43 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-10-21

  1. Morning! 25 degrees out there and the snow showers should be moving in mid morning. We are looking forward to seeing the all elusive snow flakes around here!

    What is it about sitting in the dark of the morning with warm Christmas tree lights aglow? Such a sense of calm as I sit here with Christmas piano music playing in the background, coffee in hand and the soft glow of white lights on the spindly tree. Drinking in the sweet moments of the season and waiting for the snow to fall in the forest 🎄

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  2. Inside indeed! 🥶 oh so thankful for a roof overhead and heat!

    Morning Chas….you were prayed for before first light…which is just now breaking through.. hope you enjoy your Cheerios this morning! 😊

    There is a bit of sadness this morning as our sweet Bertie the Birdie passed away yesterday. There was no song to be heard this morning as I walked out into the Family room…such a void deeply felt 😞

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  3. NancyJill, first thing I do when I come out in the morning: plug in the lights. The tree, the lights over the doorway between kitchen and living room, and the lights on the cross. Then start the fire. Then I sit with my Bible and enjoy.

    Today I was reading Jesus’ prayer to the Father in John and impacted by the sweetness of their fellowship and His obedience to His Father. Then to Numbers where once again, the people rebelled because God had freed them from Egypt! How so like me. I quickly forget the gifts and get caught up in my own woes. But God is working.

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  4. Good morning! I finished my morning Bible study in Thessalonians.

    Not too many in my vicinity would know what I am talking about when I make a statement like that.

    It’s so good to be among Brothers and Sisters in Christ who totally get it!

    I did not have an egg this a.m. The mention of Cheerios made me want some.

    Peter, you probably said before, but how did you find the house church you joined?

    A friend from Art’s church dropped by with a birthday card for me yesterday. She is a dear friend who did a Mom’s Morning Out for our homeschool group. She was a former teacher. I also worked with her on VBS. One year we had 70 children, and I got together all the crafts for five days for all those attending (70×5). Wonderful memories.

    I am asking God to lead me to where He wants me to be. I am very happy with Sunday school where I am. I never before understood those who came for Sunday school only and left right after. Now I undrrstand.

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  5. Janice @ 10:29 – Peter, you probably said before, but how did you find the house church you joined?

    Short version: My sister and her husband found a house church in Kirksville, MO. I visited them and liked the church. When I moved to MO I joined that church. It has grown to around 100 people and has a building that used to be a Jehovah’s Witness building. Our son-in-law and one of my nephews are two of the three co-pastors.

    There were two other house churches related to that one. One in Sedalia, MO, which we joined when we lived there. By that time, it had grown and had a small building.

    The church we now attend is in Warsaw, IL, about 35 miles from where we live. I’ve known the pastor and the church since 1979, and when Mrs L and I moved to this area we committed to attend the church.

    We have 11 people, including 2 small children in the church.

    Mrs L and I also attend a sister church on Wednesdays in Hannibal that grew out of the house church. Some young men who went to the local Baptist college had a desire to start a work here, so our church sent them on. That church has 6 families.

    So, it’s not that we attend a house church because we don’t believe in church buildings, it’s just that our church is too small for a building.

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  6. Excellent column, Running Around. Thanks for posting.

    ~ A lack of love is our real problem, for which the lack of civility is just a symptom. We know how to love; we simply withhold it from those we deem unlovable. Mysteriously, in 2021, those people all seem to belong to the other political party.

    Stop aiming for the low bar of civility, which you can’t sink your teeth into like a chimichanga. Instead, aim for love, even of your political enemies. You might even realize they aren’t your enemies after all. ~

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  7. I wish I had a Christmas tree with lights. I’m way, way behind this year and work just won’t stop. I woke up again around 3 or 4 a.m., could not get back to sleep (hi, Kim) so I read articles about how office buildings are now trying to get conversions into residential high-rises (seeing as how only a portion of the workforce is expected to return to proper offices).

    And read about a new California law taking effect Jan. 1 which I hadn’t heard about — they’re trying to get food ‘trash’ out of the landfills and into piles for compost, which means we’ll be having to dump our food scraps (not being used in our own gardens already) into the green, garden trimmings containers, not the regular black garbage bins anymore (or we’ll et a $500 fine).

    On the garden front, I went ahead and ordered Charlie Brown II to replace the pine tree I lost in the backyard. That may wind up being my Christmas tree this year as it’s supposed to be delivered in about a week. It will be so nice to have “something” of a focal point in the backyard again, it’s pretty barren through the large middle section. I miss seeing a tree out there (I have lots of other mature trees but they’re all around the perimeter).

