56 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-10-22

  1. Good morning, Chas. Good is a ‘good’ word that God pronounced over His work of creation. It is a great word to say over the blog for it is Good!

    The weather is still colder than the norm here, but I think by the end of the week we will creep back up to less chill in the air.

    Time for me to move into Bible study mode. I hope everyone has a nice Monday and that those who have been sick will feel much better today.

    Keep pressing on in the joy of the Lord which is our strength!

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  2. Yes, “good” is a good word, since it is derived from a word that means “God”. From dictionary.com:

    First recorded before 900; Middle English good, god; Old English gōd; cognate with Dutch goed, German gut, Old Norse gōthr, Gothic goths

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  3. Good Morning indeed! Good to see you Chas and everyone!

    The sun is shining and the temps are rising. This snow and ice will be melting soon. Then we will see more on Friday…yay for snow boo for ice!

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  4. Overly full day and week, already.

    Covid, meanwhile, is spreading through our staff now.

    I’ll be covering a crowded news conference (w/the US transportation secy) tomorrow at the port so maybe I’ll be next.

    And we’re all pitching in on LA schools opening tomorrow, I have another sewer update to write, and both port commission boards meet this week (one today, the other on Thursday).

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  5. I’m trying to decide whether or not to reschedule my annual all-day heart checkup at Cleveland Clinic next week. Mrs B is not wild about driving there (3 hours) in winter, or being out unnecessarily amid this Covid surge. I was going to go anyway.

    This morning the Clinic called me to say they have a new policy that, for one of the tests I’m having, they need documentation of a negative PCR Covid test within 72 hours before the appointment. That means no earlier than Sunday. And Monday being MLK Jr Day I imagine a lot of places will be closed. So I might have to get the test on Tuesday and hope to have the results same day since I need to be in Cleveland first thing Wednesday morning.

    All this hassle has me leaning toward rescheduling. It will make Mrs B happy. Maybe in the spring things will be better.

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  6. Regarding Kizzie’s post yesterday about Dave Ramsey being in hot water in the Twitterverse:

    I’m not going to comment on what he said. But Yahoo’s headline was very misleading. “Radio Host Dave Ramsey Insists if His Tenants Are Homeless Because He Raised Rent, It Doesn’t Make Him ‘a Bad Christian’ ”

    The article text, and Ramsey’s radio comments on which the article “reported”, said nothing about homelessness. He was talking about people having to find less expensive housing if they couldn’t afford market rates for the housing they’re in. And he was speaking hypothetically in response to someone’s question.

    Reporting can be bad (present company excepted), but don’t ever get outraged about a headline if you haven’t read the article.

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  7. The title says it all: https://www.breakpoint.org/the-bibles-accuracy-vindicated-again/

    In other news:

    I got my car serviced today–only the third time since I bought it in 2017.

    They gave me the full-court press on replacing tires, buying a new car, coming in every 4K miles instead of waiting for my brilliant car to tell me it was time for service (10K).

    I smiled politely and said no.

    What I didn’t realize until later was they had NO new cars in their showroom.

    They also sent me a text asking me if I wanted to sell my car.

    Tough times.

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  8. If anyone is interested, my husband started his Sunday School Class on God’s Perscription for Government.

    It’s recorded. Just send me an email and I’ll pass it on.

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  9. Morning all. Time to be up and at em as a new school term begins today.

    A little frustrated as I cannot find any of the materials I had prepared for Bible. Last year’s teacher did not put things away. Oh, well, the word of God is still my lesson. We are in the fiery furnace this week.

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  10. Amen!

    Next week on Friday, I am assigned to give a presentation in our schoolwide Chapel. I think that I will just read a story from Evidence Not Seen by Darlene Diebler Rose. And sing God is So Good and I Love you Lord. Everyone else has been focusing on school wide learning outcomes. But I think the story of her in prison and God providing bananas is a beautiful story of her faith and God’s care.

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  11. I received the personal DVD player I orderd and have been able to read enough instructions to get it to play a DVD‐ the first of The Chosen series. I am happy I no longer have to rely on Art to get the DVD player working with the television. Anything to lessen stress is worth the money. Also, since Wesley has no television, we can carry this with us when we visit if our family wants to watch a movie. Since Art can’t get out and do much, movies will be a nice option. At Hilton Head they had taken out the old large screen televisions and DVD players and put in giant screen televisions without DVD players. I think so many stream media now that DVD players are on the way out. We are always behind everyone else in tech devices.


  12. Janice–Does your library include Hoopla or Libby? We’ve been able to view movies on our TV (okay, like the Chosen, sent over from the computer), all from the house without having to belong to anything or go to the library.


  13. M, I am sure we could do that if the proper hookup was done. It would be too frustrating for Art so I would not ask. Wesley never has much time here so I don’t ask him. I did the one thing I thought I could manage on my own, get a portable dvd player. Art needs the tv available to watch his programs on to wind down after his long days. When he gets the tv out of the regular mode he has trouble getting back to his programs. Really, it is a great sadness for me that taxes have taken over his brain so he can’t handle these techie type things. I dare not mess with his tv. I really don’t ever watch it unless something spectacular happens.


  14. TCL TVs have Roku embedded in them — and they’re fairly cheap in today’s world, $200-$300 (I guess all TVs are currently not overly expensive compared to 5-10 years ago, which was a pleasant surprise when I had to replace my old one last year).

    They’re user intuitive, easy to set up and use, and include all the streaming services you can easily access with the remote, netflix, etc.

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  15. Hahahahahhahahhahahhahahhahahhahhaha………………………………………………………………………………………………….hahahhahhahahhahahhahahhahhahahahhaha…………………………………….hahahhahhahahhahhahahahah

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  16. Kevin – I did not like that headline, either, and mentioned that it was an exaggeration. That was definitely a clickbait headline, and some people probably didn’t bother reading past it.

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  17. Hey, if even I can operate it, it must be fairly easy! But it did take me most of the day to get it set up and hooked up, including putting the little feet on the bottom (which required a “tool”) and figuring out which cords went where. Real Estate Guy was on the phone part of the time helping me.

    But once it was hooked up, I found it surprisingly easy to use.

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  18. What a hectic, fast day. Tomorrow will be more of the same and I’m still waiting to get confirmation on where this press conference is going to be held inside the port maze. I will probably get lost again, just hoping it’s not on the helicopter pad on top of a roof again.

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  19. I’m up for a good laugh too.
    But what is Mumsee lughing about? My eyes are weak, I’ll admit. but I don’t seBut
    But I’m gone untill tomorrow
    nite-nite everyoe but Jo

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  20. Mumsee was falling out of her chair, rolling on the foor laughing about DJ saying how easy setup was for her new tv. It’s easy maybe for those who have good eyesight😳


  21. I just got off a Zoom meeting with the board members of a second writing group I am a member of. All very nice ladies who live about an hour north of me. I feel so blessed to have several groups of Christian ladies I count as friends.

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  22. Peter, when The Chosen first came out they were trying to make product sales to fund future filming. I bought about ten dvd’s to share with the prison ministry I support. I had kept one for myself which I had never opened until today. I have watched other episodes on my phone. I am so glad it has been so successful.


  23. Janice, I had one like that and enjoyed it. Then I took it home to give to my daughter as they didn’t have a tv. I also took a few dvds. The girls enjoyed it.

    I agree that it was nice that I could use it.

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