57 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-6-21

  1. Good Morning Everyone. I have 2 trees up, the breakfast room, and entry decorated. I had the mental over the fireplace decorated, but it fell yesterday. I don’t know what I am going to do in the dining room yet. I just walk in there and stare at it. At least all the boxes are back in the attic for now.
    I am at work now and Mariah Carey is singing All I Want for Christmas….I really could live the rest of my life without ever hearing that song again…
    To clear the ear worm, we will replace it with this one…

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  2. Good morning!

    I had to make an early run to Publix.

    I bought two bottles of Tylenol, one for home and one for the office since Art plans to get his booster today.

    I hope he does not get sick, but we are at least prepared in case he does.

    I see a lot of delivery trucks zooming around these days.

    I need to pray for all those doing that work under stressful time constraints coupled with unexpected traffic events.

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  3. Morning! A pretty and cold photo up there! It is 11 degrees here this morning…I feel the chill!

    Kim if there was ever a song that should be banished it is Carey’s All I want for Christmas…and that other one “Last Christmas I gave you my heart”!! Where’s Bing when you need him?!! 😊

    Getting new tires put on my car this afternoon then a gathering at our neighbor’s home with our other neighbors tonight…it will be fun! I am so thankful for our sweet neighbors….

    Tomorrow morning I am taking my dear neighbor to breakfast. Then I will take her to see her friend who owns a local gift shoppe. These days will be gone too soon…asking the Lord to help her enjoy these moments….

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  4. We had 3 on the thermometer on the porch this morning. Well below zero with the wind chills. But no tornados that I heard some got, or at least warnings for. We got a lot of snow and canceled our trip to see two grands Christmas programs. I would have gone anyway, since we could have made it in decent weather. However, the one who will do the snowblowing did not want to come home to a driveway filled with a foot of snow and drifts higher. I can understand that.

    I listened to Handel’s Messiah the other day while wrapping Christmas gifts. Today I will make the dough for cut-out Christmas sugar cookies. I will probably not do the gingerbread cut-outs, but shall see.

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  5. Fortunate me. I’ve not heard that song.

    My friend, Florence, gave me county recycling plastic bags yesterday that she’d been meaning to give me for a long time.

    After collecting up Core plastic water bottles and Simply Juice bottles thinking of giving them to a school to use for kid’s building projects, I finally gave up on that idea and packed two giant bags full and took them to the street.

    A long white truck pulled up and the driver said, “You know the recycle truck already came by today?”

    I’m sure I looked deflated. She then said, “But I could put them on my truck.”

    “Oh, would you? That would be so kind.”

    She got out and I asked if she knew of a school that might use them. She said no, they could only recycle them.

    I asked if I might pray for her, anything special?

    She said she is new on the job, two weeks in. She is the first woman supervisor in the county sanitation dept. and wants to lead the way for other ladies.

    I prayed blessings over her request and her heart for service, and general blessings for her. Finally I thanked God for His divine timing that we could meet like that. I prayed in Jesus’ name.

    And to think, Florence could not remember to give me those bags until yesterday.

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  6. Sometimes, I wish He woud let me in on the scheme.]

    But, so far, it has worked out splendedl for me]I got the sweetest woman in the ororld. Still is.]I am
    thankful every day. He hs been good to me.

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  7. Now it is -1 here and going down. This is when I wonder why we live here. However, I do prefer cold to too hot and I should be able to stay in today. Also, it is incredibly beautiful with snow covering the tree branches and so much else. The people who snowmobile are thrilled.

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  8. Sigh for sure, kare!

    Janice, I am not sure how you could avoid hearing that song.

    My grandkids get a kick out of the gingerbread men, since I make them bald on top.

    Q of the Day: What is your favorite Christmas treat? Also, do you have any favorite memories of special treats you gave or received?

    We had one uncle who routinely gave us a book of Lifesavers. We received a sleeve of candy bars at a union Christmas party every year, along with Cracker Jack and a big orange. Most young people would be surprised how much we loved those gifts. I also remember a great aunt giving me a long cellophane sleeve of very small candy canes for a birthday gift. What fun to have the whole thing for myself!

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  9. It’s 55 degrees here this morning and yes, we are spoiled, it’s why all the Iowans migrated here in the last century, including my parents.

    Yesterday I got all my turtleneck sweaters out of the closet and run through the wash. I don’t think I even wore them last year, mostly due to the ongoing lockdown. By the time the vaccines were available and things loosened up a bit, it was getting into spring.and summer.

    I see we *may* get rain this week, hooray! There’s a chance of rain both Tuesday and Thursday (a bigger chance Thursday).

    It’s back to work today, I have a Pearl Harbor story to do and, so far, there are no “supply chain” stories on the radar. Things will start slowing down, news-wise, as the holidays get closer with an overabundance of photo assignments for holiday parades and concerts and tree lightings and boat parades in all of our coverage areas.

    The gardeners should be here in another hour or two.

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  10. Cuddle duds, long underwear, flannels, warm jackets with hoods, scarves, mittens; sometimes face coverings with only eye holes. We are blessed to have some very warm clothing today that is not as bulky, too. However, bundling a toddler up to go out is a challenge. Nothing like doing that and then have them out for five minutes only to have them tell you they need to ‘go.’

