42 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-5-22

  1. Good morning! It’s a chilly start, in the 40’s, here.

    I have on my souvenir blue hoodie sweatshirt from the Hilton Head Walgreens.

    Perfect weather for it. Bonus attribute is that it protects from the cat who makes bread on my shoulder.

    I routinely get souvenirs from Goodwill, but since the pandemic I have not shopped at Goodwill.

    The header photo shows one of the trunks of the largest of the live oaks we saw. I wonder how old it is? We saw the oldest of the red cypress trees on this property and Wesley said it grew from an acorn around the time of Shakespeare.

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  2. Your typing is improving, Chas.

    It’s a cold morning here but it’s supposed to warm up for a while next week, getting up close to 70.

    I’m off shortly to interview water quality testers at the shoreline.

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  3. Back from the beach where dolphins could be seen frolicking just offshore this morning.

    The biologists the photographer and I were shadowing were very helpful, we watched as they waded into the surf to grab several water samples in jars to take back to the lab as the aftermath of the sewer leak continues. If bacteria is low enough, the inner side of that beach — inside the breakwater and harbor — will reopen. The outer, open surf side of the beach has been reopened already but is still being monitored with samples.

    A little brisk out there this morning, but sunny — just a really pretty day.

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  4. First day out and I went to the grocery store…the increase in prices let my jaw dropped! A bag of frozen blackberries that once was 2.99 is now 6.99…umm no thanks. Husband will have to find a different fruit to mix in his Greek yogurt!!

    That is a big ol’ tree Janice…so beautiful!!
    It was 19 degrees when I headed out this morning and has warmed up to 38…and Kare is right…we don’t know cold!! 🙃

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  5. As we are snowed in, husband is unable to get down to Kamiah to pick up twenty’s psych meds which run out tomorrow. Thankfully, the grader guy is headed down there and will pick them up for us! He thinks husband’s truck might make it down but with the wind as it is, drifts are building everywhere and he did not recommend it. But the grader guy thinks he can get it done for us. I like people.

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  6. Mumsee, we have those kind of neighbours. I still don’t like people (jk)

    My drive to work this morning was at -35C (-31F) and the windchill was -43C (-45F). It’s been a long stretch of severe cold (even for us). I’m ready to be done. -15C (5F) would feel downright balmy right about now.

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  7. When Boy and I went up to the bus stop this morning, the sky was cloudy, but the lane was dry. Shortly after the bus came, the freezing rain began. (As I reached my front porch, I could see the first dots of rain hitting it.) A little while later, I stepped out on the back porch and could not walk on it because it was way too slick. (Just the two or three steps to turn around and come back in were scary.)

    An alert was sent out that the school buses had to pull off to the side of the roads for a while. Boy told me that they saw the results of a couple or more accidents, and witnessed one happen.

    His bus was the last one to arrive at school, at about 9:30. He gets picked up around 7:25 and usually gets to school about 40 or 45 minutes later, but today it was two hours. But of course, the important thing is that they arrived safely. God bless our school bus drivers!

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  8. Time to go back to work today, but I will not rush in.

    We had a new rubbish pit dug here, for our food garbage. But they put it right next to the old once which they were told not to do. and now they want more money than we agreed upon, but it is in writing.

    Always something

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  9. We voted to not have the usual music jam today but were outnumbered. Those further north or in town won’t have the difficulty getting there and they wanted to go. My husband used the snowblower while I shoveled the deck and where he couldn’t get. After getting all ready and pulling out of the driveway, we realized that not only was the road not plowed (there were ruts out we could follow) but it was badly drifted in where the open fields are. We decided it was not a good idea to go, since we had no idea how bad the drifts will get or when the road will be plowed. It was plowed about an hour later. I doubt, other than the residents) that there would be many audience members anyway. The snow I cleared was around 10 inches or so and that was not drifts. I had a very productive day, at any rate.

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  10. Just found the ants were building a nest in my telephone again.
    And several other places on my table. Michelle, would you come take care of them?

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  11. I shoveled the deck today, too! But not ten inches. More like seven or eight. But I only shoveled half and then suggested twenty go out and finish it. She did! Of course, it is to the door she uses for getting in and out of the house.

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  12. Speaking of cold…

    Years ago we had an evangelist form Kenora, Ontario visiting in January. it was the coldest day ever here, -23°F with the wind chill around -80°. The guy joked, “This is warm. It was 68 below when we left home.”

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  13. I am ever so thankful for warm clothing. I bought new warm boots as my old ones were wearing out. My feet have been almost too hot driving in to work. Coming home the car is colder from sitting outside despite letting it warm up, but my toes were still nice and warm.

    Our grid road is usually one of the last to be ploughed but my Subaru handles it well thankfully. It was wise for you to just stay home, Kathaleena!

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  14. She is warming up for her evening ritual. A bit later than usual. She usually starts about noon. She did today but then pulled it back. Just started in about fifteen minutes ago.

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  15. Interestingly, last night, after she was done, she asked me to change her diet to something healthier. She has had that today. Started with a plate of veggies: broccoli, mushrooms, onions, yam, brussels sprouts, and cranberry along with two eggs. For lunch, she had brown rice and lentils and chicken. And a bit of pear apple. One wonders if eating better would help her. Couldn’t hurt. But, historically, when I have fixed her special food like that, she only lasts a couple of meals before demands start. Which she does not get though we might give her one of them. But when she goes to work or out with a worker, it is not pretty.

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  16. Twenty has been sick for a few days now and, as is her tradition, comes out to the family area when she needs to cough or sneeze, in hopes of getting me sick so I can die. Fifteen is now sick and so am I. She is throwing chewed up newspaper at us, to make sure she is spreading germs. We need to find a placement.

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  17. I am very sad to hear about all those bad and basically intolerable behaviors of twenty, Mumsee. Sad to hear of the sickness she has spread. I do pray for a placement soon.

    Kare, those are special boots! They will be well utilized in your climate so you will get your investment back in coziness and comfort. Several years ago I found some nice snow boots at a deep discount at Marshall’s. I have used them only once, but when I needed them that once, I needed them! It was worth their sale price to stay warm and dry.


  18. Alas, Jo, I can’t help. They’re so busy in my pa try cupboard, I keep expecting to find a group hauling the chocolate chip container out the door. 😦

    #Nothing seems to be working. 😦

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  19. Taro. That’s what we’ve found works best on ants. At least the ones we have here. Don’t know about tropical ants.


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