8 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 12-18-21

  1. Very much enjoyed the peaceful home though husband was off on the cruise.

    Not enjoying being screamed and yelled at with comments like “if I had a knife I would stab you in the heart and make you bleed!”

    We tried to go back to the old way of allowing her to walk about the house, join us in the living room, etc, but looks like we will have to go back to not letting her in this side of the house at all. We will try again today.

    Husband gets back in a few days.


  2. Great idea Jo, but she seems to be bothered by heights. She keeps her mattress on the floor rather than up on the bed slats. And with the new air conditioning installed a couple of windstorms ago, might not be very warm. Unlike our house.


  3. Nobody knows what happened to the bird. She says it has gone home. She also says she gave it to Justin. And to Kevin. And it is a secret.


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