17 thoughts on “News/Politics 3-16-22

  1. So would it be better to keep the time standard time or daylight savings time and who is in the know to know which is better…Congress, Senate, “science”??? Asking for a friend 😜

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  2. We are a big country, so when the sun rises and sets is so different from one end to the other. Then there is the difference between rural and city areas to think about. Not so easy as one would think.

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  3. From The Dispatch news briefing:

    ~ “It’s great for Florida. They’re in the right longitude and the right latitude,” Sen. Roger Wicker of Mississippi told reporters yesterday. “There’s kids in Minnesota and Nebraska and Montana that are going to catch the school bus in the pitch dark, and I worry about that. … [But] I hope it works out wonderfully.”

    Standard time is also more in line with our bodies’ natural circadian rhythm. “DST is less well-aligned with intrinsic human circadian physiology, and it disrupts the natural seasonal adjustment of the human clock due to the effect of late-evening light on the circadian rhythm,” the American Academy of Sleep Medicine claims. “A change to permanent standard time is best aligned with human circadian biology and has the potential to produce beneficial effects for public health and safety.” ~

    (It was also noted that this will get much more scrutiny in the House, where there may be discussions about “which” time is best.)

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  4. I’ll put my vote for standard time — essentially for the reasons some have mentioned — Dec/Jan will have dark mornings and its gloomy enough in Jan/Feb, and quite frankly the sun stays up way too long in June/July. If you are at the western edge of your time zone — the sun sets near 10 pm (my dutch relatives at the western edge of European Time have sunlight and dusk well past 10 in June/July) Both the morning darkness and the nighttime sun aren’t healthy.

    But anything to avoid a clock change — as I get older the more I notice it. Insurance companies have always noted a rise in traffic accidents in the week following the switch to DST in the spring.

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  5. My sympathies to Chas’ family and friends. He’s from my father’s generation and had the same measured approach with empathy and sympathy no matter the political/social/religious discussion.

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  6. Well said about Chas (1:23). My pastor once said he appreciated my “measured” approach to issues and — while I don’t think I really aways have that approach — I considered it a real compliment.

    I don’t think I ever saw Chas agitated (well, unless the topic was man returning to the moon); and he’d gracefully bow out rather than that beat a dead horse (like I can), as it were.

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  7. Agreed, HRW. In Michigan we’re like your dutch relatives, far west of NYC, yet still in the Eastern time zone. We’re not as far north so the summer days aren’t as long, but June sunsets are still after 9 pm, and dusk goes on for awhile after that. I actually like that because I can get a lot of outside work done after dinner.

    But I don’t look forward to winter mornings if they go through with this. We had a brief experiment with year-round DST, in 1973 or 1974, I think. In Los Angeles in December, it was oddly dark when I went to school at 8 am. With the greater shortening of days here in Michigan, and being so far west in our time zone, we’ll be looking at 9:00 am sunrises. Ugh.

    I’m very willing to give up the extended evening in summer so as not to have the late sunrise in the winter!

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  8. I would love to see the twice-a-year time change be abolished. Especially the “spring forward” switch is difficult on the body, I’ve found.

    My New York piano student looked absolutely wiped out during his Zoom lesson Monday. He had flown to the Central Time Zone Thursday, then flew back to New York Sunday, the day of the time change, which would essentially be a jump two hours forward three days after he’d gone one hour back. He kept apologizing Monday for how tired he was, and later said he wasn’t feeling well.

    Regarding Chas, well, he has no need for time changes or marking of any time now in heaven. 🙂 He/we doesn’t/won’t need daylight saving time there, so I say we don’t need it here on this side, either. 😀

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  9. “Springing forward” is the worst. I have to be dragged forward — and it takes several days to adjust.

    Yeah, the longer daylight is nice, but the change-over process to get there isn’t easy.

    I just changed the last clock in the house — the one I look at the most while I’m working as it’s in the back home ‘office room’ I stay in for hours on end every day.

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