27 thoughts on “News/Politics 1-22-22

  1. The domino effect – yet another nation sees the light.

    Once upon a time the USA led the world, now we can’t even follow. However, such are the consequences of stolen elections.


    “Almost all CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus restrictions in Ireland will end on Saturday, including domestic COVID-19 Certificates, curfews, social distancing, and capacity limits.

    Addressing the nation following the recommendation to lift the restrictions from the National Public Health Emergency Team, Taoiseach (Irish Prime Minister) Micheál Martin declared it’s time for the Irish to “be ourselves again.”

    This makes Ireland the second country following England to remove mandatory vaccine passports after they were implemented.

    But the mask mandate, self-isolation rules, and protective measures in schools will remain, and Martin “strongly encourage[d]” people to get themselves and their children vaccinated.

    After a Cabinet meeting on Friday afternoon, Martin said the Coalition government agreed to lift most of the restrictions the next day.

    “Humans are social beings and we Irish are more social than most. As we look forward to this spring, we need to see each other again. We need to see each other smile. We need to sing again,” he said.

    “As we navigate this new phase of COVID, it is time to be ourselves again.”

    The Taoiseach said people’s trust in the government is a “precious and powerful,” yet “fragile” thing that requires “confidence that the government will do what is needed in an emergency,” as well as knowing “their government will not impose restrictions on their personal freedoms for any longer than is necessary.”

    From 6 a.m. on Saturday, COVID certificates, which are currently required as proof of vaccination or recovery to access indoor hospitality venues, cinemas, theatres, gyms, and leisure centres, will be scrapped.

    Premises will no longer have to manage people’s movements, group sizes, and distances, and the 8 p.m. curfew for hospitality businesses and indoor events will be lifted.

    Restrictions on private indoor meetings (up to four families) and capacity limits for events and weddings will also be removed.”

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  2. Our ‘leaders’ need to be held accountable…


    “The COVID-19 vaccines have largely failed in stopping the transmission of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, especially for the most recent Omicron variant, so the vaccine mandate should be thrown away, according to Dr. Peter McCullough.

    “The vaccines themselves have basically now become obsolete as the virus has continued to mutate,” McCullough told NTD’s “Capitol Report” in an interview broadcast on Wednesday. “So at this point of time, the vaccine mandates have to be dropped across the board.””

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  3. Sorry Tychicus, but the Branch Covidians will never allow it.


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  4. ———-

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  5. This is fine and totally normal.

    It would work for you too, only you wouldn’t be allowed on a plane, instead you’d be arrested on the warrant.

    But the illegal invaders get special treatment, and by virtue of these warrants, that IS what they are…. illegal invaders.


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  6. “EXCLUSIVE: Arrest Warrants Count As ID For Illegal Migrants At Airport Security, TSA Says”


    “The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) disclosed to a congressional office that illegal migrants flying without proper identification can use an arrest warrant as an alternate form of identification when presenting to airport security, according to a letter the Daily Caller News Foundation exclusively obtained.

    Responding to Republican Texas Rep. Lance Gooden’s Dec. 15 inquiry about illegal migrants flying across the country, TSA Administrator David Pekoske explained that certain Department of Homeland Security (DHS) documents may be considered acceptable forms of alternate identification for non-citizens, including a “Warrant for Arrest of Alien” and a “Warrant of Removal/Deportation.”

    “TSA’s response confirms the Biden Administration is knowingly putting our national security at risk,” Gooden told the DCNF. “Unknown and unvetted immigrants shouldn’t even be in the country, much less flying without proper identification.”

    “TSA is committed to ensuring that all travelers, regardless of immigration status, are pre-screened before they arrive to the airport, have their pre-screening status and identification verified at security checkpoints, and receive appropriate screening based on risk before entering the sterile area of the airport,” Pekoske wrote.”


    “Pekoske outlined that the alien identification number found on a DHS document is processed through one or both of the following databases: the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) One mobile application or TSA’s National Transportation Vetting Center (NTVC).

    Individuals who use the alternate forms of identification undergo extra screening, according to the letter.”


  7. Of course they’ll be there to monitor it, it’s their operation, just like Jan6th…..



    “Federal law enforcement in Washington, D.C., has been closely monitoring social media for signs of potential violence and extremist activity ahead of a widely publicized demonstration against vaccine mandates this weekend, according to documents obtained by Yahoo News.

    “Defeat the Mandates: An American Homecoming” is being billed as a peaceful gathering to promote unity among people who oppose COVID-19 vaccine requirements implemented across the country in an effort to mitigate the impact of the ongoing pandemic. The event is scheduled to take place on the National Mall this Sunday, Jan. 23, beginning with a march from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial, followed by a rally featuring speeches from several prominent anti-vaccine advocates, including Robert F. Kennedy Jr., whose nonprofit advocacy organization, Children’s Health Defense, is one of the event’s sponsors.

