56 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-18-21

  1. Morning! And such a beautiful photo to see upon arriving to the blog this morning! Beautiful Liz!

    I struggled with allergies big time yesterday. I took a strong allergy med that knocked me out for the day! Much better this morning. I was forced to miss my get together with my closest friends yesterday and that was sad but if I had “something” I didn’t want to expose them! Interesting how we now immediately question if we have covid when we sneeze and blow our nose!! 🤧

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  2. Chas,

    “Someday, some guy will run off with her.”

    That is the plan. 🙂



    No, he’s still coming on the 22nd, and will be with us thru Christmas. 🙂

    He will be moving here in the New Year and staying with us for now, then possibly with one of the single, established men at church for a period as well, while Elizabeth returns to school to finish her next semester. He’s already begun applying for full time work here, and I’ve been feeding him leads. He will stay with us to save enough for his own place, and then he and Elizabeth plan to marry in the fall next year.

    They’re smart kids. Actually, young adults now, not kids. Us dad’s have trouble differentiating at times…. 🙂

    They have a plan. They know they want to be married. Watching them you can see they love and adore each other. He’s a believer, respectful, and kind to my daughter. 🙂

    I really couldn’t ask for more. 🙂

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  3. Greetings. Glad you’re feeling better today, NancyJill!

    AJ, that all sounds so sweet with Elizabeth and Isaac. 🙂

    Today is another one of those infrequent days I am home alone while the others are out and about for the day in various locations.

    School and piano lessons are done until January 3, so I plan to work on a lot of home projects that need attention. (But also go out to do Christmas shopping, which I’ve only barely begun, and to go to our church’s Christmas Eve orchestra rehearsal Wednesday and possibly Thursday.)

    Today is turtle tank cleaning day. Olive will be so happy. 🙂

    I picked up ingredients this week for a new recipe, an Asian egg and bean salad, that I’m going to fix for my lunch today. I guess I should get to that, as it’s noon now, instead of sit here and munch on chocolate nutty candy I got as a gift from a student! There is no shortage of treats now, as quite a few students gifted me some yummies for Christmas. 🙂

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  4. Thanks 6! And it’s Olive gets a bath day…hurray!!
    Chocolate nutty treats sound wonderful…it will give the get up and go to make that amazing salad…it all balances out don’t ya know! 😊

    I have the house to myself for about an hour…I’ll try to clean the wood floors and vacuum the area rugs. I have already moved around the furniture in my sewing room and edited my wool scraps…the add up after creating a project!

    Gotta go before people start coming in…I’ll clean that floor and someone will not take off their shoes and I will have to clean it again…but at least it will be clean for an hour or so!

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  5. It’s always so lovely to see the transformation on a young woman’s face when she is “chosen.” Overnight, there’s a glow.

    A wonderful opportunity for you to have him in the house and really get to know him without the distraction of a pretty girl. And wise to be job hunting near you!

    Blessings to you all this Christmas. We’re working on the elaborate plans for 22 people starting soon.

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  6. I have been busy today. I had an early trip to the vet to get a med to help Miss Bosley be flexible about getting into her cat carrier. They had no pill pockets. Not sure what to do.

    I am making lentil soup.
    Also trying to get cards ready to distribute at church Sunday school.

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  7. Finding a godly spouse for our children is not easy in these days. By the grace of God our daughters got good men. Now for the son and D3 to find the right one. It’ll be harder for the son, since he’s 37.

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  8. Olive’s back in her big tank now (I always put her in the little tank, which we used when she was young, while I clean her current 40-gallon tank) and she is enjoying swimming around. No, wait, she stopped and is sitting on a log, watching me as I type. 🙂

    I put on a Trans-Siberian Orchestra CD during tank cleaning. I love that group! That music and the chocolate did energize me!

    Salad turned out pretty good. I’ll bet it would have tasted better, though, if one of my three youngest daughters had prepared it. 🙂 3rd Arrow is a fine cook, and 4th and 6th Arrows, as well. The latter two prepare a new recipe each week on 4th’s day off. 6th makes the shopping list for the recipe the day before, and 4th picks up the ingredients after work. Then they collaborate in the kitchen the next day, preparing whatever is the next recipe in the book they happen to be going through. They’ve put together some very tasty concoctions!