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  8. We were just heading out to go to Moscow when a large utility truck and pickup arrived blocking our driveway. They were looking at cutting the poplar in the neighbor’s pasture where we keep our horses. I told them just to cut our fence and fix it when done.

    I told my dad last week we would probably not get there today. He won’t be looking for us.

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  9. It’s cold (for us) here, with a blessing of more rain expected Monday-Tuesday.

    But I honestly like this weather — we get more than enough sun and warmth year round, it’s a nice break in the weather routine. And it gives the weather folks on our local news channels something to get really revved up about.

    Not a lot of snow yet in the mountains, but that should come next week with this stronger storm coming in.


    I had an omelette this morning, first one I’ve made in a while since I’ve been eating mostly yogurt in the mornings (because it’s fast and easy).

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  10. Thank you, Peter. I want to explore all the church options before making a move. I don’t know of house churches near me but know there must be some. I prefer to stay in my current denomination, but not sure I will find anything in a short driving distance.

    Does a house church receive visitors just like other churches? Are arrangements made ahead of time to receive a visitor? I’m thinking it must be done by personal invitation by knowing someone in the house church.


  11. It’s a cold,dreary afternoon in Greensboro too.
    I spent some of the afternoon thinkingand praying. Some of you got pryed for by name, otherrs, not so much
    God knows all of that.
    I expecially express thanks for this blog. It’s my connection to the world.
    Otherwise, it’s kinfolks dropping by. I appreciate that, but it doesn’t do enugh.

    Sorry for thr typos, but I can’t see to fix them.

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  12. There are house churches that grow into larger congregations in buildings. These are groups that have no issues with some form of organization.

    Then there is a group that specifically believes in independent house churches. When they get too big they divide into smaller groups. But they all believe that the Scriptural model is a house church.

    Ours are of the first group.

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  13. Morning all. I skipped the Christmas dinner for singles last night. I realized I just couldn’t go alone. I should have talked to friends about it who were probably going. oh, well..

    We did have a school lunch with all of the employees and staff from both schools. Played the dumbest game I have ever seen. The idea was to give the prizes to the paid staff, so they were things like biscuits or tuna. It seemed to go on forever.

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  14. I sat with the couple that have been here for six months and leave this week. She has taught math and he did wood shop. Towards the end he gave me a gift. A small wooden, round box with a lid. Beautifully made. It is a treasure.

    I got some gifts from my students. and from my Christmas angel. I am saving all of those for Christmas day as I have nothing else. No mail or packages are coming through. Unless we order something from Australia.

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  15. dj, I may make an omelet for dinner with spinach and mushrooms.

    Ther car has a new radiator and is ready for pickup. Not sure if Art can get here before dark for us to get it. If not, Monday a.m. we will go out at break of dawn.

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  16. I just finished replacing the 50+ batteries in all my fairy lights so they are nice and bright for tomorrow’s work Christmas party. 🙂

    It will be nice to have a whole house full after two years! Instead of a turkey dinner, everyone is bringing appetizers and desserts. And a small gift for the gift exchange.

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  17. Kare that sounds like a perfect party…simple and fun!

    😂 Janice! When either of us is caught looking out the window and mentioning the neighborhood goings on we refer to said person as “Gladys Kravitz”…the snoopy neighbor on Bewitched….I too would want to know who just might be my new neighbor!!

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  18. Sounds like everyone had a nice day.
    It’s ok in Greensboro. Colder thanit should be, ir U wusg ut were,’Actually. A cold/dreary day, it was.
    Sorry for the typo’s , but I can’t fix them

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  19. I am getting ready to write thank you notes, updating addresses.
    It is so nice to focus on being grateful. Folks are going home for Christmas or furlough so I can send some mail.

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  20. Just turned in my story for today, also provided tom additional quotes for a Bloomberg story on the supply chain we’re picking up for Monday.

    Orthopedic doc yesterday prescribed a stronger anti-inflammatory (stronger than the OTCs like Advill or Aleve) for me so I need to pick that up but will probably wait until Saturday.

    Time to decorate this weekend, I think, but cleaning and picking up comes first.

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  21. Turmeric. An antiinflammatory. Husband has not only completely stopped his continual sneezing but also has no rheumatoid arthritis pain. Zero. Zip. Zilch.

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