    According to a permit application submitted by Children’s Health Defense to the National Park Service last month, approximately 20,000 people are expected to attend the event.

    Defeat the Mandates has attracted the attention of the Department of Homeland Security as well as the U.S. Capitol Police, both of which have circulated intelligence bulletins in recent days assessing the potential for violence stemming from Sunday’s march.”

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  8. Masks were a line in the sand? They’re just the polite thing to do. Now filing up ICUs in disproportionate numbers to the general population and forcing others to lose surgery times……that’s a real line

    Mask are a line in the sand? Why are right wing populists such snow flakes. DeSantis is now proposing banning any school or business from making white people feel “discomfort” while teaching or training students/employees about discrimination — and I thought university students asking for trigger warnings were soft.

    Have to love it — the right sees a conspiracy everywhere and don’t even trust each other anymore. I notice they’re asking for donations to the Defeat the Mandate — anytime people ask for donations for a one off event, the potential for fraud is huge. Of course when they do get busted for fraud — they’ll blame the FBI. And conspiracy theories will expand…


  9. This goes back to what I said Friday night.

    And as a result of their actions, I’m done listening to the never right “experts” who lie and spread misinformation. They did this, not me.

    “Public Health’s Truth Problem

    Throughout the pandemic, medical and scientific institutions have disseminated dubious advice, flawed studies, and even outright falsehoods.”


    “Throughout the pandemic, public-health officials have omitted uncomfortable truths, made misleading statements, and advanced demonstrably false assertions. In the information era, where what one says is easily accessible and anyone may read primary literature, these falsehoods will be increasingly recognized and severely damage the field’s credibility. No doubt, officials and organizations promulgating them had a range of motivations—including honorable ones, such as wanting to encourage salutary choices. Yet the subsequent loss of institutional trust may result in harm that far outweighs any short-term policy objectives.

    Consider some messages the field has promoted to the public over the last two years and their shaky relationship with the truth.

    Any mask is better than no mask. Last week, CDC director Rochelle Walensky asserted that “any mask is better than no mask.” This statement was factually incorrect when she said it. The only published cluster randomized trial of community cloth masking during Covid-19—performed in rural Bangladesh—found that surgical masks reduced the spread of Covid-19 among villages assigned to wear them, while cloth masks were no better than no masks at all regarding the primary endpoint of blood-test-confirmed Covid-19. In an umbrella review of masking that I coauthored, we found no good evidence to support cloth masking. Two days after Walensky’s statement, the CDC conceded that cloth masking was inferior to other masks. Notably, however, this is still misleading because cloth masking is not just less effective—it is entirely ineffective.

    You should wear an N95 mask. Now the CDC has endorsed the use of N95 or equivalent masks in community settings, which it presents as the superior choice. Here, too, the evidence is misleading. First, a masking policy involves more than just the filtration properties of the material; it should consider both filtration and human behavior. Will people wear the mask appropriately? Will there be gaps around the nose? Will they cheat to scratch or drink? Will it cause discomfort and lead to discontinuation? Will they feel invulnerable and seek out higher risk settings? Simply put, the CDC does not know that advising the public to wear N95 is good policy. It could have run a cluster randomized trial, as was done for cloth and surgical masks in Bangladesh; it did not. In fact, the agency has run no randomized trials of masking this entire pandemic.

    The virus changes, but our policies remain the same. Masking—even if it works—is not a permanent solution. It cannot work when you stop doing it. Recently, in a striking admission, Anthony Fauci confirmed not only that the virus will not be eliminated, but also that it will eventually infect us all. Even vaccination is not enough to entirely halt omicron breakthroughs. Thus, even if N95 masking delays the time to infection, we will eventually be infected. The question becomes: Is it worth it? We aren’t getting any younger, and at some point we will have to trust our immune systems (helped by vaccination) to fight off the virus. Is it worth it for a young person to delay exposure with an inconvenient and intrusive mask?

    Kids suffer no harm from not seeing faces. On August 12, 2021, after more than a year in which daycare providers routinely wore masks while caring for infants, the American Academy of Pediatrics tweeted: “Babies and young children study faces, so you may worry that having masked caregivers would harm children’s language development. There are no studies to support this concern. Young children will use other clues like gestures and tone of voice. Being around adults wearing masks doesn’t delay babies’ speech or language development.”

    The tweet was misleading. It appears meant to defuse a legitimate concern that kids not seeing faces may have a long-term deleterious impact. The truth is, we don’t know. We are running an unprecedented experiment on our youth. We have never concealed faces from children in daycare for so many hours a day for so many years. Thus, we cannot be certain of the full effects. If we do not know—and we don’t—then we should not be offering false reassurance. Notably, peer nations such as the U.K., recognizing this concern, have consistently refused to ask daycare providers to mask.

