10 thoughts on “News/Politics 2-16-22

  1. This segment (13:48 – 14:28) of the 60 Minutes interview with Pres Trump (not to mention the rest of the interview) sure hasn’t aged well for Lesley Stahl…

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  2. The 14,000 hours of footage would break down the “insurrection” narrative faster than a Usain Bolt sprint!


    “The defense attorney for a member of the Oath Keepers charged with seditious conspiracy stemming from the U.S. Capitol unrest on Jan. 6, 2021, has filed a motion to intervene in a lawsuit that seeks to compel the U.S. Capitol Police to release more than 14,000 hours of video from surveillance cameras, smart phones and police body-worn cameras.

    Jonathon Moseley, who represents Oath Keeper Kelly Meggs of Dunnellon, Florida, seeks to intervene in Judicial Watch Inc. v. U.S. Capitol Police, a 2021 lawsuit that aims to unmask most of the Jan. 6 video footage now hidden from the public by court seal.

    “Having seen the documents and records under the court’s protective order, Jonathon Moseley can testify and affirm, and hereby does so, that there is no valid reason for the documents and records to be withheld from the public,” Moseley wrote in a Feb. 11 motion in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.”


  3. This is my shocked face.


    Because I’m not. At all….

    Anyone with a brain saw that this was just grifters grifting from a mile away.

    “BLM accounting gimmick further delays disclosure of its $60M bankroll”


    “The national organization for Black Lives Matter appears to have used an unusual accounting maneuver to further delay reporting what became of its $60 million bankroll from 2020, a move one charity watchdog called “the worst transparency issue” she has ever seen.

    Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, the charity that serves as the face of the national BLM movement, quietly changed its 12-month accounting cycle to July through June. By going from a calendar to a fiscal year, BLM has until mid-May to report what it did with the millions that flooded into its coffers beginning in the second half of 2020. The move enabled BLM to report a sparse, short-year Form 990 to the IRS that covered its activities during only the first half of 2020, when the entity was entirely dormant as a fiscally sponsored project of the California charity Thousand Currents. It was also the period just before BLM exploded as a cause celeb following George Floyd’s racially charged death.

    “Given the money involved here, this is really unbelievable,” CharityWatch Executive Director Laurie Styron told the Washington Examiner. “To not know who is in charge of $60+ million collected by the national charity arm of arguably the most prominent social justice movement in the country is the worst transparency issue I have seen in my 18 years as a charity watchdog.”

    In July 2020, BLM broke away from Thousand Currents, and by the end of the year, it had received authorization from the IRS to operate as a charity effective August 2020.

    Thousand Currents dumped $66.5 million directly into BLM’s coffers in October 2020, according to an asset transfer agreement previously reported by the Washington Examiner, and BLM disclosed to California on Friday that it began accepting direct contributions in late August 2020. But that transaction won’t appear until BLM files its next 990 form, due by May 15, 2022.”


  4. Dictator Biden is at it again.

    “FDA Executive: Biden Planning To Mandate Yearly COVID Shot, Waiting Till After Mid-terms To Announce It…”


  5. So he’s a coward and a jackass.



  6. Good old Hillary with the same tired tripe….



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