33 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-15-22

  1. Good morning, everyone.

    I met my husband at college. We were standing in a line to register for a history class, and he was introduced to me by a guy I car-pooled with and had dated a couple of times. We were subsequently in that class together.

    He asked me for a date, and I was so surprised that I said yes and later regretted that. Nevertheless, I kept my word, and we went out and then kept dating. I did tell him once I thought we should break up. However, again, we had one date that I had agreed to. I told him I would still go with him. I actually prayed that if we were meant to be together, it would be clear to me. After going on what was supposed to be the last date, I never looked back, believing we were meant to be together. We began dating in September; got engaged the end of December and got married in the spring when he graduated from college. We were so different and yet…

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  2. And God knows what he is doing and the plans He has for us.

    As a young believer, I got “saved” multiple times until He prompted me to ask Him for faith. I did and He has supplied.

    Later, foolishly (?), I asked for patience and He gave me fifteen children. He supplies abundantly.

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  3. I suspect after my most recent grumbling (4 minutes ago), my husband wants a husband version of that shirt.

    Of course, as soon as I waited long enough for the computer to go to Mesopotamia circa 689BC and back to load my email, I opened immediately to Streams in the Desert’s first lines: “Fret not.”

    I hate it when that happens.

    Except, I don’t.

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  4. I met Cheryl at a wedding.

    I was there alone, and in the wedding party. She came with a friend that she was dating at the time.

    He ignored her to drink and talk racing with the guys. I did not. 🙂 We even danced. 🙂

    Long story short I tracked her down a week or so later, easily done because she’d told me who her landlord was. This was before cell phones. I called them, they got her to the phone, she mentioned they were no longer dating. We met for coffee at Key City Diner and the rest is history. 🙂

    That was like 25 years ago, and I’ve enjoyed it, even the bad stuff, because she has always been there by my side. 🙂

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  5. I lost my computer mouse in that it won’t work. oh, well…
    so I am learning to use the touchpad, that is how I lost my last post. It keeps taking me strange places.
    I am back from market and things are soaking in the bleach water. time for breakfast.jo

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  6. Good day after Valentine’s Day to you all. We arrived home around midnight last night with Pip so I have been out of action around here. She is adorable and so sweet…but it is like having a newborn (no sleep for parents) and a toddler (into everything) and a beaver (chews everything!) I had forgotten how much work puppies are! Rude awakening for certain but she traveled so well on the way home. She is napping right now 😊

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  7. I’m catching up on making doctor appointments, mostly just more referrals from the GP. I’m going in for my mammogram on Monday & have an eye appointment that afternoon, so I’ll just take the day off. Another appt set for late March; only thing I’ve held off on is the new round of PT, mainly because that’s so complicated with my work schedule. I can see why people finally just give up and quit work.

    It’s been 2 years since I had a mammogram.

    I feel better about getting those appointments inked, I’ve had the referrals since December.

    Also looking at taking some time off in March & April, I didn’t take any of my usual vacation weeks off during the fall/holiday seasons so I have hit my ceiling of time I can carry before I’ll quit accruing any more (and I don’t want that to happen).

    It’s chilly and windy here today, 60 degrees right now so that’s quite a drop from our mid-80s on Super Bowl Sunday.

    My stapler is jammed, I can usually clear out those misfired staples that wind up all bent and twisted, but having problems this time, will have to keep working at it.

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  8. I will be leaving for Orlando on Thursdays and won’t be back until Tuesday. I may not be able to check the blog but will be able to keep up with email. Several of you know how to text or call me.

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  9. Ah, the end of recess bell just rang and it is quiet in here. In the past it has been that when it is raining hard, I let the other classes come to kinder over lunch recess. But lately I have been too tired.

    Today, I finished my lunch and could see the stairs to my classroom from where I was in the staff lunchroom. So I came back and let them in. Wendy was in here, but she didn’t want them in and she never got up. Close to 50 of them came in. I told one boy to make a quiet choice. Then kept walking around, settling them down. It was only for the last 15 minutes, but they were grateful and they cleaned up.

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