    It’s fun to see them working together like that. 6th reads the recipe out loud in a voice imitating some character of her or someone else’s imagination. They laugh and have a good time. 🙂

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  9. Yesterday was Black Family Christmas. Of 12 children only 4 were there. Three of the four boys are gone and the last is in the veterans home in Florida. He has cancer and a few other issues. The 4 who were there were the the healthiest of the lot. The oldest now is my Aunt Teenie. She is 80 and quite surprised to realize she is 80. She is the funny story I came to tell. The Baby of the family, my Aunt Joy is deep into early onset dementia and the 5th child is not doing well.
    Anyway, the funny story. Many years ago I was somewhere with my Aunt Cheryl when I overheard her talking to a friend. The friend shaved her eyebrows…you know where this is going, right? So a few nights later I got my mother’s razor and tried to shape my eyebrows. Before I knew it I had no eyebrows. I hoped no one would notice, but of course they did. My father was so upset. He was worried they would never grow back and I would have to paint them on like “Virgie Mae” (that was his name for My Aunt Virginia.
    Yesterday, Teenie, now the oldest asked me if I brought my eyebrow pencil? Not being in the habit of traveling short distances from the house with one I told her no. She wandered off and found an eyebrow pencil and some “brow fix” from someone else and brought it to me. So there we were in the the bathroom with me “painting” on eyebrows for her. I couldn’t laugh out loud but I did think my father and My Aunt Virginia were somewhere sharing a good laugh.

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  10. Morning! Kim you started my day with an out loud giggle! 😂

    No church for me. I have this occasional cough that hurts in my chest. Not bad but sounds awful when it happens. Not wanting to chance it around others I feel it best to ride it out at home. Feeling well otherwise and thankful!

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  11. Not sure much beats nice warm sourdough pancakes filled with melting chocolate chips, wrapped around a bite of banana on a snowy morning while listening to Bing….

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  12. Husband should be back on shore today, then we can talk again. He has been out of touch for nearly two weeks. That seems to long in today’s view. But it was not that long ago when he would go off for his military duties and our only contact was snail mail which could take a week or two.

    Anyway, I have to decide whether to mention that twenty is back home. I don’t want him hopping on the next boat out!

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  13. Oh, I needed that extra rest! Miss Bosley enjoyed an extra nap, too. Now, late coffee with almond milk.

    Earlier, I carried my bag of gifts and cards over to my Sunday school teacher for her to distribute in class before she left for church. It’s great that we e live so close by. I bought an inexpensive CSB super large print Bible for her to use when reading the verses we study. Her translation does not align with the lesson book. Especially for older or younger eyes it always helps for the teacher’s Bible to be thr same as the lesson uses. I always did that when in the children’s ministry. I love discussing the different wordings in translations, but feel the initial reading is best if read in ‘unison.’

    I hear ‘lookers’ next door out for Sunday afternoon house shopping.

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  14. Janice, I did wonder, but not too much. Having my own grammatical issues.

    Translations: I thought I had solved an issue around here. We like to read the Word together,

    having various children read as well. Then they memorize a verse or two. Well, I learned

    from Abeka that it sure makes it easier for the teacher if all versions for that are the same. So

    I bought New American Standard, John Macarthur study Bibles for each. Lo and behold.

    Revised versions are not exactly the same! Sadly, the off book belongs to the most difficult to

    understand so very difficult to follow when he is reading. Or to help him as I don’t know what

    word is next in his edition.


  15. On one of our town Facebook pages, a lady asked how much people generally spend on Christmas gifts for their working adult children. One person said she spends $250 on each of her three adult children, and another lady, who also has three, says she spends between $300 and $400 on each of them. The lady who asked the question was surprised and seemed to be alarmed, as if she felt that she had to spend that much, too.

    So I joined in, saying that I typically spend less than $100 on each of my daughters, but sometimes it might be over $100, and that we focus more on our traditional activities. And I pointed out that adults tend to buy their own needs and wants. I hope that helps take the pressure off of her.


  16. mumsee, I read it was a free-hand poem, quite creative.

    I got to bed at 3 (my friend K arrived at 2 in the afternoon and left her around 2 a.m., par for the course for us). Missing church as a result, but I figured that would be the case. I’ve seen her a couple times in the summer this past year when I’ve gone up there, but we had to skip the Christmas visit at my house last year due to Covid.

