their ire is aimed at Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin and anyone who uses the term “grooming” to describe the schools’ blatant efforts to corrupt children sexually. “Grooming” means manipulating someone into a position of sexual vulnerability so they can be exploited.

    “Grooming claims [are] part of anti-LGBTQ push in GOP,” proclaimed last Thursday’s awkwardly written front-page Washington Post headline.

    It’s a typical “Republicans Pounce” scenario. When progressives are caught doing something profoundly wrong, and their actions elicit a response, the leftist media focuses on the response, as if that is the wrongful act.

    For example, Republicans questioned Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s abysmally light sentencing in child porn cases, so a Washington Post columnist put it this way: “The New Red Scare: Pedophilia.”

    In the battle over schools, resisting the perversion of children is the supposedly immoral stance.

    Here’s The Washington Post’s run-over-page headline: “GOP’s baseless insinuations of grooming come amid anti-LGBTQ onslaught.”
    The coverage includes a photo of a Michigan Democrat state senator who the Post says was “falsely accused of wanting to sexually groom children.” I don’t think “falsely” means what they think it means, especially when it refers to an opinion, not a set of facts. The senator clearly supports introducing small children to “gender identity” and “sexual orientation.” If it walks like grooming, talks like grooming and quacks like grooming …

    The senator in question walked out on an invocation in which a Republican senator prayed for children “under attack.” The Democrat then blasted the Republican as “hateful” for “targeting marginalized kids.”

    Remember, we’re talking about trying to protect 5-year-old girls from being terrified they might really be boys. Gender dysphoria, as author Abigail Shrier has chronicled in “Irreversible Damage,” is rampant among teen and even preteen girls, many of whom are seeking to have their breasts removed. How did this happen?”


    “The Post, whose not-intentionally-ironic motto is “Democracy Dies in Darkness,” called Mr. Youngkin a “tyrant” in an editorial. The governor has asked the legislature to amend a bill so that school board elections in Loudoun County, slated in 2023, would instead be held this November. Every eligible voter will get a chance to weigh in, including parents who support the board’s plunge into “wokeness.”

    Six school board members were named in recalls by an outraged public fed up with CRT, covered-up sexual assaults and sexually explicit materials. No wonder the Post wants things to cool off before the voters have a say.

    The trend toward parents reasserting their authority is spreading, with home-schooling soaring and private schooling getting a new lease on life. In Loudoun County, Cornerstone Chapel, a large nondenominational church in Leesburg, has purchased a 50-acre former private school in Middleburg, Virginia, and will open a new Christian academy in the fall of 2023.

    Meanwhile, more states are considering anti-grooming measures. These include Georgia, Ohio, Louisiana, Arizona, Indiana, Oklahoma, Kansas and Tennessee, according to The Washington Times. Texas and even New York are poised to join the tide.

    It’s all part of a parents’ revolt across the nation that can’t come any too soon and is scaring “progressives” to death. ”


    Push back against this exploitation of children.


  3. Use their tactics against them. They made the rules, it’s time the right side starts playing the same game. They hate that most.

    “The Disney-DeSantis Dust-up Leaves the Left Outraged Their Tactics Were Used Against Them”


    “Funny how the people comfortable attacking private businesses hate when DeSantis uses their playbook.

    The current issue du semaine involves the state of Florida passing legislation to strip the Walt Disney Company of the special governmental set-asides it has enjoyed for generations. There are valid positions to be made on both sides of this issue. Initially, I have some reservations about this; it is not an automatic comfort with the direct action being taken in this kind of swift manner, but the more I reflect on the matter, it seems to be a case approaching inevitability.

    On the left, we see many taking the side that this is a direct violation of free speech, and that Disney should not be punished for speaking its mind as a corporation. Yet, this is a touch on the melodramatic side, as Disney is not being curtailed from public statements. But there is certainly an amount of glossing over realities in this debate. It is not as simple as a company innocently leveling an opinion and catching reprisals.

    The company has elected to enter the public arena on the Florida parental rights law, focusing on the component that addresses the content that is offered to the youngest students, and pledging to fight and assist in getting the law repealed. To put it bluntly: Disney wants to take up action against a law that has no direct impact on its operations. Nothing in HR-1557 had any involvement in the operations of Disney, yet CEO Bob Chapek has promised to take up the fight.

    The amusement that Ron DeSantis has committed a grave offense is belied by a recent angry rant we saw from Abigail Disney, one of the scions of the House Of Mouse empire. The heiress gave a lengthy tirade where she scorched the GOP politicians and called out for an end to cozy business agreements between her company and the state. Now, as DeSantis follows through with her emotional proposal, somehow he is seen as in the wrong.

    In response, Ron DeSantis and the Florida legislature passed new legislation that sees the sunsetting of the Reedy Creek Improvement District, a provision from the 1960s that granted Disney autonomy in its 40-square-mile district, allowing it free rein to construct and operate as it sees fit for its theme park needs. It is estimated this could end up costing the company upwards of $200 million.