    Vaccine policy must be one-size-fits-all. For some reason, the U.S. seems committed to a one-size-fits-all vaccine policy despite abundant evidence to the contrary. This has led us astray in several respects.”


    “Falsehoods and half-truths have consequences. Publishing flawed science to raise irrational fear, making false statements about the efficacy of treatments, and extrapolating data from one vaccine to another all constitute bad scientific practice. In normal times, scientists would not tolerate such behavior. Yet, repeatedly, federal agencies and respected organizations push recommendations that are deeply uncertain, rely on fearmongering, or provide hollow reassurances. The right answer would be to acknowledge the massive residual uncertainty surrounding these issues and embark on studies to reduce it.

    We need public-health institutions in times of crisis. But if they won’t tell the truth, they don’t deserve the public’s trust. If we meet future health threats as a more polarized society, these institutions will deserve their share of the blame.”


    And there are numerous more examples out there.


  10. Afghanistan 2.0

    Biden’s just giving the Ukraine to Russia.

    “Here we go … again: State Dept orders evacuation of US embassy staff families from Kyiv while embassy requests staff pullout”


    “Yesterday, the State Department let it be known that it was considering an evacuation of diplomats’ families from the US embassy in Ukraine. Today, State ordered their removal:”

    “Just a few hours earlier, the embassy requested that all non-essential staff get pulled out and not just the families, ahead of an expected Russian invasion — excuse me, minor incursion.

    Joe Biden’s getting pretty good at emptying American embassies, eh?

    The US Embassy in Kyiv has requested that the State Department authorize the departure of all nonessential staff and their families, according to multiple sources familiar with the matter.

    A State Department spokesperson said they have “nothing to announce at this time,” adding, “We conduct rigorous contingency planning, as we always do, in the event the security situation deteriorates.” A spokesperson for the embassy declined to confirm and referred CNN to the State Department in Washington.

    A source close to the Ukrainian government told CNN that the US has informed Ukraine that it is “likely to start evacuations as early as next week” of the families of diplomats from the embassy in Kyiv. The source said President Volodymyr Zelensky has spoken to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken about the matter and told him that if the United States took such a dramatic step, it would be an “overreaction.” CNN has asked the Ukrainian government for comment.

    If this was just a “minor incursion,” as Joe Biden put it in his presser on Wednesday, why would the US need to evacuate its embassy in Kyiv? The capital sits at a significant distance from the Donbas and the territory ceded by the Soviets to Ukraine in 1922 — a century ago, when Soviet domination made the transaction more or less a moot point. This map from the Australian government outlining the contested areas of Ukraine at the moment (including Crimea) gives a good sense of the distance between Kyiv and the Soviet — er, Russian — front:”

    As one can see, Kyiv is far from the Donbas and from the Russian border. It’s well over 200 miles from Kyiv to Sumy, and almost 500 miles to Donetsk. Any incursion from the east that threatens Kyiv would hardly be “minor,” and would likely take at least several days if not weeks of fighting.”


  11. ——-


  12. Teachers have been issued N95 masks instead of surgical masks. We can continue to wear surgical masks if we find N95 uncomfortable. Since they are unfitted N95 masks, their effectiveness isn’t much higher than a surgical mask so I’ve kept to the latter. As for the effectiveness of masks, they work despite minor issues such as cheating, scratching etc.

    I have found it harder to understand my students. Never knew how much I relied on facial cues to make up for the minor hearing loss in my right ear until the last two years. Spec Ed Speech Language classes use a hard plastic barrier between the teacher and student so students can see facial cues and lip movement as modeling for their own improvements. As for the effects in daycare, its been fairly normal for caregivers in Eastern Europe and East Asia to wear masks anytime its felt necessary to prevent illness spread. While living in Poland, it surprised me how seriously they took hygiene in care giving situations — mask wearing was pretty much the norm in institutional settings. If there was any ill effects, they would have been noted by now.


  13. If I read your articles correctly, it appears the embassy requested the authorization to send non essential staff and family home. The State Dept then gave the authorization. Its not Biden giving the order rather the people on the ground taking precautions for friends and family.

    In the early 90s, I told my Ukrainian friends they should cede the area to the east to the Russians before it became a conflict. They replied with some nationalistic rhetoric. The Donbas area is a rust belt filled with mostly Russians who moved there after WWII and are now collecting state pensions. The Crimea is a different story but the Russians will never give up the home of their Black Sea fleet. (similarly Syria is the home of their Mediterranean fleet). Will Putin stop at the Donbass and Crimea — who knows but Ukraine needs to be more strategic here.

