43 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-12-22

  1. Oh my word that is the most lovely photo of the most lovely couple…together again before the throne of the Lord God Almighty…..longing to be right where they are someday soon….come even now Lord Jesus! ♥️

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  2. Good morning. A beautiful day here this morning. Roosters are crowing, turkeys are gobbling, goats are maaing, sheep are baaing, birds are singing and I have just finished Numbers.

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  3. Well I have done two Broker Price Opinions this morning. I have written out a listing agreement and will be meeting the people on Wednesday. This is something I am co-listng with someone at the office. I have an Alabama license they do not. They are personal friends with the sellers, I am not.
    I also read another chapter of Prayer in the Night. My church is reading it as part of Lent. This morning used the phrase, “He will set His angels to guard overr thee”… or something along those lines. She talks about the eons that people were truly in the dark at night and afraid, and they comfort of having God’s angels guarding us. Somewhere along the line they became voluptuous or cute instead of the warriors they were. I remember in the last 25 plus years there was concern over “Angel worship”. When I looked it up to type about it, I found the command in Psalm 91 and Luke 4:11.
    She also speaks of the vulnerability of falling asleep. In days gone by we were defenseless in sleep. It was a little scary to let go and fall asleep. It is an interesting turn on things. Thus the reason for Compline.

    Click to access 09-Compline-11.21.2019.pdf

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  4. There was a big gust of wind and a little pause, and I heard in tbe distance something that sounded like a train wreck. I hope a giant tree did not fall on someone’s home. I am so not use to wind like this.


  5. We’re in the middle of what they say will be 3 to 6 inches of snow, with locations with higher amounts in places. It’s been going since 8am with blizzard like conditions right now. 40mph winds and heavy snow, and we have at least 4 inches all ready. I’m thinking maybe we are in one of those locations they mentioned.

    Thankfully, Isaac is here and will do most of the shoveling.

    So we’re snowed in, with predicted temps in the 50’s and 60’s next week. Until then, we freeze and dig out. Welcome to March in Pennsylvania. 🥶

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  6. Isn’t there like a cyclone bomb, or something like that, swooping up from Texas and headed for the Northeast? The weather people were excited talking about it last night.

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  7. ‘Bomb cyclone’ to dump snow from Mississippi to Maine
    By The Associated Press

    A powerful, late-winter storm combining rivers of moisture and frigid temperatures is expected to dump snow from the Deep South all the way north to the Canadian border over the weekend, forecasters said Friday.

    With snowfall totals ranging from about 4 inches (10 centimeters) in northern parts of Alabama and Mississippi to about 13 inches (33 centimeters) in northern Maine, the storm could cause travel problems and power outages across a wide part of the Eastern United States from late Friday through early next week.

    The system is referred to by some as an ominous-sounding “bomb cyclone.”

    “With this bomb cyclone, maybe what’s the biggest concern is how late in the season its coming and that it’s traveling over inland areas,” said Judah Cohen, a winter storm expert for Atmospheric Environmental Research, a commercial firm outside of Boston. And that’s bad news for plants that acted as if spring was here. …


    Hopefully nothing that will be an issue for Thelma and Louise (Kim and Janet) as they head out together on their road trip.

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  8. Good book, Kim. I read it last month and have been thinking about it since.

    Watching 12-year-old girls “play” basketball.

    Score is 10-2 at the half.

    They’re so earnest! Many hump balls—it often looks like a cat fight on the floor until the whistle blows.

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  9. Oh the joys and laughs related to poor vision!
    Yesterday I pulled out a bowl of the last of my batch of lentil soup from the fridge to heat for lunch. I turned on the microwave for three minutes. I got it out and pulled the wrap off the top and took a bite to discover it was my bowl of leftover red cabbage slaw! So among other things for dinner last night Art had cooked slaw. A tad bit less crunchy.