    The bafflement comes from those voices expressing outrage at the temerity of DeSantis to enact this move against a business — as if this has not already been the common practice from those on the left. Colorado’s governor Jared Polis gave a presser where he boldly invited Disney and Twitter to his state, over DeSantis’ comments. His ignorance was on full display, as he clearly was unaware that Twitter already has a headquarters in Boulder, but he also is unaware that his business-friendly message was stunted by his own state’s history.

    Recall the perpetual legal battles of Masterpiece Cake Shop, in Lakewood, Colorado, when that business was forced into compliance with serving gay wedding events against its religious policy. In similar fashion, businesses across the country faced similar mandates. There was the Memories Pizza controversy, as well as a New Mexico wedding photographer, a Washington florist, a Kentucky clothing company, and surely others. In all of these cases, a business was targeted by laws and legal action to alter its standards and practices.

    DeSantis is doing no such thing in regards to Disney. His response is to hostile action by a corporation targeting legislation, and in response, the state government is removing a provision the company has been granted. This leads to peals of outrage that First Amendment rights are being violated. This is not the case. Disney is not being halted from speaking out, nor is there a direction on them to alter its business operations, like in the cases above.

    It also places leftists and members of the media in the awkward position – for them – of defending a version of corporate welfare. But in reality, they also ignore that the First Amendment, while allowing freedom of expression, does not mean you are free from experiencing the ramifications of your words. Disney is not being forced into silence, nor compelled to change its practices. The company chose to enter a political fight; it is in no way protected from being hit.”


  4. This is good versus evil. It’s time to choose a side America.

    “Libs Of TikTok Vs. The Regime

    The Washington Post’s targeting of the anonymous account is just the latest flare-up in a cultural, spiritual, and political war.”


    “Writing in the New York Times on Friday, Jamelle Bouie—a far-left scribbler who has done as much as anyone to mainstream race radicalism in 2020s America—presents Richard Hofstadter’s numbskull analysis of “the function of the Great Inquisition of the 1950’s…[as] not anything so simply rational as to turn up spies or prevent espionage, or even to expose actual Communists, but to discharge resentments and frustrations, to punish, to satisfy enmities whose roots lay elsewhere than in the Communist issue itself.”

    This misreading of history is then spun into a misreading of current affairs, whereby “the crusade against ‘critical race theory’ and the slanderous campaign against L.G.B.T.Q. educators and education” become “yet another witch hunt against those [whom conservatives] perceive as enemies of American society, using whatever state power they happen to have at their disposal.”

    Bouie’s public confusion ran under the headline “Democrats, You Can’t Ignore the Culture Wars Any Longer.” He seems to think that the left, up to this point, has simply stayed above the fray, operating on the assumption “that Democrats can lose only if they engage this culture war, and that they’ll be on safer ground if they can deliver in Washington and run on their policy achievements without getting into the muck with Republicans.”

    As Mr. Bouie surely knows, privilege is invisible to those who have it. The left has never had to wage the culture war with the same intensity as the right because the entirety of the American power structure is aligned in service of left-wing cultural interests.

    Case in point: The Washington Post‘s recent hit piece on the previously anonymous Twitter account @LibsofTikTok and its now-doxed operator.

    Libs of TikTok has become something of a sensation over the past year, with a simple strategy: repost clips of progressive extremists (many of them teachers) and let every would-be groomer hoist zimself with zer own petard. For the simple act of amplifying already public videos, the account received multiple suspensions from the notoriously partial overlords of Twitter. But Libs of TikTok saw tangible, positive results as well: multiple unfit public-school teachers disciplined or terminated for things they posted online which might have gone unnoticed but for Libs of TikTok’s intervention.

    The account drew the attention of Taylor Lorenz, a middle-aged progressive activist and de facto TikTok publicist who identifies as “a columnist at The Washington Post covering technology and online culture.” On Tuesday, Lorenz published an expose of sorts on the viral Twitter phenomenon. Sourced exclusively by left-wing activists, including an LGBTQ program director for Media Matters and a media strategist for the ACLU, the piece unmasks the anonymous owner of the account and casts her as a key player in “the right-wing media outrage cycle.” Upon initial publication, the Post even included a link to the woman’s home address. (The link has now been removed, and WaPo senior managing editor Cameron Barr denies ever having published it—an easily disproven lie.)

    This comes just weeks after Lorenz broke down on camera during an MSNBC segment on the online harassment of women under 35. (Why exactly Lorenz—who has lied about her age repeatedly but must be somewhere between 37 and 43—would be consulted on anything to do with women under 35 is a mystery.) Lorenz claimed to have suffered “severe PTSD” from the opposition to her controversial work, then broke into a tearless ugly-cry while continuing, “You feel like any little piece of information that gets out on you will be used by the worst people on the internet to destroy your life.”