    NATO assured Gorbachev and Yeltsin they would not expand east. They lied. The Russians might have accepted Poland etc in NATO but the Baltic states joining NATO really upset them and they’ve been quite vehement that Ukrainian and other former Soviet states are in their area of interest. And for the most part the West has accepted it; Georgia has tried to get into the European orbit but has constantly been rebuffed and Armenia considers Russia their protector from Azerbaijan. Moldova, like Georgia, has some Russia troops monitoring the green line between a break away republic and the legitimate govt. And I don’t see Europe reacting any different in Ukraine — its Russian’s front yard and anything past the Carpathian mountains doesn’t interest them. And if Europe’s not interested why should the US.


  14. Sure HRW…..

    “Russia-Ukraine tensions need a unified NATO response. But Biden shook the alliance.

    The president’s words will embolden Vladimir Putin to be even more aggressive and accelerate his asymmetric attacks on other neighboring nations.”

    Everything Biden touches turns to trash. Yet 81 million morons allegedly thought he was the answer.


    “Russian President Vladimir Putin won a major victory this past week, and it didn’t require him to move a single soldier or weapon into Ukraine. During a news conference at the White House Wednesday, President Joe Biden made several considerable concessions. These rhetorical retreats would not only damage and further destabilize the government in Kyiv. They also reverberated in capitals across eastern and central Europe, leaving leaders there feeling even more vulnerable to Moscow’s meddling.

    In diplomacy, the messaging really matters. Having served in numerous embassies overseas, I’ve seen how the right message can help secure peace. But the wrong message can lead to conflict. What Biden said about a potential Russian invasion and NATO’s response falls squarely into the latter category. His words will embolden Putin to be even more aggressive and accelerate his asymmetric attacks on other neighboring nations.

    The president recklessly remarked that the price for Russia invading Ukraine “depends on what it does. It’s one thing if it’s a minor incursion and then we end up having a fight about what to do and not do” — the “we” apparently referring to NATO.

    This clumsy, cringe-worthy attempt to distinguish between minor and major invasions sent a clear signal to the Kremlin that if troops stopped short of a full-scale military operation, they might avoid a serious response from the West. This is an ideal outcome for Russia. In fact, it is its preferred path forward.”


    But Trump was Putin’s stooge?

    Sure morons…. keep ignoring your mistake.


  15. HRW,

    Good to know that the buck never stops with Biden in your mind.

    A real shame you never felt that way when it was Trump, huh?




  16. Reality…..



  17. ———–


  18. Lapdogs lap, it’s what they do.

    And you had to know that somehow, this would all be Trump’s fault. 🙂




  19. Be afraid……


    This is why they have like 6 viewers left. 🙂



  20. ————


  21. Read the article — the guy’s a real war hawk. First he claims Biden’s message reverberated around central Europe yet has no evidence to back it up. Second he quotes Article 5 of NATO but Ukraine is not in NATO and will never be. Finally, his idea of an information war is ludicrous esp in the era of the internet.

    Biden just said aloud what ever body knows to be the case. Europe’s response to Russia will differ depending on Russia’s behaviour — they have and will continue to tolerate operations in the Donbass. Central European leaders are probably agreed with his statements as opposed to finding it unsettling. Hungary’s leader Orban model’s himself after Putin as an illiberal democracy and populist totalitarianism, the populist gov’t in Poland despite their anti Russian rhetoric will not worry about Russians in the Donbass, only if they cross the Dnieper will the Poles be upset as they consider western Ukrainie as their sphere of influence and far right nationalists who have some influence in the gov’t dream on annexing the area around Lviv which was Polish before the war. As for the rest of central Europe — I doubt they will lose sleep over the Donbass.

    Ukraine will never be part of NATO. The Russians consider the former soviet republics as the “near abroad” a concept not to dissimilar to the Monroe Doctrine except the former has an historical basis. The Baltic countries managed to join NATO during the Yeltsin era which most Russians now consider a moment of weakness.

    An information war is so old school its almost laughable. There’s no ideological war here; its simple power and nationalism. Sure the US is officially a classical liberal democracy and Russia is an authoritarians state but this isn’t a problem. Nor will it motivate anyone, The internet has made propaganda old fashioned. You can no longer convince Russians that American is the land of freedom, opportunity, etc when they can go on the internet and note the difference in living standards between Scandinavian working class and the American working class; not to mention inequality, imprisonment, lack of worker rights, lack of maternity leave, lack of health care, racial tensions, militias, guns, and on and on. Most Europeans including Russia won’t buy into any old school Cold War propaganda as its easily refuted. The Russian opposition does want a democracy just not the American version


  22. I’m surprised Trump supporters don’t have whiplash. After supporting Trump’s agreement with the Taliban, the abandonment of the Kurds, and constant bickering about NATO over who pays and whether America should go home, they now support the war hawks. Trump was and probably is still an isolationist, in that he and Biden have some agreement. Trump didn’t want to waste money on something that didn’t’ directly benefit the US and Biden doesn’t want to put American sons in harm’s way. All for the rust belt of the Ukraine.


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