47 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-15-22

  1. Morning! Oh my what a lovely photo of our dear Chas’ family including our Kim and Janice! I do believe he would be tickled to see them together. We are truly blessed to have known and loved Charles Shull ♥️ Thanks for sharing that moment with us

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  2. Good night, Jo.

    Good morning, Wanderers. I still feel extra tired, but so very blessed that Kim and I were able to be at the service yesterday and represent our group.

    Kim is amazing in her work. She received quite a number of calls from her agents yesterday while we traveled the highways. She had to troubleshoot a variety of tricky situations involving people trying to make proper real estate transactions.

    I posted a report about what all we did yesterday on the thread last night so check that out if you haven’t. I was so tired when I wrote it so it needed editing but my eyes were not up for that.

    Time for me to get ready for my Bible study group.

    Missing Chas for a long time, already, on here.

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  3. I love the photo and the report you gave, Janice and Kim. I thought the minister giving a one-word description of Chas from each family member was a great idea. That would give some conversation starters for those there, I would imagine.

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  4. Good morning, all. Good night, Jo though it is nearly morning tomorrow.

    Lovely picture. I see Chuck likes to surround himself with beautiful women just like Chas did.

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  5. I was so tired that I opted out of group Bible study this a.m. i have been listening to a friend’s Sunday service that had healing music up front. It was great for my refreshment this morning.

    I just got a text that Kim is back home. Thanks for praying over this trip, Wanderers.

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  6. Adding my thanks to Kim and Janice for representing us at the service.

    I am curious. . . What were some of the words the family members used for Chas?

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  7. Faithful
    Silly – that from his Collie Belle
    Cute – from the one from China – She is a cutie.
    Da- you may remember that was his grandpa time
    Tall -This from the youngest grandson who may have inherited his “Da’s” mapping skills

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  8. So yesterday, as we were having lunch and talking to Chuck and the youngest granddaughter M. Janice asked a question and Chuck said something about the entire reason we had the space shuttle program was because of the Keyhole Project. “Didn’t you ever wonder why the space shuttle had that big cargo bay?”. So, I have remembered that comment and just looked it up. Yes, our friend led and interesting life.


    His Master’s Degree from Purdue was in some sort of photo engineering.

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  9. Now Kimberley, what so funny happened to you this morning????
    Well, in 48 hours I was around more black people than I usually encounter in an average day. Sunday I stopped at a Starbucks and realized I was the only white person in it. Interesting. I think maybe sometimes it is good to be the “minority”. It almost, but not quite, puts you in someone else’s shoes. How does a black person feel to be the only one in a group of white people????
    So this morning I awoke at 6 am, threw on some clothes, gathered my stuff and went down to the lobby for coffee and breakfast. I am SOOOOO impressed with myself. I pulled out of the hotel parking lot at 6:45. I needed gas, but decided to get out of Atlanta first.
    I stopped at a Love’s Travel Center in Columbus, GA to get gas. I decided while I was there to use the restroom and another cup of coffee.
    As I came out of the restroom I notice a GIANT (black) man. I couldn’t find where they had the coffee hidden but noticed him turn and walk into an area…it was where the coffee was hidden so I followed him and made a comment about, “Good thing I followed you. You led me to the coffee”. We chatted back and forth and I honestly thought he worked there from his friendliness. I got a cut and put it under the coffee urn spigot but nothing came out. I said something about that and he pointed to the machines that grind the coffee fresh and make it to order. I thanked him and tried to push all the buttons to get what I wanted. I couldn’t make the machine work and he was still in the area doing something and thinking he worked there I asked him to help me. He was nice enough to help me. We kept talking and I realized my big mistake. He is from Oklahoma, but was born in North Carolina. Lovely gentleman and was kind enough to help me in my coffee distress.
    I walked out and just as I got back to my car, I thought about having my keys in one pocket and my debit card in the other. DEBIT CARD in my pocket!!!! I walked right past the cashier and didn’t pay for my coffee!!!!!!!!
    I turned around, walked back inside and put my coffee cup on the counter. I looked at the cashier and she said, “It’s OK”. I told her I needed to pay for my coffee. Again, she said “It’s OK. Have a nice day”. So I got free coffee and have laughed at my stupidity all the way home.
    I guess I will have to buy someone coffee. Oh, and as I typed this out, I finally had the thought that my Coffee Knight must have paid for my coffee.

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  10. I have to say that I think the Wanderers have some special blessing upon them because now two have visited with me, Michelle, and Kim. For both trips everything fell into place and worked out for good without any major glitches. I am not use to things working out so well in general. Praising God for all His goodness.

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  11. I really should be a super sleuth. I was curious about the Keyhole Project. Hmmmm….I wonder. I Google search of Chas+NASA lead me to some footnotes of something called “Destination Moon” which lead me to a book written in 2019.

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  12. What was the footnote (mentioning Chas?)?

    Loved the one-word list, very appropriate, all of them.

    I was the only white person on my Sears bowling team (and the only white person in the department we all worked in). 🙂 I remember we also watched part of Roots together as it was debuting back then. It actually is a very good experience to be a ‘minority’ in a group, I think. Makes you realize how being white in our culture has afforded us certain advantages we take for granted through life.