    In the wake of the Libs of TikTok doxing, many conservatives have accused Lorenz of hypocrisy. They’re not exactly wrong, but it’s worth asking what they think they’re going to accomplish by pointing it out. Taylor Lorenz is no more an impartial reporter than the Washington Post is an impartial outlet. Both are ideological enforcers in service of the liberal ruling class. (Literally: Let’s not forget that the Post is owned by Jeff Bezos.) Taylor Lorenz is not even pretending to just seek out the truth. If she were, she would have written a very different piece than the one published this week. It could not have been produced for any other purpose than the destruction of an enemy. She’s not a hypocrite; she’s an operator.

    Anyone who hasn’t yet should look through the videos that sent Lorenz into attack mode. Some of them are downright sickening. The worst of them would prove the existence of demons to any unbeliever. They leave very little doubt that a radical sexual agenda is being pushed on the next generation of Americans, not just by the over-powered and disproportionately left-wing teachers to whom their rearing has been outsourced, but by the Big Tech censors, the Silicon Valley oligarchs, the mainstream media, higher academia, and the plurality of government bodies with any ability to act.”


  5. The next two are related….



  6. Good. Your 401K likes this idea.

    “Former McDonald’s CEO Organizes “The Boardroom Initiative” to Fight Woke Corporations

    “Corporations have no business being on the right or the left because they represent everybody there and their sole job is to build equity for their investors””


    “Many Americans have clearly had enough of large corporations pushing leftist “woke” agendas along with their product and services.

    And one of those Americans, who is the former CEO of one of the largest corporations in this country, is more than annoyed. He has established a new group to counter woke corporatism.

    Former McDonald’s CEO Ed Rensi said companies have “no business” being in politics — and has launched a conservative initiative to fight “woke” corporate policies.

    The 78-year-old — who led the Golden Arches from 1991 to 1997 — spearheaded The Boardroom Initiative to push back against boardrooms of American corporations that have become too politicized, Fox Business reported.

    “Corporations have no business being on the right or the left because they represent everybody there and their sole job is to build equity for their investors,” the man who thought up Chicken McNuggets told Fox Business.

    The initiative intends to defend shareholders and employees of public companies from “woke” policies and to ensure corporate accountability.

    Its goal is to protect share holders and employees of publicly traded companies from ‘woke’ policies, which the group says imperil profits and thus betray the very shareholders who pay corporation staffs’ wages.

    The Boardroom Initiative also aims to counter left-wing groups’ decision to buy up stocks in the businesses until they raise enough clout to lobby the board to adopt woke policies on issues including gender and race.

    The Free Enterprise Project, an existing body which has joined forces with The Boardroom Initiative, has laid out a blueprint to tackle woke overreach.

    The first target of The Boardroom Initiative is The Bank of America.”


  7. This is sad, and it was completely preventable.







    Biden built this.


  8. Biden caught in yet another lie. He was dirty then as VP, and he’s dirty now.

    “Yes, Joe Biden met with Hunter’s business partner as Veep”


    “On the rare occasions when anyone in the press has dared to ask Joe Biden about his relationships with his son Hunter’s dodgy business partners, the elder Biden has assured us that he was never involved with them and he didn’t really discuss such things with his son. But more evidence has emerged showing that that was a load of malarkey. The New York Post has obtained some of the visitor logs from the Obama presidency and the documents reveal that Eric Schwerin, president of Rosemont Seneca Partners at that time, made at least nineteen trips to the White House during the Obama-Biden administration. And at least one of those trips included a sit-down meeting with Vice President Biden. For someone who didn’t know anything about Hunter’s business affairs, “the Big Guy” was certainly rather chatty with them.

    Hunter Biden’s closest business partner made at least 19 visits to the White House and other official locations between 2009 and 2015, including a sitdown with then-Vice President Joe Biden in the West Wing.

    Visitor logs from the White House of former President Barack Obama reviewed by The Post cast further doubt over Joe Biden’s claims that he knew nothing of his son’s dealings.

    Eric Schwerin met with Vice President Biden on November 17, 2010 in the West Wing, when he was the president of the since-dissolved investment fund Rosemont Seneca Partners.

    The exact quote that Joe Biden gave on the campaign trail in 2019 was, “I have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings.” Does that really make any sense at this point?

    The visitor logs also reveal that Schwerin not only met directly with Joe Biden, but he had multiple meetings with some top aides to both Joe and Jill Biden. And this was all taking place during the same era when Rosemont Seneca Partners was closing some very lucrative (for Hunter) deals with companies in China that were subsidiaries of the Chinese Communist Party.

