47 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-17-21

  1. I’ve said it before. Likely wil say it again.
    I am thankful every time I have devotions that I’m not one of those on the southern border trying to geet it.
    Can you imagine how they are existing? I can’t.
    Is there not another place in the world where a person can be free?
    The LORD has been good to me. I thank Him beyond measure. I just can’t imagine not being here.

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  2. Good morning. It will be a crazy, busy weekend for us. Hope you all have good weekends. Hope your day is special, Kizzie, with your get together.

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  3. Good morning all. Looks rather dark out this morning.

    Here we are. All plans have changed as twenty is back home with us. But so far she is behaving very nicely.

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  4. Kathaleena – Sadly, I wrote on yesterday’s prayer thread that Chickadee texted me saying that she “really isn’t doing well”, and so we will not be getting together today. After reading that, I burst out sobbing and wailing. (I know that sounds overly dramatic, but that is how I felt. I also cried myself to sleep last night.)

    The one encouraging thing she wrote is that she is working on an email to send to me to explain what has been going on.

    At this point, I am thinking that it is highly likely that she will not be with us for Christmas, and that is a very hard pill to swallow. (It would be different if she lived far away, but was doing well in other ways.) But I am still praying for a “Christmas miracle”. I am also hoping that Mrs. McK will take pity on a fellow mothers, and encourage her to come for Christmas.

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  5. It’s been a busy off to the stores morning. First Walgreens for new reading glasses. Drug stores seem to only have up to 3.25 in strength anc I wanted 4.00. What’s up with only offering the lower magnification? Anything to up the difficulties of life for seniots.

    Next I went to Sprouts to retifn a natural bristle hairbrush that was too soft bristled to work effectively. I shopped for many things there.

    Then on the way home I stopped at Publix and got more groceries.i discovered they had put in a box of Decadent Lemon Bars I had not put in my cart and charged 5.99 for them. And I had not had breakfast. Such temptation but I planned to immediately return them.

    Then a knock at the door and the guy I got to put the recumbant bike together said he couldn’t get me on the phone so he wanted to know could he bring the bike by. Yes, of course. So he went home, put it on the truck and came back with it. I paid him $50.

    Then it was back to Publix with the Decandent Lemon Bars.
    And now here I am. I still need to get to my Bible study for today.

    I have continued praying over all the many needs of my beloved friends here.❤


  6. I shop at Sprouts frequently as it’s the closest and easiest “grocery” outlet to me and saves me from braving the throngs at the big Ralph’s just a block over (where the now shared parking lot is jammed with long lines of cars trying to go through the In & Out hamburger restaurant).

    I had a quick followup doctor’s appt this morning but now have 2 stories to write. Still feeling a bit tired but the cold symptoms seem to be mostly gone. I’m vacillating on tomorrow’s visit with my friend and may see if we can bump it into January assuming her school winter break extends for several more weeks. We always aim for before Christmas but often have to settle for a January date anyway, after all the holiday rush slows down.

    I’m also used to having some vacation time around this period but failed to sign up for any this year, so everything is just such a crunch for me. And the house is in chaos.

    Back to work.

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  7. I was at Sprouts and needed some Cheerios. I found the more expensive organic alternative by Cascadian Farm, Purely O’s, since they don’t sell regular Cheerios. Of course I decided to stop by Publix on my way home and found the Cheerios buy one get one free so now I am well stocked.

    I tried a bowl of the Purely O’s and find them ttuly better. They have a puffiness that Cheerios don’t have once they sit in the milk for a few moments. I used almond milk. A lot of people might not like that texture difference, but they have sold me on their product. But one can’t beat the price of BOGO when there is a deal (or the giant box of Cheerios sold at Sams). I guess I will now alternate as the deals dictate.


  8. oh, just the thought of having more than one store to shop at. What a luxury. We have one small store. It is out of many things. And now it is closed for two weeks for the Christmas break. So NO shopping.

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  9. No I will be really weird and tell you of what I found at the store yesterday. It is something that I have been looking for for a year and I bought two boxes.

    Any guesses???

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  10. Are you sure that you want to know??

    Roach traps!!

    I put them around my home and classroom. They are like little covered feeders with poison inside.

    So today I will take my long handled tongs and pick up and throw away the old ones that have been here for two years and put new ones out.

    And, yes, there have been a couple of roaches in here recently. I hate them.

    Also I have been seeing what one of my students calls June bugs in my place every evening.

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  11. Jo, maybe a silly question, but do you get Amazon delivery where you are? Probably not, I’m guessing.

    Honestly, so many of us have come to rely on that for “shopping.” Saves a whole lot of time and running around. I’m sure it’s all contributing to Global Warming or something, but it’s really been a lifesaver during this pandemic.

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  12. I’ve had issues with those little pantry moths in the past couple months so I have sticky traps (Amazon!) for those around the house.

    And a whirling plug-in mosquito gadget (Amazon!) which sucks them down inside and lands them on a sticky pad, you turn it on in the dark room and run it overnight, if one is in the house they’ll hone right in on the lights. It’s also managed to snag a few of the little moths that escaped the other non-mechanical sticky traps.

    (The moths often come in with dog food, but I haven’t had them in a really long time; I remember my mom having issues with them, too.)

    On a moth-and-mosquito-free mission.

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  13. Amazon delivery, no way. The only thing that we still get is dhl, but it is very expensive. But we have a buyer in Cairns who gets what we want and sends it up on our planes which go there about twice a month. So, if you want to wait a month, you can get something. That’s where my steel cut oats come from and some vitamins.

    WE no longer have mail. Not sure why I am paying for a mailbox.

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  14. oh, and the pilots who go to Cairns must stay by the plane. I guess they have some porta potties on the runway or something. They load up the plane and then leave.

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  15. I did find a couple of cute tops at Dillards. I was tempted, but I couldn’t send them back if they didn’t work. But my friend is willing to bring things in her luggage.


  16. DJ – Did you get the Dr. Killigan’s pantry moth sticky traps? That’s what I got earlier this year, and they worked great! They are even designed to look fairly decent.


  17. Kizzie–I am so sorry to hear the visit didn’t happen. 😦 I usually try to catch up on the daily thread, but was rushed for time. Praying for the situation.

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  18. Since I don’t drive, I am very grateful for online shopping. Since Hubby’s death, I have been able to purchase my own needs (and some wants, too 🙂 ) online, which gives me a sense of some independence.

    What is kind of funny is that the first time I bought some new clothes online, I reported it to Nightingale – almost as if I needed her approval. That was because I would always (or at least usually) get Hubby’s okay to buy something for myself online, since he was the breadwinner and bill-payer. He usually was fine with whatever I asked because he knew that I was fairly frugal.

    Btw, Nightingale picked up on what I was doing when I “reported” it to her. She smiled and told me that I didn’t need her approval, and that she trusted me to spend wisely. 🙂


  19. Greetings from night shift. Have been in much prayer for the needs here and especially for AJ and his family. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. Sometimes it is really hard to be on the “taketh away” end so often. But, God is good all the time. It is a reality to cling to.

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