71 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-12-22

  1. Good morning everyone; and good night Jo! I thought I was the only one sleeping in today, but apparently it’s Lazy Saturday around here. Rest well dear Wanderers, and have a great day all. :–)

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  2. Good morning, everyone.

    I doubt we will watch much (if any) of the Super Bowl. Like watching paint dry. 😉 However, the snacks sound wonderful.

    No sleeping in here. Husband left an hour ago for the church men’s breakfast meet up. He wasn’t going to warm up the car and it is more than -20 below. He did agree with me that he should, though, and he did. I will stay warm and cozy. Hoping to get some work done on a quilt.

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  3. Saturday is happening. That’s a good happening.

    I need to replenish some groceries but I’m guessing the stores may be busy today with folks stocking up on Super Bowl treats.

    Does it seem like these Olympics are lasting forever? Maybe it’s because I’m not watching them. But it has an entire week to go after this? Are they always this long? Maybe it’s the misery that’s making them seem so endless, even when not watching them. It all sounds incredibly grim and dreary.


    From the WSJ:

    Forget Faster and Stronger. The Winter Olympics Are Sadder, Quieter, Scarier.

    Isolation rooms, fears of positive Covid-19 tests and the absence of cheering crowds are squeezing all the joy from the Beijing Games

    ~ BEIJING—On the day Team USA flag bearer Elana Meyers Taylor was supposed to march her country into the Olympic Stadium, she was in a Chinese isolation hotel. She had tested positive for Covid-19 and watched the Opening Ceremony on TV in a room she wasn’t allowed to leave.

    Ms. Meyers Taylor was one of the lucky ones. She has since recovered and is scheduled to compete as one of the medal favorites in two bobsled events.

    In the gloom of the Beijing Winter Olympics, luck is a relative term. The Games are supposed to be an ebullient, global sporting bonanza, but they have never felt so downbeat. Rather than “Faster, Higher, Stronger—Together,” the Olympic motto, the Beijing Games so far have been sadder and quieter.

    Olympians compete in nearly empty arenas without friends or family. Some wear N95 masks, in practice and even in competition, to limit the risk of infection. The rest live with the daily fear of testing positive, being sent to isolation and watching years of training slip away. …

    … Olympians peer out the windows of buses at Beijing residents going about their daily lives. Reporters are prohibited from crossing the street from the hockey rink to the curling site because the road in between isn’t within the closed loop. After the Omicron variant triggered a harder clampdown, no fans were permitted to buy tickets, giving the whole Olympics enterprise the feel of a biosecure soundstage.

    To the hosts, the taming of the virus counts as a showcase of Chinese muscle, set against the backdrop of a pandemic as well as international concerns over China’s treatment of ethnic minority Muslims, alleged cyberspying and limits on freedom of expression, all of which China has denied.

    Sour relations between the U.S. and China resulted in an American diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Games. Team USA’s athletes were advised to pack disposable phones instead of personal phones in case of hacking. Human-rights advocates warned Olympians against protesting while on Chinese soil. ~

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  4. I spoke to my cousin in MO last night, he had been quite ill after testing positive at his doctor’s office for Covid — but thinks he didn’t “really” have the virus, that it was all a ploy so the doctor could get some money, somehow, for a “positive” test reading.

    Strange days, these are.

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  5. We got to visit some of the grands yesterday. They are growing up. Oldest is 21 down to 13. One of the 19 year olds is almost done with her cosmetology certification and wants to get married. How quickly they grow. I am very proud of all of them!

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  6. That’s a nice age range, rk. Lots of changes ongoing and in the near future 🙂


    Found this interesting post at The Gospel Coalition for those watching the Super Bowl:


    9 Things Christians Should Know About Super Bowl LVI

    Super Bowl LVI is here. Sunday will see the Cincinnati Bengals square off against the hometown Los Angeles Rams in the annual contest turned commercial spectacle. Thousands will tune in just to see this year’s slate of commercials or to catch their favorite artist during halftime.

    But for the Christian, the Super Bowl is also an opportunity to worship the Lord by enjoying his gifts in a way that honors him. In the spirit of Joe Carter’s 9 Things You Should Know series, here are nine pieces of information to help keep the big game in perspective as you enjoy the weekend’s festivities. …

    (I liked these points in particular):


    6. The Behavior

    Jesus says in Matthew 5:16: “In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.”

    Take opportunities to highlight and praise fair play and good sportsmanship. For example, with sports culture so rampant with pride, try to spot signs of humility. Those might include:

    * Helping an opponent get up from the ground
    * Tossing the ball to the ref
    * Giving credit to a teammate after a successful play
    * Not yelling at the ref after a questionable call (or no call)
    * Not drawing attention to oneself after a big play is made
    * Rallying around a teammate after he makes a mistake

    Action Point: Whenever you see someone display an act of humility, give glory to God. Above all, praise him for the humility of Christ, who took on the form of a servant to save us from our sins.

    9. The Vince Lombardi Trophy

    The Super Bowl trophy is named after a coach who had this to say:

    After all the cheers have died down and the stadium is empty, after the headlines have been written, and after you are back in the quiet of your room and the championship ring has been placed on the dresser and after all the pomp and fanfare have faded, the enduring thing that is left is the dedication to doing with our lives the very best we can to make the world a better place in which to live.