    You will recall that Eric Schwerin’s name has shown up before in records involving Biden Incorporated. Earlier this month, even more messages from Hunter Biden’s infamously abandoned laptop revealed that Schwerin had access to and at least partial control of a joint bank account shared by Joe and Hunter Biden. He was depositing checks into the account for the Vice President and writing checks to Hunter to cover expenses at Joe’s two Delaware mansions. The money was mixing and mingling in a way that makes it rather implausible to claim that the father and son’s business dealings were entirely separate.

    The White House has desperately been trying to erase Hunter Biden’s business dealings from the record for some time now and they’ve had plenty of help from various arms of the media. In fact, Wikipedia recently deleted its entire entry for Rosemont Seneca. And even though the New York Times finally admitted that the Hunter laptop story was real (if not spectacular) more than a year after Biden was safely in office, you still rarely see the subject raised in respectable news outlets. I mean, we wouldn’t want to be rude about this, right?”


    The Biden Crime Family is corrupt, from the top down….


  9. Here’s an update on the Democrats latest scam.

    They figure if this works here, they can use it to keep Trump out of the next election. That’s the real goal.

    “The MTG inquisition has really been something to see”


    “Few things seem to upset Democrats these days as much as Georgia Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene showing up in the news. In case you somehow missed the story, with the Republican primary coming up next month in the Peach State, Georgia Democrats are so desperate to get Greene off the stage that they have cooked up a plan to try to keep her off the ballot and declare her “ineligible” for another term in the seat she already holds. The basis for this claim is an obscure section of the 14th Amendment. Democrats claim that Greene “helped facilitate an insurrection or rebellion” ahead of the January 6, 2021, Capitol Hill riot. During hearings held Friday in Atlanta, Greene was acting “hostile” during questioning according to the Associated Press.

    U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene was hostile during testimony Friday in a hearing on her eligibility to run for reelection, saying she did not remember liking and making various social media posts surrounding the attack on the U.S. Capitol last year and accusing an opposing lawyer of using chopped videos and twisting her words.

    Voters in the Georgia congresswoman’s district have said Greene helped facilitate the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection that disrupted certification of President Joe Biden’s victory, making her ineligible for reelection under a rarely cited section of the 14th Amendment dealing with “insurrection or rebellion.”

    But Greene — who, the day before the Capitol riot, proclaimed on TV that this is “our 1776 moment” — testified that she’s never endorsed violence.

    Of course she was acting “hostile.” How would you react if you had to sit there and listen to hours of this sort of claptrap?

    The entire premise of these hearings borders on the absurd. By accusing Greene of taking part in an “insurrection,” they are accusing one of the people who was hiding in the hallways inside of the Capitol after the rioters broke down the doors. Even if you believe that the riot actually qualifies as an “insurrection” instead of a riot (a dubious claim at best), Greene wasn’t out on the steps breaking in. She was one of the people who were in danger of running afoul of the trespassers.

    Of course, the people accusing Greene of this heinous charge aren’t foolish enough to claim that she took part in the riot. They are basing these charges on social media posts she either made or “liked” and interviews she gave ahead of the riot. In other words, she’s being accused of insurrection or rebellion in the form of… talking. As her attorneys have already pointed out during these hearings, Greene has the same right as anyone else to engage in protected political speech.”


  10. “There Is a Logical Alternative to the Legal Circus That’s Engulfed Marjorie Taylor Greene”


    “With the ongoing war in Ukraine, rising inflation, exploding gas prices, anemic jobs growth, recession warnings, and Joe Biden’s utter and complete incompetence, I forgot about the legal challenge facing Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA).

    She’s facing a lawsuit that’s alleging she facilitated the attack on the US Capitol on January 6. The left cannot let this go. Everyone else couldn’t care less. We have moved on and have other more pressing matters of life to deal with right now.

    The legal challenge is aimed at preventing her from running for re-election. Her social media posts have been logged as evidence—I’m not making this up. A duly elected member of Congress could be barred from running because…she exercised her First Amendment rights. She didn’t plot or plan the January 6 riot. The whole matter is a circus. She gave testimony in this legal proceeding on Friday (via NBC News):

    Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., on Friday repeatedly deflected questions about her involvement in the Capitol riot on Jan. 6, 2021, and efforts by former President Donald Trump to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election.

    Free Speech for People, an election and campaign finance reform organization, filed a lawsuit last month on behalf of a group of Georgia voters, alleging that Greene facilitated the attack on the Capitol. Greene testified under oath for nearly four hours as a witness during the hearing, as challengers make their case against her eligibility to run for re-election.

    Greene was asked numerous questions about if she had any connection to the events that occurred on Jan. 6, 2021, and in the days leading up to the riot. The congresswoman said she was aware people had planned to come to Washington, D.C., to “support our objection” to the election results in Congress.


    “I don’t remember” was an answer she gave frequently during the hearing Friday.

    She offered the same response when asked if she had spoken to anyone in the White House about Jan. 6, and said she couldn’t “recall” if anyone had ever mentioned to her that the events could turn violent.