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  11. Hahaha. Well, I currently am wearing regular socks and jeans, but I also have a t-shirt and my silk long underwear shirt on. I’m so distracted that I forgot to put my actual sweater on over top!!!!! I then wear a scarf and my warm winter coat and warm boots to go outside. I wear knitted mittens as they are warmer than gloves, but I have an extra pair of thin glove liners in my pockets which will fit inside my mitts if necessary. I also have a blanket in my car along with a toque and a thicker scarf. When I get to work I plug my car in so that it will start when I want to go home. About 8 minutes before leaving I will command start my car and it will be warm for the trip home. This is more important than one might think as I drive on rural roads and if something happens I want the vehicle already warm so I have a better chance of survival.
    (Husband is bringing me my sweater as soon as he’s available – at least I’m covered up and it doesn’t look like long underwear)

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  12. Having warm feet, warm hands, and warm head are crucial to me. Good boots, good socks, mittens rather than gloves, rabbit fur hat help tremendously.

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  13. Brrrr Kare!!! We will warm back up to 40 tomorrow but Friday is to bring snow (yay!!) and 28 for a high…hello winter…finally!
    If one is cold put on a hat! That keeps heat secured from the top. Mittens and warm woolen socks. Thin long undies make a world of difference as well as a down jacket for outside…

    We always give LifeSaver storybooks to the adult kids…tradition. Paul’s Dad always gave his kids “Certs” for Christmas…do they even make those any longer?

    My favorite Christmas Cookie recipe was given to me my Miss Margaret..our old neighbor in town. An old old recipe calling for lard but I used butter…plus vegetable oil…not for heart health conscious treat eaters! But they were soooo good. She grew up on a farm in Iowa and had so many wonderful recipes that were passed down generation to generation. She made lefse , krumkake , Kringla, and Spritz cookies! It was quite the treat!

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  14. I love silk thermal underwear–it’s amazing how often you need it when traveling in the fall and winter.

    44 here and foggy. I’m just in from the vet (10.1 pounds, very healthy indoor/outdoor cat) and debating whether I should go to Costco or not.

    I don’t want to.


  15. That was fun music, but almost too many lights for me. They hurt my eyes.

    Well report cards are done. I didn’t prepare for today, but we are mostly ready.

    My last few comments were very difficult. How to tell parents what they need to know in a positive way. We have to be done on Monday at 5 so the principal or vice principal can then check over them and read the comments. I always tell them to feel free to edit my comments.

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  16. Miss Bosley is around 13 lbs. heavy but not obese.

    There is an ammonia gas leak in Atlanta. We were shelter-in-place, but I had no idea until Karen called.

    That’s life within a city.

    We are no longer in the SIP status.


  17. I survived getting the new tires on the car…it only took them an hour and a half. I accompanied husband to Home Depot and the Big R…then Goodwill where he purchased a walker. He uses them for his work outs downstairs…his “dips”! 😊

    And I was excited to hear back from my friend that her daughter (a young woman who I cherish and have prayed over for many years!) would love to accept the gift of our piano! That thing has been sitting in the basement for almost 12 years with no one wanting to play it. It will now be in an accomplished pianist’s home to be enjoyed. (And it once was played by Jim Brickman when he was in town.…he used it to practice on before his concert 🎹)

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  18. Scott Paper Company used to give employee’s children gifts. My father was reluctant to take one to bring home to me because he was management, but one Christmas he did. It was a “sewing kit” with big plastic buttons, a big plastic needle and I guess it was yarn. I can’t remember what else was in the box but it is the one that stands out the most. I LOVED it. Oh and another Christmas he brought home a Burt puppet from Sesame Street. I really wasn’t sure who it was because where we lived we didn’t get the PBS channel regularly.
    It now occurs to me that he must have brought home whatever was left after others got gifts for their children, but, oh well, I still loved that sewing kit.

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  19. The school where I taught gave out bone-in hams. They were delicious! We could get them cut for a few $ which was a lot less than the ham would cost.

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  20. Annie’s about 10 lbs. Vet once said she’s considered an “urban” cat weight.

    She’s indoor-outdoor, mostly indoor. But I was pleased to see her still climbing one of the trees a week or two ago.


  21. NancyJill, sounds like your neighbor was Scandanavian. We have those foods at many gatherings in our area.

    I was disappointed in my last pie crust. It had shortening and butter. I loved my faithful old recipe, but with the change in shortening, it is not the same. I need to buy some lard and keep it in the freezer. It really makes the best.


  22. My parents always gave us a book of LifeSavers in our stockings, as well as a Whitman’s Sampler box (which used to have six candies, but went down to four), and the gold-wrapped chocolate coins (which are actually a Hanukkah thing).

    Spritz are my favorite Christmas cookies. My mom made them every year for as long as she still made Christmas cookies (which she stopped doing sometime in her last few years), and a couple other German cookies. My other favorite that Mom made (that we haven’t made here yet) were Chinese Almond cookies. I loved the almond extract flavor of the cookie, but would pick out the whole almond at the center of the cookie, since I am not a fan of nuts. 🙂

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  23. I remember the lifesaver books. I actually have a box of the gold coins set back to go in stockings as we make the rounds.

    It was around 20 here this morning. No moisture, just a cold wind.

    I like to wear an earband and balaclava on my head, and when cold, wear insulated coveralls to do chores. I have a big thick flannel jacket which I use for a chore coat. Other than that, just regular clothing. I do wear a sweater or jacket in the house most of the time, unless I am cooking, making the house warmer.


  24. Chas, I advised you to let go of the past, click Kevin’s link (though I said ling)…that should bring you to today. I think I will check on that by clicking the link. I will end up somewhere.


  25. Mumsee: I did that, but it won’t work for me.
    You have to understand that these eyes are 91 yearrs old. I am just beginning to have to deal with that. But now, I do.
    I enjoy the comraderie. It’s most of what I have during the week.
    You just have to tolerate some typos and such.
    But you all mean a lot to me.
    We have been here a long time . I can remember when BG meand “Baby Girl”. Now she is grown and gone.


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