    When the game ends and the trophy is handed out, what’s next?

    In June 2005, Tom Brady famously said in a 60 Minutes interview:

    Why do I have three Super Bowl rings and still think there’s something greater out there for me? I mean, maybe a lot of people would say, “Hey man, this is what it is.” I reached my goal, my dream, my life. Me, I think: God, it’s gotta be more than this. I mean, this can’t be what it’s all cracked up to be.

    Action Point: Pray for the Super Bowl winners. Pray they’d seek their eternal happiness in the triune God whose glory never fades away. Ask the Lord to use this Super Bowl to bring people to himself.

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  7. And, of course, the first point:

    ~ 1. The City

    According to Pew Research Center, 65 percent of L.A.’s population identifies as Christian, and in 2016 World Religion News reported a growing wave of churches in the city.

    Action Point: When the blimp gives a citywide shot after a commercial, pray for the people of Los Angeles. Pray God would use local churches to spread the gospel. Pray that those who claim to know Christ would be obedient to his Word. Pray God would give pastors wisdom on how to faithfully engage the culture around them. ~

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  8. Good afternoon. I shopped at Publix a little after 7 a.m. so missed the crowds. Then my friend picked me up around 9 a.m. for our Word Weavers group. We all have a really good time. How does God manage to put such wonderful Christians in my life? We have to dress business casual to enter the country club. Yes! I got it right this time. I wore black dress trousers with a long black open front sweater over a black and white dressy top accessorized with white pearls. For shoes I wore black suede booties. Several ladies were dressed in black and white so it would be appropriate to joke and say, “i see you got the memo that said to wear black and white.”😀

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  9. A sweet Western romance novella is offered free for Kindle today and tomorrow, The Wrangler’s Woman, by Davalynn Spenser. This is in honor of Valentine’s Day, fyi. I have not read her books so do not have personal experience with her writing.


  10. Some things are just so unintentionally funny.

    Clog up streets in Los Angeles? LOL

    No one will ever notice.


    Rand Paul urges truckers to disrupt Super Bowl and come to D.C.
    Timothy Bella
    The Washington Post
    Feb. 12, 2022

    WASHINGTON – As many anti-vaccine and anti-mandate protesters in trucks continue to paralyze Canada’s capital and block border crossings, Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., said he hopes truckers would come to the United States as soon as this weekend to clog up streets in Los Angeles during the Super Bowl or next month to Washington.


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  11. Yes, dj. I can certainly relate to that humor. It would be the same if they wanted to clog up Atlanta streets, lol!

    The new neighbors are entertaining, and I smell burnt meat, or burnt drippings, on the grill. It smells differently now that I am basically vegan. It is not the reminder of the good meal that was had by all. It really just smells bad. But I am glad they have good weather for their first gathering on their deck. If I was nosy, I would open a window and listen to conversations. Instead, since I spent all morming with people, I am staying on the other side of the house. It is an introvert thing. Curiosity does not win out over need for quiet time. Miss Bosley can be curious all she wants without me.


  12. The balalaika music is special to me because when Art and I got married and had a dinner after the wedding at a Buckhead restaurant we had two balalaika players do a gig for us. They had a regular evening performance at Peachtree Plaza in the revolving Sundial restaurant atop the hotel. My good friend in CA was close friends with the wife of one of the players so we were able to get them. They could play almost anything, like Dueling Banjos, lots of fun music. We probably had about twenty-five people at the dinner with us.

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  13. Funny, Mouse in space. The movie.

    Grocery store was crowded, everyone picking up Super Bowl stuff.

    87 degrees out there this afternoon. This really is rare for us in February.

    Sorry, football players and fans. At least it’s a late start at 3:30 and it’ll cool down within about an hour nicely. We hope. Temps start to drop quickly once the sun starts going down.

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  14. I hear that Jolene song playing presumably from next door. It is the only one I have placed so far. Someone else is having a loud music party on a street behind the other side of our street which I heard as I walked. I prayed that no one was high on drugs, drunk, or engaged in other harmful activities.
    I just heard another oldie but goodie song. This bodes well for next door. It’s what those party lights on the deck are for! Now I hear what might be fireworks nearby. I guess this is all about Superbowl tomorrow? Miss Bosley could care less as long as she can make bread on my shoulder.

    Art did not let my brother go to his office today. Wise move although my brother seems over all but the tiredness from Covid.


  15. Davalyn and I wrote in two novella collections together.

    Daughter is headed to Magic Mountain tomorrow. She and her college roommates always go on Super Bowl Sunday since attendance is down and tomorrow it’s possible no one will be there but them!

    Ah to be young!

    The friend lives in Fresno (four hours north of LA). They’ll drive down tomorrow, play in the park, and drive back to Fresno! She’ll work from her friend’s home on Monday and be back in time for dinner.

    We’re going to a party–which basically means I’ll hang out with Adorables all day. It’s 75 now. The weather is a real shame beautiful.


