54 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-7-21

  1. Awake here since 6 a.m.

    I called Art then at the office where he stayed the night after getting his 11 p.m. booster shot at CVS.

    Glad he did not try to drive home. He was doing fine at 6 a.m.

    I told him to keep a trash can nearby since he got nausea from the previous shots.

    I have been doing Bible study in Thessalonians.

    1 Thessalonians 5:24
    “He who calls you is faithful, who also will do it.”

    That will be good for a short memory verse to share with my church ladies’ Bible study in a little bit.

    Our main leader is out so I will lead with a devotional from Holly Gerth about bring forgiven and then we will pray. We have many serious requests.

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  2. Morning!
    Went to bed at 10 the woke at 1. Went back to bed at 3 and woke at 6:30…does that mean I got a little over 6 hours of sleep? 😴

    Off to take my neighbor to breakfast in about an hour and praying she will be having a good day…she has always had the sweetest laugh…

    Janice I was perplexed at the time of Art’s booster…that seemed so off. I guess they are doing it differently all over the country but here one can just walk in to a Walgreens, Walmart or Little Clinic to get their booster any time of the day. I chose to make an appt at my Primary Care Doctor’s office and they only give them two days a week during two hours each of those mornings. I hope Art does well with his booster!

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  3. I’ve done two Pearl Harbor related stories, last one was set to post early this morning. Now I’m getting emails from folks telling me about their dad, or grandfather or other relative who served in WWII.

    We had a drive-by shooting in one of our port neighborhoods late yesterday so we were all working on that, making calls, until about 8:30 and will have to resume today. A 13-year-old boy was killed, a 9-year-old girl also shot and is in the hospital, along with a 20-year-old woman. It would appear to be gang connected, but that remains to be determined and confirmed by police. The girl was shot at the playground of her elementary school where she was taking part in an after-school program.


    We’re finally getting a little rain this morning, not a lot, but it’s all welcome.

    I looked outside yesterday evening and noticed my neighbors’ Santa reindeer are now upright in their front yard and all lit up.

    My house still has just a little pumpkin sitting on the porch rail, no lights. I’m just having a hard time catching up this year.

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  4. One of my uncles, got e for about 10 years now, was a Pearl Harbor survivor (USS Nevada) and my dad, who also was in the Navy, was sent there in the aftermath to help with the cleanup of all that oil and the rest of the horrifying scene.

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  5. My father served in WWII but not near Pearl Harbor. He was in the Aleutian Islands. He did die on Pearl Harbor Day in 1988 when I was three months pregnant with his only grandchild. I know I have said that before. Just a memorial statement♡ At least he knew I was pregnant.

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  6. As to Kathaleena’s Q of the Day yesterday:

    I remember the life saver books! They were a favorite.

    We also had an orange in the stocking though I am not certain I ever ate it. We do continue the tradition.

    Favorite treats: my mom made cinnamon candy that some of us loved and an apple tort that none of us have been able to replicate though we have pored through her recipes.

    I enjoyed making turtles with my grandmother and frosting cookies with my mom. She made ginger cookies that were wonderful.

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  7. Chas, where are you???
    I am off to school now. I survived market.

    Someone else just emailed me and they took up my idea to go to the resort. They are a family and are going the same days we are.

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  8. Wearing that brand to a Users Anon group, Mumsee? We need to learn to speak in code. Maybe Scottie can give us some help from the place he beams people up to. Rut Roh, some of us will get ads for Scott Tissue.


  9. Kare is a cultist!

    You did not tell me they had cinnamon!!!! Sounds delicious and I see the Idaho Candy company makes them though not the original. The search begins….


  10. We had a staff meeting today and I am trying not to be the whiny, crabby teacher. They gave us the official calendar for the rest of the year. Next term is ten weeks long and there is not a single day off. I am talking about a work day for teachers, not even a holiday.

    So while you are all enjoying your January, February and March holidays, we will be in school.


  11. I pointed out how difficult this is and the principal said that there are teachers who are saying that this is what they want and need. That was easy to refute, I said those are teachers at the high school who do not teach all day. They are concentrating on the curriculum, we concentrate on the children. I have a small class, but they are not easy. Another teacher spoke up and agreed with me. We used to have a slightly different schedule for each school but now admin wants us to have exactly the same schedule.

    Oh, well, maybe I can speak up enough to make a difference for after I’m gone.


  12. I did what you told me to. And here I amm, for whatever good it makes.
    You forget, my eyes are 91 years old bow. They can’t keep up as well as before.


  13. Ok, Chas, I tried it and it sent me over to today. Did you click on the post right above mine? Kevin at 12:10? It is set up to take you to the eighth of December.

    Please don’t get frustrated. We are all praying for you and missing you.


  14. I’m sorry everyone. I couldn’t get in. Mostly my fault becauseI don’t see wellenough to tet the right spot. And it’s awkward trying to hold up a magnifying glass and find the link too.
    It’s my 91 year old eyes, that’s the problem.


  15. Sorry I misssed whatever it is.
    But I have to hold a magnifying glass up to read this. I can’t join a discussion group.
    Too olimited vision.


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