21 thoughts on “News/Politics 12-31-21

  1. Here’s hoping for a new year in which physicians won’t be harrassed for doing their jobs and following real science instead of politics.

    A really big lesson to learn from the last two years is that having the government involved in health care at all is absolutely dreadful and is an existential threat to freedom.


    “A Minnesota family physician who is being investigated for the fifth time in the past 17 months by the state medical board for statements related to COVID-19, says the board is now requesting to see medical records of his patients who were prescribed ivermectin.

    Dr. Scott Jensen received a notification from the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice two days before Christmas informing him of their request for the records.

    “And last night, when I got home after shopping with the grandchildren, I have this letter from the board of medical practice,” Jensen said in a video on Dec. 24.

    He added that the board said, “In your response, you indicated that you’ve prescribed ivermectin to some of your patients for treatment of COVID-19. Pursuant to the board’s investigation of this matter, please provide the following records … copies of medical records for the most recent three to five patients to whom you’ve prescribed ivermectin to treat COVID-19.””


  2. What he said. ⤴

    “Renowned Doctor Sues Hospital Banning Him From Prescribing Ivermectin”


    “Dr. Paul Marik (pictured) of Eastern Virginia Medical School has filed a lawsuit against Sentara Healthcare in Virginia after the hospital banned him from prescribing ivermectin as treatment for COVID.

    Dr. Marik, who is also a founding member of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care (FLCCC) Alliance, serves as Sentara Norfolk General Hospital’s ICU director. He was met by supporters in Norfolk, Virginia when he arrived at the courthouse.

    According to WND, Dr. Marik appeared in court on Thursday to request for a temporary order to allow him to prescribe ivermectin for COVID while his case progresses. His supporters outside the courthouse chanted his name and held signs, including one that told of how a husband was in the ICU and was denied ivermectin treatment.

    The doctor appeared before the crowd with his hand over his heart to show gratitude to those who came out to support him.

    “Can you understand the toll that that takes that I have young patients – young patients in the 30s and 40s, who I had to watch die – while the hospital prevented me from giving them the treatment I thought was in their best interest?” Dr. Marik told WTKR-TV. “I think it’s criminal. It’s immoral, and it’s illegal.”


    Indeed it is Dr, and it’s completely and totally un-American.

    Liberal states are leading the way on this un-American garbage, of course.

    “State entities could ‘take action’ against doctors prescribing Ivermectin
    Washington Medical Commission officials say they’re already seeing complaints on this issue”


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  3. Follow the science!

    Right senile old dude….?

    Or not….

    He’s more interested in punishing those unvaccinated than he as at saving lives. That’s what he’s doing here. How else do you justify his actions in removing yet another life saving treatment from your options? I guess vaccinated pigs are more equal than other pigs now.

    “Doctors Outraged After Biden Regime Shuts Down Life-Saving Monoclonal Antibody Treatments”


    “Doctors across the country are expressing shock and outrage after the Biden regime shut off distribution of monoclonal antibodies, preventing them from treating patients infected with the Delta coronavirus with the life-saving therapeutic.

    In a letter addressed to Secretary of Health and Human Services Xavier Becerra Tuesday, Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo accused the Biden administration of “actively preventing the effective distribution of monoclonal antibody treatments,” undermining Florida’s strategy to handle the disease.

    The Biden administration paused shipments of the monoclonal antibodies because according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the treatment isn’t effective against Omicron, which they claim became the dominant strain earlier this month.

    However, the CDC has now admits that it seriously miscalculated the prevalence of the Omicron variant in the US, according to the Daily Mail reported, “overblowing the figure by as much as 50 percentage points, sowing confusion as the nation breaks records for new cases.”

    The agency released a revised chart on Tuesday showing that the new variant accounted for 23 percent of all COVID-19 cases for the week ending on December 18, as opposed to the 73 percent it originally reported.

    The chart showed that the Omicron variant accounted for 59 percent of all new cases for the week ending on December 25, meaning the Delta variant has been accounting for far more infections than the agency initially thought, though Omicron is gaining ground quickly.