  16. 🎂 Happy Birthday, Kare! 🎂

    DJ- The Olympics always go for two weeks, especially since the same ice rink is used for the figure skaters and one or two other events, like hockey or short track speed races.


  17. AJ- I think your email address book got hacked. I got a message with your name but an odd address with a link. It was in my SPAM folder sent at 12:40 or so this afternoon.


  18. One of my daughters lived in Fresno for a year. She interned at the large children’s hospital not too far from there. We did go visit there when our grandson was born. So thankful she moved back closer to home, however.

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  19. I went to the new to me church service and it was great to be there in person rather than online. I arrived early so I’d have time to find out where the ladies room was . . . always a good thing to know, just in case. The lot had many cars so it looked like they may have good Sunday school attendance. I will have to find out about those group offerings.

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  20. We made it to church, as well. Daughter chose to attend the Christian Church while we went Baptist. Gideon day. And our pastor spoke on Ephesians 2.

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  21. Interesting section in our sermon today (on Rev. 10:1-7) pointed to the pitfalls of churches that have fallen into the social justice pit and wound up ignoring the gospel. Of course, the same can be said for churches that fall into the “Religious right” or political partisanship on the other side of what is the same coin. And among more conservative Christian churches and thinking today in the U.S., it’s that other side of the coin that is in ascension and one we need to beware of.

    From our sermon notes: “The world, the flesh and the enemy are in continual assault upon the church. One of the means by which this takes place is by convincing the church that their prime directive is one of social justice. Pulpits are hijacked, and the gospel is slowly displaced by an emphasis on current cultural needs or trends (some biblical, some not).”

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  22. I also went to real church yesterday. I am starting to like the balcony. I found that I can easily read the powerpoint. lots of leg room and the wooden benches do not rock. I also enjoying seeing who is there and saying hello to students from abovel I sit in the front row corner and take my mask off.

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  23. I’ve been reaching out trying to get a couple of Cowboy’s pain pills to tide him over 1-2 days since I stupidly overlooked them in my last refill order — now I’m out. Friend says she may have a couple pills, she’s running her family’s Italian restaurant today but said she’d swing by her house in a little while to see if she had some she could pass on. I’ll call the vet first thing in the morning to get the refill (which they hopefully can get ready for me on the same day).


    This is such a time of feeling frazzled for me. (The dogs both have several prescriptions now so ordering refills can, on occasion, get confusing — but I’ve never missed one like this, especially one that’s so important to have.)

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  24. I think conservative, more orthodox churches are less inclined to “go off the rails” on politics; but it’s still an influence which seems to have spread in the past 10 years or so (on the political side). I think we saw the same thing during the “Religious Right” era in the 1970s?

    Our focus can too easily (because we’re human) go sideways.

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  25. I enjoy people watching and from the balcony I see if I can figure out everyone below me. A challenge when you only see their backs.


  26. Time to head off to school on this Monday morning. Happy Valentine’s Day. Kinder will learn to cut out a heart today, which can be a difficult task for them.

    They will each make a Valentine for their Mom.

    Oh, hello 49

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  27. Wait, 5:07, Jo is teaching kindergartners to be Aztecs? What???? And she was here for a visit! They warn you about people you meet on the internet but I never thought…..she seemed so nice!

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  28. Back to normal programming. Still reading the appreciation book by J I Packer on J C Ryle’s book, Faithfulness and Holiness. Very much enjoying them. Justification, sanctification. Assurance of salvation. Good stuff. A reminder that we have a whole background of brothers and sisters in the faith (Desiring God?) who really did understand. We can learn from them.

    Today’s interesting thought for me was on assurance. I have often thought my assurance of salvation was more than it should be as we have the hope of salvation. I was wrong. the assurance is real and been enjoyed by many before but not necessarily in every beleiver’s life. Salvation may be there but they may not have assurance and that is okay. It was very encouraging.

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  29. Here in Connecticut, we had spring-like temps yesterday and the day before, with the temperature reaching the upper 50s. Boy played outside wearing a sweatshirt, but no coat.

    Today we were shoveling snow!

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  30. And in March I can go to church again!!!! Wheeee – our masking mandate ends at the end of February. So excited. In the meantime, my face is a mess since I had to go pick up prescriptions and they had the insurance billing wrong and it took forever to fix it. Masks give me a rash in a very short time – I’ve tried paper and different cloth masks – all do it.

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  31. My friend, Karen, back in the day, worked in the cardiac surgery unit where they did open heart surgery. She could teach those students how to repair any hearts that are not right!♡

    Text Conversation

    Mom: Are you watching the game?
    Son: Lol, is that this week? I thought it was next week. I have way too much to do to watch it.
    Mom: Lol, you should at least check the score before you talk to people tomortow.
    Son: I will, and I may watch a little bit.


  32. _____________________________
    ~ Rams House: L.A. wins Super Bowl on home turf

    The Los Angeles Rams defeated the Cincinnati Bengals 23-20 at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood Sunday, becoming the second team to win the big game on their home field.

    The Rams were led by star receiver Cooper Kupp, who scored two touchdowns, including one with less than two minutes left in the game, to lead the home team to victory. ~

    Now the fireworks going off in the neighborhood.

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