36 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-7-22

  1. I caught up on reading Sunday’s comments and then forgot that there were already Monday comments to read. 1pm here.
    I thought that I was better, but not feeling too well now.

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  2. This is the tomorrow we waited for today, but will be the yesterday of Tuesday, or something like that.

    I remember Y2K when y brother lived in Mongolia. At 1PM 12/31/99, we got an email from him “from the future”, since it was already 1/1/2000 for him, telling us that Y2K was no big deal. We already knew that because a computer geek friend told us so.

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  3. It is the end of the term and we have parent conferences at the end of next week. So today I did some assessing. I was simply amazed at how well everyone is doing. One little boy only knew 6 sight words in December and knew 36 today!

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  4. The unlocking of those little brains is awesome to behold.

    Amos was determined we get up and out of bed at 4:15. Lou awoke as well so I let her out whereupon she commenced to bark and howl, which woke Mr P who is grumpy because he painted the roof of the outside shed yesterday. Welcome to Monday folks.

    In my reading this morning from Prayer in the Night:

    “But unless we make space for grief, we cannot know the depths of the love of God, the healing God wrings from pain, the way grieving yields wisdom, comfort, and even joy”.

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  5. Wonderful pondering for these days, Kim. Thank you for sharing that.

    I was awake at 5:30 with a thought I wanted to put on paper as a possibility for a devotional writing. Guideposts has a call for sumissions for a devotional book compilatoon. My Word Weavers group meets Sat so I can carry this in for critique. I am still waiting to hear from Guideposts on my two previous submissions.

    This early writing exercise has also gotten my brain in gear to work on refining and editing my faith statement.

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  6. I catch myself, early, right before getting onto this blog saying to myself, “I wonder what Chas has posted . . .” I do that out of habit since he was first almost each morning for so many years. Oh, the missing is great. Jesus Loves Us, Yes He Does, Because He Gave Us Chas For A Long Cheerful Season, And Because We Will See Him Again!

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  7. Good morning, Chas. Hope you’re having nice dreams, Jo. Good morning, everyone else.

    AJ, maybe you can take a nap after your early morning.

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  8. And that is a beautiful Amaryllis up there Janice! I didn’t grow one this Christmas but it is always fun to watch the flower burst through!

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  9. Good morning chas & all others. Goodnight Jo.

    AJ, prayers went up for you when I woke up this morning at around 6 our time. Hope it’s all over by now and you can sleep.

    Jo, hoping you’ll rebound quickly from the after-effects — or whatever it is.

    The cat’s all wound up this morning, she’s tearing through the living room. Cowboy’s poking around after going outside, click-click-click as he paces. I told him I’d go back to bed if I were him. The house is warming up now that the heater is on.

    Tess is sound asleep on her dog bed in the bedroom.

    I’ve already forwarded one email to the editor early this morning (our first Fleet Week promo, they’ve moved the dates starting this year from Labor Day to Memorial Day weekend — weather should be a lot better and it coincides with NY’s Fleet Week so there are some bicoastal things planned).

    Good to have events finally returning after two years.

    The cat wants to eat — again.

    I have an actual physical assignment today, our former governor will be there. I’ll need to remind myself how to spell his name again. The opening of an aquaculture lab that’s been in works for over a year now.


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  10. Today’s Call to Worship from Jouney to the Cross (Walker, Haug):

    Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me, bless his holy name! Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forgot not all his benefits, who removes all your iniquity, who heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit, who crowns you with steadfast love and mercy, who satisfies you with good so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s. — Ps. 103:1-5

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  11. Kim – Can you get back to bed (and back to sleep) after letting Amos out to go potty? Heidi rarely wakes me up early, but when she does, we go back to bed.

    NancyJill – I am guessing that with a puppy, what I suggested to Kim would not work too well for you. 🙂

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  12. Have mercy I don’t know what I was thinking! She is so much work and might I say “trouble”??!!
    Aussies are more “spirited” but this one is head strong and is giving me quite the challenge. Husband is once again caretaking the Barr Camp cabin until Thursday and has one more time up there until permanent caretakers take over so I am going it alone again.
    Her sweet moments keep me going 😊

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  13. NancyJill, I told some friends yesterday that, after we got our current dog as a puppy, I wanted to get rid of him for the first two years. He was so much more challenging than our first dog (though the same breed). But at 3 1/2 he’s a pretty good boy most of the time.

    I hope I didn’t discourage my friends by telling them that. Their first dog died a few years ago. The wife wants to get another dog, the husband is hesitant. They’re also in their mid- and late-60s like we are.

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  14. I have a feeling Kim is a morning person?

    Not me, Cowboy gets me up (usually) a couple times in the night; but even if it’s “morning” (ahem — is 5 a.m. “morning,” really?), it’s back to bed and back to instant sleep for me. I’m normally up sometime between 7 and 8 a.m. but we don’t start work until 9 a.m. so I have some flexibility in the mornings.

    OK, off to the in-person assignment — Make-up and real clothes, all of this really throws me now.

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  15. I just got back from picking up Art’s meds at Kroger. It should be simple. Go in and pick them up. This time they only had two of the three. The clerk said the other med had two different levels on file which they filled and kept ready for pickup but we did not get over to pick them up in time so the meds got reshelved. The clerk did not know which of the two was the proper level. That meant I had to call Art. I did not get him until the third number I tried. He needed the lower level of the med. I could come back in an hour, or if I wanted to shop it would only be 30 minutes. So I shopped. It almost seems like a racket to get people to stay and shop. He had called in what he needed from what he told me. Wouldn’t you think they would fill the prescription for the most recent doctor’s script? Life in Atlanta. Staying cheerful as my work as a Christian witness.😃 Grin and bare it!

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  16. That amaryllis is what is growing in my backyard. We have them all over here. Got almost nothing at market. And then someone wanted a ride. I told them I was almost done. Then went to the car and waited, then backed out and made the loop to look for them, but couldn’t find them so just came home. Oh, well…

    Missing you, Chas.

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  17. Overwhelmed by work on my computer and 44 emails that are too hard to answer so I’m ignoring instead–when I don’t return and feel guilty.

    Nice to think someone, somewhere, is playing with a puppy . . . 🙂

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  18. Kevin – That reminds me of when KBells and her family got a dog, whom The Kid named Chasey (because she liked to chase him). Maybe she was a Labrador? Whatever she was, she had a lot of energy and was a lot of trouble. KBells was not happy with Chasey.

    I told her that I bet that in a few years, Chasey would be her beloved companion.

    A few years later, that indeed came to be, and I reminded her of what I had said. She didn’t remember that, but said that I was right. 🙂

    So now I am telling myself that one day, Janie (Nightingale and Boy’s dog, whom I have to take care of when they are not here) will not be a pain in the butt to me, but a beloved companion, particularly after I lose my Heidi. We’ll see!

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  19. Good end of work does it for me.

    Three-hour event and long story on a seaweed lab and kelp harvesting that was a struggle to write. Event included seaweed snacks served up by a chef and a crowd of 200+ people, among them just about everyone I’ve interviewed in the past year at the port and for the waterfront project.

    Waiting on editor questions, that was a very long day and a really convoluted event and story to write. Seaweed and aquaculture isn’t really my beat.

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  20. okay, toilet is fixed and no longer leaking. I know the guy who fixed it. He is from Bougainville and is black. And I mean black. No brown in his skin at all. That one place has folks with totally black skin.
    He did ask me if I was leaving and had things to give to him. I told him I will be giving things to the folks at school.

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