    Pointing to the 14th Amendment’s prohibition on anyone who “engaged in insurrection or rebellion” from running for federal or state office, the suit alleges that Greene is ineligible to run because she engaged in obstructing the transfer of presidential power, in part through her rhetoric challenging the election results.

    This is a clown show. There was no insurrection or rebellion. Sorry, feelings are not facts, liberal America. We know you have plenty of feelings, you ooze feelings. More barrels of…feelings have leaked out of you than the BP oil spill. It doesn’t change the fact that this is a pile of hot garbage.

    If there was evidence, Trump would be indicted by now, right? He isn’t because there is none. The select committee on this little riot was set up to be the Democrats’ saving grace for 2022. Joe Biden’s failed agenda screwed all of that up, not that it would have saved them anyway because NO ONE cares about the riot anymore. If they have nothing on Trump, and they don’t, then there’s nothing on MTG.

    Also, you can almost taste the disdain from reading the print in that NBC piece, the insinuation that she’s hiding something. January 6 was over a year ago. Memories are lost. People can’t recall things. People forget. There’s a scene in “12 Angry Men” with Henry Fonda where he corners a juror who claimed to have perfect memory when debating to hand down a guilty verdict for a man accused of murder. I’m sure you’ve seen the film. That juror couldn’t remember the double feature he paid to see the previous week.

    MTG is a firebrand. She’s a bomb thrower, and every now and then, she does post something that’s a tad extreme. That’s not illegal. That’s not disqualifying. There are these things called elections. If you don’t like her, vote her out. That’s the logical route here, not a lawsuit. “


  11. Interesting…..

    Is someone trying to destroy the US food processing system?

    “What’s With All the Food Processing Plants Blowing Up Lately?”


    “A weird trend has emerged over the past few months that seems statistically unlikely. A number of factories, logistical centers, and food processing plants have caught fire or exploded, including two that had planes crash on them. More and more people have noticed and wondered about the trend on social media. Of course, this has caused the conspiracy theorists to come out in force, so one must make a sober assessment without jumping to conclusions. But man, this is weird. With all the negative pressures on our economy and supply chains, and even Joe Biden talking about global food shortages over the next several months, one has to wonder what’s going on here.

    One large logistics center going up in flames is enough to sit up and take notice. That happened at a Walmart distribution center in Indianapolis on March 21, requiring over 350 firefighters to extinguish:

    Around 1,000 employees were inside a Walmart Fulfillment Center in Plainfield, near Indianapolis, Wednesday afternoon when a fire broke out.

    Crews battled the blaze as the fire sent large plumes of smoke into the air, visible from miles away.

    By Friday, Plainfield Fire Territory Fire Chief Brent Anderson said the fire was out, although crews moving debris are still suppressing hot spots.

    “We are working our 50th hour since this event started at about noon on Wednesday,” Anderson said.

    A second Walmart Fulfillment Center is located next to one that caught fire. The second building closed Wednesday and remained closed Thursday due to its proximity to the burning building.

    The facility that caught fire is about 1.2 million square feet, about the size of 20 football fields. Fire crews had the fire contained to the first Walmart fulfillment Center building, officials said.

    A fire of that size is big enough to cause temporary, localized disruptions in an already stressed supply chain. Reviewing media reports going back six months, a larger trend emerges.”

    “An explosion caused significant damage at Shearer’s Foods in Hermiston, Ore. in February, leaving seven workers injured. In April, a Salinas, Calif. food processing plant suffered a large fire that threatened to cause an ammonia explosion, leading to local evacuations.

    A large fire two weeks ago at the Port of Benicia in California took over 24 hours to extinguish, leading to fears of further gas price hikes:

    It took firefighters just over 24 hours to put out a four-alarm fire at the port of Benicia that broke out Saturday afternoon. While investigators look for the cause of the fire, the port and the companies that use it are assessing how big an economic impact the fire will have in the Bay Area.

    The Valero refinery uses the Benicia port to offload crude oil from freighters. The fire damaged a conveyor belt that transports a byproduct of the refining process called petroleum coke which must be eliminated. Energy experts say that, if Valero can’t get rid of the petroleum coke, it will disrupt their ability to produce gasoline.

    “Any kind of a supply constraint like this will tend to push (gas) prices up,” said Dave Hackett, chairman of Stillwater Associates, a transportation and energy consulting company based in Irvine.

    This after a gas pipeline in Michigan exploded in March.

    On April 19, a fire destroyed the Azure Standard Headquarters in Dufur, Ore. The CEO said:

    For our customers, three primary product groups are affected due to the destroyed automated liquid pour facility, fruit packing facilities and carob products facilities. Because of this, we will experience out-of-stock status for Azure Market oils, honey and vinegars – basically any Azure Market liquid product – as well as our carob products for the short term. We are not yet at fruit harvest, so no immediate impact will be experienced from the loss of our fruit packing facility. None of the products we distribute for our vendors will be affected.

