51 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-9-21

  1. Good morning again.
    I’ve had breakfast, drinking my cofffee.
    Wondering what happened to my previous posts.
    But Here I am again. I hope everyone has a good day.
    Except Jo.
    Good night Jo.

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  2. Good morning!
    I suspect we miss the value of learning there is in architecture and elements of it like stained glass windows. A relative, who was a pastor, liked to use one of Jesus surrounded by children to bring comfort to children facing the grief of a death in their young lives. Some windows are full of symbols; others feature stories of the bible. Some are of those referred to as saints and we can learn from those who passed before us.

    Our church is a very old small building. It has an interesting feature, however. The ceiling is indented to feature a large cross. We literally worship under a cross. I suspect many, if not most do not even realize it. My family did not. Such features like this, and the windows, need some explaining to the new attendees and generations. Most people today learn in a very visual way and it can all aid in that.

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  3. How wonderful to see Chas first!

    I love what you wrote, Kathaleena, about the stories told in the stained glass and even in the placement of lines within the structure of the church buildings. I admit to focusing on such things if a sermon is dragging and not meaningful.

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  4. I am again dealing with Art’s car trouble. While driving home last night the Check Engine indicator came on and the car temp gauge kept showing it running hot. He drove it on home. Now it shall be towed. It’s our 2007 Corolla which has given us a lot of mileage with little maintenance cost.

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  5. My friend, Karen, told me that it is a Brittish thing to measure all ingredients on a scale. She watches that Brittish baking show. Oh, the things you learn from those who watch a lot of tv. Since Wesley teaches Brittish Lit, I guess he is in sync with the Brits with baking, too!

    Wesley said that the sourdough is not working as well in Charleston as in Waco. He only uses water and flour to grow his starter. The natural local yeast in the air makes the starter bubble and produce flavor. I am learning! He thinks if he uses a scale he can get a better result with his Charleston sourdough. After Christmas we will hopefully get to find out.

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  6. Good morning. Good to see Chas this morning.

    Sourdough: we are flour and water starters as well, with the yeasts from the air. I keep mine in a bowl on the counter and try to remember to add some water and some flour every day but often forget (like yesterday). I never measure, but eyeball it. But it carries on. I never throw any out like you are supposed to do either.

    Daughter keeps hers in the fridge. She can leave it alone for several days that way.

    I have tried making some from teff but failed though I am thinking of trying again. It should work, millions of people use it.

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  7. My Christmas present arrives today. Husband bought me an elliptical. It will go upstairs in my exercise room. Interesting that he arranged for its arrival the day after he left for his Christmas present (the cruise). Son and I need to figure out how to get two hundred pounds up seventeen steps. Maybe it will come in pieces, but then we will need to assemble it. Lots of exercise from this present. I like the one I got more than the one he got. Maybe it will help with the blood pressure challenge. Maybe it will contribute to the blood pressure challenge.

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  8. It is a good morning…Chas is here! ♥️

    I just never caught on about the bread starters and such. I purchase sourdough bread from the bakery at Safeway. We don’t eat much bread around here. But I do have a weakness for scones and biscuits and cinnamon rolls and and and!

    I have the house to myself for the day and will attempt to accomplish much while alone! Perhaps I’ll even hop on the elliptical since Mumsee brought it up and all….. 😊

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  9. Y’all are reminding me of the unassembled recumbant bike in a box sitting in my kitchen. It may be a project for Wesley. I can’t see well enough to do it alone. I am not asking brother for help. So there it sits until . . .


  10. Sour dough: Mixing a bit of flour and water is much easier to me than running to the store. Plus, I know what is in it. As to eating bread? I make the occasional round or artisan loaf but mostly it is for pancakes, waffles, biscuits, dinner rolls, cinnamon rolls, etc. We do not eat much loaf bread. I have been enjoying a bowl of teff in the afternoon, that is what reminded me of fermenting it into bread.

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  11. AJ – I knew that Hugh Jackman can sing! And he can dance, too!

    Several years ago, he hosted or co-hosted one of the award shows, and did quite a talented song-and-dance number. (Probably the reason I watched was to see him. 🙂 )

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  12. Sour dough next: to make it more, I take some out, add some sugar or molasses or honey, more flour and whatever else. Maybe warm some milk and melt some butter, maybe olive oil, maybe baking soda, maybe brown sugar and raisins and cinnamon…..Whatever. It tends to get eaten.

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  13. I have a friend who loves-loves-loves that British baking show. She especially likes how everyone is so kind to each other. I think it represents, for her, a break from our current angry culture.

    I don’t eat much bread, either, and like that one of our markets actually sells half-loaves. Even those are hard to get through for me, though, before they start to turn.

    But sometimes, not often, I’ll get onto a morning toast kick and that’ll use some of it up.

    We had some light rain this morning with more coming, they “say,” next week.

    So far I have only one story to write today and then I’m off for a re-check with the orthopedic surgeon on the knee. The shots have helped but not dramatically.

    My neighbor who had the stroke sounded discouraged last night when we talked, she’d gotten word this week that they don’t feel comfortable doing the knee replacement surgery right now due to risks from the stroke which just happened in April. She was counting on that to get her up and semi-walking again. (She’d needed double knee replacement surgeries for close to 20 years but was too wary of the procedures; so she went with an alternative treatment that didn’t really help.)

    It’s been a really hard year for them, to say the least.

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  14. My wife and daughter like to watch The Great Canadian Baking Show, which is an adaptation of the British show. Since Detroit is right across the river from Windsor, Ontario, cable providers in southeast Michigan carry the Windsor CBC channel.