    The culture has come a long way, clearly, but it’s also important to remember it was so long ago, generation-wise, when things were much different.


    So today is the day the wheels came off.

    Well, one of them.

    From the chair I sit in all day long to work.

    A couple of them had been losing parts — the chair is quite old but was a good one, is very comfortable and I’m sort of lost without it.

    But this morning, an entire caster wheel just cracked off. Boom.

    I bought some replacements at Office Depot, but haven’t attempted to see if that will fix everything.

    Instead, I cleared off the front entry table — where I sometimes work during warmer periods as that back room heats up in the afternoon but the front of the house gets a really nice, cool breeze every day. It also has a wheeled chair, but it’s wooden, an old swivel style, picked up at a second hand shop ages ago — it was supposedly from the old City Hall office in town. Who knows.

    Nice, cool chair, but I need to put a seat cushion on it and it’s not nearly as comfortable as the big, padded chair.

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  13. Janice,

    The program photo didn’t come thru properly.

    Can you resend it please?



    Thanks for those links Kim. They’re pretty fascinating.

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  14. Chas and Lynn (Chas may have mentioned Lynn once or twice around here)
    U.S. Army TOPO COM., “Mapping the Surveyor III Crater,” Photogrammetric Engineering, Vol. XXXVI, No. 6, June 1970, pp. 547-554. This article gives a detailed analysis of how stereoscopic photo graphy was utilized in site selection for Surveyor III.

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  15. We have one of those plants. We call it a snake plant, which is one of its alternative names.

    Kim – I love the story of that man helping you out. Kindness from a stranger is such a blessing. (That reminds me of Blanche DuBois saying that she relies on the kindness of strangers. 🙂 )

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  16. I’m enjoying the stories on here today and yesterday, and that wonderful header pic with all those smiling, joy-filled faces. 🙂

    And seeing that little one who from the back looks like DG 1’s twin!

    I have a little break from piano teaching right now. My 4:00 student couldn’t get her car started, and no one is home to bring her.

    The kindergartener who is next won’t be driving herself. 🙂

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  17. always something, right Dj??
    Last day of term 3, I’m ready for a break.
    I saw on facebook that my student is back from the village.
    If he comes today then we will have had one day with everyone here!!

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  18. Well, husband made the trip to check out the facility. I believe he was somewhat taken aback to see what intermediate care looks like. But it sounds like a good place for daughter to be able to step up and maybe help others who are not quite as capable

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  19. Was Miss Bosley happy to see you when you got home?

    I still need to get that stuff to the taxman, I can’t think of you, Janice, without remembering that!

    Meanwhile, I took the chair on its new casters for a test drive, all seems to be well, we’re gliding along again but I’ll forego speeding across the floor anytime soon. Now to get the grease off my hands …

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  20. Oh Dj I just pictured you zooming across the room with feet and arms in the air shouting “whee”!!! 😊

    Pip is winning my heart. The reset on her training is working and she is listening to me and obeying! She still gets up early but her potty training is working and she holds it until we go out. She goes to the gate and we know we better get her out! Our neighbor is downstairs with husband and Pip right now because they are getting an Aussie puppy on the first of April. I am so happy she is being her cutest self right now. Their little Aussie girl is the same color as Pip only with bright blue eyes. Pip’s are still green. I see puppy play dates in the near future!

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  21. NancyJill have you ever heard of bell training? Apparently you put bells on the door and teach the dog to ring them when they need to go out.

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  22. Aussies are the best. Black and white cats, too.

    I did see where some casters come with “brakes.” I can’t really envision how that would work — without pitching someone headlong out of the seat.

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  23. Today is my fifth wedding anniversary without Hubby. In October, it will be five years since his death. I can’t believe how quickly these years have gone, and the changes that have happened in my life.

    It still hurts, but God has been good to me through it all. Praise His Holy Name.

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  24. O dear Kizzie we remember the day….so very hard. We have also seen the Lord carry you through the most difficult of days as you looked to Him. We love you ♥️

    Kim we have heard of the bell training and have seen it work for others but for the life of me I don’t know what we do wrong because not one of our dogs would do it! Our dogs usually just learned to look at us and whine. We would figure it our after we “asked” them if they needed out! 😊

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  25. I see I have lots of catching up to do. So thankful Janice and Kim could be at the service for Chas.
    I had an extra long weekend with my twin grandsons. Oh, they are very, very busy boys! But they’ve learned to hug and it is so very special.

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  26. yes, and I am getting tired.
    But only 9 children, but lively
    of course, sciatica does not help.
    and covid this term
    and wondering and watching to see how God will make a way for me to get home.
    no vaccination you know so can’t leave or come.

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  27. Okay, I just sent my document to Kim and to Michelle as they were the addresses that it was easy to find.
    This is just a collection, unedited of comments by Chas and of us to and about him.
    I just did a whole lot of copying and pasting.
    If you want to edit yourself out, go ahead 🙂

    Sorry, I did a newsletter this week and am just too tired to find everyone’s email address.

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