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  10. Oh Aj we are expected to have a flip flop of what you are seeing now this week. It is 50 degrees here now with warmer temps for the next three days. Then Wed we are to get 7 inches of snow at least then 2 more on Thursday…..” unusual weather we’re having, ain’t it?” Cowardly lion The Wizard of Oz.. 😊
    Dj we had a “bomb cyclone” a few years ago around here. No electricity for about 4 days I think it was and the entire area shut down. I remember melting snow so that I could wash my dishes. We emptied out the freezers and put all the stuff out in the snow. Then we defrosted the downstairs chest freezer. Then there was the issue of being able to flush the toilets….more melted snow for that! It was an adventure but I wouldn’t want it to happen again …

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  11. Before Linda Shull posted the obituary I had called and ordered a plant to be delivered to the church Monday. The card will read
    from The Wanderers

    There is no need to offer to help pay for it. If you would like to send a card or something to the family email me and I will send you the address

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  12. Welcome to March in Pennsylvania.
    Might as well be Idaho.

    Or Missouri. A week or so ago we had 70° one day and 20° that night with snow and sleet.

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  13. That sounds like quite a storm system. Stay safe, everyone in the path.

    Along those lines, could you all pray for safety for my piano student and his family as they fly back to New York tomorrow? They’re in the Midwest for a few days, visiting family, I think, and playing in / attending today’s recitals.

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  14. I had checked on flights to NC and found nothing that would work for me to get to and fro in an agreeable time frame. So before Linda posted the information I ordered flowers to be sent to the church on Monday morning from Paul and me. I had recalled when I sent Chas an arrangement on his 90th birthday he commented that a girl had never sent him flowers before…… how I miss him ….. 💔

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  15. Thank you for sending the flowers NancyJill. I almost did that but thought a plant could be taken home to keep and remember him. I have a peace plant from 2003 when my father in law died.

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  16. I know sometimes a family member likes to take home flowers from the service and this arrangement is titled “Heaven’s Gate” … it made me smile and cry

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  17. So sad to not see Chas here any more. I am very thankful that Kim and Janice will be making the journey to help the family honor his memory.

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  18. Well, didn’t morning come fast? Sigh. I’m beginning to think we all need to just stay on regular time.

    Heading out to grocery shop last night, I decided to top off the tank — it was close to 1/2 a tank.

    $6.09 for regular. it’s really rising by leaps and bounds out here now.

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  19. Children all slept until eight. I asked them why they overslept. They were baffled. I was amused. Then reminded them that they had been telling me about the time change all week.

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  20. Amazingly, I actually fell asleep quickly last night, although I did go to bed half-an-hour later than usual. (So it would have been 10:00 EST but 11:00 DST. I usually go to bed between 10 and 10:30.) Usually, I have trouble going to sleep when we have this time change, and the lost hour of sleep doesn’t help.

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  21. Scurrying around now trying to get ready for our trip. Church was great. Think I made another friend, too.

    I am not use to packing. Also trying to get food together. Poor Miss Bosley will be alone except for when Tax Man is home.

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  22. Road trip! Blessings for safe travels and some bonding time on your important mission.

    I miss seeing Chas, too, rkessler. It’s strange not to have him among us here.

    Everyone seemed to make it to church on time today. We were juggling seats in our row as folks arrived and the woman next to me leaned over to whisper what a pleasure it was to see a crowded church again. Indeed.

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  23. We made it to church, as well. Left twenty at home and she was fine for the hour and a half. Then left the younger two at church so their boss could take them to work since husband is not here. He will bring them home when they are done.

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  24. A Facebook friend of mine had a post contrasting the Christian belief that a four year old can trust in Christ and be saved vs. the Christian view that a four year old cannot make the decision to change his gender. (Of course, we here understand that those are two separate issues, and thus we are not being inconsistent in those views.)

    In the long discussion that followed, there was one Christian man whose many long comments made me cringe, as he played into the “judgmental and ignorant Christian” stereotype.

    The only comments I made were in responding to the accusation that Christian parents “indoctrinate” their children to not think for themselves, and that we don’t teach critical thinking skills. Sadly, at least a couple of the most vehement commenters on that thread were raised by Christian parents who (at least in their minds) did that to them, and one of those says she has trauma from her Christian upbringing and will never go back to Christianity. 😦


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