Prayer Requests 12-18-21

Anyone have something to share?

Psalm 130

A song of ascents.

Out of the depths I cry to you, Lord;
2 Lord, hear my voice.
   Let your ears be attentive
    to my cry for mercy.

If you, Lord, kept a record of sins,
    Lord, who could stand?
But with you there is forgiveness,
    so that we can, with reverence, serve you.

I wait for the Lord, my whole being waits,
    and in his word I put my hope.
I wait for the Lord
    more than watchmen wait for the morning,
    more than watchmen wait for the morning.

Israel, put your hope in the Lord,
    for with the Lord is unfailing love
    and with him is full redemption.
He himself will redeem Israel
    from all their sins.

22 thoughts on “Prayer Requests 12-18-21

  1. Praying for the real and family, especially for baby and grandmother as they wait for daddy. Is this the grandmother with grandpa Warren or the other?

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  2. Miguel’s mom. Her and Warren are in touch and have a good relationship, unlike with his ex, Thalia’s mom.

    The divorced family issue is rearing it’s ugly head of course. Thalia’s mother, has begun making funeral arrangements without input from my brother or Miguel, who really can’t agree to anything right now. This has upset Miguel’s mother and my brother obviously. I reminded my brother that she is grieving as well, so a little grace is required from all sides. She seeks answers she can’t get, so she concentrates on the one thing she can. I told him to look at it as something he just doesn’t have to deal with and count it a good thing. I hope that helps him.

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  3. Okay, this is just a small thing, but Nightingale may have broken one of her fingers yesterday when she and Boy were tossing a football back and forth. It was swelling and bruised last night, and she couldn’t bend it.

    She went in to work today, and a fellow nurse has splinted and bandaged it, but suggested she go to Urgent Care after work to have it x-rayed, which she will do. Fortunately, this is a finger on her left hand, and she is right-handed, but I would think that she still needs to be able to have some dexterity in that hand, too, in her work.

    Btw, I understand how this can happen. Footballs are hard, and Boy can throw hard, even if he doesn’t intend to. If you don’t catch it just right, it can hurt, and even injure, as it hits a finger “wrong”. I have taken to making sure that I can catch it before even trying to, and if I am in doubt, I duck, or move out of the way. Yes, I look stupid doing that, but better looking stupid than breaking a finger or getting a football to the eye (which happened to Nightingale once) or nose (which happened to me with a basketball once – big ouch).

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  4. My friend, Karen, asked for prayer for her brother’s pastor. The brother asked her to ask me specifically to pray. His pastor is dying of cancer and will be moved to Hospice. He has been so impactful with tut he medical staff that his wholr medical team asked for a meeting with him so he could talk to them about God. Then the whole team eent to church. Please pray for a miracle for Pastor Mickey Bane.

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  5. Nightingale did not go to an urgent care center after all. She found out that all the ones in our general area now do not take walk-ins anymore (maybe due to Covid?), and none of them do x-rays after 5:00 (she was running late from work). So maybe she will try again tomorrow? Not sure. I guess it depends on how it looks and feels by the end of her workday tomorrow.

    In the meantime, she has a splint on it. Please pray that it will heal overnight, and not need any more care.

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  6. Praying Kizzie….is she in much pain? I remember son having an injury from catching a ball long ago. The ball hit the top of his finger and pushed it back. The doc said her had a “stoved” finger. It did take a while for it to heal but wasn’t broken Praying that Nightingale’s finger will heal quickly ♥️

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  7. Yes, it hurts, but I don’t think it hurts too too bad. Last night she was tired and in a bad mood, so we didn’t talk much, and today she is working. I’m not sure if she is planning on trying an urgent care place again after work today or not. I’m praying for healing, so that the finger will be well enough that she doesn’t need to do that.

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  8. Nightingale says she has an appointment on Tuesday. She says they will probably merely tell her whether or not it is broken, and then splint it. But I think it’s good for her to have it looked at.

    She also mentioned that it does throb when she is using that hand too much.

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  9. Wesley had the fractured arm that got splinted, but he delayed getting xrays due to insurance coverage timing. It had already begun healing up just fine by the time he got the xray. They did not redo what the student heallh clinic put on it.

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  10. When Nightingale broke her arm when she was seven, the doctor had to pull on it to realign the bones correctly. She didn’t cry out, but she did wince and start to softly cry, turning her head to rest on me. The doctor said that even adults will often yell and cry out loud when he does that, because it hurts really bad.

    Mumsee – What did you expect them to do? I wondered if maybe they would make a little cast. 🙂


  11. Even with toes, though, I’ve always heard that it is good to tape it to the toe next to it, for stability. So it makes sense to me to splint the finger.

    Her make-do splint is a tongue depressor. 😀


  12. Kizzie, 9:04, how depressing. 😉

    I broke my finger in my youth. It was springtime — right before my first piano recital, alas, so that knocked out that plan.

    When winter came many months later, the finger, though healed, often throbbed in the cold.

    Prayers for Nightingale. For Janice and her vision, too. For The Real’s extended family, as well.

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  13. Buddy taping is the norm for fingers and toes. Depends on how displaced the bone is. Hope it is just jammed and feels better soon. RICE- rest, ice, compression, elevation.

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