    While the federal government continues to distribute Sotrovimab, a monoclonal antibody from the company Glaxosmithkline that reportedly does work against Omicron, Ladapo argued that “the federal agencies under your control should not limit our state’s access to any available treatments for Covid-19.”

    He said HHS “announced a dramatic reduction in the number of monoclonal antibodies to be allocated to the State of Florida” without providing advanced notice shortly after Florida had treated 100,000 patients with the effective therapeutic.”

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  4. Our FBI is broken. They need to be held to account when R’s take back the House or this idiocy will continue. These are gestapo tactics.

    Just like with Russia, Russia, Russia, these frauds orchestrated it all.

    “Is the Whitmer ‘Kidnapping’ Case About to be Tossed?

    At this point, perhaps the Justice Department should pray that the judge rules in favor of the defense and dismisses the case before the FBI is further embarrassed—and exposed.”


    “The U.S. Department of Justice received an unwelcome Christmas gift from defense attorneys representing five men charged with conspiring to “kidnap” Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer in 2020: a motion to dismiss the case.

    The Christmas Day filing is the latest blow to the government’s scandal-ridden prosecution; defense counsel is building a convincing argument that the FBI used undercover agents and informants to entrap their clients in a wide-ranging scheme that resulted in bad press for Donald Trump as early voting was underway in the key swing state last year. What began as random social media chatter to oppose lockdown policies quickly morphed into a dangerous plan to abduct Whitmer as soon as the FBI took over.

    A Michigan judge delayed the trial, now set for March 8, so defense attorneys could investigate the misconduct of FBI special agents handling at least a dozen government informants involved in the caper.

    As I reported last week, the lead prosecutor recently informed the judge that three of the FBI’s top agents involved in the case will not take the stand as government witnesses. Richard Trask, the FBI special agent who signed the initial criminal complaint against six men facing federal charges—one man pleaded guilty and is cooperating with authorities—was removed from the case and fired by the FBI after he physically assaulted his wife last summer in a drunken rage following a swingers party at a hotel near their home.

    The agents who managed the day-to-day activity of the case’s lead informant also will not testify. FBI agent Jayson Chambers ran a security consulting business on the side; an anonymous Twitter account claiming to represent his firm, Exeintel, dropped hints of pending arrests in the Whitmer case, calling into question his motives as a lead investigator. His partner, FBI agent Henrik Impola, has been accused of committing perjury in a separate case.

    “The government does not plan to call Impola, Chambers, or Trask as witnesses,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew Birge notified the court on December 17. “[The] government requests the Court exclude evidence relating to Exeintel, the unfounded allegations against SA Impola, and Richard Trask’s domestic assault charges or alleged social media posts.”

    Now the judge will consider defense counsel’s latest motion to drop the kidnapping conspiracy charges against Adam Fox, Barry Croft, Kaleb Franks, Dan Harris, and Brandon Caserta; in the April 2021 superseding indictment, which defense attorneys cite in the motion, the Justice Department described the defendants as domestic terrorists who attempted “to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping.

    But the real conspiracy—as court documents, testimony, and communications between FBI handlers and their informants show—was concocted by federal operatives working inside and outside the FBI Detroit field office.

    “In this Case, the undisputed evidence, as demonstrated in forty-four pages of statements already submitted to the Court, establishes that government agents and informants concocted, hatched, and pushed this ‘kidnapping plan’ from the beginning, doing so against defendants who explicitly repudiated the plan,” the five defense attorneys wrote in the December 25 motion. “When the government was faced with evidence showing that the defendants had no interest in a kidnapping plot, it refused to accept failure and continued to push its plan.”

    The FBI funded and organized two “militia” conferences in the summer of 2020 to lure would-be kidnappers; handled all expenses so indigent defendants could attend surveillance and training excursions, which were photographed by the government to use as evidence; and paid cash to numerous informants, including at least $50,000 to the lead informant, known as “Big Dan” to the unwitting suspects.