    In March, a fire destroyed a potato plant in Belfast, Maine:

    The large fire at a potato processing plant in Belfast is expected to have ripple effects across Maine’s agriculture industry.

    The Penobscot McCrum plant processed Maine-grown spuds into products sold around the country.

    A fire tore through the building Thursday morning, destroying the facility and leaving the 138 people who work there without a job.

    Don Flannery, executive director of the Maine Potato Board, said the loss of the plant will have a negative impact on the state’s potato growers.

    “I think everyone wants to do everything they can to get that plant back because it’s important in our industry. It has a very unique place in the market, Flannery said.”


    Have the eco-terrorists upped their game?


  12. It’s fine…..

    “Baltimore has been expunging the criminal records of felons and people are dying”


    “For some time now we have covered the disappointing and dangerous trends in the courts of Baltimore, Maryland that make it harder to convict criminals of anything. This has resulted in the same “revolving doors” in the jails and courthouses that we see today in so many large cities. But in Charm City, they’ve taken this trend another large step further. In addition to making it harder to lock anyone up, for the smaller number of people who do manage to be apprehended and prosecuted, they’ve been erasing the criminal records of many of them. This makes it impossible for the public to research potential problems and removes information that prosecutors may need when the individual is arrested again and they have to determine the charges to be filed. In an editorial at the Baltimore Sun this week, former Deputy State’s Prosecutor Page Croyder describes the damage that these changes have wreaked on the legal system and the impacts they have had on the citizens.

    First, the legislature expanded the law on expungement to, beginning Oct. 1, 2021, automatically expunge any case that prosecutors drop or that results in acquittal after three years or sooner if the defendant files a waiver agreeing not to hold anyone liable for the charges against him or her. That means no member of the public can access the record. (Expungement does not apply if a defendant is convicted on any one count of a charging document.)

    Case Search, the Maryland judiciary’s online archive of court cases and “the primary way that the public may search for records of court cases,” according to its website, goes even further to block information from the public. As of January 2021, criminal and traffic cases that prosecutors abandon or dismiss, or the defendant is acquitted or found not guilty, are suppressed from view in the archive, leaving no public record of the arrest.

    This goes beyond automatic expungement in that (1) a dismissed case instantly disappears and (2) any count not resulting in conviction also disappears. Not only can’t the public see when prosecutors completely drop a case, we can’t determine what counts were dismissed in a plea bargain.”


  13. Remember, they know where you live….





  14. Yes please. 🙂

    “GOP Gains Could Be Twice What the Cook Political Report Predicts

    Establishment pundits wildly underestimate the degree to which COVID policies have hurt Democrats.”


    “Voters appear poised to clobber the party that brought us COVID lockdowns, mask and vaccine mandates, and inflation. Indeed, rising inflation has largely resulted from COVID-related disincentives to work, disrupted supply chains, and blowout spending, along with federal restrictions on oil and gas production. It’s perhaps surprising, therefore, that the Cook Political Report foresees Republican gains in the House of Representatives as being only “in the 15-25 seat range,” while its projections suggest that Democrats have at least a coin flip’s chance of holding the Senate.

    In a widely read piece, Cook’s Amy Walter grants that “both sides see the possibility of a Red Tsunami in 2022” and that “every metric we use . . . point[s] to huge gains for the GOP this fall.” Walter nevertheless remains skeptical that a big Republican wave will materialize, in part because “districts are more polarized than ever,” leaving fewer competitive seats on the board. Her skepticism, however, is also rooted in (and perhaps informs) which numbers she chooses to use in her analysis.

    “In every midterm election since 2006,” Walter writes, “the party in the White House has seen its share of the two-party House vote (the popular vote for the House) drop by anywhere from 6.5 to 17 points from the previous presidential election.” She then projects the Democrats could see their share of the House vote drop by 6.6 points—essentially matching the low end of the historical range she cites—which she says could result in a net loss of 15 to 25 Democratic House seats.

    Walter calculates this prospective 6.6-point shift from Democrats to Republicans by comparing the RealClearPolitics average for the generic congressional ballot, which favored Republicans by about 3.5 points at the time of her writing, with the national House vote in 2020, which the Democrats won by 3.1 points. Interestingly, she chose to compare the current generic congressional ballot with prior election results, rather than comparing the generic congressional ballot at this point in 2022 with the generic congressional ballot at this point in 2020, which would suggest how much things have changed over the past two years. Comparing the generic congressional ballots across the two years shows a prospective swing of 10.9 points between Democrats’ 7.4-point advantage on April 22, 2020 and Republicans’ 3.5-point advantage on April 22, 2022—rather than the 6.6-point swing of which Walter writes.

    “So, what would a 6.6 point shift to the right look like?” Walter asks. “At a very crude level, we could say that it would shift the 2020 vote margin in every CD, about 7 points more Republican.”