    We went out to dinner, drove around a bit, then came back here to continue our catching up session, with a fire in the fireplace.

    Late in the evening, she heard an alert on her phone and it was her brother who stays with them now (to her husband’s consternation, it’s pretty complicated). Brother, D, wound up having some kind of an attack at work (he works in checking stock at a Ross store). He has diabetes and is not good at taking care of himself in terms of diet or remembering his medications, so it’s likely related to that.

    But he nearly collapsed and wound up in the hospital last night where he was being kept to run a myriad of tests to see what is going on. Sounds like it could be serious as they’re running some serious tests on his pancreas.

    Hospital is in burbank so there was nothing K could do about getting up to see him at 10 p.m. (which is when the call came in), so she planned to check in with him early this morning, hoping they’d allow her to visit with Covid becoming an issue now again.


  17. I didn’t wake up until 10 a.m. today.

    We live an hour apart (that’s making good time on the freeways) and she should have had a quick, traffic-free drive home by 2 in the morning. Her drive down here in the afternoon took close to 2 hours.

    The last weekend before Christmas was pretty busy for shoppers yesterday, lots of folks out on the roads.


    Was shaving off eyebrows “a thing” in the ’80s, something young women were doing (children can be excused)? I guess I was busy enough in my career not to ever notice such a thing.

    And I think it can lead to their not growing back, at least not fully?

    Kind of backfires when full, more natural eyebrows come back into style.

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  18. $300 for a gift for adult children? Maybe that woman has a lot of disposable income, but we don’t. My children insist on a maximum of $20 for their gifts.

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  19. Adult children? I don’t give adult children Christmas gifts. They buy what they want. Though, over the year, if I happen upon a book or some such I think they might enjoy, I will send it their way. Same with any grandchildren. Husband sends them a December bag of his special Chex mix.

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  20. I’m always amused by the commercials this time of year that show folks buying brand new shiny cars for each other, with ribbons on top, for Christmas. Who does that?

    I think my friend K goes all out for their family, including in-laws, and they do the same — mostly by way of generous gift cards (along with little things thrown in). But that’s their established and presumably agreed-upon tradition.

    Rather than no gifts at a certain point, I think keeping it to a $20 (or similar) limit works well, maybe, in most cases. But it’s up to the people and the relationship, it’s all a personal and mutual choice born of family or friend traditions.

    If you have a lot of folks in your immediate circle (not my situation), I’m sure it can be complicated.

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  21. I’m the same and told the kids that I wouldn’t be getting them gifts this year. I got a book for one son in law, but that’s all. I got gifts for all of the grandkids and sent them early. Thanks for Michelle’s idea, several got a badminton set. I sent my favorite fidget toy to most. And then the littles got a puzzle and pattern blocks. My children actually draw names now for themselves and for the grands.

    Not sure that I will get anything as mail is not coming


  22. My wife’s family, before we were married, would draw names. Then, with a dollar limit of sorts, a silly gift was bought for an adule.
    The kids got presents, as usual.
    Don’t know how they graduated from one status to another.
    But it was more fun being an adult and getting a silly gift.


  23. I send a text to BG, Youngest Son, Daughter-in-law sometime in November. “I need your Christmas Wish List. I always get BG’s. DIL always says she really doesn’t want anything, and Youngest Son usually gets some sort of T-Shirt his dad gets for him. I feel bad on Christmas morning when one gets nice gifts and the other two don’t. Last year I gave them a $100 Gift Certificate to a really nice restaurant in Pensacola.
    This year Youngest Son was being a smart Alec and sent me some $4,000 something his wants duo this Mustang. I told him to “spin again” I was supporting a stat at home grandpa, so he asked for a car detaining kit. He is getting that. DIL is getting a “pamper” set that I found at Tuesday Morning and a gift card for a massage. She works, is in nursing school, and has a 3 yr old.
    Now, what is Little Miss getting? She is getting a tropical fish aquarium that will live in my sun room and Calico Critters because when she and Papa went to the toy store she played with them and loved them. What will she get from the “other side”? A WHOLE lot! She has multiple baby dolls and Aunt A buys her something all the time and her Uncle M buys stuff for her and I am sure PopPop buys a lot too. The child really shouldn’t get as much as she does…but I am only the MiMi and I keep my mouth shut. I really am not responsible for any of this…her parents are.
    Never mind that when I got home Friday afternoon with my lunch she was sitting in the bedroom doorway crying because PaPa had upset her, so I ate my lunch with her asleep on my left shoulder—I am LEFT handed by the way—Oh well. She will only be this little for a short time and eventually she will have to go to Kindergarten and I am sure that will be in Pensacola and we won’t have her all the time.