    I know what you mean about how the contestants are kind to each other. They’re in competition, yet they root for each other. When one is eliminated, everyone is sad that they’re leaving, but nobody complains about being shafted. Or at least it appears that way.

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  15. Nightingale loves the Great British Baking Show, too. 🙂 A couple years ago, she was planning on doing all the challenges from one season herself. She started off with making various yummy sponge cake rolls. But then her busy life interfered, and she didn’t continue with the other challenges.

    DJ – How about putting half of the half-loaf in the freezer for a while until you need it?

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  16. Someone mentioned not having ever heard Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You”. So I searched for this video which I’d seen a while back. Not only does it have the song, but the video is of a young man exuberantly dancing to the song in a mall. The humor comes in in that he is listening on earbuds, so no one around him can hear the music, but can see him dancing his heart out. Cute!

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  17. I had to look up “teff” and autocorrect wants to change it to “tiff”….I’m getting an education today. Now I will look up starters and how to start them then what to do with them once they get started.

    Dj I will keep your neighbor in prayer. She certainly has had many discouraging moments 😞…and you are a good neighbor and friend…

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  18. Kizzie, that video…that may be why none of my children like going to the store with me. The guy actually looks a lot like one of my son in laws and he would probably not hesitate to do that.

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  19. Small freezer, usually full.

    Thank you for praying NancyJill. Yes, they’ve had a lot thrown at them in a pretty short time. And now they have rehab and doctor appointments continually, several times a week, every week. That’s all good, of course, the more she can be in rehab the more recovery will continue.

    Her husband has carried much of the burden as well, having to get her around in the house, into and out of the car, now doing at least some of the cooking with her telling him what to put in the pot next. She was an almost obsessive housecleaner and cooks everything from scratch.

    She’s also a pretty compulsive worrier, carries high levels of stress, so she’s had to quit watching the news or any show that included dramatic storylines. No more politics (she was/is a Trump supporter and prone to some conspiracy thinking). She’s sticking to comedies only, which is probably wise. She likes that show “Ghosts” which has gotten ok reviews, I guess, but I tried watching it once and it didn’t do much for me.

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  20. Fun video! I don’t mind the song, I guess it’s been over-played? Is it especially hated? I don’t listen to enough ‘pop’ Christmas tunes to know. In our day, it was the Beach Boys.

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  21. Cute video, Kizzie. I have probably heard a bit of the song in passing through a store, etc. It is okay, but more for the secular crowds, unless someone uses it to speak of Jesus in “All I want for Christmas is You, Jesus.”

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  22. Interesting article about Christmas, too, Kizzie. It does seem easy to break it into two camps, but it is truly such a combination of factors that can give false impressions as to which camp people would light their campfire.

    I have so few decorations up each year that I marvel how people who don’t go to church and appear to be unbelievers can have such magnificent displays. I don’t intend to give a message by my lack of lights. I have just not had a good situation to do what I would like to do. I hope I am not judged to be ‘one of those’ type Christians because of circumstances beyond my control. God knows the hearts and the natural glow of His light from within for the many who don’t have bright outwardly displays. Someday I hope to have a fully lit tall cedar tree in my yard, but that may never be in God’s plans. It sure would be fun, and it would be the tallest lit tree in our neighborhood.

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  23. Beautiful morning here. Fog resting on the hilltops in the distance. Some clouds and even bits of blue sky. The birds are singing and some of the cows are lowing.

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  24. I am thinking of getting online tickets for the concert this weekend by that group, Jo. They are only a few miles away at Emory, but we are still avoiding crowds. I am glad you liked it. The concert is late, maybe like 9 p.m. EST. Is that in your time frame?


  25. My present arrived and those nice people carried it all the way up for me! One has been here from Ukraine for twenty four years, the other has been here four years. They tried to teach me to say good morning and good afternoon in their language. I succeeded but did not write it down so it is gone.

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  26. How fun, mumsee.

    And yes, what is RAOM?


    RAOM Recurrent Acute Otitis Media (middle ear infection)
    RAOM Rochester Academy of Medicine (Rochester, NY)
    RAOM Risk-Adjusted Operative Mortality (surgery)

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  27. Janice- Too bad the car overheated. Someone told me that when that starts to happen, turn the heater on full. It causes the heat to dissipate off the engine into the cabin. It makes the inside of the car rather warm, but it works. The first time I tried it was going up the mountains near Tucson. I turned on the heat and my dad thought it was because he was getting cold.

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  28. I am puzzled. I don’t remember. I think there is a pisprint in one of the letters and I didn’t go back to fix it.
    Forgot which, now



  29. Thank you, Peter. That is good to know. Actually, Art had not been able to get any heat lately when he turned it on, but I am sure he did not try at the point it was overheating. It needs a new radiator and thermostat. The guy said that the heater is connected to the other parts and without the antifreeze working that meant the heater would not work right when Art tried to turn it on while the engine was not yet warmed up. These repairs should fix his heater unless the button is not working.


  30. I like to watch the Great British Baking Show, but I don’t think they have had new episodes since Covid? I always learn something.

    Nice gift, mumsee and a further gift to have it hauled up for you.

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  31. Maybe Mumsee will inspire me to head for the gym to use the ellipticals. I have been paying the monthly fee of eleven dollars, but have not been. My right leg is still giving me problems.

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  32. Happy to inspire you, Jo, in pay back for you inspiring me. My right leg also has been annoying to painful, ever since I fell over the chicken gate last summer. It seemed to be healing nicely, until the vaccine and then the pain came back in waves. I think it is an inflammation thing. The bike and rowing do not hurt it and hopefully are helping.

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