    A footnote in the 20-page filing explained how “Big Dan” and other informants acted as the monetary pass-through between the FBI and the Whitmer defendants. “The government was not going to be deterred by the fact that the defendants did not have the money to travel throughout the Midwest in order to play along with the CHSs and undercover agents. CHS Dan, while often claiming poverty, always had the resources to drive, feed, and house others whom he hoped to pull into the government plan. Another CHS convinced many that he would finance operations through a 501(c)(3) charity and would even provide debit cards to others, drawing on his accounts. So while the defendants had no interest in profit . . . the government’s exploitation of its virtually unlimited resources, poured into its investigation, further underscores entrapment as a matter of law.” This included informants’ picking up the tab for food, lodging, and gas among other expenses.

    Defense attorneys cited several examples of exchanges where defendants pushed back on suggestions to kidnap Whitmer; at one point, “Big Dan” raised the idea of putting a “round of bullets” into a window at Whitmer’s cottage, the location of the would-be abduction, and suggested they “mail the casings to the news.” The agents and informants, according to defense attorneys, “continued to push to shape a kidnapping plan, even trying to elevate it to murder.”


    Un-American BS.

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  5. Tychicus — people’s bias often leads to different conclusions. Covid has convinced me of the value of universal free healthcare. The stats show a far higher death rate in the US than other western developed nations. The comparison between Canada and the US is stark. There are other factors — Americans are generally not as healthy as Europeans/Canadians, have higher rates of obesity and diabetes, and are less willing to follow public health guidance. However, one can also claim the lack of free health care often leads to more serious problems and the co-morbiditie . As for the examples cited, private corporations, non-profits, professional associations, and the state all limit a doctor’s choices. If he’s been told not to use it, its because current science says it doesn’t work and his employer/professional association doesn’t wan to be liable. . A doctor may think he’s right but luckily we no longer allow doctors to go rouge with quack cures. I’m not sure how private and public regulations are unAmerican — private insurance have long dictated what is acceptable treatment.


  6. If Biden is a senile old man, why do you blame him. The change in treatment appears to be based on a CDC estimate of how quickly Omircon would take over from Delta. Given the data from other nations, states, regions etc, the CDC put out an estimate that was wrong. However, I can see why they made that prediction — Delta is all but gone here in Ontario. Florida’s inability or unwillingness to use measures to control Delta are to blame for its prevalence there. If Florida had use the same methods as other jurisdictions, Delta wouldn’t be a factor. Blaming the lack of treatments for a disease that they shouldn’t have allowed to remain viral is a refusal to take responsibility.


  7. The FBI has long been broken — from the Palmer Raids to the Red Scare to COINTELPRO to the Patriot Act to the current era — they have always abused the rights of Americans. The FBI’s investigation of various right wing militia groups is no different. Its not unAmerican; its a hundred year American tradition.


  8. On a personal note; have an adult child move home has been great. We get along far better, her cooking has improved and eating dinner with someone is always good. Mind you as a millennial, she has me buying avocado, kale, tofu, almond milk, etc — a little pricey but my diet is healthier. She’s mature and responsible — I did something right or she succeeded despite her parents.

    I hope everyone here has a good new year. May Omircon be a sign of weakened virus. Maybe as the virus diminishes in strength, political differences can also become less viral in nature. After all, for most people, we just want a safe and healthy place for family and friends — just different ideas on how to get there.

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  9. 4:41 (2nd graph) Amen to that. We can’t lose hope, as tempting as that feels after 2 years without a sure end in sight.

    This summer?

    And Happy New Year’s to everyone here.

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  10. Sorry, Tychicus, the quack doctors are wrong. The US has the highest covid death rate in the western world — about 2500 per 1 million whereas Canada has one of the lowest in the west at 800 per 1 million. For two similar countries the difference shouldn’t be so great. The difference — vaccine rate, universal health care and a country that pays attention to public health guidelines.


  11. My daughter Nightingale makes avocado toast with salmon and an egg and other stuff for the two of us every now and then. I actually like it! (I didn’t think I would.)

    One day last week, she was going to make that for us, and then realized that her avocados were not ripe yet. So she used hummus instead. 🙂


  12. Each generation has its food specialties. I’ve read about some of the yucky-sounding dishes that were quite popular in decades past.


  13. Scum.


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  14. Never put Democrats in positions of power. It always leads to idiocy.

    “More Than 150 People Killed In Texas County By Suspects Released By Progressive Judges…”

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  15. Enjoy….

    Polly wants a cracker….

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