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  24. I watered Charlie Brown 2.

    Came in, discovered a lotion bottle in the bathroom I thought was for my hair. Good thing I checked first, it was body lotion and I’d just washed my hair when I almost slathered some on my head.

    Putting it back into the lower shelf of the cabinet, one of the pantry moth sticky traps latched on to my hair so it was swinging and dangling on me when I straightened up.

    Do these things happen to anyone else?

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  25. Donna, maybe it happens so to some other women, but I don’t even know what you’re talking about.
    I shampoo when I shower. Simple operation.

    Good night everyone.


  26. Good night, Chas.

    Christmas shopping: Except for two family gifts I’d bought previously, I did all my Christmas shopping this afternoon. Total previously plus today came to $200. That covers hubby, five of the six arrows (hubby had bought for 2nd Arrow and SIL, so I didn’t buy for them), 3rd Arrow’s fiance, and our two granddaughters.

    So we’re averaging around $25 a person.

    I can’t imagine spending hundreds per person.

    Our daughters at home who have jobs also bought Christmas gifts, with their own money. The space under the Christmas tree is full of just gifts the girls bought (and they spent less than I did). I will wrap presents tomorrow — the ones hubby and I bought — and put them on the rug under the grand piano.

    We lack for nothing.

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  27. Jo mentioned only buying a book for one of her sons-in-law. I would worry that the others would feel left out, or think that I favored him over them (if I had sons-in-law, that is 🙂 ).

    My girls know that I love each one of them, but I still try to make their Christmas gifts be equal in number, and at least close in cost.

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  28. That song AJ posted last week, O Come All You Unfaithful, was beautiful. Imagine my delight when, in our church’s contemporary service today, we sang that! I had never heard it before Thursday, and now I got to sing it in worship today!

    Our church has some wonderfully skilled high school musicians. Worship was led by four singers and four instrumentalists (two guitarists, one pianist/cellist, one violinist). Each of the four singers had a turn at singing solo and sounded so nice, separately and together.

    We are blessed with many musicians in our chuch. Emails that go out to us musicians include dozens of households, and often multiple singers/instrumentalists in those households.

    I’m looking forward to playing in the Christmas orchestra that traditionally practices the week of Christmas Eve. It’s a nice tradition and doesn’t take a lot of time. We receive and practice our parts at home a couple of weeks before Christmas, then meet for one or two rehearsals, and are generally good to go at that point. 🙂

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  29. Manic daughter is going on and on with all sorts of demands and commands but is not being heeded. But the younger two, who are very long suffering, have found they can get relief by playing the pianos. As we have two of them, they are both playing at the same time, but different songs. It is loud but it is far preferable to listening to her. When they both play, she stops and looks at pictures. When they stop, she starts yelling again. They are destined to play forever.

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  30. There is nothing that I have to do today. So I am actually writing up a bit about my childhood. Two years ago my daughters gave me a subscription to Storyworth. I was supposed to answer a question each week and then it would be made into a book at the end of the year.

    I never did it and the other daughter gave me quite a lecture on how I should be doing it.

    I finally realized that their first question was so hard to answer that I couldn’t do it. So I am answering part of that question and told them I don’t want it in a book or to go to my siblings.

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  31. Having two pianos is a blessing, especially at such a time, Mumsee.

    Maybe a third piano — a digital with earphones you can use — might be in order, too?

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  32. We actually have two of those big electric pianos. However…it helps if I am listening to the two play as that encourages them to continue.

    When seven o clock rolled around, silent reading time, she started in again. I told her she could have two minutes to tell me what she wanted. She spent the entire two minutes screaming that it was not fair and I should give her a timer rather than using the clock with the second hand.

    Then we turned on Sight and Sound. One of the adult children gave us a subscription and we are mid: Jesus. She screamed, we tried to watch and listen. Then the story got to Legion and she was quiet and in a small voice asked if she could come watch. She did and remained quiet for the hour. She then quietly and politely took her meds, said good night, gave me a hug, and went off to bed.

    You can see the connection I made.

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