    Oddly, however, she then pulls Joe Biden into the picture, writing, “So, for example, a district that Biden carried 52 percent to 45 percent (+7) would become a jump ball (50-50) in 2022.” She adds, “Or, a better way to think about it is that any district Biden carried by less than 7 points would be in danger of flipping to the GOP.” Walter observes, “there are only 21 districts where Biden’s margin was fewer than seven points,” and “eight of those 21” are already held by Republicans. This would suggest that GOP gains might be on the order of 13 seats (21 minus 8), lower even than Walter’s projected range of 15 to 25.

    The shift that would really matter, however, is the shift in the House vote, not the shift in the House vote in relation to the presidential vote.

    The Democrats won 31 House races in 2020 by 7 points or less (or by less than 7.5 points, to be more exact). Most of those Democratic-held seats will presumably be quite vulnerable in 2022. If the shift in party support, however, is more like the 10.9-point difference between the current generic congressional ballot and the one from two years ago, that would bring even more Democratic-held seats into play.

    In 2020, the Democrats won 41 House races by 10 points or less (or by less than 10.5 points, to be more exact). Extending that range by another three points encompasses another dozen districts where Democratic incumbents are up for reelection. In addition, in another five districts in which Democrats won by an average of just under 15 points (California’s 9th Congressional District, Florida’s 7th and 22nd Congressional District, New York’s 4th Congressional District, and Rhode Island’s 2nd Congressional District), early retirements have put even more seats into play.

    On the flip side, although the latest census favored Republicans, it appears this advantage has been negated, and then some, by redistricting. While redistricting seems to have had little effect across most of the country, blatant gerrymandering by Democrats in New York and Illinois will likely cost Republicans about a half-dozen seats in relation to how many they likely would have won under the old map. In those two states combined, redistricting cut the number of GOP-leaning districts by more than half, from 15 to seven. No Republican-led states were as ruthless in targeting Democratic districts. (Florida’s new map—proposed by Governor Ron DeSantis and approved by the Florida legislature—which the mainstream media has roundly criticized while remaining mostly silent about Illinois and New York—would cut the number of Democratic-leaning seats by less than a fifth, from 11 to nine.)

    Despite these challenges in the Empire and Prairie states, Republicans appear poised to make big gains in the House. Indeed, putting all of this together, GOP gains in the House could be twice as large as the midpoint of Walter’s projection. While things could change over the next six months (although the cake is probably largely baked), a GOP gain of 30 to 40 House seats appears more likely at this stage of the contest than Walter’s projected GOP gain of 15 to 25 seats.

    The Cook Political Report also suggests the Democrats have at least an even-money chance of holding the Senate—a bet that not even most Democratic operatives would take. ”


    Dirty redistricting tricks and election fraud are what Dems are banking on.


  15. “Are Democrats and Joe Biden up to their old election tricks?”

    Of course they are. It worked last time around, so they’ll try it again.


    “Over the last 16 tortuous months of the Biden presidency, it’s become clear that the Democrats are running on empty.

    They are not even trying to reset their electorally poisonous policies.

    Politically this means they are heading for annihilation at the midterms. Yet they appear curiously relaxed, as if winning elections is no longer a priority.

    One thing you know is that the Dems are not hiding under the duvet sucking their thumbs. Like the Fantastic Mr. Fox, they have a cunning plan.

    They might not be any good at governing, but when it comes to seizing power by foul means or fair, they are world-class.

    Which brings us to the thorny question of the 2020 election. Most Americans agree something wasn’t quite right about the new rules imposed under cover of COVID.

    Forget Sidney Powell’s harebrained Kraken that never materialized.

    There were lots of ways Democrats tried to tilt the playing field in their favor, some more successfully than others. Their pals in Big Tech censoring The Post’s Hunter Biden laptop coverage before the election was one triumph.

    Now pesky evidence is starting to emerge of systematic schemes to subvert the electoral process — which must not be allowed to happen again if we are to restore faith in elections.

    Following ‘mules’
    The most compelling evidence to date has emerged in “2000 Mules,” the upcoming documentary by conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza, who draws on research by election integrity group True The Vote to expose suspicious ballot harvesting.

    Using cellphone geotracking and surveillance video, it shows a network of “mules” in battleground states busily collecting ballots from get-out-the-vote NGOs and stuffing them, a few at a time, into multiple drop boxes in the dead of night.

    The extent of the operation is jaw-dropping.

    True the Vote bought three trillion geo-location signals from cellphones that were near drop boxes and also near election nonprofits, from Oct. 1, 2020, through to the election on November 3. In Georgia the end date covered the Jan. 6, 2021, run-off.

    Then they went searching for “mules,” operatives who picked up ballots from election NGOs — such as Stacey Abrams’ outfit, “Fair Fight Action” — and then carried them to different drop boxes, depositing between three to 10 ballots in each box before moving to the next.

