21 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-18-22

  1. Good morning! Duke just doesn’t let me sleep in. As soon as the sun is up (5:57am sunrise) he’s in the bedroom pacing. He really misses Tim who is patrolling down by the US border in Grasslands Nat. Park.

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  2. Good morning, Tulips!

    I hope everyone had a wonderful Resurrection Sunday.

    I had several Easter emails to answer so did not make it to the blog to post.

    I really had an unexpectedly good Easter. A friend who had left my old church previous to when I left called to see if she could attend my new church with me. She has a new church but is single and the person whom she’d planned to take fell through. She brought me an Easter lily and she had one in her SUV to carry to our 91 y/o friend, Florence, after church. We went to Sunday school and church. She loved my Sunday school class and said it was one of the best she’d been to. She liked the pastor and his sermon, but the music was not her favorite. It does have to grow on people. Then we went to surprise Florence. After that we searched out a place to get lunch and ended up at a spot at Toco Hills that I’d never been to. Right next door to the lunch spot sat a donut shop which drew us in. They make the donuts while you wait so super fresh. We sat outside and I enjoyed a chocolate draped donut while we talked. She has to write a salvation story to serve in a position at her new church so I shared mine with her among other things.

    When I got home the clock said 4:00. It was a great Easter except poor Miss Bosley spent it alone.

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  3. Good morning all except good night, Jo where it is nearly Tuesday already!

    Beautiful day in the neighborhood. Plan to run up to Moscow while they do speech and shopping.

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  4. Good morning. We are tired from a whole lot of visiting and fun. It seems we will be driving back home in snow and snow on the ground. It has been a cold Easter. However, it is always a joy to worship in our daughter’s churches. There will be plenty of time to rest when it is just the two of us.

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  5. Happy tax day.

    As Chas would have said, you’d better get to it (if you haven’t already).

    I had a restless early-morning, from around 3 a.m. on, with letting dogs out, Tess (who was having a hard time this morning) blocking the hallway, then hijacking Cowboy’s bed. Everyone’s sleeping in their space now, Tess on the living room floor (there are available dog beds but the floor is easier for her to get up from) and Cowboy back on his bed, the only one he’ll sleep on, in my bedroom.

    LA Times had an interesting article this morning on how this pandemic has hit veterinarians so hard, it was good to read that as it’s something I’ve picked up on at my own vet clinic.

    Connected late yesterday with my liberal Christian friend, she was feeling especially sad as she’s recently lost her sister (and best friend) and then, most recently, her brother-in-law (her sister’s husband). She was feeling particularly unloved and bereft of friends and family yesterday (she recently moved out to the desert and while there’s a good friend of hers nearby, she’s busy with family). On top of that, she wasn’t able to get a church service online in the morning (she’s recovering from cataract surgery so still can’t drive).

    After a fairly long, off-and-on back and forth online she thanked me, said it was especially nice to communicate with someone who didn’t insist on telling her “what to do.” I’m encouraged by her frequent comments related to the faith and her desire to strengthen that.

    I’m staying clear of any discussion of the hot-bed cultural/sexual issues which she feels so strongly about (in a very liberal way) and focusing on Jesus. I believe she’s a believer, but perhaps a poorly or loosely-taught one via mainline and more progressive denominations (she grew up in the Methodist church and remains emotionally pretty attached to that, but is exploring an Episcopal or mainline Presbyterian church in her new community). She’s also one who has (extremely) strong feelings on social-cultural issues, perhaps some of her positions complicated by her own past after being molested by a male neighbor when she was only 8. It seriously messed her up for many years.


    I have today off as a vacation day and will head over to the cardiologist in a couple hours to get that 48-hour heart monitor set up and stuck onto me. Ugh. Not looking forward to dealing with that, but I’m glad it’s only the 2-day kind and not the 2-week version or 30-day version some have been stuck having to wear.

    And reminding myself to be grateful for our medical advances that our parents or grandparents certainly never had.

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  6. I’ve just overboiled my split peas. They’ll sit for an hour and then in goes the ham bone. A very busy wild, and fun day yesterday. I’m still tired but it’s mostly writing work today, thanks be to God.

    Two granddaughters were baptized–and the great surprise came with us, Stargazer there, too! They burst out of their seats to hug him hard when he walked in. 🙂

    We’re supposed to get some rain today. I’m so glad I washed my car on Thursday! LOL

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  7. Word is being wackadoodle again! Let’s see if this will let me post with my true identity!!
    No rain here and it is desperately needed! Family back in KY are seeing snow and ice today! No fair. My daughter in law says I am welcome to it…now just how to get it to head west!

    I went to the dreaded DMV this morning to change my name on my driver’s license and it only took a half hour! They were all super friendly and helpful as well. Glad to have that over with!

    Off to have lunch with oldest daughter…..

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  8. I kept meaning all weekend to come here and post and then one thing and another happened.
    1. I went to physical therapy Friday for my back. The therapist did something called dry needling. He stuck needles in “trigger points” on my back. They asked me to rate my pain on a scale of 1-10. I told them it was a 6 but they probably needed to add to that as I think I have a high pain tolerance. After he(the therapist) was finished he told me I was tougher than he thought I would be and I probably did have a high pain tolerance.
    The weirdest thing happened. The therapist helped me sit up once he was finished. I was woozy and couldn’t stand up. I have NEVER had anything like that happen before. He told me it was somewhat common. I got back today.
    2. I come to you today, ashamed and completely embarrassed. I did not cook Easter dinner this year. A few weeks back I was walking in Fresh Market and they were advertising Easter Dinner for 8-10 people for $89. I thought about it and I couldn’t BUY the stuff I would need for $89!!!! So Saturday I picked up my box from Fresh Market with an 8-10 pound ham, green beans, scalloped potatoes, rolls, and a small white cake with buttercream frosting. All I had to do was throw everything in the ovens. Easy Peasy.
    Little Miss Brough her parents with her yesterday. She got her MiMi and PaPa basket and hunted Easter eggs. All in all we had a good weekend.

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  9. That is a great meal deal, Kim. For our smallish meals yesterday, my friend and I paid between twenty and twenty five each (including donut dessert).

    I just spent several hours chatting with my cousin in FL who has not been able to reach my brother and was worried. I reminded her that it is the final day of tax season and that even I have not heard from him but Art has seen him. I love my cousin who has similar eye issues to my problems and would talk more, but we can always talk for hours so I have limited it. She is conservative Christian so we had a lot to catch up on in that realm alone.

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  10. I am going to try and not tell everyone how tired i am today. God woke me up early and started giving me the words for a newsletter. So I got up and wrote it all down and then began the newsletter. It will be a full day today at school.

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  11. Back from Moscow. Apparently dad had a bit of a scare yesterday as stepmom slept more than usual. But we think she was just dehydrated. She has very low blood pressure but at ninety nine, not much to be done for that.

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  12. I always use the ham bone stock to make green bean soup. Stock, ham, green beans, potato, onion (although not in my version) and the main herb is summer savoury. Soooooo good.

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