    Catherine Engelbrecht, founder of True the Vote, chose the term “mule” because “it felt a lot like a cartel, it felt like trafficking . . . This is in its essence ballot trafficking . . . You have the collectors. You have the stash houses, which are the nonprofits. And then you have the mules that are doing the drops.”

    Data analyst Gregg Phillips set a threshold for each mule to visit at least 10 drop boxes within a defined area and at least five visits to one or more NGOs.

    For example, in the Atlanta-metro area they drew a line around 309 drop boxes and bought all the cellphone data of people that had been near those drop boxes and NGOs.

    That narrowed the search to 2,000 mules.

    Then they went looking for public surveillance camera footage of those drop boxes. In all they found 4 million minutes across the country.

    The results are stunning. When a mule is matched with video, you can see the scheme come to life.

    A car pulls up at a drop box after midnight. A man gets out, looks around surreptitiously, approaches the box, stuffs in a handful of ballots and hightails it out of there. Then he goes to the next box, again and again.

    After Dec. 23, 2020, Phipps noticed mules in Georgia started wearing gloves. He pinpoints the change to an indictment for ballot stuffing handed up in Arizona on December 22. “The way the FBI nailed them was fingerprints.” After that, mules started wearing gloves.

    The data pattern is unmistakable, as D’Souza shows a spider web of routes taken by various mules between NGOs and drop boxes.

    For each of the 2,000 mules the average number of drop box visits was 38, with an average five ballots deposited per visit. That’s 380,000 suspect votes.

    D’Souza breaks down the numbers to see if they would have changed the outcome of the election.

    In Michigan, 500 mules averaged 50 drop box visits, at five ballots per drop, giving you 125,000 suspect votes, not enough to overwhelm Biden’s 154,000-vote advantage over Trump.

    In Wisconsin, 100 mules averaged 28 drop box visits each, which gives us 14,000 suspect votes, 6,000 votes short of giving Trump the win.

    But in Georgia, where 250 mules averaged 24 drop box visits each, we get 30,000 suspect votes, more than enough to overcome Biden’s 12,000 vote advantage. D’Souza moves Georgia’s 16 electoral votes into the Trump column.

    In Arizona, 200 mules averaging 20 drop box visits makes 20,000 suspect votes, giving another 11 hypothetical electoral votes to Trump.

    In Philadelphia alone, 1,100 mules averaged 50 drop box visits giving us 275,000 suspect votes which would flip the Pennsylvania result to Trump, giving him another 20 electoral votes.

    “Shockingly, even this narrow way of looking at just our 2,000 mules in these swing states gives Trump the win with 279 electoral votes to Biden’s 259,” says D’Souza.”


    Nothing to see here…. 🙄


  16. “Prayer Shouldn’t Be a Firing Offense

    I ask the Supreme Court to uphold my right to thank God after football games.”


    “With all the bad things I’ve done in my life, it still surprises me that I was fired for praying.

    I was a terrible kid. My adoptive parents did their best, but I was always getting in trouble. The Marine Corps became my ticket out of the fights, group homes and foster care. Twenty years after enlisting, I moved back home to Bremerton, Wash. I had never been particularly religious, but my wife persuaded me to go to church. I felt God was calling me to be a better husband, so I committed my life to him.

    The Bremerton High School athletic director seemed sure that my experience training Marines to work as a team was all the qualification I needed to be a football coach. As I weighed the opportunity, I caught the movie “Facing the Giants.” It seemed an answer from God. I committed to coaching football and promised God that I would take a knee by myself in quiet prayer at the 50-yard line following every game, win or lose.

    Over the years, my prayers developed into motivational talks in which I led players who chose to join me in prayer. When the school district eventually told me to stop doing that, I did. My commitment with God didn’t involve others. It was only to pray by myself at the 50-yard line after each game.

    But then the school district got lawyers involved, and they kept shifting the goal posts every time I complied. Eventually they said I had to refrain from any “demonstrative religious activity” visible to students or the public. They suggested instead I walk across the field, up the stairs, across a practice field, into the main school building, down the hall and into the janitor’s office if I wanted to pray after games.

    I thought that would send a message that prayer is something bad that has to be hidden. I couldn’t send that message. So I simply asked to continue praying quietly on one knee at the 50-yard line after each game.

    Two days after my last postgame prayer, the school suspended me, even though it acknowledged there was “no evidence that students have been directly coerced to pray with” me, and that I had complied with its directives “not to intentionally involve students.” The school then gave me the first negative evaluation in my file, adding: “Do Not Rehire.” I was fired for taking a knee in prayer by myself at the 50-yard line for 15 to 30 seconds after high-school football games.

    Unless the U.S. Supreme Court rules in my favor, teachers could be fired for praying over their lunch in the cafeteria if students can see them. That doesn’t seem like the Constitution I fought for in the Marine Corps.”


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